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Are you looking for the best Click Fraud software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you protect protect against fradulent clicks. These advanced solutions go beyond sole detection; they analyze data such as IP address, location, and more to determine if a click is fradulent. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Click Fraud K9

Adwords Click Fraud Protection
Click fraud occurs when you click on a given PPC advert, yet you have no intention of using or even buying the service or product being advertised. Its perpetrators use it as a way of diverting or sabotaging the advertiser’s budget.

Com Olho

Cyber Security for your media spends
Com Olho is a leading cloud-based machine learning as a service platform. State of the art Generalised Discriminant Analysis(GDA), Network Analysis and Graph Theory and other advanced machine learning algorithms. Technology would help risk professionals audit their data assets without any conflict of interest. The industry is deploying fraud teams to look into a wide variety of data points, in order to highlight abnormality or finding organized data structures in order to understand fraud. Bot traffic generated using device farms, SDK Spoofing, APK drops is often delivered with almost human mimicking attribution data.


Click Fraud Detection Software
ClickHelmet is the essential click fraud Protection software that protects you from click fraud. It will protect you from unnecessary clicks to your PPC campaigns. It detects and monitors all the clicks which are appearing frequently. ClickHelmet automatically blocks those clicks which are appearing over and over. Also, ClickHelmet supports Google & Bing Platforms.


mFilterIt’s Ad Traffic Validation solution is a full-service ad-fraud protection suite that aims to improve ROAS with its integrated infrastructure. This team of data scientists and technology experts continually innovates technologies and strategies. They protect digital spends across all the media platforms by providing valid traffic analysis & fraud detection solution for both app and web campaigns. They provide end-to-end operational service support to pave the way to better ROI for customers. Combat Ad Fraud across App, Web & VAS Subscription flows (Telcos) by Adding the Filter of Trust to Ad Campaign for Better ROI.


Access the intelligent way to prevent click fraud
ADWARY is a click fraud detection solution that enables companies to discover and prevent invalid clicks on their Google Ads. The solution monitors all types of clicks on users’ Google Ads 24/7, continuously. Users can see the information about the fraudulent clicks over a simplified dashboard in real-time. ADWARY analyses the behaviour of each click to figure out whether it is a man or machine, or is it an honest person or a fraudster. The solution does so by scanning and detecting suspicious patterns in the clicks and then trying to stop them. It even blocks fraud clicks that come from click farms that were paid by the users’ competitors to damage their Google Ads budget. Proxy blocking, IP blocking, Cross-Domain blocking, Geo-blocking and Range blocking are other types of blocking that is possible over ADWARY. Moreover, monthly reports are also sent to companies that contain detailed information about fraudulent activities.


Reduce fraud, improve conversions
UCLIQ is a SaaS cloud-based performance marketing platform with a unique intelligent traffic distribution system based on constantly strengthening machine learning that enables excellent conversion rate improvements, EPM, and other KPI marketing.


PPC protection in a few clicks
ClickPatrol is the leading fraud detection tool used to protect campaigns from bots, brand haters, and competitors. It uses sophisticated algorithms to remove useless clicks and ensure that only meaningful clicks are left behind, which are more likely to generate leads. By eliminating fraudulent clicks, ClickPatrol improves the quality of website traffic, and reduces indicators such as high click-through rates and high bounce rates. Additionally, it offers comprehensive insights into campaign and traffic quality, such as keyword bids and traffic indicators. ClickPatrol is a trusted and reliable tool that efficiently increases conversion rates and helps protect campaigns from malicious actors.


Bot Detection, ad verification
Fraudlogix - Detect Fraud, Bots, IVT and Improve Ad Performance | bot mitigation and ad verification solutions for programmatic & affiliate marketers


Automated Click Fraud Blocking
ClickGuardian Protects the Google Ads From Click Fraud. ClickGuardian works with any platform. Click Guardian works with desktops and mobile devices too. ClickGuardian system protects against bots, competitors, and people who excessively click on the Ads, whatever device being used. ClickGuardian systems not only detect click fraud but also automate stopping it too.


Revolutionary Anomaly Detection is the gold standard for Click Fraud Prevention & Protection. We developed a revolutionary service that protects Google Adwords advertisers from click fraud. Our success rate is 99% and it was designed by experts with years of experience and technical expertise.

Fraud Blocker

Improve your traffic quality and save on your advertising spend in just a few minutes
Complex bots can inject malware onto a suspect’s computer which repeatedly clicks on your ads in the background. Click farms hire workers to click on your ads all day using techniques that appear as if they’re coming from different users. Mobile apps often place ads in places where people click the most, thus driving up user clicks without any real intent.


