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Customer Success Software

Are you looking for the best Customer Success software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you ensure customers achieve success in their interactions with the company and product. These advanced solutions go beyond simple feedback; they employ customer behavior and usage patterns to optimize customer relationships. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


The platform built for Startups
Skalin calculates your customer health score and alerts you as needed. Team can be more proactive, save time, and generate more revenue. Leena AI employee experience platform is powerful, flexible, and meets the needs of any enterprise.


Increase the number of active app users
APertain is a Mobile Customer Engagement Platform that every mobile developer needs but lacks the resources to design and manage. Push Notifications, Rating Prompts, App Analytics, In-App Support, Feedback Prompts, In-App Surveys, Upgrade Message Push, and Pertain EngineTM, are only some of the features provided by APertain. Every publisher should have equitable access to an enterprise-level Customer Engagement Platform at a reasonable price, according to APertain. APertain decides to improve an app's Monthly Active Users. Their mission is to transform their customers' revenue/business models so that they may focus on their core strengths while leaving the User Engagement efforts to APertain. If they create a compelling product, APertain will ensure that the user recognizes it and creates the necessary app usage to improve their customers' bottom line. You'll be able to form fantastic collaborations with a variety of mobile developers to integrate APertain's fantastic User Engagement features into a variety of apps.


A complete solution to find the true value of customers
Ecosystems is a customer value management software that helps companies to measure the value of their customers. Whether users want to make a pre-sale value assessment or want post-sale value awareness, Ecosystems enable users to effectively figure out their customers’ value. This software is capable of replacing unstructured forms of qualitative (differentiators and case studies) and quantitative (ROI/TCO models) content in order to find out the best customer value. Ecosystems empowers users to improve their customer models so that they can create better strategic deals. This helps them to directly include customers in a value dialogue easily. They can even collect useful analytics and benchmarks across their customer engagements. With Ecosystems, companies get to enhance their messages by using pre-built libraries where they can find industry value templates. Furthermore, companies can also generate board-ready outputs that are compatible with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office formats.

AI-based Customer Intelligence
AI-driven Customer Intelligence platform to help SaaS companies predict customer health, extinguish churn, and accelerate retention and revenue. An AI early warning system to supercharge customer teams with actionable insights and automation, so they can reduce churn, increase upsells, and improve customer experience.


Platform for Customer-Centered Onboarding and Delivery
CogniSaaS is a Customer-Centric Onboarding and Implementation Platform that allows you to collaborate with customers and internal stakeholders while reducing time-to-value. Their goal is to assist enterprise software firms in achieving data-driven customer centricity at the organizational level. Cross-functional teams (Sales, Implementation, Customer Success, and Product) can work on a'single source of truth' to track, prioritize, and deliver customer use cases successfully at scale using the CogniSaaS platform. To develop credibility with consumers, resolve daily firefighting issues proactively with actionable data and automatic notifications from the platform. Spend more time with consumers creating trusted adviser relationships that a machine can't. Easily track multi-dimensional data such as customers, use cases, product features required, dependencies, implementation activities, schedules, team resources, monetary effect, risk status, and so on to provide customer-centric value at scale.

Deep Talk

Convert your texts into productive information
Deep Talk is the perfect solution for turning texts into meaningful data. It is regarded to be one of the easiest ways to convert texts into readable data out of which, productivity can be restored. It is thus, a preferred name when it comes to converting chats, emails, social networks and surveys into essentially actionable information. The platform has been primarily designed to target aims and success for the marketing and analytics teams of their various clients. Further, it is an interactive one with features and options that are essentially placed for guiding users to make the best out of it. This, in turn, comes in handy for clients to understand between the lines and analyse conversations carefully, delivering what is desired. The auto-topic detection feature reads through unsupervised topics, framing the unstructured data. Deep Talk is embedded with pre-trained Deepers that delve into conversations and find out information that would be relevant for the client companies. The training can be further modified to detect customised information as well.


Collect feedback and improve your customers success
Reduce the risk of working and investing in features by asking your users what they want. Build in public. Create custom boards for different app sections, system or topic, it's up to you. Inform about ongoing issues on different systems; Show off the reliability of your tech.


