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Are you looking for the best Document Creation Software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you create and customize your text-based documents. These advanced solutions go beyond simple documents ; they employ tools such as word processors and editors to store and share documents for collaborative editing. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Read better online
No more flicking between websites, apps, and platforms. Find, read and share stories you like on Juno. They set out to build a read-it-later app, but one where the users can discover what others find interesting, and share articles with each other. They kept in touch with their initial, small user-base, and tried to listen closely to find out what they wished Juno could do for them, and how we could make Juno a useful tool. They are now working on making their reader customizable and efficient: one that lets users highlight and note. what is important to the user. To make discovering relevant reads quicker, they are integrating topics and collections: users will be able to curate articles and share their collections with their communities.


Docs for building software
Balsa offers the perfect way to organize, track, and collaborate on projects. With features designed to help professionals get the job done efficiently, this intuitive platform is sure to revolutionize teamwork. Employers can monitor progress using a single platform; project leaders can organize tasks, resources, and deadlines; and everyone on the team can keep up-to-date with what’s happening in real time. Balsa offers users a clear view of every aspect of their project and an innovative system for tracking each step from start to finish. Its user-friendly interface provides a clear overview of exactly what needs to be done—and who is taking care of it—so nothing gets left behind. Additionally, Balsa makes organizing easier by enabling teams to create custom templates suitable for any project and quickly fill in the details with just a few clicks. This powerful tool also allows users to collaborate effortlessly with their team remotely or in person. All conversations are included in your workspace so everyone is kept up-to-date; tasks can be assigned easily with simple drag-and-drop capabilities; files shared between collaborators are always up to date; and notifications will ensure no one misses any critical information or progress updates. The future of collaboration starts here: Balsa puts users in full control of their workflow so they can stay organized no matter how big or fast-paced the project may be.


Manage multiple PDFs documents in an organised way
PDFChef is an intuitive all in one PDF editor that allows users to handle normal PDF-related activities right from their browser without jeopardising the device's security. Users can depend on the particular to Edit PDF files which include functionalities like merge, split, rotate, rearrange and delete the needful. They can even convert the PDF files into any format of their choice out of the available options like Word, Excel, PPT, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, HTML, EPUB and DjVu. Further, PDFChef, despite its simplicity, provides all of the capability required to handle PDF documents, including PDF generation from scratch, electronic signature options, as well as conversion facilities. Text editing, file export with a single click, and print output facilities are also available with the same. The makers of the software are quite thoughtful about data security and privacy. All documents within PDFChef are completely secured against third party attacks and unnecessary intrusions.


A resume is built to make an impression
A resume is the first way an organization will get to know. They are a reflection of who are, what they have done and most importantly, potential. The resume builder is an effective way to create and personalize resumes to cater applications to job descriptions.

Make Your Documents in A Minute is an innovative tool designed to streamline the document creation process and enable businesses to easily and quickly create legal documents. With its advanced features, enables users to discover the perfect document form for their needs, choosing from a wide range of legal templates, personal documents, and more. The platform's customizable features enable users to tailor their documents to their unique requirements, ensuring that they receive the best possible service.'s user-friendly interface makes it easy for businesses to create professional-looking documents quickly and efficiently, saving them time and money in the process. The platform's experienced team of experts is available to help businesses every step of the way, providing guidance and support to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. In summary, is a powerful tool that enables businesses to streamline their document creation process, providing them with the tools and resources they need to create professional-looking legal documents quickly and easily.


Make stunning brochures
Are they looking for a reliable and efficient way to produce professional-looking brochures for their business? Look no further, eBrochureMaker is here! This app is designed to make brochure creation a quick and easy process with no design skills needed. With a wide range of customizable printable templates, they can effortlessly create a brochure that best reflects their company’s values, mission, and goals. They’ll also save plenty of time and effort when they use our app since they won’t need to spend countless hours designing each brochure. eBrochureMaker is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. With an easy-to-use interface, they can simply drag and drop their images, text, and other content into the template of their choice. They can also modify the brochure template to adjust its size, font, and color to meet their specific needs. Once they’ve finished creating their brochure, they can quickly download and print out a high-quality copy. It’s that easy to create an effective, professional-looking brochure with eBrochureMaker. So, what are they waiting for? Elevate their business with a brochure they can be proud of – try eBrochureMaker today!

