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Marketing Analytics Software

Are you looking for the best Marketing Analytics software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you manage and evaluate their marketing efforts by measuring key marketing KPI's. These advanced solutions go beyond reports; they employ tools to improve their ROI by identifying marketing methods and campaigns to maximize conversions and sales. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Empower your marketing team and get your Google Analytics marketing-ready
heybooster is a Google Analytics auditing tool with which you can extract relevant data for helping you monitor your eCommerce business closely. You can get detailed insights into your ad campaigns, using which your eCommerce teams can analyze and plan the ways to make the necessary improvements in your campaign strategies. heybooster helps users to validate whether their Google Analytics account is properly set up. It also keeps you informed regarding any changes that might on your account setup or configurations before it gets reflected on any web performance analytics tool. You can even track any issues that might crop up while prioritizing your campaigns. The app comes with a health score that provides you with useful information regarding whether your Google Analytics platform is ready for the next marketing strategies and plans. This data-driven software helps you to monitor your Analytics account based on certain configuration basics, thereby serving you with all the issues and points of concern that you must immediately address to prevent your campaigns from getting affected.

Crystal Ball

Optimize google analytics with automation and manual annotation
Using a crystal ball, you can optimize Google Analytics with automated and manual annotations; it’s like a sticky note on your data charts. With crystal ball uncover the impact of visitor touchpoints and understand events influencing site traffic and conversions. Crystal Ball provides critical context to user analytics, allowing users to make informed, data-driven decisions. It gets difficult to find clarity sometimes-you can empower team members to discover insights hidden in users' Google Data Studio reports, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Power BI. Crystal Ball can be integrated with more than 4000 apps via Zapier to automatically add annotations for each new Ads campaign created, email promotion sent, new website version released, social media campaigns executed, and much more. About anything can impact your website traffic like Google updates, media mentions, holiday observances, and website blackouts. Automated annotations help ensure that user data is fully contextualized and that critical events are captured and logged.


Perfectly matched with your brand
Introducing Mayple - connecting businesses with the best marketing experts and agencies to get real, measurable results. Finding talented marketing professionals is a difficult challenge these days, especially because traditional job platforms are focused on sales pitches instead of proving results. With Mayple, you can access verified marketing freelancers and boutique agencies that have been selected specifically for their ability to help users achieve their goals. Their network allows users to find the perfect individual or team for their needs by filtering through a variety of skill sets, locations, and specialties that have proven successful in the past. Whether they were looking to completely revamp the online presence or make small adjustments to gain more visibility, they make it easy to find the solution best suited for the user. Say goodbye to time-consuming sales calls and online flipping through countless portfolios. Now users can fill the marketing gaps in one simple step with Mayple – just enter a few details about yourself and get instantly matched with pre-vetted professionals based on what type of services are right for users. Join us today and take advantage of the exclusive network with an array of qualified professionals at low prices!


Insights you can action on
Kaya is a marketing analytics tool for small teams. They connects all the marketing data in one place and offers all the insights they need to grow faster. By integrating with the existing marketing stack, Kaya provides a single source of truth for the marketing and sales performance. Easily track KPIs (such as return on ads spend, cost per acquisition), discover trends and gain insights into which marketing channels are working best for the through our intuitive dashboards and slack alerts. Kaya does more than just showing numbers this analytics automatically diagnose spend and performance across all channels, and translate them into actionable recommendations that will optimise ROI.


The smart Way to Prepare Data for Analysis and Visualization
Conversionomics is the perfect data automation platform for those working with big data. It can quickly solve many of the software challenges encountered when preparing and integrating analysis data – from the time-consuming and tedious to the complex. Professionals can use the easy yet powerful Conversionomics tool to process datasets with speed and accuracy, transform them with advanced blending tools, and deploy them for insightful reporting and analysis. The result? Maximum efficiency and time-savings for a job done right. With Conversionomics, professionals have a reliable platform to trust for any data job they throw at it.

Marketing Master

new customer service quality control tool
Marketing Master Software is an analytic system that combines marketing data with telecommunications data, using call tracking technology. It allows to set up and effectively measure phone calls touchpoint and attribute the source of acquiring a new lead to specific online or offline channels. This system works well in industries where a telephone call is still an important way of contacting the customer with the brand. This is what happens i.a. in the medical, HoReCa, real estate, automotive, financial and insurance industries, as well as in e-commerce.

Allfactor Analytics

Most powerful analytics platform for data ecommerce
Allfactor is an e-commerce data analysis platform that provides optimal data transparency, accessibility, and integrity for all. With Their data service, master market intelligence, stay atop in trends, zero in on best performers, spy on Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart competitors, and seize the victory from the start. Using this database and search functions, obtain a clear picture of the trend from various dimensions through our core market metrics.