Rethink the way manage
Volie plans the entire day so BDC managers can focus on what matters most, building value into operations. Volie is automotive software made for dealerships. The BDC Engine that allows to rethink the way manage customer communications for sales and service BDC's. The only BDC platform made specifically for automotive. Volie provides the 3 things BDC needs to be profitable all in one place: Data Management, Campaign Management and Communication Management.


Get closer to customers
With Yarea, building own Customer Portal has never been easier. Improve customer relationship, build loyalty, gain in efficiency. Pick the modules and integrations want to combine in our AppStore. Invite users, your team, customers. Let them feel at home.


Vendor Relationship Management Platform Focussing on Compliance and Collaboration
Partenero is a service aiming to help businesses collaborate and communicate better with their partners and ensure compliance. It provides a way to manage vendor relationships and enables users to better manage the information of vendors and partners, roles and responsibilities, contracts, Project SLAs, KPIs and more. Users can collaboratively share files, assign tasks and activities, discuss issues and track projects among themselves. Additionally, the user is benefitted by better controls for collaboration with vendors. Alerts and reminders for SLAs and ensuring SLA compliance are also key features of the tool. Project statistics are available in various formats, and key information is displayed firsthand on the dashboard. Project statuses, timelines, change requests, issues, escalations, notes and documents can be tracked collaboratively. The offerings of the tool include features such as change requests and issues tracking, budget, and billing tracking, SLAs and KPIs tracking and a dedicated success manager.


Add contextual help tips to your product today
Add a button anywhere in product that triggers product help content. Customize with own text and icon. Overlay the page with detailed information in a dialog. Great for when want the users to focus on the information in the dialog while overlaying the page content. Show more detailed information on the right side of the screen. Great for displaying detailed contextual information or multiple steps to guide user to success.


Win back your customers with a personalised approach
ChurnKey enables the facility of providing customers with personalised cancel flows for a healthy subscription rate. ChurnKey is one of the best options for client organisations to understand their customer behaviour. The platform allows client organisations to establish a better relationship with a customer who has attempted to cancel the subscription. Connecting Stripe and plugging ChurnKey in are the two things after which, the cancellation flow is ready to work. Now, whenever ChurnKey senses a cancellation attempt, the flow launches itself. This is accompanied by personalised offers and benefits that are put before the customer dynamically. The offers and benefits are curated essentially taking into account the customer’s search and activity history. These offers also include incentives like coupons, chat, pauses and around-the-day phone support. The active analytics report lets client companies calculate in real-time the customers they have won back and the offers that changed the game. Along with these insights, ChurnKey also provides feedback reports in detail. The cancellation sessions can be replayed as well.


Intelligent Support Operations
Less process training, reduced escalations and decreased customer churn. Automated issue discovery, documentation and resolution assessment. Agile process iteration, shared view of revenue-at-risk and accelerated feature development. TheLoops is the first intelligent support operations platform to bring product context to support, optimizing the support experience. It contextualizes data from a variety of sources and provides insights to reps within the tools they are using. Its collaborative capability keeps learning from resolutions across organizations providing managers with real-time visibility into the state of their support operations. TheLoops transforms support organizations from a cost center to a growth driver.


Manage the customer relationship
Dock organizes everything in one workspace for prospects and customers.Manage the customer lifecycle and get engagement analytics along the way. Stop using that spreadsheet. Instead, build a collaborative mutual action plan with customers - share status, align due dates, assign tasks, leave comments and upload files.


Stop Wasting Money on Marketing
Customer Lobby gets more customers so business make more money. It know what strategies work in HVAC marketing, plumbing marketing, carpet cleaner marketing, and more.


Simple, transparent pricing for every team
At Plain, they believe that customer support should be as polished as the product. They offer a customer support tool that is designed for the companies defining the next decade. With Plain, user can power any interaction in the product. They go beyond chat and email to help manage early access requests, build bug reporting forms, and collect product feedback. Any interaction, anywhere in product, all in own UI. With Plain, user can have one conversation, not countless tickets. View user customers' product interactions and messages in a single timeline. No more copying and pasting ticket numbers, user IDs and emails between systems.


