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Are you looking for the best GDPR Compliance software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you manage customer data and various data security issues. These advanced solutions go beyond protection; they actively monitor data and securiy to manage customer data and protect their data. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Operational data fabric for agile digital business
K2View provides an operational Data Fabric dedicated to making every customer experience personalized and profitable. Connecting enterprise data at a massive scale, to deliver operational and analytical workloads. Data preparation tools that make data lakes and DWHs ready for analytics. Automating workflows and data processing, intake to fulfillment. Integrating, unifying, and serving a customer 360 view to any application.

GAT Labs

Auditing, Security and Data Analysis for Google Workspace
GAT labs for G Suite and Chrome provide you with thorough all-encompassing auditing and security solutions that enable you to work smarter, safer and better. GAT delivers the most comprehensive cybersecurity, reporting, and management platform for your entire Google Workspace and extended cloud environment. Configure risk-based policies that automatically respond to detected issues when a specified risk level has been reached. Gain access or change permissions on sensitive data files and emails. Remove the need to use ‘cowboy’ tools to perform bulk security tasks.


Customers' personal data and files are safe
Kamzan is the only private cloud suite for business sharing, collaboration and digitalization that allows you to operate safely, freely and in full regulatory compliance. All data is encrypted with a key not located with the same and different for each private cloud, just as the database on which the service is based is also encrypted. A uniquely European supply chain and a contract in which they make it clear that profiling will never be carried out, that no data will ever be sold or transferred to third parties and that the intellectual and physical property of the data in its entirety is held by the client company.


The easiest cookie consent banner
Eikyo is a complete cookie consent solution, which have Intuitive settings to do easily a design that fit the website. User can also customize at will with WYSWYG editor and/or custom CSS. From the subscription to the moment it is displayed and available to the visitors only two minutes are required. Overall statistics and 30 days statistics with the number of displays, allowed and declined actions. User receive a notification when a user gives his consent to enable cookies only when approved.

Transcend Consent Manager

The best consent managing solution
Transcend Consent Manager is a consent managing solution that enables you to eliminate your site's reliance on cookie banners by using fine-grained data control and clever, local quarantine. It provides you the sophisticated setup you need to maintain compliance without disrupting your site, by enabling the flexibility to alter and override regulatory events. Airgap.js powers Transcend's Consent Manager, which governs all data emissions at the network level and everything is under 30KB. With Transcend, you can remove the pop-up banner and seek approval later in the user journey or as part of another UI element. It additionally offers a smart quarantine function that enables you to record monitoring events in a local quarantine on your user's device, ensuring that you don't miss the complete data narrative by waiting. Transcend's system handles all 200+ tracking mechanisms and not just cookies. Before being permitted to leave the user's device and flow to your data systems, each data emission is locally evaluated against the user's consent settings with Transcend. Furthermore, it eliminates all the chances of data leaking, and legal issues.


A complete compliance management software for every business
GDPR365 is a privacy and data security compliance software that tracks how businesses implement, document and manage their data and privacy risks to optimise compliance levels. The software comes with a dashboard that provides users with an immediate overview of the risks, status and responsible stakeholder for every compliance item. It also works as a collaborative tool and helps users to assign tasks, allows team members to share documents and notifies them about deadlines and completion of the tasks. GDPR365 is very easy to use and makes the complex processes of data protection really easy so that managing compliance becomes a simple task. The software maps to multiple regulations to keep users sure that they are compliant with the updated rules and regulations. It also allows companies to demonstrate compliance with real-time reports and audits which can reveal insights, gaps and risks in their processes.


