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Meeting Management Tools

Are you looking for the best Meeting Management software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you plan and guide meetings. These advanced solutions go beyond calendar invites; they employ tools such as agenda creators and consensus trackers to facilitate produtive meetings.To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Work meetings made better
Headroom is a remote and hybrid meeting management software. It allows the user to search by attendees, exchange notes, subjects addressed or talks word for word, and it helps to ensure that meetings are balanced, interesting, and memorable. You can find meaning behind a decision and share it with others faster than ever using Headroom. You can keep stakeholders up to date with fast highlight reels, action items, shared notes, and next steps, and you can share meeting replays without sending long emails. With this technology, you receive a variety of in-meeting motions, real-time word share, and shareable automatic summaries. You'll soon receive energy feedback on the platform, as the real-time headroom analyses a variety of signs for energy and engagement, including facial expressions and body language, as well as voice and text contributions, to provide you with an overall measure of energy over time. Furthermore, the platform is safe and web-based. It is not necessary to download or update an app to utilise it. You have complete control over how meeting information is shared.


Manage meetings efficiently and smartly
Fellow is a toolkit designed for managers and teams that enables them to conduct one-on-one meetings and plan agendas collaboratively. The application provides smart suggestions for helping you have your conversations efficiently. Users can centralize all their tasks in a single to-do list, thus boosting workflows. It comes with follow-up facilities that help to track performance and work progresses. Fellow enables one to receive valuable feedback and recognition from managers or team members, thus boosting efficient teamwork. One can respond to and send feedback both on the web and Slack. The application provides smart suggestions, helping users to learn who and when to request for feedback. With Fellow, users can write the action items extracted from each meeting and 1-on-1 discussion, which brings organization in the workflow. Users can join numerous teams with Fellow, including Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Getaround, ShipStation, Vidyard, KeepTruckin, and others. The software helps to keep track of conversations and stay coordinated by accomplishing all the things that were promised to other team members.


The practical, safe, and paperless solution to conduct board meetings
eMeetings is one of the flagship merchandise from MobiTrail which has been efficaciously applied and is walking throughout 100+ firms in India. The achievement of the sutra has been its easy and intuitive design, ease of use, and stability. eMeetings is a software designed for board members and higher management which provides all the meeting details and its documentation such as the agenda, points, supporting documents, and reports for review. This eliminates the use of paper-based documentation to be shared for every board meeting by company secretaries to board members. eMeetings allows you to create multiple committees with a mapping of different board members and their access as per relevance. Setting up the calendar, meeting agenda and other documentation can also be managed over the admin in an organized manner. eMeetings also provides automated notifications regarding any changes in the meeting schedule or documentation. eMeetings can be synchronized over various devices in real-time and apart from pre-meeting documents, consolidation of agenda and other meeting documents can be archived all in one place. With AES-256 encryption and its interactive and friendly UI, eMeetings offers a seamless experience for both board members and organizers alike.

Vectorly Meetings

Turn discussions into tasks
Vectorly drives company growth by providing employees with personalized career paths based on continuous skill feedback and working activity. With Vectorly, IT team leaders create career matrices, review skill levels, set action plans for every team member, and integrate it with 3rd party working tools like Jira, Trello. Team leaders currently spend 6 months to bootstrap this process with many no-integrated tools like Excel, online forms, Google docs, Notion, etc. [400 interviews with IT team leaders]. With Vectorly, they get results in 2 weeks instead of 6 months in the integrated all-in-one workspace with 40+ IT role skill matrix templates, learning recommendations for skills, team reviews, growth plans, and 3rd party working tools integration.


Improve with Fun Sprint Retrospectives
EasyRetro is an online platform and an open-source project to help the team to do better retrospectives that help to improve by using Fun Sprint Retrospectives and other activities. EasyRetro was designed to remove any obstacles and distractions for teams to have better meetings and to get better results. The mission is to empower teams to reflect on their way of working. And to continuously become better in what they do.

Redesigning remote meetings and workflows creates communication tools to assist organisations in running productive team meetings. Clients can stay on track and concentrate on their growth thanks to the platform provided by the business, which also supports the work of the remote product development team and provides the necessary tools for virtual meetings. enables you to perform focused standups more quickly. Reduce standup time by 50%. more precise updates Utilize your current tools to track progress and roadblocks. is a self-running standup with a timer and agenda. A place to put questions also avoids interruptions and keeps the conversation on track. A 2-minute preparation period results in better, quicker standups. Meetings move more quickly and updates are sharper when the team is prepared. Surface the important information, then boost your board. Slack is used to create history and accountability by sending standup notes. Connect Spinach to JIRA or Slack to link meeting notes to specific tickets or for input and output of meeting notes. Many people only interact with the team in person at meetings. A better meeting results in a better day for them!