Slash Churn, Scale Retention, Supercharge Upsell
Open SaaS product and ZapScale’s Chrome extension on the side. Run the use case on product. ZapScale records the use case steps right from product. Now, get the use case outcomes every time users take the same action.

2 Steps

Synthetic Monitoring with Splunk
2 Steps is an online Customer Journey Analytics Software. Synthetic automation for native mobile applications has been a challenge for organizations. 2 Steps leverages almost a decades worth of expertise in automating mobile applications. Real iOS & Android devices are available to perform complex synthetic workflows with performance data and screencast replay made available in Splunk. Your organization should be deeply concerned with the functionality of any application they release to market.


Fastest technology for Customer Success
Quala quantifies what customers say, teams hear, and customers do to inform business decisions and trigger customer workflows. Quala - Smarter, faster technology for Customer Success so you can better serve, retain and upsell

Customer Success Software That Scales is designed to help build and maintain consistent revenue. Cami.AI leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help bridge the gaps between all the CS stakeholders who interact with the customer, driving stronger CS cycles in onboarding, customer health, adoption, training, retention, and upsells.

Gainsight CS

The platform for customer success
Gainsight CS is a customer success system that analyzes the customer journey across many channels to help firms streamline activities such as onboarding, retention, support, workflow management, and more. Managers can use video tutorials, walk-throughs, and other support resources to manage the training and implementation of new operations on the platform. White-label capabilities are included in Gainsight CS, allowing businesses to design customised surveys using templates, issue automatic follow-up reminders, and evaluate client replies using machine learning and text analytics. Account planning, interaction tracking, targeted campaigns, alerts, goal management, and more are just a few of the capabilities available. Furthermore, a video messaging tool allows users to make and distribute short movies to customers in order to increase consumer interaction. Gainsight CS allows teams to communicate client updates, insights, notes, emails, and to-do lists with external and internal stakeholders, allowing for better cooperation. It also integrates with HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP CRM, Slack, Google Analytics, and SurveyMonkey, among other third-party services.


Rate comment tone analyser
MetricsFlare is the customer success analytics platform we have built as a SMART Survey platform. Designed to collect customer feedback and digest it into comprehensive reporting you can learn from and act up on it. MetricsFlare is integrating with Zendesk in order to provide a seamless experience in collecting customer feedback.

Empathy Logic

Marketing Technology Partner
Empathy Logic is an independent customer data integration and marketing automation SaaS solution provider. The Empathy Logic Cloud (ELC) data exchange integrates our Client’s Customer and Prospect ERP and SaaS Application data to achieve true lifecycle marketing.


Predict, Analyze & Prevent Churn
Churnly’s artificial intelligence gathers customer data and predicts which customers are likely to churn at each stage of the journey. It seamlessly integrates with popular tools like hubspot, segment, salesforce, zendesk and much more.

Freshdesk Customer Success (Formely Freshsuccess)

Software for customer success
Freshsuccess is Intelligent Client Success software that helps you reduce churn, expand your customer base, and deepen your customer connections. It identifies new advocates or expansion prospects while also proactively addressing customer risk. For your Customer Success team, you can also standardize procedures, automate tasks, and define best practices. Freshsuccess allows you to capture user behaviour within your product and sync customer information from other business applications, as well as compute account health based on customer behaviour, support ticket patterns, NPS answers, and more. To keep your work on track, you can give an owner, a priority, and a due date with this software. Important information won't be buried in emails or spreadsheets if you include comments and attachments. It tracks customer health and uses data to intervene and interact with the appropriate customers at the right time to help your customer and your team achieve their goals. The software assists executives in identifying actionable customer patterns. It provides essential account trends that are critical to business performance, such as product uptake, support effectiveness, and financial health, to customer support leaders.


Prevent churn and win back lost revenue
ProsperStack is the drop-in cancellation flow that prevents churn, automatically. Use targeted offers to save customers and capture feedback to make informed product, pricing, and remarketing decisions. Turn the cancellation flow into a powerful churn-prevention tool. Present special offers tailored to the reason a customer is leaving. Analyze results and customize at any time to learn what's most effective. According to a McKinsey report, re-engaging past customers is up to 10 times less expensive than acquiring new ones.