AI generated Tagline is revolutionizing the way people send postcards with its advanced AI technology. With AI, user can create unique and personalized postcards with just a few clicks. All have to do is input the text would like to include on the postcard, and AI will generate an image based on input. They also offer a global mailing network, so we can deliver postcards directly to the recipient's doorstep. So if they looking to send something special, look no further than


A Simple Online Presentation Solution
Sizle software is a platform used to design presentations with stunning slide design, detailed viewer insights, feedback forms, and CRM integration. Engage your audience with transitions, animations, data visualizations, and unique motion graphics. Streamline your project and update leads through integration with Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot and more. Collect feedback to measure the engagement of your audience.

Jotform PDF Editor

Edit your PDFs with JotForm PDF Editor
JotForm is a free online PDF editor that turns collected responses into professional and safe PDF documents (automatically). That individuals can share with colleagues and customers. Jotform PDF Editor allows users to edit PDF files and automatically produce polished documents with the data they gather, whether one needs to write a contract, generate an invoice for payments, capture event attendee registration information, or prepare an inspection report. People can create online forms with JotForm builder and share them with the audience. Furthermore, the editor allows users to design a PDF when someone responds to the forms. With JotForm PDF Editor, individuals can store, share, download and print PDFs online. The editor has a “drag and drop” feature, allowing the users to drag and drop the elements they want in the documents. With JotForm PDF Editor, users can design a document and the platform will automatically use the same design every time. People can create unlimited documents with this PDF editor.

CPE Cloud

Cheque Writing & Printing Software Solutions
CPE Cloud is a state-of-the-art software solution that simplifies the creation and processing of cheque-related documents. It integrates seamlessly with the financial system and utilizes a combination of cutting-edge cloud-based technology, local components, and the latest in MICR laser technology to streamline the cheque production process. With CPE Cloud, users can eliminate the need for manual cheque writing and processing, saving organization valuable time and resources. The software is designed to work with the existing financial system, reducing the need for complex integrations or additional hardware. The cloud-based technology used in CPE Cloud ensures that the cheque production process is secure and efficient, while also allowing for remote access and collaboration. The software's local components provide additional speed and reliability, ensuring that the cheque printing is always accurate and timely. In summary, CPE Cloud is an advanced software solution that combines cloud-based technology, local components, and MICR laser technology to streamline your cheque production process, reduce manual effort, and enhance security.


Expertly Created Resume Templates
Created by a team of experts, each of templates makes use of proven design elements that stand out among many other ordinary resumes. ResumeCats will help create a perfect resume in minutes, allowing to get application ahead of the crowd. Forget about wasting time. Nothing about job search can be left to chance. User can rely on ResumeCats to help build the resume need.


Simple document generation platform
Create, customize and finalize documents within the team or request fill out from customers. Manage, track and analyze teams and organizations and track the documents. Then analyze the overall usage at the end. Create documents and templates in seconds with the drag-and-drop editor. The DOC platform offers a wide range of components mixed and matched to suit your needs. With it, don't need coding knowledge nor IT support. Make documents comply with legal and professional standards, all without touching a single line of code.


Create and send award-winning certificates in large quantities
CertifySimple is a smart certification designing and creation platform that enables you to send, edit, and create certificates in bulk with Gmail, Slides, and Google Sheets. It helps you in producing certificates and sharing them with others in less than 4 minutes using pre-built interactive templates. CertifySimple offers engaging and attractive pre-built certificate templates along with enabling you to import your pre-built Canva template to Google Slides, where you can customize it as per your needs. You just have to open the CertifySimple program and input the URL of your google sheet along with file name structure, then hit the ‘Generate Certificates’ button with the Certificate Slide. You can personalize certificates by adding some extra information. You can write an email and personalize it using Google Sheet columns headers. You can use ‘Name’ in the subject line if you want to put your name in the email. You can also utilize the email templates you created before or click ‘Send Certificates’ to have certificates sent to each student with personalized emails. Additionally, the platform facilitates retaining of layouts, colors, and fonts.


Lower your credit card
The Print on Demand Greeting Card App for Shopify is the perfect way to send unique, personal cards to your loved ones. With thousands of designs to choose from, you can find the perfect card for any occasion, and we'll print and send it directly to the recipient. Plus, we're always adding new cards to our collection, so you'll always have the latest and greatest designs to choose from.