Stork is a Voice and Video Messenger with a powerful Screen Recording for asynchronous presentations. Fewer meetings. No more missed meetings. See and hear team conversing in real time or play back the recording later. Join a live meeting or read the transcription later. All conversations and meetings are recorded automatically.


Route and Book More Meetings
Cut the buyer friction and watch drop-off disappear. On average, teams lose 39% of leads due to slow qualification and poor experience with SDR/BDRs. Instantly route deals based on complex conditions. Cut steps, cut friction and cut the emails getting in the way of sales meetings.


Easy and automated meeting scheduling
Booka is an innovative app that streamlines the process of arranging meetings with prospects and customers. It simplifies the task by eliminating the need for emails back and forth. The app is an ideal solution for teams in Sales or Customer Success, as it helps to boost conversion rates and enhance customer satisfaction.Booka makes it easy to manage and track meetings. Users can see their upcoming meetings, as well as their past meetings, to ensure they don't miss any important dates. They can also customize reminders and notifications to ensure they are always on time.Booka is an invaluable asset for any team looking to increase their meeting success rate. It allows users to save time and energy, while still delivering the highest quality customer service. With its straightforward design and useful features, Booka is a must-have for any business.


Easy and Transparent Meetings Management System
Tooqan is a meeting management system that brings more visibility into key aspects of meetings and delivers personalized guidance for hands-on improvement. The aim is to spot inefficiencies on time and make meetings more productive. With Tooqan, team members can be motivated to leave feedback after every session. This helps to establish an office culture of feedback and receive feedback on whether the meetings are helping the company or eating away at productivity. This is determined by calculating the influence of meetings on business impact, invested time, and office culture. With specific information, the analytics arm combines meta data and feedback to determine the quality of meetings. Users can measure the improvement on meeting quality, access meeting-related metrics, and more. They can even drive personal growth by accessing a new way of learning that provides users with actionable guidance. They can implement the proposed action points and engage in continuous learning.


Wordpress Appointment Booking Plugin
Timetics is an advanced booking plugin for WordPress, designed to streamline the process for professionals in all industries. With Timetics, users can easily create and manage their online schedules and an unlimited number of appointment bookings. Integrating Stripe payment gateways makes for smooth and secure payments through Timetics - meaning users don’t have to worry about additional steps that are necessary with other plugins. To advertise appointments page, can use the Timetics shortcode to add a schedule to any page website. Timetics is streamlined and user friendly making it perfect for busy professionals who need a hassle free system for managing appointments. Timetics also integrates seamlessly with any existing booking system might already be using.


Hassle-free & automated 1:1 meetings
Consistent employee feedback, automatically generated 1:1's with solution oriented content & insightful analytics. Set up systematic scoring questions for your team, and Remoco will automatically generate 1:1 meetings with people whose scores are below your expectations.


Outcomes or it didn't happen
Shared goals, real-time outcomes, facilitation in a box, automated summaries, centralized action items.get a one-minute crash course. Miter provides powerful tools and a simplified workflow to help deliver productive meetings and clear outcomes, with less work. Planning with Miter is so easy, can do it in the first two minutes of the meeting.

Cosmos Video

Transforming how you host meetings
Cosmos Video is a video conferencing software. Work and socialise in a common area. Bring your avatars close to one another to video chat. From a desk, a couch, or a beach, your staff can connect. To video chat, wiggle your avatar toward the other people. Games, screen sharing, whiteboards, and more. It has a vast list of features such as - A single chat can involve up to 70 participants. At the touch of a button, the gallery view and the common video calling view are both accessible. At one time, Cosmos can show up to 12 videos. One of their most beneficial features is the security they provide through encryption of data - For video meetings conducted using a web browser as well as the Cosmos Android and Apple iOS apps, all data is by default secured in transit between the client and Cosmos. Records kept in Cosmos are by design always encrypted. Install the Cosmos Video Add-on for Google Calendar to make it simple to designate your team's Cosmos office as the meeting location of choice.