Freshdesk Customer Success

A complete solution to win customers
Freshdesk Customer Success is a customer success management software that helps software and subscription companies to prevent customer churn and strengthen customer relationships. The platform offers complete visibility into customers’ subscription metrics with the help of proactive workflows for renewals, onboarding and other tasks. Freshdesk Customer Success automatically alerts users about the available opportunities for finding and retaining customers. It also helps users convert more upsells, cross-sells and trials. With this software, companies can quickly understand the reason why their customers are churning. They can get an early warning about the customer churn and successfully manage renewals in real-time. By offering customers’ metrics, Freshdesk Customer Success software enables users to engage and intervene with the right customers and achieve the best business outcomes for the users and customers. In this way, the software enables users to easily manage important milestones in their customer lifecycle, which ultimately helps them to reduce customer churn and improve customer value.


Customer Obsessed Key Account Management
Customer is one of the most important elements of today’s Key Account Management (KAM) landscape. Vockam is tool to help better business relationships can be developed.


Optimized customer base management software
Centriam is an enterprise customer success platform that helps retention-focused B2C companies reduce churn and optimize customer base management.

MHC EngageCX

Engage Customers with Documents
MHC EngageCX software is a platform used to generate documents. The software offers tools to send your communications and automate workflows in minutes. Collaborate with teams to capture customer’s attention via Omnichannel Communications. Create documents with interactive data analytics to measure business. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Collaborate with customers to intensify Products
Parlor is a comprehensive feedback management platform for growing SaaS product teams who care about their users. With Parlor, product teams can announce product ideas to users, conduct surveys to gain actionable user feedback, measure reactions, and work extensively on improving the product. This platform allows your teams to segment users and do a cohort study to measure their engagement and build a passionate community around your product. With customer collaboration, product teams save time by validating ideas and build potential features that matter most to their users. Parlor allows creating prototypes and conducts surveys by integrating with popular apps like InVision, Marvel, Figma, Balsamiq, Dribbble, Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, or Typeform.


Built to empower teams
Simpu is the all-in-one communication platform for teams' and customer interaction needs from email, social media, SMS to Live chat. Unify all communication channels, automate workflow, and deliver better customer support and precision marketing all from a single dashboard.


A Churn Analysis Tool
Churni software is a platform use to automate your customer retention process. Analyze feedback from customers who canceled to gain insights with customer data. Export the data you collect on your customers in CSV format. It integrates with Zapier, Drift, and more. Marketers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Show your customers why you're amazing
Crewcharge is an all-in-one customer success platform for SaaS companies, helping companies deep dive into their customer behavior and build personalized marketing workflows. Crewcharge understands that every customer is different and therefore helps you to build personalized marketing workflows based on customer actions.It claims to achieve 10X customer retention with targeted marketing. Crewcharge educates your customers on why/how they should be using your product, identifies and turns your super customers into your promoters, and makes your marketing data driven. Crewcharge analyzes customer behavior, automates actions and collects feedback. Provides a cookie-free solution to track your customer behavior; privacy-first approach with extreme flexibility. Product analytics tools like Google Analytics tell you how many people are using a feature; customer analytics tells you which customer is able to achieve success. Crewcharge has over 50 high conversion workflow templates to get you started. They offer several email templates to ask for feedback from your customers at the right time. Crewcharge has become an all- in-one dashboard to deploy retention strategies for many data-driven companies like 31GoSchedule,,


Reduce the number of cancellations and the amount of churn
EasyCSM is a platform for offboarding that can be customized to develop a smart cancellation screen with no coding. It enables you to make each step specific to your business and the design your own to match your company's identity. With EasyCSM, you can incorporate code snippets into your application and all upgrades and maintenance will be handled by their team. In the offboarding process, you can keep track of specifics and use the information to reduce churn. You can reduce cancellations by providing them the appropriate offer at the right moment. You can allow EasyCSM to manage your cancellation processes so that your developers can focus on developing new features. You can set up alerts for when a client churns or is thinking about churning. You can examine the churning consumers to see if there are any patterns and create reports quickly and easily to keep stakeholders informed. Additionally, you can change the copy, the design, and the flow to see how healthy your consumer base is using the Easy CSM platform.


