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Brand Protection Software

Are you looking for the best Brand Protection software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you analyze your resellers' product details and pricing to ensure information is complient with corporate standards. These advanced solutions go beyond monitoring; they identify violations and enforce company rules. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Brand Exploit Protect

Brand Protection - Stop Brand Exploitation
Brand Exploit Protect integrates with Mimecast’s email and web security services to further strengthen your defenses. Combined with full DMARC visibility, reporting, and enforcement, Mimecast helps you protect against the malicious use of your owned domains as well as spoofed domains you don’t own, covering both external targets as well as your own organization and employees. That’s end-to-end email and brand exploit protection from a single, trusted leader in the market.

Kaspien Perispect

Protection software that allows brands to track
Kaspien Perispect is a brand protection software that allows brands to track sellers and pricing across online marketplaces. Growing your presence online can be a challenge if you don’t have insight into who is selling your product, and at what price. Track key events regarding pricing and violation history, so you can see the full picture. Customize your subscription, plan your strategy, and receive ongoing training from a dedicated account manager. Access easy-to-use, simple-to-understand reporting to gain further insight.

dh|a origo

Empowering brand protection professionals
dh|a Origo software is a complete solution for managing your brand protection activities and ensuring compliance throughout your sales network. It is designed to help teams with their daily work, including collaboration and communication, case and task management, investigation and identification, budget and finance, and insights and analytics. Origo is a web-based software that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features that will help you protect your brand effectively.


Minimum Advertised Price monitoring software
FrigginYeah! is an online-based Brand Protection Software. The MAP monitoring software looks at Brand's products across hundreds of eCommerce websites to identify those Sellers who may be in violation of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements, logs the MAP Violation, and notifies of the Seller breaking MAP agreements. Get notified when they see a new seller or an unauthorized seller appear on one of channels. Every day there are marketplace Sellers, authorized or not, trying to figure out ways to get a competitive edge on other marketplace Sellers even on the marketplace themselves.


Anti-piracy service for creators
PriveGuard protects digital products and copyright works from piracy and illegal re-distribution, so can earn more and focus on creating. By automating the removal of pirated and illegal copies of work from Google/Bing search and file hosting services, PriveGuard allows user to recoup lost revenues. Not only does PriveGuard scan common file hosts, but also other popular redistributors (ie. marketplaces like Etsy, Discord servers). Enjoy the peace of mind that PriveGuard has covered.View, manage, and track all products and the links PriveGuard identifies and reports through our quick and easy creator dashboard.


IPM-intelligence Price Monitoring
Pricerest provides the necessary information related to products, prices and stocks in a very short time. It provides an advanced system for users to decrease the effort for gathering complex information related to their competitors’ business. After that information is achieved, better analysis and business strategy related to sales can be created. With the control of price monitoring and price tracking, PriceRest provides you a better understanding of the Pricing Intelligence process in your e-commerce business.


Automated Online Brand Protection
VantageBP is an online-based Brand Protection Software. VantageBP maintains a catalog of your products, relevant keywords, and intellectual property to detect product listings of your brand across online marketplaces. Verification requests are sent to resellers requesting proof of authenticity and condition of the products being sold. If an infringement is detected, VantageBP automates the filing of case-appropriate takedowns to remove the infringing product listings.


The Ultimate Protection for Brands
BluePear is the ultimate protection for brands that want to stay up-to-date with their affiliate programs. Get informed about compliance, brand bidding, and more in no time with the AI-powered tracking tool BluePear! Have peace of mind knowing that the customer have comprehensive insights into the affiliate program and can track any activity that takes place. Enforce rules and policies quickly across affiliates while staying ahead of potential problems with this essential tool. BluePear provides detailed reporting that gives an easy way to monitor activity and make strategic investments into the customer's brand future!


Empowering brands through consumer confidence and connection
NeuroTags is an online-based Brand Protection Software. The unique AI monitored patent-pending anti-counterfeit technology renders the clones invalid and helps eliminating the counterfeits of your products from the market. The system continuously monitors for anomaly signals and sends alerts as soon as they surface. The brand protection and legal teams get up to a second of real-time data, along with the location of the places which are red-flagged by anti-counterfeit software algorithms. Since NeuroTags codes are continuously monitored, any attempts of unauthorized distribution and illegitimate diversions are immediately brought into attention.

