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Financial Analysis Software

Are you looking for the best Financial Analysis software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you monitor the financial performance of your business using advanced analytics and data. These advanced solutions go beyond financial review; they employ tools to consolidate and compare financial transactions and accounting entries and track financial KPI's. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Altvia Answers

A Business Intelligence Solution That Allows PE Firms To View And Interact With Data
Altvia Answers is a private equity business intelligence solution that transforms, connects, and displays all the important data across systems. It makes it simple and easy to perform complex data analyses at any time. The solution provides data analytics to businesses without the help of IT. It creates a centralized database by combining information from multiple sources to present comprehensive and updated dashboards. Users get real-time data connections instead of downloading and updating information manually. Firms can find accurate, seamlessly updated information, and dynamic dashboards with a single source of truth. It helps to reduce manual entry and the opportunity for errors. Users can fetch data on their schedule to drive accuracy and ask and answer questions at any time. Data analytics can be used differently to answer questions and drive greater awareness with stakeholders, investors, and contacts. Business users are empowered to find unique solutions to all their questions. Users can filter, drill-down, and explore different data on the fly easily.


Get an efficient financial planner
Fluxo is a financial Modelling software for growing companies. The main vision of the software is to create a world where financial planning is hassle-free and frictionless for any growing company. Flexo helps the companies to get a detailed vision of the financial issues and make future planning based on that. The software generates automated budgets and forecasts on behalf of its users. Forecasting helps the companies to make data-driven decisions regarding investment, marketing, hiring, and funding. Fluxo also helps users to make plans faster with fewer mistakes in line. One no longer needs to drag cells in order to update his/her projections. With Fluxo, companies can customize their reports with key metrics and also share them along with links, with investors, other board members and internal teams in real-time. Companies can efficiently import their data from the software’s API connections and even add their own assumptions with Fluxo’s easy user interface.

Conciliator Expert

An automated accounts management tool at your service
Conciliator Expert is an automated accounts management platform helping out organisations with regular ROI calculations and data entry related activities. Companies can depend on the particular to speed up the entire document collection process. Where the employees get to scan essential documents from the client’s premises and forward them over emails in bulk. Also, a fully automated merging, cutting and filling process available within the particular eliminates out tedious tasks on the go. The software comes loaded with 70+ automatic control points for individual invoices (amounts, VAT, consistency of quantities and more), besides going through the content written down on the invoices. Thus enabling organisations to provide purchase specific detailed analysis to individual clients, seamlessly. Also, AI-based machine learning technicalities equipped within are capable of taking into account chart based particularities used. Accounting firms, individual retailers, entrepreneurs or TPE, mid-cap and large enterprises depend on Conciliator Expert to get their regular activities streamlined in an efficient way.


All-in-one finance management
Airbank is the next-generation financial management platform for European startups and SMBs. They help businesses with the daunting task of finance management. Their mission is to give people back the time and money spent managing their business finances so they can focus on what matters - their business.


The co pilot for your finances
FINUX answers important questions about the financial situation of your company. Focus on your core business again, not your finances. They use ISO-27001 certified data centers in Germany. This includes protection against cyberattacks and the physical security of the rooms. The data traffic is encrypted and authenticated with TLS 1.3, X25519, and AES 128 GCM. Your data is literally as secure as a bank. Fino has been a reliable and secure partner for banks and companies for several years.


Cheapest Way To Buy FTMO Challenge
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Business Performance Assistant
CashStory is a fully-featured Financial Reporting Software designed to serve Startups, SMEs. CashStory provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. If people remember anything of their work, it's probably stories. The narrative is the key to access your audience's brains. Companies may be missing out on the most important strategy of all: creating a culture of agility. It's time for humans to spend time more time on quality and less on quantity. Business process automation can be a stepping-stone that change.