Get customers on your onboarding pipeline with Arrows
Arrows help businesses in mitigating their customers who are stuck in the onboarding pipeline. It helps, companies bring their customers together to deliver shared action plans and to make stories successful. The platform focuses on one thing, which is to keep everyone aligned on the next steps of the path to customer success. Furthermore, Arrows action plans help scale a company’s onboarding process to generate more revenue and engagement without adding headcount. By automating the important steps of the onboarding process, Arrows help customers stay on task. Trusted by several onboarding teams, this platform offers deep-two way CRM integrations. Furthermore, it features a powerful personalised onboarding experience that includes streamlined teams and customers alike. Arrows also enable reporting workflows to create plans, assign team members and get real-time insights. Arrows task actions present external links, file downloads, file requests, form submission and embed content. Also, companies can schedule a strategy call. The platform offers a 30-minute consultation about how a team manages customer success or onboarding.


Assists businesses to develop better customer retention strategies
ChurnTarget helps businesses to identify potential customers that are prone to leave. It uses AI to make a list of customers that are likely to end business shortly. It does so by analyzing day to day behaviour of the customers and generating reports based on the same. With such data at disposal, firms can deploy dedicated teams to retain prone customers and reduce churning eventually. The software reduces time and effort of the workforce by sorting the entire customer base in terms of risk of ending the relationship with the enterprise. The dedicated teams can thus focus primarily on these customers by contacting them, knowing what is wrong, what is compelling them to leave, and what can help in retaining them. If necessary, those customers can be given custom and specialized offers for long term loyalty. ChurnTarget also enables easy integration for Intercom users and is working on other integrations as well. It takes less than 2 weeks to create a model for the user so that they can start retention without much delay.


Improve sales by analysing the loopholes
Angora is a robust product analysis platform that helps brands to get a comprehensive view of their customer behaviour. Monitoring any business platform, in particular, the software can provide a huge amount of valuable customer data in real-time. Angora also enables organisations and brands to segment their users within Customer Loyalty Grids so that the marketing team can concentrate on specific customer needs. Besides adding real-time visibility, the system also helps businesses get a detailed analysis of individual platforms and detect out weak areas that are responsible for drop-offs. The platform improves data-driven planning as it is equipped to make the most use of incoming data. Angora is particularly useful to reduce churn and ensure customer loyalty, besides offering proper direction to the development team's efforts in identifying and improving the weak areas within their business. In addition, Angora is capable of analysing multiple business metrics, providing real-time insights that promote seamless customer interaction with app pages. Ultimately, it also helps businesses to boost sales by helping them fulfil the personalised engagement criteria of the end clients.


Helps to get valuable insights
With Ackee, team will streamline their customer success workflows, increase productivity, and keep one step ahead of churn. Ackee helps SaaS businesses to make sense of their customer data, delivering simple tools to anticipate and prevent churn.


Reduce voluntary churn and win your customers back
RetentionEngine is a customer service monitoring software that helps companies to learn why their customers are cancelling product orders and implement personalised actions accordingly. It is a no-code software, making it easy for users to create cancel flow quickly. RetentionEngine uses state of the art AI, through which users can learn what works and then optimise on the go. The software assists users to cut voluntary churn by up to 47% and improve reactivations by up to 5 times. With RetentionEngine, users can create a dynamic cancel flow to capture insights on why their customers are cancelling. The cancel flow also helps users to retain these customers as well as reactivate former customers. In addition, to win cancelling customers back, RetentionEngine allows companies to deliver personalised treatments depending on the reasons for cancellation. These personalised treatments include one-click offers, product/tier swapping, discounts, reminders of what they are going to lose after cancellation and video messages.