Trade Vitality

MAP Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement Software
Trade Vitality is a service company that helps brands monitor and enforce their minimum advertised price (MAP) policies. It’s crazy inefficient for your team to manually perform hundreds of searches every day, let alone keep all that information organized. It's painfully obvious when a brand isn't consistent with enforcing their MAP policy online. They got your back, the dashboard makes sure you stay on it and keep it tight.

Brand Alignment

Amazon MAP Enforcement Software
Brand Alignment is provided industry-leading Amazon MAP Monitoring and Enforcement Solutions achieved using the Innovative Software which is Optimized for the Amazon Platform. You can see exactly how much you’ve improved your marketplace with custom KPIs and advanced reportings that eliminate all headaches and guesswork. Get peace of mind through a crystal-clear picture of your marketplace with daily inventory totals on both authorized and unauthorized sellers. Never get caught off-guard again with daily emails notifying you of all authorized channel violations, complete with timestamps and screenshots.

Smart Protection

Brand Protection, Anti Counterfeiting & Anti Piracy
Smart protection from novel, academic literature, textbooks, newspapers and comic piracy. They track down and eliminate online counterfeits and improper uses of brands through technology platforms. They protect products and brands belonging to all sectors and every scope of non-authorized usages. With the platform, the efficiency ratio rises up to 95% regarding the removal of illegal counterfeits from identified copies.


Affiliate Marketing Compliance and Brand Protection
Rightlander is the authority in affiliate compliance monitoring with solutions for brands of all sizes, primarily in regulated markets like iGaming, Trading, and Financial Services. Rightlander software scans multiple territories and languages, using various techniques to build a detailed affiliate map for each operator, highlighting unknown affiliates, potential compliance issues, and much more. Rightlander can monitor affiliates' key online traffic sources or customer acquisition channels, including websites or SEO, popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, instant messengers like Telegram, and PPC ads that appear on Google desktop and mobile search engine results pages.


Competitive Product Analysis for Retailers & Brands
Netrivals is a Price Intelligence and Market analysis solution for e-commerce business and brands in competitive scenarios. Analyze prices on direct web and marketplaces. Track price evolution across sellers and spot patterns in competitors’ pricing strategies. Price Intelligence: get a better understanding of your level of competitiveness in the market. Assess your store’s position by product categories, competitors, marketplaces, etc. Analyze the price evolution of your products and brand distribution across several countries and sellers.


Brand Protection Software
Incopro tracks and prevents brand misuse and consumer harm taking place online. Brand abuse, e-commerce, and the internet at large is evolving. Incopro invests heavily into Talisman so that they stay one step ahead of these trends and are consistently the best-in-class Brand Protection software. They use advanced technology including Network Analysis, optical character recognition (OCR), logo detection, and similar matching to help identify bad actors who would otherwise be missed. Incopro’s analysts are experts in using Talisman to Find, Prioritize, and Act on infringement to your brand.

Scout CMS

Case Management that works for you
Scout is an agile, web-based case management software. Scout provides an investigative solution through technology to some of the largest high-end luxury brands, multinational automakers & manufacturers, government entities, anti-counterfeiting groups, brand protection, leading insurance providers, and multinational pharmaceutical organizations. Scout’s software capabilities help brands fight intellectual property fraud and maintain supply chain integrity by storing and organizing important actionable data like counterfeit investigations, unauthorized supplier sales, internal diversion, grey market, and trademark infringement.


Protect the world’s most valued brands
Appdetex finds and removes threats to your brand online. They watch your back while you focus on building customer trust, increasing sales, customer satisfaction, digital traffic, and brand loyalty. Mobile app stores are crawling with infringing apps and questionable publishers. Appdetex monitors the leading and third-party app stores to make sure mobile apps are authentic wherever customers may find them. The technology and experts rapidly detect, analyze, and remove the multiple forms of brand abuse that thrive in these popular meeting places.