AI Platform for Mergers, Investments, and Strategy
Kognetics seeks to bring AI to the domain of mergers, acquisitions, investment banking, and private equity. It combines domain expertise with AI hoping to transform the decision-making process. The tool provides solutions to Investment banks by making changes to business development and idea generation. Enterprises can benefit from their proactive intelligence based upon research, real-time insights, and decision analytics. They even provide solutions for Private Equity by enhancing proprietary deal sourcing and portfolio value creation. They have an intricate platform with a plethora of tools for analysis and data management and relies on domain-specific knowledge. It continuously scans internal, external, structured and unstructured data sources to capture signals that impact decision-making. It then combines, processes, and organizes information to build knowledge graphs. Decision-making is driven by cognitive analysis and reason. Users can request a demo from their website, which will include a complete product demonstration.

Juris Analyst

Analysis of financial statements
Juris Analyst is a financial evaluation system for business that stimulates, evaluates, and forecasts your clients’ financial health and their repayment ability. The system is well-equipped with necessary financial schedules such as assets acquisition, assets disposal, assets depreciation, and debt maturity schedule, that calculate the future asset value and loan repayment schedule. Juris Analyst helps financial institutions such as banks forecast future debt payment ability of the applicant, and the likelihood of future payments being defaulted.

Reach Reporting

Take reporting skills to the next level
Reach Reporting makes the creation and usage of reports an easy task. Financial professionals and advisors will be able to give the best reports to their respective clients. Be it financial or non-financial data from different sources, the user can add them to the software so as to keep track of those KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which are most important. Thanks to the simple build of the app, a user is free to drag and arrange his report in the way he wants. The app is loaded with many professionally designed templates for easy and granular customization. The live text option of the software enables text blocks to be created containing live metrics that always stay updated. Reach Reporting also lets the users share their reports with all clients. The reports can also be arranged into classes for efficient filtering which makes searching easier. The app keeps the firms engaged in the most effective manner with their clients.


Make group reporting easy
Rephop remembers all business combination or asset sales transactions you have recorded in consolidation. Subsidiary accounting journals can be imported automatically or uploaded in any format that your accounting software supports. The machine-learning techniques recognize intergroup transactions from imported data. All transactions from subsidiaries that are operating in foreign currency are translated to group currency by daily rates. No matter what consolidation transaction you need to record, you can do it.

FAST Finance Reporting

Web Based Finance Platform
FAST Finance Reporting provides separate buffet financial reporting for all account holders, allowing for fully supported, drilldown access to all accounts for each user. Reports include relevant, timely information for actuals, commitments and budgets, showing where money is spent and how it compares to approved original and revised budgets.


Inspired Change Solutions
ExecuReports is an integrated financial reporting platform. It was designed by an accountant to create a single platform that can analyse historic financial data and drive future financial performance. ExecuReports automates the entire process of monthly financial reporting, enabling you to focus on analyzing your business instead of being overwhelmed and inundated with reporting requirements. Centralises your data giving you the ability to access current and historical data from one platform. The multi-dimensional approach allows you to slice your data by dimensions like a customer, product, project, region, and many more.


A Smart Spending Tool
TERA software is a platform used to monitor your expenditure and spending with configurable budget controls. Configure automation rules with secure data usage using AML and fraud detection. Collaborate with stakeholders with roles and responsibilities to create customizable reports via dashboards. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Budgeting Made Simple
MartusTools is a cloud-based software used to monitor budgets in real time. The software offers built-in templates to view graphical presentations to measure the performance of budgets. Collaborate with teams with user-level permissions to your data depending on the needs. It integrates with Sage Intacct, Quickbooks, and more. Non-Profit Organizations make use of the software.

eCons Direct

A Financial Unification Software
eCons Direct enables quick line by line financial consolidation with intelligent management reporting and analysis. It provides flexible and customizable services like Fully Outsourced Model, Everything yourself model, Software as a service model.