Marketing reports made easy
Badger is the perfect product for any professional who needs to quickly and easily get a single view of their data. Badger allows users to connect multiple data sources and create custom reports in minutes, helping users save precious time. Users can also use these reports to impress their clients with a level of detail that stands out above the competition! With Badger, being on top of their data sources has never been easier. Whether it’s for internal reporting or customer presentations, Badger gives them all the features and customization that you need in one organized place. Connect multiple data sources, generate customized reports with remarkable attention to detail, look good, and impress clients all without needing expensive add-ons or extra help from IT teams. Get up and running fast with Badger’s intuitive dashboard and see results sooner than ever before!


Intelligent AI Revenue Marketing Platform
Automate your marketing teams workflows with data-driven actionable insights that produce real results. Revalyze converts your siloed data into marketing performance insights so your team can take action in real-time with the next best action recommendations.


Marketing Reports with Automated Analysis
DataMyth is a SaaS-based reporting analysis platform that helps digital marketers track, improve, and optimize campaign performance through comprehensive, automated reports. Measure paid media and web performance by connecting web traffic data with advertising platforms, and receive actionable insights.


Welcome to SuperBuzz, the cutting-edge GPT-3 platform designed to revolutionize how website owners approach retention rates. With SuperBuzz, your online business will gain a powerful boost in growth and customer engagement. This state-of-the-art SaaS platform uses natural language processing to automate content creation and generate an influx of fresh traffic. This team of machine learning specialists has developed an algorithm that helps marketing teams conquer challenges with greater ease than ever before. By harnessing the power of machine learning, they can count on SuperBuzz for eye-catching content that promotes better overall results for their website. Take advantage of this innovative AI technology now and witness firsthand the transformation taking place in the digital marketing space. With SuperBuzz’s pioneering work, they will ensure their site not only survives but thrives, cultivating lasting connections with customers all across the web. The future awaits get ready to unleash its potential through SuperBuzz!


Automate Analytics for Marketing Teams
Revlitix brings data-driven decision-making to the marketing world eliminating the tedious manual labor of analysis and simplifying the process so that even the busiest of professionals can take control. This software offers an intuitive interface for all levels of marketing experience and provides visibility into the campaigns quickly, easily, and with minimal effort. With Revlitix, they will find it easier to leverage insights, track KPIs and make decisions based on hard data all rolled into one platform. Get a comprehensive view of all aspects of the marketing strategy, including website performance, ad channels and media spend, lead flow metrics, segmentation reporting and more. Automate data collection processes at every stage while discovering valuable business insights without spending hours in endless spreadsheets. That's why Revlitix is quite simply the ultimate marketing analytics platform offering easy access to data accuracy for smarter decision-making on terms that fit the schedule.


Maximize The Mobile Growth
Airbridge is the comprehensive solution for marketing performance measurement and optimization. With a unified dashboard of 4 services, Airbridge empowers professionals with the tools and insights they need to maximize their sources of growth. The service's Mobile Measurement (MMP) provides invaluable data on app downloads, app engagement, and user lifetime. Meanwhile, Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) ensures performance accuracy across channels with advanced algorithms. Furthermore, Incrementality enables professionals to measure the incremental impact of each conversion while Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) offers advanced analytics. These insights are complemented with deep-linking, fraud protection, and real-time marketing analytics for a comprehensive package.


The Ultimate Solution For Busy Digital Marketers
AgencyEasy is the ultimate solution for professionals looking to grow and enhance their digital marketing agency. With AgencyEasy’s fully white-label rank tracker and reporting software, users can easily and accurately track their client’s SEO progress and success. Keep their clients up to date with fresh insights into keywords, rankings, and more all with a professional edge that lets them know you take their business seriously. Because AgencyEasy is white-labeled, they don't have to worry about sacrificing your brand's appearance in favor of efficient management. Their clients will see their corporate identity reflected throughout the dashboard as customized reports are designed in line with their company’s style guidelines. Streamline their operations without having to sacrifice aesthetics or professionalismAgencyEasy takes care of it! What else can AgencyEasy do for you? It allows for deep analytics so that they can monitor nearly any area of the market that is most applicable to them. Compare different markets with competitor data, create insightful visualizations, and delve deeper into trends through AgencyEasy– all while keeping everything perfectly organized in one spot by utilizing powerful strategies including automated campaign tracking setup. With unbeatable organizational capabilities, eye-catching visuals for presentations to clients, easy accessibility, and navigation through the White Label dashboard – it’s easy to see why AgencyEasy is quickly becoming the go-to digital marketing tool of choice for professionals around the world. Make life easier by integrating this powerful tool into their business today!