Callpage Meetings

Website's Meeting Scheduling Tool
CallPage Meetings is the ideal solution for busy professionals looking to efficiently book meetings and close deals with potential leads. We understand that the time is valuable, which is why our automated scheduling system provides an easy and effortless way to manage meeting times without being redirected elsewhere. Not only will be able to effortlessly discuss or explain product offering without distraction, but can also track device data of website visitors to gain valuable insights into their interests and needs. With CallPage Meetings, professional users can ensure their meetings are conducted smoothly and productively in order to achieve desired outcomes quickly. It's time saving and cost-effective scheduling solution for any professional, allowing them to easily secure new business opportunities with the click of a button!


10x the engagement in Zoom sessions
Lens provides powerful features to help teachers maximize engagement, performance, and retention through Zoom. With Lens, educators can design interactive live sessions that keep students engaged, get insights to gauge the performance of their classes, and increase retention rates. Lens helps uses to create an engaging learning environment by making it easy to interact with the learners directly through digital exercises and quizzes. Teachers can also use real-time analytics such as attention span, number of questions asked, and polls voted during their Zoom sessions giving deeper insights into learner behavior in virtual education settings. Furthermore, Lens ensures that teaching concepts are retained in the minds of learners by providing comprehensive reports as well as adaptive learning pathways tailored for each student depending on his or her performance. By allowing teachers not just to teach but also understand & aid their students better even in a remote setting; Lens makes online teaching a powerhouse that harnesses Zoom’s potential to its full capability.


Bring people together
Kukkee automatically shows participants times in their local time zone leaving no room for confusion. Gives you full access to the codebase, security assurances, and lets you make or request changes quickly. Let anyone vote without an account using public polls, and only let participants with an account to vote using protected polls. End switching tabs between Kukkee and your personal/work calendars while selecting times by connecting your Google, Outlook, etc., calendars.


Instant meeting rooms for all your collaborative needs
Tilde is an online-based software. On-demand virtual meeting rooms with proximal audio, video, and screen sharing. Capture ideas directly from the meeting. No more shuffling between tabs. They are working on Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar plugins to make this experience better.


Intelligent Meeting with AI Assistant
Introducing, the game-changing product for meeting culture in 2020! With Spoke, gathering together with colleagues to collaborate and discuss ideas is easier -- and more organized -- than ever before. From recording, transcribing and summarizing videocall, to searchable audio and video recordings facilitated by powerful AI capabilities, Spoke makes it simple for professionals to jump on a call, get their notes and exit swiftly. Spoke is an incredibly sophisticated tool that makes organizing tough transitions a breeze! Recordings are easy to find with the intuitive audio-video search engine. Plus, notes can be shared with coworkers or canned into reports with just one click of a button. So never worry again about forgetting key details or losing important information in long conversations -- because with Spoke all of it is captured in seconds.


Enhance meetings and improve team collaboration
Docket is a meeting management software that helps to improve the productivity of meetings, thus ensuring efficient collaboration. This meeting-focused workspace enhances agenda creation, action item tracking and carrying out decision documentation procedures collaboratively. Docket is a central hub for meetings that enables users to create agendas and prioritize them to conduct meetings efficiently. The meeting workspace of the application helps participants to take notes and briefings or record summary points of the meeting minutes and distribute them among the members for an effective team collaboration. Docket also comes with a task manager that helps to assign action items And thew upcoming strategies that need to be taken to boost team performance and productivity. The software features an Activity and History Archive that enables users to search notes, resources, and tasks from previous Docket meetings. The application allows one to create to-do lists to prepare for the meetings. Users can even integrate Docket with other popular note-taking applications like Evernote, Slack, and Zoom. It combines with tools that one already uses, thus saving time and making meetings better.

Sembly AI

Focus on the discussion
Sembly is a SaaS platform that helps to make meetings more effective for you and your team. Sembly uses proprietary AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights. Sembly is a web and mobile app that accompanies you on your Teams, Zoom, and gMeet meetings, making meeting content available for review, search, and sharing. Use Sembly Team to unlock powerful AI analytics to help you and your team achieve more, while attending less.


The User Friendly and Secured Software
Introducing chadview – the revolutionary new technology that helps professional teams hack and optimize their online meetings. With the use of cutting-edge GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology, chadview instantly generates insights to help prepare for and optimize online meetings. The days of attending the same unproductive meetings over and over again are a thing of the past. With chadview, can get ready for the next meeting almost instantly. Just put in the agenda and let the GPT technology get to work. In moments, chadview will provide the actionable insights that need for an effective meeting: background information on the attendees, potential objections, as well as tips for establishing trust and getting results.