Any document, Into a stunning CV
Using the right tool is the key to speeding up hiring process. With the world’s fastest resume builder, can create impressive profiles that stand out and get hired in no time. This tool helps convert any document into an asset quickly and easily, giving an edge in the competitive job market. It also produces resumes tailored to specific needs, making sure each candidate presents their qualifications in the most effective way. Professionally designed and visually appealing, these resumes are turning potential hires into winners. Boost the efficiency of your recruitment team and hire the best talents confidently with this tool.

Create your resumes in seconds
Create as many resumes as see fit. With StackOverflow and GitHub statistics and badges. Great experience is appreciated. The resume is canvas. Collect all the information about professional activities in one place and show to the whole world. Custom 3-rd level subdomain for profile or resume. Or link your 2-nd level domain to profile. This functionality will be implemented in the future.


Create documents from templates online with Creodocs
Creodocs' beautiful templates can be used for a variety of purposes, including invoices, formal letters, menus, signs, recipes, and CVs. You can also add your own private templates. Templates have specific fields where you can enter content, such as the drinks and prices for a bar menu. You can enter content manually via a form, automatically via an API, or in a spreadsheet for bulk documents. Creodocs will professionally typeset your content in the template and provide you with a PDF document that you can download or email.


Effortlessly Create Impactful Documentation Quickly
Introducing Doocs – the fast and easy way to create powerful documentation. If the customer is looking for a tool to empower create professional-quality documentation, quickly and easily? Well Doocs is here! Doocs was designed to provide the customer with an effortless way to create stunning documentation, removing the friction of writing and formatting. Its clean, intuitive interface makes getting started a breeze, allowing to have the customers documentation up and running in minutes. Doocs is truly a must-have if the customer is looking to simplify yet optimize the documentation process. Doocs makes documentation frustration-free and as efficient as possible, saving the customers precious time and energy in the long run. With Doocs, will be able to build the best documentation faster, better, and easier than ever before. Don’t waste another minute of your precious time. Get Doocs today and speed up the documentation process.


Write Will online
AasaanWill gives you the freedom to write a legally vetted & valid Will from privacy of your home. Will is a document that contains a legal declaration of distribution of your assets among the beneficiaries after your death. And the banking level data security ensures complete security for your data remains confidential and secure.

Cover Letter AI

The ultimate tool for crafting
Cover Letter AI AI-powered tool helps create professional and personalized cover letters in any language in just minutes. Utilizing modern large language models, the tool allows to generate multiple versions of the cover letter until find one that are satisfied with. Then can edit the cover letter and generate additional versions until are happy with the final result. Gone are the days of spending hours writing cover letters and struggling to find the right words. With AI-powered tool, can be confident that will have the perfect cover letter in no time.

Offers by Aeqium

Make and Communicate Better Offer Decisions
Benchmark compensation, determine compensation packages, and welcome candidates to team with beautiful interactive offer letters. Accelerate recruiting by helping candidates understand the total value of offers in a simple, visual package. Be transparent with equity grants, and use our built-in equity offer simulator to help candidates understand the value of their equity under different scenarios.


The smartest way to collect document feedback
Annootate is a smarter document collaboration tool designed specifically for the digital office. From the earliest draft to the final sign-off, we provide a single, secure platform that allows everyone to collaborate effortlessly. Create, share, discuss, review, and verify documents using our user-friendly, feature-rich service. Our customers utilize Annootate to help internal and cross-organizational teams collaborate more effectively while preserving compliance, security, and excellent information governance. Annootate is a feedback tool for documents, not a word processor. Upload your paper to Annootate once it's ready for review and start getting the feedback you desire. Annootate is a program that allows users to collect comments on their documents using simple and effective annotation options like audio and video recordings. To work on Annootate, you must first: Import a document from a PDF, picture, website URL, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word. Invite reviewers through email or by sending a link to the document. Text, audio, video, screen recordings, and media attachments can all be used to annotate.


AI Resume Builder Tool
All of our resume templates have been approved by over 40+ HR experts to give you the extra advantage over the competition. Build your resume without typing a single word. Access over 200,000 pre-written examples for over 10,000 job titles. Not sure if your resume is good enough. Get a job-winning resume for freshers with our inbuilt AI Resume Review, which has the combined intelligence of the best resume writing experts in the world.

