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Are you looking for the best image recognition software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you understand image and videos through computer vision. These advanced solutions go beyond recognition; they provide outcomes such as a label or a bounding box. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Dazzle AI

Use images commercially
Dazzle AI is a revolutionary image recognition tool that allows professionals to use images commercially with confidence. It is the only tool of its kind to offer state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology and computer vision capabilities, enabling it to identify the contents of an image accurately in real-time. With Dazzle AI, you can quickly obtain those licenses for usage that you need for commercial images and photos, instantly creating product visibility and an effective digital presence. The cutting-edge features will give you greater control over your digital assets and insurance against copyright infringement risks. It also provides reliable tracking of all licensed images, so you know exactly when they were created and where they’re being used. Whether it’s for branding or marketing purposes, Dazzle AI makes it easy to use images commercially with peace of mind and without hassle.

Azure Content Moderator

The ultimate content moderation platform
Azure Content Moderator is a smart content moderation platform that automates text, image, and video moderation with just a few clicks. It allows for the detection of potentially unpleasant and undesired pictures, the filtering of potentially profane and unwanted language, the moderation of adult and racy material in films, and the use of an integrated review tool for the best outcomes. With Azure Content Moderator, you get machine learning-based classifiers, info lists, and optical character recognition that help you identify potentially unpleasant or undesired pictures (OCR). You can use content filtering to identify possible profanity in over 100 languages, flag material that can be considered improper based on context (in public preview), and compare text to your own lists. In addition, the Content Moderator assists in the verification of personally identifying information (PII). Users can enable the identification of potential pornographic and racy material in videos with the help of this tool. Users and this software working together can provide the greatest content moderation outcomes for your business with its Human Review tool. Users can make a free account to begin.


Image recognition for your mobile applications
MobileEngine makes it easy for you to add image recognition to your app. MobileEngine helps you connect the physical world to the digital, using image recognition. The MobileEngine API makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to integrate image recognition technology. MobileEngine is powered by TinEye's unparalleled image recognition technology and has been engineered and optimized to work with photographs captured by users' smart devices.


the beverage industry's photo recognition
WineEngine is based on TinEye's unrivaled picture recognition technology and has been designed and refined to work with photos taken with mobile devices. This service employs advanced image recognition algorithms and neural networks to address issues such as low quality, poor lighting and color, inappropriate framing and cropping, off-center angles, and blurriness that are frequent in user-supplied images. When wine vintages are available on a label, WineEngine has been specially developed to recognize them. WineEngine is a scalable and fast platform. Even for multi-million picture label collections, searches are performed in real time. Even with low-quality wine photos, the recognition rate is excellent. WineEngine's vintage detection is very accurate. WineEngine blends cutting-edge image recognition algorithms with neural networks to recognize wine, beer, and spirit labels quickly and accurately. It outperforms OCR-based attempts to read vintages and can handle photos that are unclear or poorly light. It recognizes and focuses on label regions in photos automatically.

Image Recognition API mobile and web developer
The API allows you to implement image recognition technology within your web or mobile applications. Your user takes one photo and they will recognize all images which can be seen in this particular photo.


Get real-time video-based business updates with Precog
Precog is a robust video analytics platform, for smartphones, CCTV cameras, applications, edge camera devices and processes. The software with its seamless user interface eliminates out the necessity of AI engineers to streamline essential business purposes. Organisations or individual users can depend on the platform to explore ready to install applications from their CCTV cameras or build custom computer vision applications of their own. Precog is a one-stop solution for various business issues like camera tampering, intruder detection, fire and smoke detection, contactless attendance and customer insight. Retail, education, agriculture, waste management, robotics, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, marine industry and smart home finds the software and its inclusive functionalities quite effective. To assure a comprehensively protected environment, Precog deploys GDPR Cookie Consent plugins and stores user consent for cookies within the ‘analytics’ category. Moreover, businesses can make the most out of the software’s app store by connecting their cameras, installing apps on their cameras, customising app parameters and monitoring alerts and insights.