Helps to create data-driven marketing campaigns
Maralytics is a complete, automated marketing solution that gets data straight from one’s POS giving them real-time, reliable figures. Trusted by many companies, this platform is the best choice to boost their marketing results. Maralytics is used in different industries that include entertainment, hospitality, tourism, retail and e-commerce. To access results from traditional or digital campaigns, big or small businesses use different tools of this platform. Furthermore, it also provides insights to the business organisations about their ROI story for any type of marketing activity. Also, this automated marketed solution allows users to generate customised tailor-made reports with just one click. By using multiple formats, one can gain many ideas that are right for their businesses. On knowing the marketing results, Maraltytics makes sure to create an effective and repeatable system, making business decisions easier and aligning advertising activities with operations. Maralytics has partnered with the top POS systems such as Vend, Square, Xero and Kounta by Lightspeed which provide businesses with smooth and trouble-free integration.


Collect multiple business-relevant data and identify actionable insights in an organised way
Improvado is an advanced data centralisation tool that helps businesses accumulate all of their marketing and sales data in a single place. Organisations can depend on the same to pull marketing and sales data at various levels, like geo level, campaign level, keyword level, ad level, etc. Moreover, Improvado enables users to collect all the ROI data within a single dashboard with a cross-device identity resolution mechanism, facilitating quick analysis and better decision making. Marketing Common Data Model (MCDM) included within Improvdo works as a data normalisation layer and helps to simplify marketing analytics in a hassle-free manner. Thus saving users time that they put in renaming and matching different metrics and dimensions across multiple marketing platforms. Moreover, the tool also comes with a powerful API to connect other platforms and streamline routine maintenance on the go. Seamless integrations with external platforms like Facebook Ads, Bing ads, Google Analytics, AdRoll, Search Ads 360 are of great help.


Web3 Insights and Intelligence for User Acquisition
For businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition, godmodehq is the ultimate solution. This powerful suite of analytical tools helps to monitor and understand market and competitor data, identify growth opportunities, and gain an advantage over rivals. Rely on us to help the source innovative web2 platforms to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. With this insights can measure and optimise acquisition and retention strategies for a higher ROI. godmodehq will turn even novice professionals into savvy marketers who know exactly which approach works best for their target audience. Make the business stand out from the crowd with godmodehq today!

DeltaX Assistant

AI Assistant for Business
DeltaX Assistant software is a platform used to gain insights on Google Ads to manage business workflows. Get instant score on your account and can identify opportunities to optmize your account. Measure the KPIs and receive alerts with AI on spends and ROI. Advertisers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

Future Proof TV Ad Measurement is the new standard in TV ad measurement. This technology takes fast and accurate measures of both linear and streaming investments, allowing users to make informed decisions about the marketing strategy that will drive ROAS. With's analytics capabilities, they can zero in on potential issues, get creative ideas for optimizing campaigns, and have total control over all aspects of your TV ad investment with easy-to-understand graphical reports. Seamless integrations allow for real-time access to consumer data while proprietary algorithms scan millions of television ads around the clock. By positioning yourself at the forefront of modern marketing with, they will access powerful insights that will guarantee success time and time again.

Drive Revenue Intelligence Software delivers the industry's leading revenue operations and intelligence (ROI) platform. Using patented AI technology, it transforms business activity such as email, meetings, and contacts, into account and opportunity management solutions that increase sales rep productivity, accelerate revenue growth, and maximize marketing ROI. Companies such as AppDynamics, DataRobot, Ivanti, Okta, and Zoom rely on to unlock growth.


Elevate your online sales with Konnecto
Konnecto is a smart Market Intelligence tool that analyses your rivals' customer journeys and uncovers new ways to boost your online sales on a daily basis. It assists marketing leaders in delving deeper into their company's most pressing issues, gaining insights into all phases of your customers' journeys, as well as those of your rivals. Konnecto’s AI-powered technology detects the gaps in your sales process, allowing you to rapidly seize chances that can boost your online sales. You can use these details to develop a successful GTM strategy while keeping your rivals in the dark. The platform provides daily marketing suggestions based on a continuous study of behaviours, segments, and rivals, so you can get the most of your marketing money every day. Based on reverse engineering trips from hundreds of perspectives, Konnecto offers a live analysis of market gaps you have versus your rivals in the early journey phases. Additionally, it enables you to discover possibilities beyond digital marketing throughout your business divisions - NPD, M&A, and more by identifying trends and patterns ahead of your rivals.

Admetrics Data Studio

Harness the power of your first-party data
Predictive audiences allow you to retarget and prospect based on data have collected. User can engage high-value customers and expand reach to other relevant audiences. Reporting is unified across all traffic sources, and canprivacy-compliant track customer journeys. Machine-learning-powered statistical analysis allows for faster decision-making.