Keep Revenue Through Increasing User Retention
Churnfree is the ultimate solution to controlling customer churn and increasing your business's lifetime value. Churnfree helps companies create customized cancellation flows to win back customers. This state-of-the-art software empowers businesses to craft individualized communication strategies with relevant content tailored toward special circumstances or customers, so you can retain more customers while preserving their loyalty. Meanwhile, you'll continue to benefit from a powerful analytics dashboard that provides you with actionable insights for boosting engagement rates and converting leads into lifelong customers. With Churnfree's suite of data modeling tools, it's easier than ever before to take proactive steps toward mitigating risks and understanding why certain customers left in the first place. Fostering communication between different members across your team allows businesses of all sizes to keep an eye on customer experience easily and efficiently. Embrace the power of Churnfree and increase the lifetime value of your business today! You'll soon discover how simple it is to customize cancellation flows personalized for customer preferences, maximize retention rates on a budget, and reduce turnover costs in no time!


Where Sellers & Buyers Work Together
Quickly create engaging workspaces that customers love, manage the entire sale more effectively in a single place and win more deals. Drag & drop and quickly create beautiful and simplified mini-sites tailored to buyer’s needs. Help internal champion sell solution internally and deliver a world-class differentiated experience that wins quotas.


Platform to Retain & Expand Customers
AI-Powered customer success platform that helps B2B SaaS companies turn data into actionable insights to reduce churn. Integrate with all third-party softwares that business use to provide a single dashboard view for a customer.


The Smart Customer Success Software
Cordlogue is cloud-based customer success management platform. It empowers customer success team to automate customer engagement using detailed insights on customer actions to improve customer retention

Headway APP

Keep customers in the loop about product
Headway App - Changelog for your product. It offers many features like Custom branding, Integrations, Teams, Scheduled publishing, Privacy, Custom categories, and Markdown editor


The advanced customer success platform
Akita is a smart customer success platform, developed to function as the center for all your customer information, activity, and analytics to enhance your customer engagement and elevate your revenues. It allows you to create an unlimited number of client alerts so you can respond quickly when a customer is about to churn or is ripe for upselling. With Akita, you can construct strong customer segments, allowing you to personalize your customer engagement efforts to each customer's specific needs. In reaction to customer behaviour or qualities, you can trigger pre-defined processes with Akita. From your personal inbox, you can create tasks and send messages using this platform. Akita's Customer Success planner streamlines your day-to-day workflow by allowing you to create, schedule, and manage activities from one easy interface. It offers the most comprehensive client health scoring on the market, allowing you to see data about each customer at a glance. Additionally, you can create as many dashboards as you like, complete with data, charts, and customer lists, to provide you a rapid overview of your Accounts with this platform.


B2B Customer Journey Experience Solution
ServiceSource International, Inc is a global outsourced go-to-market services provider that accelerates B2B digital sales and customer success transformation. B2B inside sales, digital sales, customer success, renewals management, and channel management solutions.


Email & SMS Marketing Software
Sarbacane helps Everything that need to communicate and grow the business. It is Tailor-made support for the success of campaigns. It offers high-end software solution and personalized support.


Customer Retention Product Overview
STAMP is a Retention Automation platform that assesses B2B customer sentiment, significantly improves clients’ ability to retain accounts, increases recurring revenue, and maximizes customer lifetime value.


Fitness Marketing and Customer Experience Platform
Gleantap is a platform for fitness franchise clubs and studios that predicts each member's behavior and engages them through automated messaging and human outreach. Grow your business with the all-new task management software including member marketing, conversations automation, sales pipeline, smart fitness CRM, and digital customer retention for gyms.


Business Performance Enablement Software
Ringorang's software platform revolutionizes workplace training, permanently changing employee behavior and delivering measurable business results. Ringorang's software platform provides microlearning and gamification features that make corporate training fun. Allow employees to learn in the flow of work and create measurable behavior change.


The Guiding Platform for Customer Success
Strikedeck is the fastest and the most connectable Customer Success Automation Tool. Strikedeck uses machine learning and predictive analytics to bubble up insights and alerts about customer health, sentiment, and engagement.