Azure Custom Vision Service

Automated HR management system
Custom Vision is a smart image recognition platform by Azure that lets you develop, deploy, and update your own image identification models. It offers custom vision, unlike computer vision that allows you to create your own labels and train custom models to identify them. It labels pictures based on their observed visual features (labels indicate classes or objects). Using the easy UI offered by Azure, you can quickly create your own image identification model. Custom Vision provided by the platform can be run in the cloud or in containers on the edge. It enables automatic image tagging and custom classification to ease up the process of image recognition. Users can easily recognize objects, people, text, settings, and actions, as well as detect any improper information in photos and videos. It additionally offers enterprise-grade security and privacy for your data or any trained models. It has a free plan with 2 TPS. The standard plan with 10 TPS starts at as low as $2. You can directly connect to their sales specialist for further details.

Azure Video Indexer

A powerful platform for video analytics
Azure Video Indexer is a comprehensive video analytics service that enables companies and developers to extract insights from videos, whether it is streaming or stored. The particular service allows users to capture and orchestrate analytics and get useful data in real-time. With these capabilities, companies can quickly process their own video libraries and improve content discoverability and customer engagement, accordingly. Azure Video Indexer includes AI models that help companies to extract meaningful and accurate data for their use-cases. They can even use spatial analysis to understand people’s movements in physical spaces in real-time. Azure Video Indexer enables users to customise video workflows to their specific needs using a pipeline description language. In addition, data science teams can also operate with their own custom models to generate the analytics. Popular use cases of Azure Video Indexer go as workplace safety, process optimisation and digital asset management.

Azure Face API

The smart face recognition platform
Azure Face API is an artificial intelligence service that lets you evaluate faces in pictures for the purpose of identification without any prior knowledge of machine learning. The platform integrates facial recognition, face detection, identification, and analysis in pictures and videos into your applications to provide a smooth and safe user experience. Azure Face API detects facial characteristics and qualities in a picture, such as a face mask, spectacles, or face location, and person identification through a match to your private repository or photo ID. You can use this technology to enable a variety of situations, such as introducing new users by confirming their identity, authenticating users for access control, or removing faces from pictures. With Azure Face API, you receive a confidence score based on the probability that two faces belong to the same individual. The platform provides enterprise-level security and privacy for your data as well as any trained models by ensuring that the pictures that you evaluate are not saved by the service. Additionally, Azure Face API can easily be integrated with a lot of other platforms.

People for AI

Get rid of manual data annotation
Labelling of mineral and biological data on microscope images. Classification of people, traffic signs, segmentation, and others.Identification of defects on railroads and energy networks. Identification of foods, retail products, precise segmentation, etc.


Edit, crop, annotate and process out business-specific images adequately
ShelfWatch is an adequate image recognition platform helping out businesses with their sales force productivity enhancement, improvement of shelf condition-based insights and incremental sales. The particular software assures >95% SKU level based recognition accuracy, actionable real-time updates to act upon, one-time image training, scoring benefits and seamless integration with pre-existing tools alike. The platform conducts a detailed calculation of individual KPIs that can be personalised as per need to provide a comprehensive picture of user-specific store execution. Inbuilt metrics goes as Planogram Compliance, Share of Shelf, POSM Compliance, Price Tag Compliance, On-Shelf Availability along with End Caps and Gondola Compliance. The platform stores cookies on the user’s computer, that can be used to provide a personalised experience. To provide exclusive security, none of the user-specific information is tracked down by ShelfWatch. User-specific names and contact numbers collected by the software are protected under stringent security policies, eliminating out all potential chances of theft, disclosure, unauthorised access, modification and copying.

Create your custom image recognition models with is a custom image recognition API that offers visual automation for businesses. Trusted by many companies, this API has made the power of Artificial Intelligence effective and seamless. This system can be set up in 5 minutes more or less. First, one needs to define their categories and upload sample images. Secondly, developers can preview the results after the custom neural network is trained. Finally, users need to send an image to and recognise it with their own custom neural network. By using this system, developers can utilise deep learning algorithms with the highest accuracy on the market. Furthermore, users can implement cutting-edge vision automation faster with no development costs. by Ximilar offers an intuitive interface that helps users to create powerful and custom image recognisers (models) on the go. Also, with this platform, developers can scale up easily without spending any infrastructural costs. The team of constantly improves the underlying machine learning algorithms keeping the developers updated.