Trust Management for your entire team
Their company provides a unified, joyful compliance platform that helps businesses accelerate revenue and earn trust from their customers. Their product and business stack enables companies to generate customized controls, tests, policies, and other compliance artifacts that are easy to adopt and understand. They also provide test and workflow automation to collect evidence and continuously prove compliance. Their goal is to help companies meet requirements to multiple standards simultaneously. By using Their platform, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors by demonstrating that they take security, privacy, and trust obligations seriously. Their platform is designed to be user-friendly and allows companies to easily manage their compliance needs. The platform is also designed to be cost-effective and helps businesses save time and money. They believe that Their platform is the best way for businesses to ensure that they remain compliant with the latest standards and regulations. Their platform enables businesses to stay ahead of the competition and to build trust with their customers.


Quick start to GDPR Compliance
Defendocs it's an easy-to-use platform for Personal Data processing and DPO needs. Also, our servise providing in-depth knowledge of confidentiality, covering global statutory provisions on data protection. Defendocs is a SAaS service that provides a GDPR compliance solution for startups, SMBs, and DPOs. Create your profile online or contact us to prepare all necessary GDPR documents in a short time and evaluate your current level of GDPR compliance. Disclaimer: Defendocs Limited is not a lawyer or a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law or provide legal advice or legal representation. All information, software, services, and comments provided on the site are for informational and self-help purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice.

Diffuse Cookie Notice

An easy to implement Cookie Notice
Make your website GDPR-proof with our cookie notice solution. This cookie script has been developed in such a way that it is very easy to integrate into any website. The easiest way is to use Google Tag Manager. We explain how this works in the installation manual. Add the Cookie Notice to your website quick and simple.

Jamku Portal

Income Tax, GST, TDS Notices, Demand, Proceeding, Returns
Jamku Portal is compliance tracking software that automates data fetching from the Income tax, GST, and TDS (Traces) portals. With Jamku, you can view all your GST, Income Tax, and TDS notices, demand status, and return status in one single dashboard with actionable reports. Jamku is an Office Management Software for CA, CS, Consultants, and professionals that is provided on a SaaS Model.


Achieve and stay in compliance effortlessly
Trustero SOC 2 compliance as a Service establishes and manages regulatory compliance by undertaking vulnerability assessments and security risk analyses across extended enterprise. In addition, ensure company is always audit-ready and processes and systems remain in full compliance. Today, meeting regulatory compliance and security requirements has become critical to an organization’s ability to close new business. But the process is daunting. Trustero combines modern technologies with a focus on what is most vital to a successful audit and staying compliant. With this approach, Trustero is changing the compliance status quo with true innovation – and transforming compliance features into the business benefits of credible, sustained trustworthiness. Trustero SOC 2 compliance as a service offers continuous monitoring and frequent evaluations to ensure that become audit-ready and that processes and systems meet the regulatory requirements of SOC 2.


Build trust and operationalise compliance
Having the right processes and procedures in place can help stay compliant and demonstrate commitment to protecting customer data. This includes setting up user-friendly systems that allow customers to access and control their data, and developing a privacy policy that's easy to understand. User should also consider bringing in an expert to guide through the process. They can provide advice on best practices and how to ensure compliant with all relevant regulations. With the right help, can stay ahead of the curve and gain the trust of your customers.Compliance might seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. By taking the right steps early on, can ensure business can grow without legal and regulatory issues becoming a barrier. With the right help and a commitment to protecting customer data, can reap the rewards of a compliant business.

Harvest Cookie Guard

A Tool to Protect User's Privacy
Harvest Cookie Guard Software is a platform used to trust your data with integrated tag management. The software offers Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) to protect the privacy of users. A/B-testing and personalization make use of the cookie to identify a returning user to measure the marketing campaigns. Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Manage cookies with ease
Easycookie is a GDPR Cookie consent software that allows users to set up their website for GDPR within a few minutes. The user only needs to follow certain steps and the software helps them to fulfill their duty, with regard to awareness creation and receiving approval for data processing. The software automatically scans the user’s website and detects cookie files that are already in use. Easycookie’s customisable template feature, allows the users to adapt their own template and content of the cookie consent banner as per their unique needs and demands. The makers of Easycookie have made sure that it gets installed very quickly. The software is optimized so that it can be used within a wide range of modern browsers and devices. The cookie consent banner within the software automatically recognises different languages and even provides a variant of 130 different languages to its users. Further, the software allows users to seamlessly manage multiple domains from a single user account.