A comprehensive solution for your differential marketing needs
Adswerve is an exclusive Google marketing platform that helps data analysts, digital marketers, publishers and agencies alike to make stronger connections with customers using successful data-driven strategies. It comes equipped with a variety of tools to transform the entire digital marketing landscape, besides enabling users to strategise, manage, execute, optimise and analyse their business campaigns on the go. The platform can also be used to understand audience behaviour, unlock insights, make informed decisions and share them across teams with ease, facilitating faster goal achievement. With Adswerve’s intuitive interface, marketers can simplify their media planning, reporting and trafficking workflows. Test and customise website experience in order to drive better results. Further, an integrated data dashboard displays necessary information, facilitating better marketing research, campaign and strategies. Real-time integration with BigQuery promises accurate marketing and machine learning, bringing steady customer growth. Top-notch companies like Food Lion, Location3, Stitch Fix, GoPro, Toms, AutoNation and more depend on this particular platform to get adequate results.


Analytics, Attribution & Intelligence for Content
Nudge, analytics, attribution & intelligence for content. Marketers get a holistic view of all their clicks, content, and sentiment. The dashboard provides proprietary content-first metrics as well as data from your social networks. This feedback loop ensures your team is able to adjust, rework, improve your content experiences, in order to achieve your goals.


A simple modern app for Google Analytics
Ziggy is simple, easy to use and makes viewing status a pleasure. It has some key features like Private & secure, Add filters, Live realtime stats, Multiple sites, Clickable chart points, Full table views and much more.


Experience the benefits of powerful AI
PixDynamics provides an innovative data set that is updated on a weekly basis to ensure customers are provided with the latest insights regarding their consultants. The information is tailored to a specific organization and the solutions provided are integrated with the customer's systems and processes. This allows PixDynamics to sync millions of records with the customer's data every week. This ensures customers are able to access the most up-to-date information to better manage their consultants.


Provides great marketing analytics as well as call tracking
AdMeter offers marketing analytics and call tracking. The team of AdMeter empowers advertisers with real-time and actionable marketing intel. AdMeter helps to measure phone numbers and web responses from search engines, digital and offline advertising efforts. Furthermore, AdMeter’s online call monitoring telephony enables, whisper, call recording time of day and more. It also offers dynamic show tracked telephone numbers to gauge the response to every online marketing effort. AdMeter systems were built with enterprise-level usage in mind. From cosmetic surgery to timber merchants, this system provides Marketing Analytics and Call Tracking to a wide range of enterprises. AdMeter is a low-cost response analysis solution that is critical to their marketing activities. Some of the biggest retail companies in the automobile industry rely on AdMeter for Call Tracking and Marketing Analytics. They use it to analyse the success of their consumer advertising and how the service affects their bottom line. AdMeter helps to create wonderfully simple reports which offer both graphical and exportable data.

ZooTools Panda

Collect leads and build your audience organically
Introducing ZooTools Panda, the ultimate online marketing platform for businesses of any size. Increase the audience and start collecting leads today with ZooTools Panda. This comprehensive marketing tool provides users with everything they need to reach a large, engaged audience. Use it to create viral waitlists and newsletters, as well as social referrals, contests, and more. It's simpler than ever to grow the customer base in no time just designs the campaigns on ZooTools Panda and then launch them across multiple digital platforms like email and social media. Plus, users can track the campaigns' ROI quickly and know exactly what’s working to put the right strategies in place. At the end of the day, success depends on relationships and ZooTools Panda is here to help brands take control of their relationships with existing customers and prospective followers alike. Harness the power of an easy-to-use personalized experience to keep in constant contact with potential leads and keep the brand top-of-mind. With this reliable tool on the user side, the user can make sure that no information is left behind. Reach out to new crowds quickly and effectively with ZooTools Panda. Start building the database of leads today.


Make business marketing process a super convenient task
NinjaCat being a unified marketing platform, helps organizations with marketing reports, data pipelines and dashboard management facilities. Marketing teams can use the all-in-one software to report, store and analyze the marketing performance of their data at scale. Members can track KPIs and budgets by discovering the overall performance of their campaigns. This way they get to detect the metrics with top conversion ratio and rectify the ones with average turnover rates. Marketers irrespective of their business genre, can use NinjaCat to aggregate, ingest, visualize, transform and ship data in real-time. The software features active integrations with more than 150 marketing channels, offering a completely true story and reliable connections across different marketing channels. An exclusive call tracking at scale feature offered by the solution, lets users discover the channels which are driving in more calls into their business. User-friendly dashboard and reports, help enterprises generate engaging insights from cold data.


An AI-powered marketing intelligence platform to increase your ROI
Factors.AI is a comprehensive marketing analytics platform that delivers business-critical insights into differential marketing activities leveraged by individual brands. Thus helping them to understand consumer behaviours and generate more sales. A complete overview of marketing performances offered by the platform helps businesses analyse customer-specific journeys, from start to end. The software’s AI functionalities are capable of analysing and diagnosing key metrics, highlighting insights and offering useful recommendations on the go. Factors.AI comes with a library of pre-built templates that helps users to create segment-specific dashboards with ease. Users can also automate their repetitive tasks to focus more on generating insights and creating better strategic decisions. Also, real-time integration with Google Ads, Salesforce, Hubspot and Facebook, without any coding, assures access to trusted data on the go. With Factors.AI, brands can analyse customers’ behaviour and journey across their website to get necessary insights on content and performance. They can even monitor the actual time spent on every page by individual visitors to identify the impact of page content.