Alibaba Image Search

Product search and generic search
Alibaba Cloud Image Search is an intelligent image search service that helps users find similar or identical images. Based on machine learning and deep learning, the product enables end-users to take a screenshot or upload an image to search and find the desired products and fulfill other search requests. Image Search provides industry-leading image search services with high accuracy based on advanced machine learning/deep learning.

Microsoft Computer Vision API

Digital media analysis and documentation made seamless
Microsoft Computer Vision API is a comprehensive digital media analysis service that helps developers by analyzing content available within images and video files. The API platform can be used to boost content discoverability and analysis part in real-time. It can extract content from printed or handwritten text present in documents and images, irrespective of the available languages and writing styles. To facilitate proper analysis of images, Computer Vision API comes loaded with more than 10,000 objects and pre-scheduled concepts that can be found in a particular image. In order to eliminate unnecessary third-party intrusion and privacy violations, Microsoft Computer Vision API deletes users' images and videos once completed with the processing part. Moreover, videos analyzed using the same are stored within the user’s own device, eliminating unnecessary hassles. Computer Vision API can also be used to streamline digital asset management and robotic process automation functionalities.


Feature-rich Visual Search and Recognition for Businesses
Ximilar initially started as a dedicated solution for agencies to manage stock photography. It later expanded to the e-commerce industry and added many intuitive features such as Image Recognition, Image Similarity, Visual Fashion Search, Fashion Tagging, Generic Tagging, and Custom Solutions. The Image Recognition feature can scan product images and classify them into different categories, while also enabling users to tag and detect their own labels. Customers can even find images similar to certain products to easily find the images they want. And with the visual search option, they can locate and match fashion products in real-time. And to make usage more productive, Ximilar enables automated tagging and categorizing of generic images. This is complemented by the Fashion Tagging feature that can even recognize and label products in photos. Developers even receive dedicated support and niche integration codes for platforms developed in cURL, Python, and PHP.

pixolution flow

A High-Performance Visual Image Search Tool For Enterprises And Custom Services
pixolution Flow is an AI software that’s designed for applications and websites. Users can combine visual search with other search criteria such as data, geo-location, prices, category, users or full-text search to narrow down searches. It allows to speed up visual searches in huge image collections using fast prefiltering. Users can control the influence of visual and textual relevance in the resulting score to focus on textual or visual aspects. It helps users to configure what is relevant and limit results to a minimum ranking score. The ready-to-use AI model works with any image collection without any issues. Right from thumbnails to high-resolution images, users can detect duplicates independent of their size. It allows users to detect duplicate images with different file types or encoding quality. It prevents users from uploading duplicate content or automatically link duplicate images to signal their relationship. Users can control how much search results vary in their color scheme to the actual search color.


Face Recognition at its Finest
FaceX is a fully functional face recognition attendance software for startups and small businesses. FaceX offers complete web app development services. Fast face processing, live face detection, compact face features template, and face image quality determination are all included in this online face recognition attendance system. FaceX is a platform that allows businesses to easily integrate facial recognition into their applications. Developers may implement High Accuracy Face Recognition APIs and SDKs with just a few lines of code thanks to its adaptability.Face detection, recognition, and landmark detection from images using HTTP POST requests Face detection, recognition, and landmark detection from images using HTTP POST requests. Easily integrate various facial recognition features into your mobile applications. Docker Instances enable on-premise facial recognition solutions. We also provide end-to-end integrated facial recognition solutions that are suited to your specific needs. Face Recognition, The first stage is to recognise the people in your photo or video. Face Landmarks, You may need to discover landmarks depending on your requirements. The next step is to identify people using a database that has been developed.