The Excellent Consent Management Platform
Illow offers a quick and easy way to ensure the website is compliant with the latest data-privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD. Its consent management banner simplifies the process of becoming compliant by allowing to set up in just a few minutes. With Illow, can rest assured that the meeting is necessary standards and regulations in order to protect the data of the customers.


COMPLYment provides flexibility for managing and tracking the necessary compliances as per various standards like PCI, ISO, HIPAA, SEBI, SAMA, GDPR, NIST, etc. It facilitates the simplification of the gap analysis process and required mitigation, to attain the desired compliance level for organizations. The structured approach of COMPLYment increases overall process efficiencies for the organization.


Generate Legal policies in Minutes
Polyo is an efficient way to generate legal policies. The software offers tools to create custom legal policies based on business. The policies used to suit your website regardless of the business situated. Marketers, Small companies make use of the software.


Earn by selling anonymous data
Wibson is a decentralized data marketplace built on the blockchain that allows anyone to securely and anonymously sell private information that has been verified for correctness. Transparency, anonymity, fairness, censorship resistance, and the individual's ultimate choice over the use of their personal information are all essential principles of Wibson. Individuals can securely sell private information that has been confirmed for correctness on the Wibson data marketplace, which provides infrastructure and financial incentives without jeopardizing personal privacy. The Wibson Alpha app was created to assist us in providing the greatest possible experience for consumers in terms of data control and monetization. You can link data sources like your Facebook account and mobile device location in this initial version, monitor data requests, and sell your data for Wibson Points. Wibson and its academic partners will be the only buyers of your data during the Alpha period. You may be able to earn points by using the Wibson Alpha app. In the future Wibson network, these points may be swapped for tokens, although there are some restrictions. Please read the Wibson Alpha Terms of Service in the app to ensure that you are aware of all of the terms and conditions.

Cookie Assistant

Affordable Cookie Consent Widget for EU Cookie Law
Cookie Assistant is a plugin that collects visitor consent to keep you compliant with EU laws. Modify the look of your notifications in the simple theme designer. Your consent data is safe and available to download or delete any time. Learn how often new visitors are accepting or declining your cookie policy, to make smarter design or copy decisions. Cookie consent prompts that fit your brand. Effortlessly pick colors, placement, and styles. Configure all your web properties with one account; they'll each have separate stats and theme designs.


Automate your GDPR compliance
The internet is increasingly mobile-first, so Privacy Board should be too. Privacyboard helps comply with the GDPR in minutes, so can focus on what's really important for your business. The app has a great UX on any device, and can customize the colors to match website's branding.


Make Compliance Work for You
Automate, manage, and customize your end-to-end program, all in one centralized workspace with the industry's first Compliance OS. Those last two are made up, Point is, now you can stop chasing the alphabet soup of Compliance certifications and reports, to move beyond ever-changing Compliance frameworks. With anecdotes, you can forget about simply ticking boxes and start building programs that continually grow your Compliance maturity.


Cloud-Based Identity Auditing
YouAttest offers the fastest time-to-value solution for identity auditing, compliance and security. This six-prong approach simplifies and automates the identity review process enabling enterprise to stay secure and compliant.

Delphix for GDPR

GDPR Compliance, Regulation, and Implementation Solutions
Delphix comes preconfigured with discovery templates and algorithms tuned specifically for GDPR. The Delphix platform is preconfigured to identify data values subject to GDPR, but is also adaptable to an organization’s unique definitions of what is considered personal, confidential information.