Manage Value in performance economy using MetaCX
MetaCX is a business value network platform that redefines how value is realized, managed, and defined throughout the entire corporate value stream. It tracks value delivery over time and manages all of your business interactions in one place. With MetxCX, you can connect with firms, both downstream and upstream in your value chain to assure the success of your most important efforts. You can connect with your customers to keep value at the forefront of the customer experience and to demonstrate value delivery on a regular basis. You can make contact with your suppliers to establish accountability and verify that you are getting the value you paid for. You can track the progress of an endeavour or operation by collecting data from both your business and others with whom you collaborate. You can transform fragmented data sources into a dynamic picture of performance aimed at achieving goals and delivering value. Additionally, you can implant the interface of MetaCX directly into any website, SaaS application, or digital experience, removing the need to leave the current tool set.


Advanced Business Management Solution
CustomerSuccessBox is an outcome-driven customer success platform that assists B2B SaaS enterprises in lowering churn and increasing recurring revenue. Customer onboarding, product usage analysis, and user communication are all automated.As a result, success managers will be able to improve customer onboarding, retention, and drive, upsell, and increase Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Lifetime Value (LTV) for SaaS organisations.It has a vast list of features such as - Monitor account health in real time and receive immediate risk notifications. Integrate customer interaction, customer financials, customer support requests, and product adoption to track data from all relevant systems. It is utilised to cover use cases such as Risk, Upselling, and Renewal, and it is used to monitor and provide high value alerts for CSM for accounts that require CSM attention.One of its most beneficial features is Business Outcome Management - Create several business outcomes that are linked with your business goals and use-cases that your customers wish to accomplish. Examine the current state of business outcomes. Add or modify notes for your teams while keeping track of account-level business outcomes.


Powerful customer success solution
Catalyst is an advanced customer success platform that combines modern technology with beautiful designs to enhance business growth. Sales teams can utilise the same to manage their accounts and opportunities in a seamless manner, enhancing their customer success rate overall. Executive teams can also use Catalyst to access reports on customer growth, renewals and health profiles from a single place. Moreover, the software also helps companies build multiple health profiles and streamline the entire customer journey, from onboarding to renewal. Catalyst integrates users’ entire tech stack, enabling them to find customer data in Salesforce account lists or spreadsheets. It smoothes out the day-to-day workflow of companies, such as logging calls & meetings besides updating Salesforce fields, for better customer management. Catalyst can be easily integrated with Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Segment, and more. Users can also depend on the particular to map and name data fields or set up dashboards and segments specially built for customer success teams.


Key Account Management Platform
Kapta is more than an account management platform. It is a proven methodology for transforming client relationships through Key Account Management, and our intuitive tech supports and accelerates the efforts every step of the way.

Quality Driven Software

Client Satisfaction Software
Quality Driven Software is a client satisfaction and survey solution that helps companies avoid getting negative online reviews by helping identify issues before they become complaints. The software allows you to create and send out surveys internally to employees, or externally to customers. This helps you track how well employees are performing, how productive they are, as well as their satisfaction with working at your company, and any suggestions for improvement. Quality Driven Software comes with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. You can see an at-a-glance view of how well your company is performing on the solution’s dashboard, as well as receive instant notifications when youreceive negative survey feedback. Reports can be filtered by score, client, employee, and date. Quality Driven Software flags at risk customer accounts and puts them on a “Client Watch” list, while the “Service Area” feature allows you to customize the data you receive on each report according to industry requirements.


A one-stop solution for all customer-related information
Planhat is an advanced consumer success platform that helps with data monitoring, project management, and customer experience improvement within an individual business. Hundreds of modern technology firms across the world rely on Planhat in order to optimise customer success and lifetime value. The software is capable of centralising all customer-related data and creating customisable dashboards to see what adds value and what doesn't. Besides improving the customer lifecycle using playbooks, triggers, alerts, and automation. Also, Planhat can be integrated with pre-existing business tools and derive a unified view of customer-related data in real-time. Zapier, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Pipedrive and Stitch are among the notable ones. For those who are into a subscription business, advanced revenue management functionality within Planhat helps the admin get rid of pivot charts and heavy spreadsheets. On the contrary, they can get a quick overview of new bookings, approaching renewals and development over time.


Mobile Loyalty Platform for Retail, Sports clubs, Insurance
Mobile Loyalty Platform Connect with your customers when it matters to boost lifetime customer value and profits with our mobile loyalty platform.