A Visualization and Analysis Platform To Gain Insights Into Financial Data
Idaciti offers a SaaS Platform to access and analyze data in seconds. The solution provides the data needed and then makes it possible to visualize the information to build clear and compelling reports. Users can access normalized, traceable data reported in earnings releases, quarterly, and annual filings in real-time and also get instant updates when something changes. It allows users to view and benchmark financial data from the US and global markets, no matter the accounting standard. Users can enjoy one-click tracebacks to trace every data point back to the location in the original filing. Businesses can easily visualize data with a rich set of charts that provide financial analysis and generate comprehensive reports in seconds. It provides advanced analytics features like graphs, GAAP to Non-GAAP reconciliation, segment reports, and timeline view to see corporate events and more. Users can set up custom peer groups and financial templates to benchmark the data the way they want.


Financial data for the middle market
Tagnifi is a cost-effective financial analysis software that helps emerging firms win through better data. Features like divisional analysis help to track and monitor the performance of your business unit; cash flow forecasting helps to measure the financial position of an entity in the future using cash in and cash out of a business. The platform also lets you have market analysis and industry analysis for your business. Tagnifi has data for every type of market like for advisors, corporates, investors, and non-profits. TagfiFi also has a TagniFi Console as a search engine for modern capital markets that enables you to access market intelligence quickly, delivering clients with an information advantage in their market. You can search and analyze private and public companies, M&A transactions, private equity investors, financial and legal advisors, people, and economic and industry data. The add-in excel feature connects your excel models to 2 billion financial data points on the platform. You can easily run public comps, transaction comps, interest rates, closed-end fund discounts, and more.


The FastestFinancial Plan Builder
After user input their company information and select the business model, enter ARPA (Average Revenue Per Account), Growth multiple, and the Business start date into the system. Press "Create plan" and the P&L page will be generated automatically. However, User will be able to edit certain items to fit the model to needs. User can also create additional cases easily (base case, best case, worst case). It is always beneficial to think through different scenarios so user are prepared in advance. In order to achieve target ARR, need to be aware of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as leads, opportunities, paying customers, and churn rate. projection-ai calculates these KPIs for on an annual and monthly basis.


The future of Financial data is here
With just a few clicks, Strongbox transforms business financials into custom and actionable reports. One-click connections- makes it easy to connect to a variety of accounting systems with only one simple click and instantly unlock powerful data and insights that you need. Strongbox can easily be integrated into your environment and has multiple options for your convenience. By using strongbox, instant insights can be gained from customers’ accounting data. Powerful cash flow analysis built from transactional data. Sales, expenses, and AR/AP- you can get details on concentrations and outstanding receivables and payables. Strongbox saves you hours of work by taking your unorganized, non-standard, and irregular accounts and instantly organizing them into standardized financials in minutes. Easily download all data and analysis together or individually in formatted workbooks​- Financial Statement Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Sales/AR Analysis, Expense/AP Analysis, and Customer Copies. Individual data points, metrics, or whole reports can be accessed by using the developer-friendly API.


Financial planning and growth platform
The only software and advisory platform built to help small businesses and startups know their numbers and take control of their growth in any economic environment.


Design Financial Forecasts in Minutes
Delfos by SmartWay is a simple tool for creating financial forecasts. The software offers tools to create and set the configuration parameters of a model in a minute. Measure the financial information of company such as revenues, costs, labor, financing, and more. Revise the forecast of company and funding requirements months ahead.


Boost your business with a strong financial planning
Abacum is a collaborative workflow and financial planning platform specially designed for mid-market companies to scale their business through collaboration, automation, and insights observation. Organizations can connect their data sources with the solution to get access to real-time information on financial and operational data in a unified format. Besides, users can leverage the software to update their business plans in an automated way without waiting for the monthly closing. They can also opt for spreadsheets export and import option, containing business-relevant data. Advanced tools such as waterfall & cohort graphs along with performance & pivot tables, etc., helps users execute complicated financial analyses in a seamless manner. Enterprises can tag users to share regular insights via email. Moreover, admins can set automatic reminders within Abacum to receive accurate information in real-time instead of running behind people. The software offers real-time assistance in creating effective workflows facilitating budget controls, it can also be used to add goals, deadlines, milestones and collaborators.