Faces Consent

Digital Consent and Booking System
Faces Consent introduces a modern way to streamline paperless treatment consent forms. As busy healthcare professionals, we recognize the need for convenience while still providing secure and accurate patient data. With Faces Consent, practitioners can easily and effectively store all client consent forms in one place. The user-friendly platform is accessible on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and androids. Adding authorized personnel to view client information makes it even easier to manage. The system allows multiple practitioners to work on the same form simultaneously without requiring any double-entering of data or duplicate recording of information; meaning less errors, greater accuracy, and ultimately saving time. Faces Consent promises a secure system for storing and creating electronic consent forms that’s as simple as clicking a button. Healthcare professionals can now effectively manage their paperwork with confidence and peace of mind – allowing them to focus on what matters most: their patients. Try Faces Consent today – so you can reduce your paperwork burden and profit more!


Compliance Platform to help startups
Compleye is the perfect tool for startups looking to streamline their compliance processes. As a comprehensive compliance platform, Compleye offers users the opportunity to stay in line with ISO 27001 certification and strengthen their performance on privacy and security measures, all while reducing time-consuming processes. By utilizing Compleye's powerful and informative features, companies can quickly meet compliance requirements, save money on expensive consultants, and eliminate manual intervention from their workflows. From extensive gap analysis procedures to 360-degree monitoring of organizational assets, Compleye provides actionable insights that enable startup teams to remain on top of every detail of their organization’s security and privacy operations. In addition to facilitating compliance by giving companies a greater understanding of their data ecosystems, Compleye also facilitates document management which allows users to store all information in one place for quick access when needed. With Compleye, startups have a simple way of staying compliant without the need for complex enterprise-level solutions.


Keep your website GDPR compliant via an automatic cookie consent solution
HelloConsent is a compact cookie consent management platform that provides companies with cookie consent solutions. It offers a wide variety of essential features to individual companies that they need to make their website GDPR compliant. With the help of script blocking and automatic cookie scanning features, organisations find it easy to collect, process and use the information of their visitors. Also, HelloConsent scans for cookies in the entire website and automatically incorporates them into the cookie list of the user company. It automatically blocks third-party cookie scripts even before asking for the users’ consent. In other cases, the platform asks for users’ consent to enable or disable different types of cookies. HelloConsent is a customizable platform that allows companies to make changes to the look and behaviour of their cookie consent banner. Users can also edit all labels, texts and buttons according to their own needs. Lastly, the software also helps in minimising the companies legal risk appreciably, by complying with GDPR and other cookie law requirements.


Marketing Compliance and Brand Safety
Automatically discover, score, and continuously monitor brand across millions of web pages, including content sites, search, lead generation, merchants, and partners for regulatory and brand compliance.

Legal Monster

Collect consent for your cookies, email marketing, privacy policy and T&Cs
Legal Monster a Legal Tech start-up that make a consent management solution, which includes a free cookie widget, to help businesses become compliant with the GDPR, e-privacy directive and marketing laws. Stay compliant with local marketing, cookie, consumer and privacy laws, when collecting sign-ups and marketing leads. Exercise due diligence to avoid fines and protect your reputation.

preeco datenschutz

Software for better data protection
The comprehensive software preeco | datenschutz supports you as an internal and external data protection officer in SMEs as well as in corporations and authorities. Approvals and digital signatures facilitate internal and external processes via one platform.

Secuvy AI

A Data Privacy Tool
Secuvy AI is a platform used to manage privacy compliance requirements via AI-Driven workflows. The software tools to manage data catalog with different attributes and metadata across the ecosystem. Identify and Map data to access information and compliance via DSR system logs. Generate reports to track important metrics like requests, actions, and timelines to share with requestors. It integrates with a variety of data sources like Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and more. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


The smart German cookie manager
CCM19 is a cookie consent manager platform that enables you to manage your cookie permissions and consent in order to comply with the law. It always makes sure that you are complying with all legal requirements for the technical installation of a cookie banner (TTDSG, BGH, DSGVO, EuGH). With CCM19, you get complete adaptability to your design/CI for the best user experience along with the best possible OptIn rates. If the legal situation changes, you will be provided with the required amendments free of charge so that you don't have to be concerned about the legal structure. With CCM 19, no data is sent to an insecure third server since the whole infrastructure, including all servers, is housed entirely in Germany for extra privacy and security. You are entirely autonomous and have complete control over your data and that of your visitors with the CCM19 download option. You can customize the design of this Cookie Consent Manager to fit your needs as CCM19 is fully configurable to your CI. Additionally, you can even customize the design using unique CSS.