Measure Ad Costs in Minutes
Nexoya software is a platform used to collects KPIs from your tools like Google Ads and Facebook. The software offers tools to evaluate the ad budget across the various channels with our AI algorithm. Analyze your marketing performance to view your KPIs and campaigns across various channels. Marketers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

Captain Growth

Automate your Marketing Analytics with AI
Captain Growth empowers your company by helping you make sense of your data. Captain Growth works in a number of areas, including audience segments, targeted ads, anomalies in your metrics, and poorly performing creative ads. Captain Growth also helps you decide on the settings for your ads. This includes format, optimization, goal, target audience, and bidding. Captain Growth works by finding unusual patterns in your data. It then provides insight into exactly where this pattern has occurred and how important or valuable it is. Captain Growth is useful for different industries and roles, including PPC specialists, ad agencies, and e-commerce organizations. Captain Growth helps to optimize the entire marketing funnel and claims to save your company up to 50% of marketing and data management spend. This software also helps you identify areas where you need to fix or improve issues, or where you do not adhere to industry best practices that your competitors are following.


One Place For Online Digital Data
Oviond is a customizable digital platform that collates users' marketing data on a single dashboard, which is very simple to use. It saves users' time and helps them build better dashboards, marketing funnels, and reports. The platform allows users to integrate their marketing data to the platform and then create data visualizations, optimize, and automate reporting on key performance areas across campaigns and digital platforms. Since all data is in a single place, users can quickly evaluate their spending and calculate their investment return. Users can create comprehensive, intuitive dashboards using corresponding data to share with their customers and also internally within the team. Users can monitor, share, and report all their marketing data on a unified platform to give everyone the correct KPIs, trends, and drill-downs. They can start with existing templates, and once they are used to the platform, they can custom build their dashboard. Users can create reports of the highest standards from scratch. It automatically handles weekly, monthly, and annual reporting.


One dashboard to access all the affiliate data
Affluent is an affiliate marketing dashboard for publishers, agencies and advertisers to grow their business. It is an intuitive platform that is transforming and modernising the affiliate industry by delivering powerful and highly needed tools. It saves a lot of time for the affiliates and grows their business by providing them with unparalleled data insight through a unified dashboard. For agencies, Affluent collects important data from their clients’ affiliate platforms into a dashboard and helps them by saving time and optimising programs. The software generates automated reports and analytics showcasing multiple ways to scale an individual business. Advertisers can also access and manage their affiliate programs running across accounts from one dashboard with ease. The tools available at the dashboard help users at every stage of the process, right from data collection to publishing the information. Affluent modernises the affiliate marketing industry by delivering powerful tools to companies that do not have many opportunities.


AI-Powered business tracking
Latana is an AI-powered brand tracking software that enables users to gain brand insights and monitor brand performance to elevate growth. It streamlines accessing consumer data, into a single dashboard, thanks to its advanced AI. These consumer insights help the users to scale efficiently in the modern global capitalistic setting. Latana is a brand tracking platform that compiles reliable consumer data from more than 100 countries into a single, user-friendly dashboard. It provides world-class, scalable information to help companies make smarter marketing decisions. You can track changes, do comparisons with competitors, optimize your brand’s performance, and segment your audience with Latana. Brand tracking has never been easier before but with Lantana’s AI, it’s just a piece of cake. Lantana is trusted by leading global brands like Philips and Unilever, so you can never go wrong by this choice. The software additionally offers a dashboard to its users with easy to access data and flexible segmentation. Users can personalize their dashboards according to their requirements using combinations of audience segments, geography, brand, time period, and KPIs. The software offers 3 premium pricing plans depending on their features and advancement level. They also offer a free trial version to try their features before making the actual purchase.


A Facebook Ad Cost Analytics Tool That Provides Cost Secrets of Your Competitors
ADCostly is an ad automation platform that allows advertisers to analyze their costs based on their audiences and the ads type they choose. It supports cost analysis of different periods, areas, placement, and CTA. The tool helps create costless ads and controls ad budgets. Users can monitor ads in different countries and search the key index of product advertising costs in different industries. It provides users with a tool to easily unlock the secrets of ad cost and competitor’s CPC/CPA price. Users can search interest words to determine their ad audience and optimize their ads better. It gives users a platform to observe the trend of different CTA and find out the law of ad cost. Users can view different country indicators and improve their spending strategies. The tool helps users to track recent trends and watch for sudden changes in costs for all periods. Users can gain deep insights into responses and make the right decisions.