Transforming Financial Assessment
ProfitCents is a Financial Analysis Software. Using it, advisors, accounting companies, and credit unions can produce narrative reports for financial data particular to their sector. The tool streamlines financial risk analysis processes by identifying firms' strengths and weaknesses. It has a vast list of features such as - The most comprehensive database of current, private firm financial data is used to benchmark organisations. Through a collaborative data approach, ProfitCents combines financial accounts from accounting companies, banks, and credit unions. You obtain precise benchmarking information, 60 ratios and measures, more than 1,400 sectors, simple industry trend insight. One of its most beneficial features is narrative financial analysis - The narrative report is used by advisors to give clients a more comprehensive knowledge of their financial situation. Accounting professionals employ the narrative report, which transforms financial statements into a straightforward narrative text, to assist their clients in making better business decisions. Streamline preliminary analyses and record projected value estimations. Additionally, ProfitCents keeps track of each engagement's risk assessment phase and guarantees that the methodology and reporting are consistent.

Centage Planning Maestro

Make confident decisions by streamlining your planning process
Centage Planning Maestro is a financial planning and analysis software that enables you to make quicker, more informed decisions, allowing you to respond swiftly to market changes, take measured risks, and capitalize on new possibilities. It allows you to construct flexible, data-based strategies, estimate expected financial performance, assess results, and distribute vital data throughout the organization. With Centage, you can build an insights-based budget model. You can test many scenarios, make accurate, automated projections, and enforce your chart of accounts. You can improve visibility by gaining a deeper understanding of the company's health. Centage's company budgeting software lets you combine data from a variety of sources, making it easier to figure out what to do first and why. Budgeting and forecasting become simple using Planning Maestro. You can calculate the impact of various situations and determine where, when, and why actuals diverge from the plan so that you can take necessary action at the right time. Additionally, you can place data-based actionable dashboards and reports at the fingertips of every stakeholder with this financial planning and analysis tool.


Quickly and painlessly prepare reliable financial statements
T-Recs by Trintech, users can automate and standardize all these steps and create a strong framework for account reconciliation, risk management, and compliance. Tighten your financial controls. Adapt the workflows. And bring the power of automation to this important part of the financial close. All with T-Recs. It helps to avoid potential slowdowns caused by matching large volumes of accounts by using pre-defined rules to match and clear common daily transactions coming from the credit cards, gift cards, and cash accounts.


Financial management made easier for you
kopilot software platform is a financial management tool for businesses to plan and anticipate sales in an easy and effective manner to not only reduce the workload but also increase the overall efficiency of your organization. The program offers features for managing, spending, and tracking revenue recurring in order to improve corporate planning. To pre-finance your business, you can create customisable invoices and track critical cash-flow parameters using the kopilot platform. You can create reports to automate workflows and the platform works well with Harvest, Quickbooks, and other programs. It enables you to do budgeting and forecasting in order to increase your revenues at scale. Kopilot facilitates cash management along with KPI monitoring and predictive analysis to always keep you ahead of your competitors. Users get a customisable dashboard to monitor and track all of their data, key performance indicators, and analytics from a single place. You also get features for performance metrics with the kopilot platform to help you plan efficiently for the future. Additionally, the platform offers profit and loss statements along with modelling and simulation.


The first online financial planner
Finergia is an innovative tool designed to take the stress out of budgeting and forecasting. Forget about having to use tedious spreadsheets to simulate different financial scenarios - Finergia is the perfect choice for busy professionals in the finance world. Easily create forecasts and budgets, and never again worry about lost or incorrect data entry thanks to pre-existing built-in formulas. Finergia also offers hundreds of support options for you as you plan for your professional future. Cordial customer service accompanies every transaction, with skilled staff available on call 24/7. Finergia's dynamic databases can help create efficient budgets, stress-free simulations, and more reliable decision-making. In short, Finergia was designed for all those who take their company finances seriously: making sure that each customer has everything they need to make decisions that keep them in business for years to come. Where other tools fail, Finergia stands out - allowing even non-specialists in the field of finance easily enter accurate data without having to juggle factors like formulas or accuracy rates. Let Finergia guide you through the process of proper financial forecasting and planning while providing unparalleled reliability and peace of mind that simply can't be found anywhere else.)