Free Cookie Checker Tool for Websites
Cookies are small text files that a website stores on a browser when the user visits the website. Websites use them for multiple purposes like storing login statuses, remembering the cart items in an e-commerce store, identifying whether a user is a new visitor or returning user, or analyzing the user behavior on the website. CookieYes is a simple and intuitive cookie consent management tool that will help their website to obtain and manage cookie consent.

GDPR Unpack

The all-in-one Notion workspace
GDPR Unpack is a cloud-based GDPR Compliance Software. The status of your business activity will shape the rest of your compliance path. Make the inventory of all the non-occasional personal data you're processing. Use legal tools to ensure third parties' GDPR compliance and provide adequate safeguards for data transfers. Inform your users about what data you collect and how you use them. Update your data processing forms, record your data breaches, report the right request you receive and use the email templates to provide prompt answers to your data subjects.


Your all-in-one website privacy solution
TRUENDO is an easy-to-use but powerful tool that can help your website be GDPR and CCPA compliant within minutes. The TRUENDO CMP, with its built-in privacy policy and auto-generated, auto-updated cookie policy, is the right solution for the business. The EU-based GDPR and CCPA website compliance solution with Consent Management Platform, privacy policy, and cookie policy.

Mandatly Cookie Compliance

Get the best cookie compliance from Mandatly
Mandatly cookie and consent management portal enable organisations to comply with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD (Brazil), marketing laws and e-privacy directives. Cookies have become essential for the web surfing experience, providing businesses with valuable data about their users' online activities. Cookies raise privacy issues for website visitors while also posing compliance problems for businesses. As a result, Cookie Compliance has become a requirement. While ensuring the cookie compliance of their websites, organisations must know what cookies are being used and when they can access a website. Mandate Cookie Compliance takes informed and voluntary users’ consent before using any cookies. It also maintains documentation of all the cookie consent logs. Mandatly Cookie Compliance enables users to change their cookie settings easily. To activate this CMP, users must sign up to its portal. After that, they need to insert the website URL in the Cookie scanner and get the website scanned. Next, users need to customise their cookie consent banner and lastly, Mandatly collects the consent records and demonstrates compliance in its simplest form.

Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials

Tailored solutions to help your business adhere to the fundamentals of G
Walk through a data mapping, exercise and build your data inventory. Build all the policies, you need under the GDPR. Train your employees with, industry-standard eLearning courses. Maintain your compliance, program in the cloud. Manage cookie consent and data rights.

Seers CMP

The ultimate cookie management platform
Seers CMP is a complete cookie consent management platform, developed to assist organizations in satisfying their LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, and PECR responsibilities. It manages all your cookies and consents and restricts access to age-sensitive parts of the website for children of specific ages. Seers Cookie Consent allows you to completely customize and manage your legal compliance responsibilities. Until your visitor grants approval, you can automatically block trackers, beacons, tags, pixels, and third-party cookies. You can allow standard blocking techniques such as tag management integration and cookie blocking as an option. It scans your website on a frequent basis to guarantee compliance over time. With Seers CMP, you can include a cookie list into your cookie or privacy policy, or both. You can also create your own cookie policy or use a basic cookie policy. Users also get a visual dashboard to track consents and make A/B testing easier. You can define cookie risk levels and classifications and fully customize Cookie Consent with your own branding, logos and colors. Additionally, the platform detects location automatically and shows the relevant banner and language.


