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CRM Software For Mac

Are you looking for the best CRM software for Mac? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that work with Mac that can help you track and manage your relationships with current and potential customers. These advanced solutions enable an enhanced and optimized customer interaction process. These softwares are also compatible with Mac. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Indydesk Sales

CRM platform to manage your business with ease
Indydesk is a CRM platform that enables its users to manage the leads, pipelines, and revenue of their business. The software helps its users to analyze and visualize their revenue opportunities by creating pipelines and assigning leads in stages. Users can integrate their lead source and automatically fill leads while also importing existing leads and performing necessary actions. The software enables its users to prioritize more leads with pipelines and put extensive efforts on the leads with high conversion probability. Indydesk allows its users to manage tasks and teams seamlessly by creating, handling and assigning functions among them with ease. Users can manage their meetings and appointments through the software. Indydesk lets its users to customize and save their report dashboard and also view all their sales metrics in a single panel. It enables users to ensure interaction with customers and solve queries related to the product or service provided by the user.


Simplify business management to reduce errors
Knack is a comprehensive business process management software that helps brands to focus on their efficiency levels and improve productivity in no time. It lets businesses face the organisational, sales and accounting challenges with more efficacy. With Knack, companies have registered more productivity and faster turnaround time from tasks and projects. The software uses automation to ensure reduced errors in projects and accounting. Furthermore, it can boost sales and improve customer relations, increasing the revenue of the company. Knack, designed by business owners, is equipped with several user-friendly features like team collaboration, CRM, automation etc. Knack Automation allows businesses to maximise efficiency by quickly scheduling invoices and generating automated reports. Generating quotes, invoices and accounting reports are no longer a hassle. The integrated CRM software provides a unified way to manage prospects, contacts and clients. Also, an integrated project management feature present within the same makes it easier for companies to keep track of time and tasks. Finally, Knack offers a seamless collaboration facility between teams.


Improve your sales with Salescamp
Salescamp is a CRM programme with several useful features that will make all of your sales tasks easier.Only Salescamp provides a fully configurable sales suite to help you expand your business at every level of the sales process. The simplest method for organising your personnel and their communication. You may link any application with Salescamp and expand your business faster by having access to the relevant leads in one location with this software. They automatically qualify leads for you that are easy to work with and come from reputable sources. To save time, you can communicate with your prospects and customers directly from the lead management system. Customers can be contacted directly via email, phone, or SMS, and meetings can be scheduled without leaving Salescamp. You may delegate activities or duties to your employees, manage leads intelligently, and complete sales. You'll be able to meet your goals consistently and effectively manage the workload with your team, all while staying on track with your deadlines. You may also track and manage each sales opportunity using powerful filtrations and automation.


A CRM for Business
SimpleCRM software is a platform used to drive sales and grow revenue with digital marketing tools. The software offers a Customer360 view to provide omni-channel customer experience to retain customer base with AI-powered chatbots. The compliance tool used to meet changing needs of product roadmap. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


Simplified travel industry CRM solution
Tutterfly is an all-in-one CRM platform that is industry-specific and is designed for travel agents and tour operators. The software runs all the sales operations efficiently with an integrated sales interface that gives the user a complete overview with full independent operations. Users can tap into multiple online and offline channels to market in every possible way to maximize success. It also provides its users with an easily accessible support system and custom responses. Tutterfly software offers a novel lead conversion system by which one can customize their approach and save leads by pitching the right offers at the right place. The software allows its users to scale their business virtually and build a strong foundation for a successful business. It develops an unparalleled app experience to its users for all kinds of travel businesses. The software is mainly suitable for travel agents, tour operators, small and medium companies. Users can customize the interface for maximum performance.


A Free CRM Software Solution
Wakeupsales software is a CRM software used to streamline sales activities. Manage Projects, generate leads, and close more deals. It offers a real-time ticket customer support during the project and even after delivery. The software integrates with MailChimp, Zapier, CallHippo, and more. Marketers, Project Managers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


End-to-end Real Estate solution CRM is India's leading sales & marketing automation platform for real estate business. We have a suite of Cloud-based sales and marketing automation products specially built for real estate business. By leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we help our customers market smarter & sell faster. Our range of products covers complete sales and marketing cycle. The suite includes a CRM tool, sales automation, marketing automation, and advertising automation. Our products are being used by more than 500 businesses globally and have helped them take better and quicker decisions through intelligent processes and recommendations. The platforms have helped save millions of dollars in advertising money and drive over 10X sales growth for our customers.

Centra Hub CRM

All-in-one operational management solution for businesses
Centra Hub CRM, a flexible customer relationship management software, provides comprehensive management facilities related to services, sales, marketing campaigns, communication, strategy and analysis. Focused on business growth, a great variety of sales automation tools equipped within the particular keeps track of the sales pipeline to close more deals methodically. The marketing platform can also be used to employ emails and relevant campaigns, to convert potential leads into sales. Moreover, inbuilt functionalities like ticket management, sale and lease of real estate assets, reduced equipment downtime and dealership management system (DMS) are quite helpful. Other facilities like automotive inventory and marketing, automated asset lifecycle management across various stages of procurement, inventory tracking and maintenance make business tasks quite seamless to handle. Centra Hub CRM also comes loaded with a smart analytics feature, helping out businesses with customers with profiling, trend analysis and loyalty management. With an accessible interface combined with dashboards and real-time charts, the software ensures smooth project management, client monitoring and courier tracking.

Pipeliner CRM

Sales CRM Software
Pipeliner is a CRM designed especially for sales. It has a sales friendly interface and a built-in automation engine. The software offers uniform navigation to users, and every screen is logically organized to keep the user-focused. Users have an option to customize views if they don't like the default view. Users don't need to be from a technical background to use the software as admin. Anyone can administer the software and require no separate training or certification. The Pipeliner comes with instant dynamic visualized reporting, which lets users generate reports from anywhere in the system. Users can generate standard, pivot, and even advanced business intelligence reports. It also offers performance dashboard reports. The tool enables users to point and click interfaces to build processes, automate routine tasks, and increase efficiency. The software offers third party integration. The software is also available in the form of a mobile app, which increases users' efficiency and productivity. They can scan business cards and make voice to text notes effectively with the assistance of the tool.