A better accounting solution
Silverfin is a cloud-based financial analysis program that helps accounting firms become more profitable. It boosts the development and delivery of advice services while increasing the efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability of compliance services. It gives you real-time data, compliance reporting, excellent collaboration, and the tools you need to grow your advisory services business. Silverfin integrates with your clients' bookkeeping and financial systems to provide you with all of the information you require, regardless of the source. They improve the speed, accuracy, and profitability of your compliance accounting procedures by automating them. Then their sophisticated analytics and reporting tools provide you with the information and insight you need to become your client’s most trusted advisor. Our cloud platform boosts compliance and reporting services' efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability, as well as enables the development and delivery of new consulting services. Furthermore, Silverfin equips you with the tools necessary to decipher the significance behind the numbers. It equips you with everything you'll need to place yourself in the best possible position to provide them with the strategic planning and financial modeling they desire.


Get access to complete data analytics for best investment decisions
Koyfin is an intuitive financial data and analytics platform that provides investment companies with the right kind of information regarding research stocks and market trends. A variety of graph template charts available within the software help users highlight different information with a quick identification process. These charts can be shared with other people through a link or can be even posted on websites or blogs. Moreover, users can also depend on Koyfin to create separate dashboards and watchlists based on individual asset classes that they follow or the client portfolio that they manage. Further, the software turns out to be quite helpful in highlighting balance sheet and income & cash flow statements as per individual companies. Brands are provided with a detailed analysis of all the information present on the financial statements page in different formats - graphically or in columns. Koyfin assures accurate information about currency & commodities prices, equity & credit and factor-based investment data, within a simplified portal.


Revolutionising Finances Management
FuelFinance is a Finance Analysis Software. It offers spreadsheets, graphing, and automation to users. P&L, CF, Financial Projections, Plan/Fact, and Unit Economics are available to users. They organise and save your financial data in the cloud.It's critical to understand unit economics. They make certain that everyone in your firm does as well. Have access to up-to-date financials at any moment. Make financial estimates that are both conservative and optimistic. It has a vast list of features such as - comprehend how each metric, such as CAC, churn rate, and LTV, affects your revenue, burn rate, profitability, and even capitalization. Plan/Fact analysis, which is done on a monthly basis, enables for accurate forecasting. They cover inventory management and forecasting, as well as seasonality planning for sales on sites such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and even your own website.One of its most beneficial features is assistance in automation - They automate a number of functions in your company. KPIs will be assigned to each department, and dashboards will be used to assist business choices.Prioritize projects, plan resources and analyse the financial impact of decisions.


Budgeting and cashflow forecasting tool
Calxa is a leading budgeting and cash flow forecasting tool. Bring in your accounting system budgets, import your spreadsheets or simply use shortcut formulas to build your own for as many years ahead as you want. Unlike spreadsheets, multiple budget versions are easy to manage. Just copy from one to another and run comparisons. Group reports in a bundle for quick and simple delivery. Build driver-based budgets that automatically re-calculate when the underlying data changes.

Joiin Reporting

Financial report generation made effortless
Joiin Reporting is an integrated solution that consolidates financial, sales, and KPI reporting effortlessly. It works with multiple currencies and enables users to collate data acquired from QuickBooks, Xero and Sage accounts in an efficient manner. This one-stop platform helps users create appealing and informative spreadsheets in no time that work well across all devices. Major features offered by this platform combine powerful reporting with a seamless user interface to satisfy customers’ needs. Moreover, Joiin reporting is capable of consolidating key financial reports besides providing a variety of pre-designed templates and layouts- all of which are easily customisable. Its flexible services include multi-currency reporting, budgeting and forecasting along with inter-company management and collaboration, making it stand out from the rest. Overall, Joiin Reporting’s interface is fluid and simple, making it a dependable software for top-notch brands like Coinsquare, easyGym, Elcom and Atlantis healthcare, among others. Data stored within the same are absolutely secure, protected by world-class privacy protocols.