Effective management of marketing data is a marketing-focused platform that helps its users to manage all the data streams in one place. The software provides its users with tools to filter, aggregate, visualize, and transform vast amounts of data from any source. The architecture of this software is powered by a sophisticated ETL engine and advanced automation capabilities, which ensure smooth data mapping from various sources through a single interface. Users can gather data from their everyday marketing tools such as tracking services, ad networks, or even internal analytics into one dashboard. This helps them to get valuable insights into the driving force of their business. provides its users with reliable and accurate statistics as it performs automatic data reconciliation across several destinations and sources while flagging the inconsistent or missing information. The software offers a customizable dashboard, which is equipped with configurable charts, widgets, and graphs to handle the analytics without any code. It also offers dedicated server infrastructure for each client.


Performance Marketing Platform for KPIs, Fraud Clicks, Reports and Mobile Apps
Trackier is a Customisable Performance Marketing Software targeted at Ad Networks, Agencies and Advertisers to manage publisher relations. The Trackier Platform enables users to create, automate, measure, and optimize their marketing campaigns, creatives and conversions in one place. Users get data on fraudulent clicks and conversion insights directly in their account reporting. Users can see KPIs in real-time along with various reports, such as comparison report, goal report, CAP Report, and more. It also lets them automatically and instantly alert publishers for critical status changes. Options to customize alerts and other elements are available in the dashboard. It provides Integrations with 100+ AdNetworks, including WordPress, Big Commerce, Magento, with two-way read and write API. Tracker also has a mobile app for remote access, while the system stresses on security with dedicated SSL encrypted servers that have 99.99% availability and DDoS termination.


Track every click with ClickGum
ClickGum is a click tracking software that tracks ROI, conversions and clicks across online marketing. This software is very useful for advertisers, affiliates, developers and publishers. Users can monitor, compare and optimise all marketing links in one place to increase conversion rate. When it comes to monitoring, individuals concerned can track different sources and focus on the appropriate one. Also, ClickGum allows people to secure their commissions. With this software advertisers and publishers can organise their media campaigns and protect their offers from fraud clicks. ClickGum also provides accurate analytics and reporting tools for all levels. As mentioned earlier, this software tracks every click, every lead and every sale in one’s funnel. It ensures traffic control. Users can integrate ClickGum with major Affiliate Networks. Moreover, this software provides media buyers to centralise and consolidate all the PPC campaigns and ads. ClickGum helps users split the traffic across multiple landing pages to establish the one that converts better. Also, A/B testing features equipped within help to understand which campaign works better.


Transform marketing results into actionable objective insights
MSIGHTS is an accurate data management platform that helps companies to transform information, prepare reports and set up collaboration between teams to drive action, efficiency and accountability at the same time. It enables companies to transform dispersed multi-channel marketing data into real-time actionable insight. The platform also automatically and continually centralises the data from every source to keep it more organised. Further, MSIGHTS seamlessly combines multiple source data, making users get access to those easily from a single place. They can even classify the data and store it into different groups as per convenience. Companies can use their existing data tools or take help from MSIGHTS’s reporting features, besides creating and sharing data through custom dashboards with smart visualisations accordingly. The platform also allows teams to get access to, present, share and comment on results from a single source of truth. It uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect user-specific sensitive details and protect the stored data from all types of loss and misuse.

Marketing Evolution

Marketing performance analytics done right
Marketing Evolution is a consumer-centred, unified marketing performance analytics platform that helps you reach customers more successfully by understanding how they engage at each touchpoint across offline and online channels. It enables you to optimize and measure KPIs (key performance indicators) including sales, engagement, and campaign performance using sophisticated analytics. With Marketing Evolution, you can make the best decisions about your brand-building activities, creative rotation, media mix, long-term planning, and budget by using analytics and campaign suggestions. It offers a client-centric marketing performance system that spans the whole marketing performance life cycle in a single privacy-preserving platform, from exposure to audience analytics to activation. Users get an insights dashboard with reporting and planning tools, set to particular data charts. You get sophisticated reporting capabilities that allow you to examine all of your media investments, effectiveness, and efficiency in one report. It provides marketing teams the opportunity to see how each customer encounter affects the ultimate conversion along the buyer's journey. Additionally, it assesses all media combinations across your intended customer categories to anticipate the cost per effect of marketing scenarios.