Face recognition biometric tool for organizations
Luxand FaceSDK is used for face-based biometric identification functionality and face recognition. It is mainly used to identify and authenticate users with the help of webcams, looking for matching faces in photo databases. The application can also detect facial features in graphic editors automatically, and use still images and video streams to detect faces in real-time. Luxand FaceSDK provides surveillance, helps to control time and attendance systems and builds secure identification. This software can be used for purposes like time and attendance control, and enhancing access control with facial recognition. It doesn’t require any PIN entry or secure keys, thus providing secure authentication with the help of a very reliable biometric identification which is based on live video recognition. Luxand is used by the entertainment industry to create products and services and apply a wide range of facial effects. It even helps to build animated 3D models of human faces based on a single still image. Luxand FaceSDK implements a self-learning AI video identification system that automatically recognizes and tags all faces encountered in a video stream.


The only platform for all your vision AI needs
Hasty is a proactive labelling tool, developed to speed up object recognition and instance segmentation labelling operations, all while fulfilling your visual AI requirements in a single application. It offers everything you need to move from raw videos or photographs to a production-ready prototype in one single tool. With Hasty, there is no MLops expertise or complicated integrations required. It offers a model playground that allows you to construct models that are fine-tuned down to the tiniest parameter, then deploy them back to the annotation environment for unrivaled annotation speed - or export them and deploy them in your own environment. You can annotate photos, and Hasty utilizes the annotations to build AI models that make creating more annotations quicker. This iterative technique means that you can construct your data asset up to 12 times quicker than previously. You have total control over your data with Hasty. It's never used or shared to train models for anybody other than yourself. Additionally, SOTA architectures are used to compare, test, and train Vision AI models with Hasty.


Find what you need in a snap
Sylce is a visual search platform that uses image recognition technology that can identify products based on a picture and allow the user to shop for them on their smartphone. This software offers tools to shop products, part reordering, and a shopping list can be created by scanning products. On this platform, multiple detection and annotation are available with training data through which you can power visual search models and products recommendation. This software is used by professionals, marketers, and small and medium companies dealing with fashion, furniture, food & groceries, automotive, industrial, and manufacturing. The visual search helps you to find parts you cant name in a snap; find and buy a whole look of the room; connect print media with digital stores. Slyce can be your tailored product finder because it combines 3D real-world product recognition with barcode and catalog scanning technology. Features like Image Recognition, Part Recognition (based on metric learning), Deep Tagging (product annotation technology) creates an enjoyable and convenient user experience.

Peltarion Platform

Powerful AI designed by you
Peltarion Platform wants to share this with as many people as possible. That's why they have created our Peltarion Platform - a place for a user to build user own AI models, to make things faster and better.


The Mobile Text Recognition
Anyline Enhance workflows and business processes with fast, efficient, and accurate mobile data capture. It Empowers the users, customers, and workforce to securely digitize data with any mobile device. Integrate the Anyline SDK for mobile scanning into any app or website with ease. Anyline SDK is natively developed for iOS, Android, and UWP, but also supports common integration frameworks such as Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Flutter, and many more.

MACHINE LEARNING PLATFORM is a powerful image recognition platform that enables users to build, train and use machine learning models to detect objects, classify images, and recognize patterns. This platform is powered by state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, which are designed to recognize images quickly and accurately. The image recognition models available on can be trained using a range of datasets, including images, videos, and text. The platform also offers users the ability to customize and optimize the models to suit their particular needs. Additionally, provides users with an intuitive user interface, enabling them to easily manage, train and deploy their models.


An open-source machine learning software
OpenCV is an open-source tool that comprises Java, C++, C, and Python interfaces that supports Linux, Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, and other OS. It offers smart tools to the users for object detection, facial recognition, image classification, and explicit content detection. OpenCV is an ideal machine learning and computer vision software library explicitly designed for computational productivity and with a keen focus on real-time applications. Moreover, the algorithms can be deployed to recognize and detect faces, track camera movements, discover objects, categorize human actions in videos, extract 3D models of objects, track moving objects, stitch pictures together to deliver a high-resolution picture of a whole scenario. It further delivers 3D point clouds from a stereo camera, follows eye movements, discovers the same images from an image dataset, extracts red eyes from pictures taken using flash, and recognizes seen and creates markers to cover it with augmented reality. OpenCV follows the open-source pricing strategy and is completely free to use. It additionally offers support for Android, Windows, and Mac for smooth functioning of operations.