Advertise and grow confidently
TrafficGuard's comprehensive ad verification and fraud prevention have been recognized by App Growth Awards, Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, MarTech Breakthrough Awards, Future Digital Platinum Award as well as Australia Financial Review's Most Innovative. TrafficGuard detects, mitigates, and reports on digital ad fraud before it hits your advertising budget. Sitting within the advertising journey, TrafficGuard analyses impressions, clicks, conversions, and events to mitigate ad fraud at its earliest reliable detection. Our proactive approach keeps your performance data clean and helps you scale and optimize your advertising confidently.


Click fraud detection and prevention software
ClickBrainiacs is a Digital Marketing Agency where we offer full marketing services: search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns in google ads, facebook ads campaigns, CRO, ROI. Based on the know-how and the experience we decided to develop a click fraud protection software in order to optimise the ROI in CRO in all my clients campaigns.

AdSecurity Platform

The AdSecurity & Compliance Platform
AdSecurity Platform platform helps publishers to easily and immediately understand why a click was rejected. By selecting predefined filter sets for different types of campaigns such as Search, CPC, eCommerce, and Lead Offers, or by creating own criteria and rules, can determine what makes a click valid or invalid. They can then pass on the rejection reasons for every click and direct bad clicks to an empty page or alternative URL of choice. This way, can take full control of campaigns, without ever having to worry about invalid clicks or fraud.


Accurately Expose Bots, Malware, and Human Fraud
Anura is an ad fraud solution designed to improve campaign performance by accurately exposing bots, malware, and human fraud. The couple, who owned a company that was featured in the Inc. 5000 list five years in a row, have a long track record of entrepreneurial success including earning an Ernst & Young entrepreneur award in technology.


Fortify your partnerships
Expose affiliate fraud, influencer fraud, and traffic abnormalities wherever they corrupt your conversion paths. Cut out invalid traffic and reinvest spend in high-quality partnerships. Fraud especially targets lead-generation campaigns, collecting high payments for stolen or recycled info. Gain real-time insights into suspicious traffic sources to quickly identify high-risk partners. Block payments for illegitimate lead and conversion events.


Combines all ad attention tools in one solution
Evaluating media is becoming increasingly complex due to the increase in programmatic delivery systems. But Meetrics’ has a solution: the ADAM suite. Our Ad Attention Manager suite is a combination of our tools for measuring Viewability, Audience Verification, Ad Fraud Prevention and Brand Safety. The ADAM suite gives you an overview of the quality and effectiveness of your ad placements in real-time – all essential KPIs are available at a glance. Whether it’s a mobile, display or video ad: with the help of real-time checks and detailed information on each individual placement you can quickly resolve costly disruptive factors.

Clixtell Click Fraud Protection

Helps to protect your PPC campaigns
Clixtell Click Fraud Protection protects a brand’s PPC campaigns and saves money and valuable time besides enhancing ROI. Clixtell is a click fraud protection and detection software. Competitors, click farms, and bots that click on a brand’s adverts, harm its business by wasting money on fraudulent activities. Click fraud is detected among one out of every four clicks and it costs businesses across the world billions of dollars each year. Clixtell is a trustworthy and strong automatic click fraud protection, user-friendly software that allows businesses to safeguard their Bing Ads and Google Ads budget by continually preventing and stopping click fraud activities. The software’s click fraud detection service actively analyses traffic from Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns, evaluating each click and looking for suspicious activities. This sophisticated click fraud detection programme further examines each click and protects PPC spending. If click fraud is discovered, it will be prevented from viewing such adverts. With the software’s screen recorder companies can track records of clicks, scrolling, and mouse movements.


Click Fraud Detection and Monitoring
ClickReport Detect and Prevent Pay-Per-Click Fraud to Improve ROI. ClickReport is a state-of-the-art click fraud prevention service, designed to optimize PPC ad budget and shed light on visitor traffic. ClickReport Detect & Prevent PPC Click Fraud with to Protect PPC Ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing. ClickReport provides Daily Click Reports, Four-Tiered Warning System, Real-time Alerts.


Identification by 20 parameters. Visitor parameters verification. Monitoring the behavior of the visitor. Website analysis for the amount of click fraud. Everything takes 30 minutes. Enter a website or login from an ad network. Set 2 codes on the site. Top up the balance through the account. Reduction in advertising costs. Conversion price optimization. Minimizing cheating. Turning off inefficient sources.


Real-Time IVT Verification for the Programmatic Ecosystem
Botman is a Cybersecurity SaaS for AdTech. It serves ad platforms, ad networks, advertisers, and publishers that depend on them. Organizations of all sizes use Botman to transform existing ad data into actionable information that drives profitability and customer satisfaction. Botman is online-based, easy to deploy, and cost-effective. It enhances visibility at every level of the enterprise.