Business Intelligence designed Software
Synoptix gives organizations the insights they need to make the best decisions. Offering a revolutionary approach to Business Intelligence, Synoptix is designed to make complex budgeting, reporting, & planning needs easy.

Tangent Works

The business forecasting tool that everyone needs.
The Tangent Information Modeller (TIM) is an automatic predictive model building engine which automates forecasting and anomaly detection processes by analyzing time series data and generating accurate models based on the patterns it detects. Building and refining accurate predictive models is a laborious, iterative task that requires a combination of domain and data science expertise and weeks/months of effort. There just aren’t enough data scientists in the world to meet the demands of a broad range of industries for which accurate and timely forecasts are essential to their competitiveness. The Tangent Information Modeller (TIM) builds high quality, explainable models on continuously evolving data under any circumstances. Thanks to TIM’s thorough automation of the model building process, no data scientists are required to get great results. Rebuilding and retraining models becomes easy and users can even leave model storage completely out of the picture with TIM’s RTInstantML technology. All of these features are brought together into a scalable architecture. TIM can be deployed in various ways to meet your requirements. You can deploy TIM in the cloud or on-premises or even on the edge on IoT devices. After deployment, TIM can be used through various interfaces such as TIM Studio for a more streamlined graphical interface, the API to gain full control over modelling parameters or by making use of TIM clients.


A proper cash management tool for startups
Runway is a cash planning tool that is specially built for startups helping them in understanding, managing, and extending business-relevant cash runway accordingly. It enables brands to build a realistic cash view of their businesses. Even if users cannot work on a spreadsheet, they can still see how their expenses have impacted the cash burn, by simply writing them as a single line, over Runway. The tool can be used to plot data on easy to understand charts, instantly. These charts help users to understand projected cash balance, monthly net gain or loss, and burn rate changes, besides identifying months that are most expensive. Startups can check/uncheck their teams’ expenses and view graph-based updates in real-time. Runway allows users to make copies of their spending and fundraising plans as well as explore new plans accordingly. Also, users can include their whole team in the key business decision-making process with the help of an intuitive visual interface equipped within.


Provides automatic and comprehensive financial analysis
ReadyRatios is a SaaS solution capable of analyzing an organization’s financial position, based on relevant account statements. Enterprises just have to feed the system with financial reports, prepared in adherence to UG GAAP or IFRS, and get access to accurate analysis in real-time. It is capable of calculating more than 40 rates and coefficients, besides describing the calculated results, enabling organizations to know their exact financial condition. ReadyRatios maintains the uniqueness of an individual report with its multiple-choice conditional text module, even when the statements are based on the same data. With the program, enterprises can reduce wide tables into comprehensive charts without any significant tampering of informational values. The software uses colors to highlight positive and negative rate values and signify their qualitative assessment. Enterprises can change, remove or add any formula, modify the qualitative properties of rates, and keep the analysis autonomous. ReadyRatios with its user reports setting enables organizations to schedule table wise parameters and limit multiple criticism levels as well.


Business process monitoring and development made simple
IndustriusCFO is a financial analysis software that offers effective business intelligence solutions to its clientele assuring a fruitful outcome. The platform offers its intuitive expertise to not just business advisors, but to business owners and executives as well. IndustriusCFO also offers precious insights facilitating adequate business growth in the form of intuitive analyses, reports, practical recommendations and key performance indicators. The software comes equipped with a Business Performance Scoreboard that showcases a company’s financial state and ways to adjust areas with deficit. Moreover, by measuring a company’s financial health, this software provides a comprehensive view of the potential business risk and effective strategies on how to survive market fluctuations. It offers deeper insights into liquidity, profitability and industry metrics of businesses besides inferring the viability of finances. Financial Statement Spreading functionality available within, lets businesses compare their finances over the years, side-by-side and draw out trends and financial ratios in real-time. IndustriusCFO offers meaningful insights into a business’s growth potential as well.