Create a professional CV in 5 minutes is a online based Document creation software. Create a professional CV in 5 minutes. Has text editor, Supports images.

Gingko Writer

Writing software that gets you to first draft, fast.
Gingko Write is a new kind of document that shows both structure & content. Use it to expand your Mental RAM, and think bigger thoughts.


Generating employees CVs
CuViBox is own company’s CV database with advanced searches and automatic custom office documents generation. Find the appropriate employees or applicants for the job using advanced searches. Create custom office documents automatically using employee data. Know where are enterprise potential and drive it to objectives.


Speed agreement and enhance trust
Start on the same page - all users and agreements share our standarized VirtualTerms in "plain English". We make creation and review easy for both parties with our streamlined "key terms" format. Get it all done quickly with one simple end-to-end tool.

Newsletter Wizard

Organize, manage and write
Newsletter Wizard is a centralized newsletter writing system that provides users with a streamlined way to manage their newsletter. With Newsletter Wizard, users can quickly and easily write, edit, and publish their newsletter. Additionally, Newsletter Wizard provides users with tools to help them grow their newsletter subscriber list and track the success of their newsletter.


DIY Document, Contract, Business
DocPro is the perfect solution for your document template needs. Take advantage of thousands of professionally created business, personal, and legal templates. Each template can be customized and tailored to fit your exact requirements with easy step-by-step instructions, making DIY contract contracts simpler than ever before. No matter what the need signing a new client or creating an employee agreement, DocPro has you covered. Download all documents in Word doc, saving valuable time while still ensuring quality documents that maintain professional standards. Put down your pen, and pick up DocPro today!

Speedy Newsletter

Email Newsletter Maker
With an easy-to-use online editor, you can create responsive email templates in minutes without any coding skills. Start now for free and build HTML templates for the emails and digital marketing campaigns. With an intuitive drag & drop newsletter maker software, user can save time when creating your digital newsletter content. User email templates will be ready to send in minutes.


Complete paperwork easily
Formsio is a cloud-based enterprise document automation platform that allows businesses to create, deliver, assemble, and digitally sign forms and documents. Its functions assist businesses in automating paperwork and saving time and money. With our all-in-one solutions, you can easily design, deliver, compile, and execute forms and documents online. Using Formsio's graphical designer, you can quickly create dynamic HTML forms and documents. Static, wasteful PDF files that cause bottlenecks in signing operations are replaced by their designer. Data is automatically populated via an internal database and a calculating engine, removing the need for manual data entry. You can choose from a variety of forms and papers to send to as many people as you need. Formsio manages recipient profiles directly, making their information reusable for future transactions. Track the status of each transaction sent to complete in real-time. Each transaction is managed by the software's smart workflows, which ask users to fill in required data, approve transactions, and digitally sign forms and documents. An audit log stores and tracks all transaction-related data, approvals, and signatures.


Create perfect reports using LiveDocs
LiveDocs is a programmable document editor designed for futuristic companies, and it mainly helps teams to level up. It lets users work on documents with powerful integrations, automation and seamless UX. With this software, users can save time, create documents using templates, collaborate and work with more efficiency. This software is similar to any text editor, which allows users to begin on a fresh canvas. Also, one can even invite their teammates and begin working on this software instantly. LiveDocs comes with features like evergreen reports, where one can track metrics from their SQL into the documents. Next, one can prepare web analytics reports for websites and campaigns for Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and others. Besides these, users can merge mails, generate sales reports, and combine data using Quickbooks, Salesforce, Stripe, etc. and create comprehensive reports. With LiveDocs, users can create reports using the best knowledge base and start assisting customers around the globe.


A complete PDF solution
PDFelement is a Document Management Software to enhance your document productivity. A professional tools for switching from Adobe Acrobat a good business decision and supports both Windows and Mac platforms. A Smart PDF Editor that allows you to edit and annotate. Create and convert PDFs from/to other file formats. Fill forms and sign contracts and use OCR to transform scanned PDFs into editable text. A cost-effective solution to that meets the needs.