Measure business with Metrics
GA-Insights software is a platform used to monitor the metrics to automate business workflows. Customize your report with a summary of your goals and events are performing. Receive an alert in Slack, MS Teams or by email. Measure the workflows of business with dashboard to monitor multiple websites and teams. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Offers meaningful analytics and suggestions for better content marketing
Vidooly is a video analytics and marketing software that helps brands and content creators to get valuable insights into their videos’ performance and audience engagement. The software brings a powerful insight generator that shows which videos your audience is watching most based on several categories and demographics. Users can also know the audience which is most likely to engage with their content. The tool reveals audiences’ digital journey, watching habits, devices used, etc so that content creators can make and market videos accordingly. It features a leaderboard tool that shows the most popular handles across major platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The results can be filtered on the basis of genres, country, and month. By showing top influencers from a niche, Vidooly helps users to partner with the right content creators and grow the follower base simultaneously. Besides the primary video content, this analytics solution also gives an in-depth YouTube keyword analysis so that users can identify top-performing tags and use the same to improve ranking in search results. It also shows them the best time to upload a video, unsubscribers of their channels, and gives many more meaningful suggestions to improve their channel’s ranking on popular social media platforms.

Connecting all marketing data is a marketing attribution software, developed specifically for marketing professionals and enterprises that is utilized to optimize return on investment using the power of Artificial Intelligence. It lets users incorporate all of their marketing data and run advanced marketing attribution models into one place, depending upon their entire customer journey. enables users to analyze customer journeys to measure business conversions. Moreover, it comprises a data driving marketing feature which allows marketers to create revenue-based decisions promptly. This tool incorporates HubSpot, stripe, Magento, Jira, and much more. Medium and large-scale performance marketers who desire to obtain insights and drive additional performance use the software. Overall, it is a responsive and API-first product with promising features of collecting, which is spent on various platforms. The flexibility to add any manual expenditure makes it an excellent product. Users can customize the dashboard to suit their analytic needs. The attribution modeling feature enables users to track the result back to the right marketing source, and allows purposeful data science decision making.

Aura Vision

Manage stores more efficiently
Aura Vision is an intuitive in-store analytics management software, making store management related tasks quite efficient, eliminating new sensors in retail and mall premises. Adding more visibility to the day-to-day management of all the store outlets, Aura Vision helps store operations teams to detect their level of performance in a seamless manner. It also generates brief reports that include essential data, so that quick data-driven decision can be made. The software integrates with existing CCTV camera networks and enables stores to go online in no time. Moreover, an intuitive plug and play feature present within the same saves time and eliminates the need for new sensors by collaborating with all major security brands. Aura Vision uses Artificial Intelligence to segment the total footprints' data more accurately than traditional footfall counters. It makes measuring the impact of visual merchandising and marketing easier through the detailed engagement metrics. The software also allows stores to gain required material insights into various marketing campaigns as per convenience. Aura Vision, being GDPR compliant, protects the identity and privacy of both staff and customers.


Dashboard solution on the cloud for marketers
Datorama is a dashboard software that is based-on the cloud, so it is quite easy to access it from any location at anytime. The software can gather vital data from multiple sources and display it to the users at one place. It comes with visual analytics, calculation functionality, key performance indicators etc. Users can easily access the files they want with the help of advance widgets, available with this dashboard software. Datorama features both public dashboard and private dashboard, which enables you to monitor other people’s access to the dashboard information. Datorama comes equipped with other features as well, like data visualization, business intelligence and big data features.


Marketing Software and On-Demand Marketers
DOZ is an Online Campaign Management Software. They set-up a custom and efficient online strategy to achieve your business goals. Improve your visibility on the internet and grow the number of daily visitors to your websites or apps. Turn your visitors into qualified leads and customers to increase your revenue. The build an eye-catching and unique identity that speaks to your market and to your customers.


Secure your paid marketing strategies by removing the unreal audiences
CHEQ is an intuitive cybersecurity solution that is specially designed for marketers to provide them with the most accurate and powerful CAS solution in the market. The software helps brands to enhance their marketing efforts by avoiding bots and invalid users that cover 40% of the overall web traffic. By directing their marketing strategies to the real customers, the solution enhances sales and thereby growth of the businesses. In addition, it also improves on-site conversion efforts and funnel metrics by generating leads with real customers. CHEQ helps marketers to make better decisions with the help of real marketing data and analytics. It unlocks revenue opportunities, cleans up unreal audiences and straightens out the optimisation process as well. Moreover, the solution is also capable of intercepting invalid site visitors besides preventing site tool flooding in real-time. CHEQ also comes in handy for negative SEO probability monitoring and funnel transparency enhancing processes, enabling marketers to make better strategies.


Digital Reports and Dashboards
GreyMetrics is a marketing analytics software. It's used to build reports and dashboards. The software has a drag-and-drop tool for data widgets, allowing users to generate bespoke reports and manage data presentation as needed.Monitor statistics and download reports as PDFs or password-protected emails.Its vast list of features includes - Create reports/dashboards using industry-standard report templates. Create custom reports using drag and drop. All your marketing data in one report - Generate reports with a single click data from 20+ integrations for marketing. Create bespoke reports by dragging and dropping data widgets. For quick start they have over 25+ pre-defined templates for standard reports, made along with consultation with industry experts. One of their most beneficial features is their live marketing dashboards – allowing you to monitor data from everywhere, provides samples for all integrations and helps you build beautiful visualizations without prior design skills.It automatically creates multilingual reports in GreyMetrics in 9 different languages. Customize and download your reports in PDF format or send them through email with password protection. Create reports and connect accounts in one click.