A new way to build productive meetings
Teams use Vork to build, manage and track productive team meetings and purposeful 1:1s right from their calendar. Create productive meetings with our features integrated directly into Google Calendar. Let guest‘s know why they are relevant to the meeting by assigning roles.


Tasks and Messages with Team
Team Meetings With GMinutes, it is easy to schedule meetings with your project team and notify all participants. Synchronize your meeting with Google, Outlook, or any other standard-based calendar. Create your meeting agenda in GMinutes then take meeting minutes and assign action items quickly and easily. Gminutes helps you to organize your project by creating tasks and subtasks and applying priorities to each. Setting priorities helps you to focus on the most important tasks by seeing them in your assigned prioritized order.


Create Productive Meetings
Meetric software is a platform used to automate effective meetings. The software offers tools to organize, track and schedule meetings. Collaborate with team with shared agenda and notes to meet the requirements. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Organizing the Need to Collabrate
E-meeting is an innovative web collaboration platform enabling team works to schedule their meetings, organize and share files, join teleconferences, collaborate and make decisions. Organize multiple levels of management and roles (administrator, super administrator, secretary etc.). Share their own meeting material and proposals with other team members.


Collaboration Tool for Workflows
Notiv software is a collaborative meeting app used to drive business. The software offers AI tool to transcribe your meetings and create tasks for all attendees with speaker ID. Collaborate with teams to highlighting important moments to automate workflows. It syncs with Google or Office calendar. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


The advanced productivity Software for meetings is here
AgreeDo is a meeting productivity platform that facilitates writing meeting agendas, creating meeting minutes, and making decisions, all at one single place. It enables you to assign assignments, write meeting minutes, and agree on the agenda. AgreeDo is an all-in-one online web program that allows you to effortlessly compose and share meeting agendas and minutes, boosting the efficiency of all your meetings. The platform offers features for comments, reminders, attachments, configurable task lists, auto-history, sophisticated search, and other. It helps you start Microsoft Teams Conferences and send calendar invites to appear in Google Calendar, Outlook, and a variety of other calendars. To produce or read AgreeDo meeting minutes straight from Outlook, you can use AgreeDo’s Outlook Plugin. AgreeDo makes it easy to build a meeting agenda and share it with all attendees in real time. Before the meeting even begins, attendees utilize AgreeDo to add their ideas, opinions, and outcomes to the agenda. AgreeDo works with Microsoft Teams, LogMeIn's GoToMeeting, and Cisco's WebEx, allowing attendees to join an existing video conference right from the platform.


Meet your team Anywhere
Sign up with email to get unique meeting space for ClickUp. Copy the link in dashboard and add it into a embed view in ClickUp. Hop on a call straight from ClickUp to say a quick hello to team.


Digital Tool to Improve the Quality of Meeting
Cultup is a digital tool that facilitates the improvement of the quality of meetings and promotes active participation among participants. It merges technology with the human aspect, thereby providing a unique and efficient solution to meeting organization. By incorporating scientifically proven methods, Cultup increases workplace productivity, thereby ensuring that meetings are optimized for optimal results. This innovative tool enables meeting organizers to interact effectively with participants, and encourage collaboration among them. With Cultup, the process of organizing meetings becomes seamless, as it provides a platform that is easy to use and navigate. The use of Cultup results in enhanced workplace communication, as participants are more engaged and collaborative. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace. With Cultup, meeting organizers can rest assured that their meetings are optimized for maximum success.

Range Meetings

Run great team meetings
Facilitate a great meeting with a dynamic agenda that collects ad-hoc topics from everyone in the team. Use the attendee spinner to select who speaks when, increasing engagement and inclusion. Easily facilitate engaging, inclusive meetings. Share notes, actions, and keep everyone in the loop.


Transforming Video Conferencing
Session is a Video conferencing and management tool that is redefining hybrid communication with all collaboration tools being made available in a unified application. Using Sessions they can organize their meetings more efficiently with a clear agenda and with the correct tools and materials needed without the hassle of jumping from app to app. They offer a vast variety of features such as – the ability to select an interactive agenda and the app would embed the apps or documents required on its own for all key moments. With its unified structure, you do not have to rely on third-party applications to interact in meetings. All essential tools and software are directly present in the session window and are easily accessible. One of their most beneficial features is that they provide opportunities for real-time collaborations with interactive tools like questions, reactions, polls etc. These interactive choices help in improving the engagement within the team and improve the quality of the discussion. They also have integrated all the essential apps that come in handy in meetings into the application itself such as Google Docs, Canva, Vimeo, etc.


