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Are you looking for the best Email Testing software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you review emails before they are sent out to customers. These advanced solutions go beyond review; they provide an editing platform to check the email for spelling, formatting, and coding. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Email testing preview tool
Testi@ is an email testing preview tool that enables you to create and preview your email for a low cost. It offers smart and advanced tools for email preview comparison and testing so that your emails always look professional and well drafted. With Testi@, you can compare costs, features, email clients supported, and payment options quickly. You can get a sneak peek at the desktop client along with a chamber for easy and effective mail testing. Each user's email address is encrypted using AES and a unique salt with Testi@. You can get a screenshot by sending a test in addition to easy debugging with rendered HTML source so that you never send a faulty email to your customers again. The platform also facilitates fast testing using your favorite Web E-mail Builder (5) ESP integration Clients for email development in the local area Atom and Sublime Text. Additionally, the platform offers a chrome extension for E-mail testing and supports all of the popular email clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Android. It also supports 21 Apple iOS devices.

Imitate Email

Easy email testing for developers and users
Imitate Email is the perfect tool for developers and testers creating the next big thing in tech. Costly testing and debugging are a thing of the past, as Imitate Email allows users to automate email flows and makes sure they're processed correctly. Its advanced technology provides attention to detail, ensuring that emails look great and won't get flagged as spam. What's more, developers have access to features like a cross-platform preview function that lets them see how an email looks both on mobile phones and desktop computers. Plus, with the ability to check emails in HTML, text, or raw formats, your testing process will be lightning fast. Whether you're building a brand new application or upgrading an existing one, do it responsibly by using Imitate Email. It's secure, cost-efficient and can automatically test email flows without complicated coding or time-consuming debugging processes. Get back to innovating—try Imitate Email today!


Emailing as a service
MailSlurp is a smart and advanced solution that enables testing of the most important aspects of email sending. It allows the user to programmatically test transactional emails and with more efficiency. MailSlurp allows you to test fundamental user engagement by sending actual emails to real email addresses to your application. You can conduct end-to-end email testing to identify any issues and ensure that the email is sent to the intended recipient. This tool can further be used to test entire email functionality, including sending and receiving emails over REST from randomly created inboxes. Users get the option to create unlimited email accounts with auto-forwarding, web hooks, and routing options that can be configured in code or online. You can send contact groups template emails and track the number of times an email has been opened using actual email addresses, test user authentication, forgotten passwords, email verification, and more for your application. You can receive emails in code, test user sign-up processes, store new contacts and attachments to Google Drive, and more using the REST API, developer SDKs, and Zapier integrations.

Automate email tests with powerful API is an automated email testing app that helps businesses to test new users’ signups, transactional emails, spam scores, and more. To test new users’ signups, it verifies emails, passwords sign-ins, etc. further, evaluates transactional and drip emails as well. It also checks the delivery and spam scores, to test whether the email has been received or not. An inbuilt API within the same helps with parse, receive, spam-test and index of the customer’s emails for easy retrieval, eliminating chances of finding any email in the spam folder. It offers to use JSON API or the powerful Graph API to query the emails. Businesses also get to use the HTTP or GraphQL client of their choice in any language or environment including CI/CD pipelines. even facilitates easy collaboration process among multiple team members to test emails, monitor usage and manage projects.

Inbox Pirates

An Email Testing Tool
Inbox Pirates is an free email preview tool to view HTML emails in notification bars, variable screen-sizes and devices. The software offers tools to test emails on their everyday workflows. It integrates with Google Workspace, MailChimp, Hubspot, and more.


Developer-oriented Email API
Introducing Resend, the revolutionary API that will transform the way to connect with the customers. Gone are the days when carefully crafted emails end up lost in the vast abyss of spam folders. With Resend, customer can finally guarantee that the messages will reach the right people, at the right time, every single time. Designed specifically for businesses that understand the importance of impactful email communication, Resend is the ultimate solution for building, testing, and delivering transactional emails at scale. Whether the customer is sending order confirmations, password resets, or important updates, Resend ensures that the messages not only reach their intended recipients, but also make a lasting impression. So, what sets Resend apart from the countless other email APIs out there? Well, first and foremost, it understands the value of connecting with humans, rather than getting caught in a never-ending battle with spam filters. With its intelligent algorithms and advanced analytics, Resend optimizes the emails to bypass those pesky filters and land directly in the customers' primary inboxes.