Automate your data integration with Adverity
Adverity is an advanced marketing analytics platform that is designed for the transformation of your data into engaging dashboards and intuitive insights. It eliminates the need for manual reporting and saves a lot of time by automating your data integration from all types of tech platforms. With Adverity, you can connect all of your data using a large library of data connectors and get rid of data error and spreadsheets permanently. You can transform, optimize and enhance your data and distribute it across various destinations using Adverity’s smart tools and features. It increases flexibility and assists you in maximizing the value of your harmonized datasets by leveraging your data. It provides better visualization with flexible and engaging dashboards. Users can monitor their multi-channel performance, speed up their marketing reports and democratize their data using Adverity. Users can additionally optimize their future plans and campaigns with Adverity’s predictive insights feature. The software comes completely equipped with international data protection standards and certifications for security management of user’s information.


Gain Real-time Insights with Reporting Tool
Digivizer software is an all-in-one marketing tool to measure the campaigns to automate workflows. Collect audience growth and content engagement with your social channel metrics. Generate reports and can export charts with image and vector files in PDFs file formats. It integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


A Audience Intelligence Tool
SparkToro software is a platform used to collect online audience’ attributes, behavior, & sources of influence. Build your outreach with list for publications and people that reach your customers and Compare the attributes and sources of influence for multiple audiences. Prioritize your press, social, content, SEO, and outreach campaigns and analyze your brand’s audience vs. your competitors.

Pega Marketing

Get your marketing decisions streamlined on the go
Pega Marketing is an intuitive decision-making platform with a scalable architecture that helps even the biggest of organisations stay agile, streamlined and ready for the next challenge. Thanks to the low-code platform and user-friendly interface, it significantly helps reduce manual processing, improve relationships between IT professionals, business users and developers alike. Quick automation is one of the sought-after features of Pega Marketing and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes the entire process easy by allowing bots to take care of every little detail associated with the project, thereby enabling the consultants to focus completely on their clients. Further, RPA also enables the elimination of errors to the maximum possible extent thereby increasing work efficiency. Pega Email Bot, Prediction Studio, Event Strategy Manager, Adaptive Decision Maker and Real-time Intelligence are some of the notable products under Pega Marketing’s exclusively designed Process AI. Additionally, Pega Process Fabric and Multi Experience Applications enable consistent performance across all channels, orchestrate work efficiently and pull in important data from existing systems.

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No code software to create softwares
Strackr is an affiliate platform that consolidates user affiliate data such as transactions, clicks, income, and payments into a single affiliate platform. The objective behind this feature is to save the user time by compiling everything in one location, making it easy to monitor data on a single affiliate dashboard. Strackr ensures that a user can see all of the reports that they require, as well as compare them to other affiliate programs, all while keeping all data secured and secure. It is an excellent assistance system for both individuals and corporations, and it includes a live chat system to address all user questions. This software assists in monitoring and tracking data from numerous affiliate systems such as Awin, Impact, ShareASale, Amazon, and others. It has a dashboard that allows you to keep track of the number of leads generated, revenue generated, and clicks recorded. It sends consumers a daily summary of their earnings through email, allowing them to stay on top of their earnings. Strackr is a piece of software designed specifically for email marketing and coupon channels. It also aids in the improvement of efficiency and the increase of sales and revenues. It's a fantastic tool that allows you to keep track of your affiliate revenue. It also sends you daily updates through email, allowing you to plan your next steps accordingly. Strackr also allows you to compare the performance of different programs, assisting you in selecting the best affiliate program. Furthermore, the program ensures their customers' entire security.


Analyse your business opportunities with Bitclu
Bitclu offers appropriate data analytics and futuristic visualisation to businesses so they have the clarity to optimise Amazon lists and enhance sales accordingly. With this tool, users can keep a log of every change they make to the listing, bullet points or title, besides monitoring whether their sales are progressing or whether their conversions are improving. Furthermore, the tool presents an advanced restocking facility, which makes sure that the users’ inventories never runs out of stock. The smart system of Bitclu also provides appropriate predictions regarding the dates until which the stock will last and how much users will need to reorder. This tool further helps users to analyse their Amazon sales. With Bitclu’s well-designed dashboard, one can get excellent visualisation that leads to the clear observation of key parameters and helps in measuring data more quickly. At present companies situated across international markets like the USA, Mexico, China, UK, Spain, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, India are reaping the opportunities offered by the same.