A Tool to Manage Privacy Regulations
ConsentGrid software is an API platform used by companies to automate privacy operations and legal requirements such as CCPA and GDPR, and gain trust by empowering their customers. Users decide their data, and respect their choices. The software offers an audit-trail of personal data use to govern Data Flow between systems. Use API calls to integrate with third party services like identity validation, or automate backend processing. Deliver responses using email or a secure privacy dashboard that you can integrate with your authentication system. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Data Controls Cloud
Securiti provides a unified platform for organizations to ensure compliance, security, and privacy across all clouds. This platform provides integrated silos for each cloud, as well as silos for security, privacy, governance, and compliance. These silos ensure that the data is securely managed and compliant with industry regulations. This platform provides enterprises with the insight, intelligence, and control needed to safely leverage data and the cloud. They provide the tools and capabilities to ensure enterprise security, privacy, and compliance and enable organizations to take advantage of the cloud while maintaining their data integrity.


The privacy and data security compliance platform
PrivIQ’s suite of automated tools tracks how you implement, document, and manage your data and privacy risks to optimize your compliance. The documents you upload to PrivIQ are accessible to your team for remote comment and sharing. Identify the data protection risks of a project, assess your need to complete a DPIA, and document the process if you do. Record and assess the severity of a breach, and follow actions to mitigate similar incidents. Receive guidelines to report to supervisory authorities and inform impacted data subjects.

Infinity GDPR Manager

Manage your Compliance with GDPR
Infinity GDPR Manager is a comprehensive and modern GDPR Cloud solution that helps your organization permanently comply with the GDPR regulative and simplifies the management of personal data. Infinity GDPR Manager is developed on the basis of our award-winning Infinity ECM platform that includes a range of systems, solutions and tools for collaboration, communication and management of a complete organization.


Automate data security across your stack
Bearer helps fast-growing tech companies protect customer data. By continuously scanning the codebase, Bearer allows security and privacy teams to automatically build an inventory of their engineering services and data flows. They can quickly assess and mitigate data risks and comply with privacy laws at scale.


Faster GDPR compliance Easier collaboration Instant reports & KPIs
Keepabl's award-winning SaaS Solution is an intuitive GDPR framework, showing you exactly where you are on GDPR and the next steps, instantly creating GDPR KPIs and reports, and optimizing ongoing compliance, and working with your team and trusted advisers. Any GDPR journey needs good gap analysis to drive remediation. Keepabl’s BenchMark tests your compliance against the GDPR and the UK e-Privacy Regulations (UK PECR) at a strategic level. Rapid reaction to personal data breaches, capturing the required information, and notifying the regulator or individuals as needed, are fundamental ongoing GDPR obligations.


Derive user consents and preferences and grow your business
Didomi is a privacy and consent management platform that offers extensive solutions to gather, store and utilize user preferences and consents for the business. It complies with GDPR privacy laws and is easy to use and manage. It is a flexible solution, meeting the users’ needs, without hampering user experience. It helps earn the customers’ trust and loyalty by directly showing them that they are under control. With Didomi, users are given productive tools to take control of their preferences. It lets users customize consent points with Didomi banners, elements, notices and popins. The application enables developers to embed Didomi consent SDKs within mobile apps or websites. Users can collect their customer consents on mobile devices, web, AMP and even offline. It is possible to adapt the consent or preference collections to local regulations, optimize them accordingly and boost business productivity. With Didomi, users can even distribute consents across internal and external systems.


Compliance simplified with GDPR breach obligations
RADAR GDPR is software for decision platforms for radar incident response. It helps organisations of privacy professionals to comply with the intricacies of the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The broad legislation of EU GDPR put forward several challenges in front of the compliance professionals which are difficult to assess in real-time. RADAR GDPR is a breach guidance engine that is patented. It helps with providing efficient and consistent compliance with the intricate breach risk assessment of GDPR alongside notification obligations. With RADAR GDPR professionals can capture the details of breaches along with risk profiles. Also, this software helps capture breach details including the prime risk factors like the nature of the breach, intentional or unintentional. Besides, risk mitigation outcomes and data protection measures can also be assessed. It performs an assessment of risks in a quick manner which helps in making notification decisions timely and consistently. The software also provides notification of supervisory authority within a span of 72 hours. The automation process helps in making informed decisions efficiently.