We help you simplify business documentation.
DocsCloud is a web-based software platform that helps you create web forms, generate the filled documents from templates, manage & get the documents digitally signed, host the documents & extract the text from the documents & images. DocsCloud helps you automate the various aspects of your routine documentation activities. The platform allows you to create & embed web forms, generate filled documents by mapping them with the forms or integrating them with the API/Plugins, perform end-to-end creation and management of digital signatures, perform the data extraction from documents and allow you to host your documents for easy access. DocsCloud covers wing to wing digitization of documents that are involved at various stages of the business cycle. The most significant advantage is that the users get all these capabilities under a platform. DocsCloud is a form builder + document generation + document hosting + digital signature platform + OCR from documents.

Adobe InCopy

Writing and copy editing software
Adobe InCopy lets copywriters and editors style text, track changes, and make simple layout modifications to a document while designers work on the same document simultaneously in Adobe InDesign all without overwriting each other’s contributions.


Manage Business with Documents
Bobson software is a platform used to create powerful web documents and measure the intelligence with opens, views, clicks, and more. The software offers a secure platform to gain insights with people's interaction and share them with a link. Collaborate with your team and can chat at the click of a button. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


All-in-one tool to Manage Mailrooms
DocuSend software is a document distribution center used to automate remote physical and electronic mailing of invoices, billing statements, and letters. Users can simply print invoices to PDF files and upload them to get them mailed the next business day. There is no minimum commitment or data requirement. The all-inclusive pricing covers all materials, processing, first-class postage, and portal access with a dashboard of mailing activity and document images. A free QuickBooks Online app is available, as well as API integration opportunities for software developers. Monitor the bill rendering and document processing costs for paper, envelopes, printing, and mailing supplies.


Get your documents processed in the right way
EDocGen is a dynamic document generation software, helping out industries to deliver turnkey customer experiences on the go. The software features an exclusive suite of document monitoring tools backed by automation. Users can generate thousands of documents in bulk from various data sources (Excel/JSON/Enterprise apps/XML/Databases) of their choice within a few minutes. Also, EDocGen is capable of generating template-based web capture forms automatically, which can be used to create filled in documents alike. Active integration with external platforms like Azure Active Directory, OneDrive, PowerApps and SharePoint through Webhooks or API help users download statements of their choice, besides running the entire system within the Microsoft environment at the same time. Within EDocGen, admins can personalise customer-based communication across multiple channels as per need and streamline an engaging experience for the customers to indulge in. Supported document types of EDocGen include JPG, HTML, PDF and DOCX. Users can automate their document workflow by connecting with 1000+ databases and apps via Tray and Zapier integration.


Document Automation Made Simple
Documate software is a platform used to create generate documents in minutes. The software offers templates to create questions with complex branching logic to show or hide questions or pages. Collaborate with your team and measure analytics of PDF documents, forms, and tag them to your interview questions. Embed documents on your website and sell online legal solutions to monetize practice. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


Transform your business processes with OnTask
OnTask is a document and form management software, powered by Accusoft, and allows users to transform tedious paperwork into efficient digital processes. Users can opt for this advanced tracking application to maintain records and keep all process chaos at bay. All one has to do is, collect data accurately and flow it through into the form and the system automatically. The rich-feature application has an automated repetitive process, which populates the forms and documents without committing even a silly mistake or miss out on anything. This cloud-based application allows users to create digital forms automatically. On the other hand, the mobile-responsive webforms make it incredibly easier for one to work on these. The software also ensures secure and trackable transactions with a digital signature, and the documents can be signed faster than expected. Also, the no-code workflow tool allows one to replicate and update the business processes successfully. Additionally, users can choose a suitable demo with regard to the business processes that would meet their requirements with ease.


Generate high-quality documents on Docamatic
Docamatic enables developers to generate PDF documents easily from existing HTML or Templates. The API of the software allows users to create and send documents via email on-the-go. One can use the templates available or add HTMLs, and save a lot of time and development costs. This feature-rich and privacy-focused application is flexible and comes with a user-friendly dashboard. In order to create documents from one’s own HTML, he/she simply needs to provide a URL or a raw HTML. The rendering engine of Docamatic supports CSS3, JavaScript and even custom fonts. The application also has an inbuilt collection of templates for invoices, name badges, labels and more, which make document generation tasks simpler and consume less time too. To email their documents, users need to submit an email address to the API request of the application and it will send them as attachments. With Zapier integration, there is no coding required to perform any task. Whether users need a QR or Barcode or want or generate multiple documents, all these tasks are easily processed on Docamatic.