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Data Entry Software

Are you looking for the best Data Entry software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you digitally translate data from paper documents to digital formats. These advanced solutions go beyond manual service; they employ digital tools to implement documents into online versions.To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Velocity Data Entry

Future of data entry systems, making the move to paperless
Velocity data entry helps you to create forms straight from handwritten documents. Go paperless with this tool and it handles this automatically by comparing other user submissions. Import forms directly from your Scanner and Export data as CSV, Excel, or linking to an existing Database or CRM System.

Questys Capture

A reliable web-based data entry software
Questys Capture data entry software helps in automating almost any data entry process. This software is known to employ sophisticated recognition technology to help users extract required data automatically from any scanned image or as such other digital content. This software can help eliminating manual data entry errors, speed up the inputting process and save precious time of data entry professionals. With the help of this software, users not only can help inputting texts but also ensuring image entry becomes easier. Questys Capture does data entry verification for ensuring utmost accuracy. Users can easily now collect data from multiple databases using this data entry tool.

Action Card

Data entry tool for retailers & restaurant owners
Action Card data entry software can be accessed directly via internet and there is no need to install and maintain it.It is responsive to mobile making data entry tasks easier and users can input data from anywhere.Users can get quick answer to their problems as online customer support is provided all through the business hours.The restaurant and or retail business owners find it highly useful as it contains rich restaurant and retail management features, in addition to data entry ones. It comes loaded with survey and inspection features as well. Action Card provides full operation visibility, transparent workflow and offers critical alerts through notifications and emails.


Unified cloud data apps
Infanywhere is a simple but intelligent platform for creating information management applications without programming. It's an easy-to-use interface for inviting people to share information by posting comments and answering questions with custom roles and permissions. Import and export data from XLS and CSV files and integrate them into the API. Any user experienced or not, can create his application with different degrees of complexity. With predefined templates with demo data, you can develop applications quickly and easily with no coding skills. All that is needed is a device with an Internet connection. The data structure and all the elements of the user interface can be modified or deactivated according to your needs. No more unused buttons or uncomfortable user interface, you organize your data and workspace. With InfAnywhere, share information and reduce collection time by working with your colleagues.

Wezen - Semantic Asset Management

Data entry software with multiple extra features
Wezen - Semantic Asset Management data entry software comes stuffed with a wide range of diverse software features. This data entry software is also popularly used as translation management software, enterprise content management software and digital asset management software to name a few. In the data entry sphere, this software is capable to do data entry verification and can easily detect duplicate data entry. It comes with a flexible search option that helps finding a specific data from a pool of many with greater ease and speed. One can also input image or graphics. Wezen has many collaboration features as well like it helps in content management, document management & task monitoring.

Entrypoint i4

Efficient data entry tool for clinics
Entrypoint i4 data entry software is cloud-based so data entry access is possible anywhere you are.The tool facilitates creating, administering and deploying personalized data entry applications. Entrypoint i4 data entry software can do data verification, can detect mis-keyed variation easily, detect duplicate entry and abbreviation, library conversion etc.It supports image entry into the database without any hassle. The software offer flexibility in search options and allows extracting required data quickly.It is enriched highly with electronic data capture features as well.It offers three Desktop applications : Desktop System Manager, Desktop Workstation and Application Studio.


Efficient data entry and extraction features
Blosm data entry software is an integrated data collection tool that helps to analyze data assembled from multiple sources.The software is web-based so it can be accessed easily via internet.The tool has patented AI technology that imitates the way humans research and read information on the web.It offers the new-gen data collection and integration platform.It has several useful data entry features like data capture and transfer, image entry, duplicate detection, flexible search etc. Blosm helps verifying data entry and ensures minimal error.It can help extracting content such as product prices, product instructions, listing data, video, table charts, pictures etc.


Cloud-based data entry software
UProc data entry(form) software. It comes with simple drag and drop web widgets so there is not need to do coding.You can link your website with the software and make sure the best data quality from your form.The tool facilitates checking your data applications easily and efficiently using the wizard.It helps validating phones, emails and also allows adding multiple fields to a database. UProc data entry software comes enriched with several data entry features like data capture and transfer, duplicate detection, data cleansing, data entry verification etc.The tool also is capable to detect phonetic variation. UProc extends support data search and data conversion as well.

MPS IntelliVector

Automates data extraction and processing
MPS IntelliVector data entry software allows multi-level data automation and microtask-based data processing.The software is suitable to meet specific business needs of public sectors, insurance and financial organizations. All important aspects of customer data entry processing can be handled easily using this tool.It has data management features, accounts payable features and electronic data capture features.It does data entry verification, data cleansing, offers flexible search, eradicate data duplication etc.It reduces progressing time and cost. MPS IntelliVector offers flexible system and data migration facility.It provides enterprise-grade data entry and management solution.


Accurate Notes, On Time: Get it Done!
Store all medical terms, common formulas, and templates in one place with PhraseExpander. Access them quickly with a simple abbreviation. Autocomplete medications, drug names, and other long terms used when interviewing patients. Customize templates and prevent mistakes and inadvertent disclosure of confidential information when copying, pasting, and editing. Use dynamic forms and macros for greater flexibility. Design templates with branching logic, score calculation, custom data input, and app/website opening.


Simplifying the process of separating information
Docsumo is an intelligent data capture and extraction software based on OCR technology. This can be used to convert unstructured data like pay stubs, bank statements and invoices into actionable information. Companies like Hitachi, Decisiv, Jones, Arbor, Crestone, Byjus and more depend on this platform to get their day to day tasks completed. Docsumo is capable of extracting payment terms, totals, invoice numbers and more from several invoices in a few minutes. It can also segregate table line items and get to experience calculated attributes, automating decisions. Further, a dedicated human in the loop tool can be used to review captured data and get those validated with database or external APIs. Lending, insurance, logistics and account payable depend on Docsumo to auto classify content listed in a document, validate rules, detect out frauds and integrate with API. To date, active use cases of Docsumo has been registered as automating accounts payable with invoice based data capture, extracting transaction data from scanned documents or PDF, converting insurance certificates to actionable data and more.

Zerion Software

Well-featured software-on-demand
Zerion Software is a tool that helps simplifying and automating data entry operations.Accessing this software anytime and anywhere is not tough.Deployment options include web, Saas, android mobile and iOS Native.It comes well-featured with data entry functionalities like data cleansing, data entry verification, provides flexible search options, you can enter images into the database, do data capture and transfer data.The software helps developing and designing mobile-friendly workflow platform to facilitate gathering mobile data and automate the data flow.The tool offers Big Data capabilities like powerful data processing and better integration. It securely stores data.

MoreApp Forms

User-friendly data entry tool
MoreApp Forms is a data entry software is a web-based or hosted software and you can access it easily through internet. It can be run on mobile devices easily.Besides just suitable data entry features,the software comes designed with audit features, aviation maintenance features, auto dealer features etc.The tool can at ease detect abbreviations, phonetic variation and mis-keyed variation. MoreApp Forms does data cleansing, provides flexible search options and offers library conversion as well. You can enter image also in the database using the tool.It undoubtedly can save huge time and keep data entry errors at bay. It is scalable and is very user-friendly.