Let recipients book a meeting in a single click
Meeting scheduling can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to internal and external meetings. This tool is designed to revolutionize this process, streamlining it so that businesses can focus their attention on growth. This all-in-one solution makes meeting booking easier, faster and less of a hassle. To add to this, this routing feature automatically sends booked meetings to the right person, taking the guesswork out of the equation. By providing a comprehensive approach to meeting scheduling, tool can help businesses to maximize their time and reach their desired objectives.


Demonstrate your familiarity with the people at every meeting
1Page is a user experience enhanced platform that enables you to get information on conversation starters, the person you're meeting, facts, and talking tips just minutes before every meeting. It eliminates the need of frantic last-minute searching. With 1Page, all of your calendars can be used to see current and future meetings. You can get notifications before and after meetings to help you prepare and take notes. If you forget to take transcripts the next time you visit the webpage, you can do so then. With a single click, you can join an online meeting or phone into a bridge in seconds. You can make notes that are only accessible to you before, during, and after meetings. You can access the agenda and your notes for the forthcoming meeting. With the information supplied, you can demonstrate that you are familiar with the attendees and discuss locations they've visited, worked, or studied. Without seeking for them, you can scan through social accounts for talking points. You can check your notes from previous meetings if you've met them previously.


Your space, Your call
Create a virtual space to meet, chat, and play with your favorite people. Search for images with a Search Block, right inside the space. Arrange as many as you want on the canvas.

sKreen AI

Host virtual meetings and live sessions on the go
sKreen AI is an advanced virtual meeting and conference hub, that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to ease out the user experience and complexities related to online interaction. Meeting coordinators can depend on the software to host, monetise and join professional meetings from different parts of the globe. They can also enable live chat functionality within scheduled videos and meetings to enhance the interactivity levels between attendees in real-time. Businesses, searching for an appropriate platform where they can host webinars, online training, audio conferences, live sessions and podcasts are greatly benefitted by sKreen AI. They can even book a separate virtual conference room with adequate entry rules, in order to abide by the confidentiality levels of a particular meeting. Other beneficial features include a quick language switcher, private meetings, screen sharing options, group chat, meeting history, record meetings and real-time file sharing.


Make every meeting productive
Shepherd helps companies and teams bring structure and precision to meetings, in an easy and collaborative way. The Future of Work is bright. An all-in-one meetings tool, bringing structure and precision to every meeting.


Asynchronous Meetings for Remote Work
Introducing minutes – the new communication tool that makes it easy to connect with team no matter where they are in the world. With minutes, can save time and energy by staying in sync with colleagues quickly and effectively. Enjoy the convenience of engaging with both voice and video calls - no more worrying about scheduling conference calls between multiple time zones. Minutes leverages the power of these advanced calling systems to give a seamless experience that's both efficient and professional. Enjoy crystal-clear calls, every time. Experience easy-to-use collaboration features that allow to share content, including documents, images and voice recordings. Also, stay productive with the ability to join and manage meetings on the go. . Minutes ensures that every conversation remains secure and private, providing complete peace of mind.


Improve your daily meetings in different teams
yowork is here to help. The streamlined user interface allows everyone in the team to quickly make decisions collaboratively while having full control over the design process. Whether the teams are working on-premise or remotely, yowork makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with others across multiple workstreams. The key features of yowork include meeting sync capabilities, which bring together all agenda items from previous meetings into one convenient location - no more searching for old notes! This helps keep everyone on track during the next meeting and makes sure that nothing important is left behind. Additionally, user can delegate task assignments within the platform so everyone knows what they need to do before the next meeting. Finally, yowork allows for a humanized way of collaborating on projects with efficient real-time communication and collaboration tools like chat, conferencing, and file sharing. This helps break down barriers between colleagues and provides an easier way for remote team members to stay connected with one another.So if they were looking for a reliable and robust program that will bring collaborative success to the teams regardless of their location or project objectives, look no further than yowork.


Meeting Management Solution for your Board
Beenote is a governance meeting management tool for the board, executive, and team. Prepare a clear and effective collaborative agenda for successful meetings with a pre-built agenda template. Automate your agenda planning process. Save time in writing by automatically generating minutes of meeting that you can easily print or share by email. During a meeting or afterward, Beenote allows you to assign, monitor, and accomplish tasks and see the tangible results of your actions in order to successfully carry out your team projects.


Create your first standup in seconds.
Asynchronous standups for remote teams Keep user distributed teams in sync by automatically collecting status updates directly in Slack. Users can create their first team standup in minutes. StandupWizard automates the status check-in process for your entire team. No matter how the user's distributed team is set up, StandupWizard has what users need to ensure team collaboration and communication never slows down.