Strengthen your GDPR compliance with a powerful platform
Privado is a privacy compliance management software that helps teams to build an agile privacy program. The platform also measures and strengthens their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance by automating workflows, finding privacy gaps and simplifying evidence collection. It goes through users privacy practices with its pre-built frameworks and takes necessary action to fill the gaps in GDPR compliance. Privado offers a data mapping service by creating a detailed inventory of processing activities and assets besides meeting GDPR Article 30 requirements. It reduces the burden off users by automating assessments, conducting DPIAs, vendor assessments, designing and implementing the privacy policy. Privado’s main features also include a cookie consent solution. It creates a website styled banner that makes the users’ websites use cookies and track compliant with GDPR and global privacy laws. The platform also performs automatic monthly scans and presents monthly compliance reports.

GDPR Register

Amazingly simple set of GDPR tools
GDPR Register online tool makes it easy for organizations to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR Article 30 requires companies to keep an internal electronic registry, which contains the information of all personal data processing activities carried out by the company. RoPAs form the basis for all other processes and documentation produced for the purpose of GDPR compliance. At any moment, the Regulating Authority or your potential business partner may request a report to prove your organization is compliant with GDPR.

Cookie Script

Cookie management made easy
Cookie Script is a GDPR, ePR and CCPA cookie compliance solution software. With the help of Cookie Script, users can make their own cookie-related information popup, without having prior programming-related skills. The software automatically scans, categorizes and then adds up descriptions to all the cookies found on the user’s website. It also generates a detailed report about all types of cookies that are being used within the user’s website. Cookie Script even records the consents of the visitors, visiting the website of the user, enabling them to download those records later when needed or asked by GDPR. The consent withdrawal feature of the software is very effective, allowing users to withdraw their cookie consent at any time on any page. The software ensures that users can block third-party cookies on their website. It provides choices of cookies to the users so that they can only choose the ones that are necessary for their website. With Cookie Script, users can control multiple websites by creating a single account. It automatically scans the user’s website and updates the privacy policy. The software’s Geo-targeting and Auto-detect any EU language feature are very much effective for the user’s website.


Experience a comprehensive turn-key solution that is compatible with your multiple business needs
ECOMPLY is a smart and scalable document generator that can be used for GDPR compliance services. The smart database generator can also be used to eliminate out traditional spreadsheets and stand out from the rest in the market. Its inbuilt set of tools help users stay organised and scalable at the same time. Further, the software with its intuitive interface eliminates out extra hassles related to maintenance of spreadsheets, emails, document sharing systems and to do trackers. Thus helping out businesses to focus on other essential tasks in real-time. Also, a detailed report generation facility made available by ECOMPLY, minimises human error, helping out brands to create a bond of trust and loyalty with their valuable clients. It is also termed as a regular operating system for DPOs, providing a rich suite of well-integrated tools that helps with error elimination and consistent results. Inbuilt functionalities embedded within ECOMPLY goes as, workflow assistance, automated document generator, concise oversight provider and linked data manager.


Get more cookie consent from your web visitors
CookieHub is a feature-enriched cookie consent management platform. It comes with an automatic cookie scanning option, and provides users with all the essentials they need to get consent from their web visitors. An inbuilt cookie scanner is designed to scan domains for detecting cookies in use, as per the list of automatically generated Cookie Declaration. Users also get adequate support to make their website compliant with different cookie laws like LGPD, GDPR, etc. Further, the software is compatible with up to 25 different languages, which adds more flexibility to the users. They can also select from the available styles and themes to customize the appearance of individual cookies. The platform is in tight integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM), which enables it to automatically transmit triggers, based on actions performed in the CookieHub widget. CookieHub offers integration with the latest Google Consent Mode (beta) to help advertisers measure conversions more effectively. Users having a WordPress website, can get the most out of it, with CookieHub’s easy-to-use plugin.