Preview emails before sending
Email Preview Service is an email testing platform that enables you to preview your emails before sending them for improved email analysis, testing of your design, and improving of your email campaign efficiency. It assists you in boosting the engagement of your recipients by giving you a preview of your email before it goes to your recipient's inbox. With Email Preview Service, you can test your email design and determine what needs to be addressed. With the platform’s white-label API, you can get a superb collection of tools for your project to increase the quality of your emails and, as a result, your conversion rates. You can undertake tests by forwarding emails to a specially constructed email account, or by connecting the API to your app. You can gain insights into the finer aspects of your email campaign, beginning with the open-duration in seconds, the email client used, and the actual geo-location. Additionally, you can compare the results of multiple tests sent via several email providers to find which one offers the highest response rate and use that channel for marketing.


Test emails easily in code
Introducing GetTestMail, the definitive watertight email service for developers - it will transform the way they write tests! GetTestMail’s powerful libraries enable them to write tests completely securely and safeguard against data loss. Their innovative technology takes the worry out of developing, putting the focus back on the creative aspects of software testing. Now, thanks to GetTestMail, they can be sure their projects are always protected. For every project you undertake, they’ll want a reliable service that they can count on; something they can trust with their valuable data and assets. GetTestMail is the perfect choice because it is designed to endure the most extreme conditions. By using GetTestMail, they can worry less about data integrity and focus more on meeting deadlines. They’ve spent countless hours perfecting this product so that they can rely on it to provide watertight security 100% of the time. No more risking data losses; GetTestMail is here to give them the peace of mind they need as a developer. Don’t miss out on this industry-leading email service - sign up now and let GetTestMail take care of all their watertight email needs.

Email Health Report

Send your marketing email
360 degree analysis of your current email program. Design recommendations to improve CTOR and hence conversions. Analysis of the tone of the email copies to further improve CTOR. AMP email use case suggestions for your business. A step by step plan to improve email conversion rates. A thorough analysis of your email infrastructure and deliverability.


Indulge in accurate email testing with Mailnest
Mailnest is a robust email testing tool that enables IT teams and developers, to test out the quality of the generated emails and improve them accordingly. The tool allows users to capture all of their test emails in a single place. Besides helping to avoid accidental forwarding of test emails to real customers. With Mailnest, IT teams can set up a virtual SMTP server in 2 minutes. They can even evaluate multiple scenarios without creating separate IDs or clearing databases. Developers are also offered access to the real-time source code of the generated emails, where they get to check if everything is up to the mark or not. Also, the tool comes with an error mode that can be used to emulate various error scenarios. Mailnest takes care of the entire email testing process so that users can invest their complete focus on other relevant tasks. Thus saving out a lot of time and effort on the go.


Test emails without sending out spam to your customers
MailSnag is a free plugin that aims to let you send out test emails, but without using your customers’ email addresses, which makes them think that you are spamming them. MailSnag provides false SMTP server credentials, which you can then use to send your development or staging emails to. MailSnag also provides you with different inboxes and authentication data for every mailbox that you choose to create. To change your current test email application to MailSnag’s server, you can use one of its many integrations. MailSnag’s allows you to inspect and capture any emails that have been sent out during the development period using its SMTP server. It also allows you to debug application generated emails, as well as view embedded content, raw data, and attachments. MailSnag currently supports a wide range of languages for your emails, including English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Do email testing for any product, website, or app with Mailosaur
Mailosaur is an email-testing tool that enables the users to test emails for websites, applications, and products of any type. You can build and test products, automate email tests that work with Cypress and Selenium frameworks with Mailosaur. Mailosaur enables development team and QA teams to capture, test and analyze SMS messages and emails with their existing language or test framework. You can catch bugs, pinpoint defects in workflow like password resets before release or account activation and do manual testing with Mailosaur’s advanced tools and features. Users can make use of a brand new emailing address for every project, test run, or group member to merge the outcome into the existing test framework. Users can create cell numbers that can perform end-to-end tests of workflows, like security verification checks and password resets with Mailosaur. You can prevent mistaken emailing to real customers and even set your own email domain. The tool is available for a free trial and it offers various price variations too to try its premium features.