The ideal consent manager platform
ConsentManager is a smart and advanced consent management solution that allows you to keep track of your website's consent layer interactions and visitors. It is the only platform that gives you a complete picture of what's going on with your site and how your visitors respond to the consent layer. ConsentManager is a GDPR Consent Platform that enables you to test several consent layer designs at the same time and automatically optimise on the one with the best results. The platform’s CMP includes materials in 30 languages for every European country and is one of just a few solutions that can be incorporated into any device and operate with any interface size. For all devices: web, mobile, and in-app, there is just one CMP and it automatically adjusts to the size of the screen. Using integrated A/B testing and automatic optimization, you can show your visitors the best design possible with ConsentManager. To ensure safety, it keeps all your information in secure databases. Additionally, the platform offers an integrated Cookie-Crawler that can scan your website and discover all cookies automatically.


For all round privacy management
Ethyca is a futuristic data privacy compliance and management software, enterprises can use the particular to comply with global CPRA, CCPA and GDPR policies in real-time. Pre-built adaptors within the particular can be used to get a comprehensive view of business related data flow. Request from customers is taken care of by Ethyca on behalf of the organization. An automated process sends them complete reports without any manual intervention from the enterprise. The software lets customers of individual organizations manage their consents within a single panel via ‘Do Not Sell My Data’ protocol. Automation of vital compliance tasks eliminates security threats, and reduces workload. The system provides ready reporting templates, covering multiple privacy regulation provisions. A Consent Management module within the particular prevents privacy violations in real-time. Members within large teams can easily collaborate with each other as the business relevant data are taken care of by Ethyca in an efficient manner.


Collect consents, not privacy fines
The Usercentrics Smart Data Protector is a service that blocks third-party technologies you added to your website and activates them only for users that give their consent via the CMP. Your users get a sneak-peek of the content and are therefore incentivized to interact with the consent layer in the preview image. You should make sure the information found in the CMP is in sync with your Privacy Policy. Only then can you avoid inconsistency which might open up a compliance gab that could be used to your legal disadvantage.


Data Privacy made easier for you
Seers is a premier privacy and consent management platform to assist businesses in complying with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PECR and ePrivacy. It allows you to completely customise and control your legal compliance responsibilities, automatically block tags, third-party cookies, beacons, trackers, and pixels until your visitor grants approval. With Seers, you can allow standard blocking methods such as tag management integration and cookie blocking as an option and incorporate a cache list into your privacy or cookie policy, or both. You can create your own cookie policy or use a basic cookie policy. It provides a visual dashboard to track consents and make A/B testing easier. Users can pick the fonts, location, messages, size, buttons, and colour for their fully customizable banner. You can also detect location automatically and display the relevant banner and language; there are a total of 28 languages to select from. To integrate and move data, you can organise data management tasks. Users can additionally analyze sensitive vendor information to ensure compliance with rules and categorise sensitive structured and unstructured material with AI and machine learning search engines.

Privacy Tools

Comply with personal data protection with Privacy Tools
Privacy Tools is a privacy management platform that aims to transform the way companies try to protect and manage their privacy of personal data. This software enables companies to accelerate and cater to the transformation process. The software performs website monitoring, cookie management, raises the data subject requests, does data mapping and other tasks. In this way, it prevents all unauthorized access, which would disrupt the smooth working of the organization. This privacy management software offers the right security solutions for one’s company since it is known for its high compliance modules with GDPR, LOPD, and CCPA, ensuring full security over one’s personal data. The software assists users in performing accurate and regular Blockchain log audits, with API and SDK, thus assuring an unchanging storage of event logs, in a secured manner. Privacy Tools offers data mapping solutions for the data lifecycle and inventory, along with international transfers. The software even allows one to create and manage their own site policies.