Instant Meet

Take Back Control of Professional Life with Instant Meet App today!
Introducing Instant Meet App- the perfect solution for professionals searching for a convenient and secure way to schedule meetings. Instantly streamline the virtual check-ins with colleagues, clients, and partners by using Instant Meet App's /meet command. The effortless user experience of the app allows to break free from the hassle of email tag while giving total control over the meeting preferences. Instant Meet App also provides unique features such as customizable themes, calendar organization capabilities, robust audio/video technology, and artificial intelligence-driven analytics to help make the most out of every meeting. Additionally, this advanced security measures guarantee that the data is kept safe, allowing to meet confidently online knowing the information is protected.


Invite others to your next meeting
Impress the person scheduling a meeting with you by saving them the hassle of switching tabs to check their own calendar. Schedulr allows anyone to overlay their own calendar to instantly find times that you're both available. All without signing up. Create event types that are the exact length you need them to be to the minute.

Shardings Meet

Enables effective workshop planning online
Shardings Meet is a video conference management platform that can be used to conduct online workshops for professionals. With a token system, the platform makes the process of video conferencing seamless. It also provides a wide range of tools to keep the professional meetings rolling. Further, Shardings Meet also helps users to keep the questions, polls, speeches and breakout rooms ready for an important meeting. Offering a quick-as-wind interface, Shardings Meet helps coordinators create rooms for video conferences in five minutes. In the most real virtual way, the platform helps professionals make the best of video conferencing. Coordinators can also activate systematic built-in agendas using Shardings Meet. Furthermore, the live-like virtual queues are offered here to liven things up for them. From hospitals, salons, educational centres to financial institutes and automotive service providers, everyone can trust this platform for their day to day business. Organisations can allow up to 300 attendees per session over meeting links, without even making the latter login.


Look professional on Zoom with Warmly
Warmly is a user experience enhancement platform that enables you to create a lasting first impression and eliminates the need of small chats on our video meetings with a virtual backdrop business card. It assists you make a business card for yourself that can make your team stand out. With Warmly, you can begin every Zoom meeting with a discussion starter: your digital business card. You can get detailed background on everyone after, during, and before your meetings. With business card backdrops and fast information on everyone you're meeting with, you can have better meetings. With a customized Virtual Business Card that functions as an instant ice breaker on calls, you can have 2x better meetings. You can add the corporate logos of your prospects and customers over your shoulder with a simple click using Warmly. You can make your team look more professional with a virtual uniform. You can mix and match backgrounds, logos, and more. You can always stay prepared and pre-planned for meetings with quick insights synced right on your calendar using the Warmly platform.


Maximize the productivity of your meetings
Focus on having efficient conversations while recording all the details and automatically writing accurate meeting notes. Reduce the time spent writing meeting minutes, recalling what was discussed and having separate debrief calls with those that could not participate in the meeting. Remove knowledge barriers and keep your team always up to date by sharing meeting highlights and recordings.


Notes, Tasks, and Meetings on Google Chrome and Meet!
Loopin is an innovative productivity platform that simplifies the daily tasks of staying organized and in control. Loopin helps you stay productive by transforming your calendar into a centralized workspace, designed to manage all your day-to-day tasks accurately. Because Loopin understands the importance of follow-up, it’s equipped with features that ensure meeting outcomes and notes are always kept in their respective places. Meeting notes are auto-connected for all meetings and can be sent via email, Slack, or Notion workspace – so communication remains clear and understandable for everyone on the team or project. Its simplified interface provides users with enhanced visibility, clarity, and control over their daily tasks – giving them more free time to do what they love. Leverage Loopin’s superior organization benefits and take charge of your efficiency today!

on pre-call research every week
With, you can log in at 1:59 PM for your 2 PM meeting and be prepared like for a TED talk. See attendees' company details, relevant CRM notes, and linkedin activity. All inside of Zoom or Google Meet.No additional data provider needed. Rich and relevant insights about your attendees. Focus on selling and stop switching between a note taking tool and your prospect's website. Use our shortcuts to pull up Intro once you join a meeting. No more tab switching. Always get a full picture of your prospects.

ACE Meetings

The Calendar that Earns You Coins
Put an end to complicated scheduling. Manage meetings and appointments without any hassle: send the link, find the best time to meet, and book the call that’s it. It takes less than 5 minutes to lay down scheduling preferences. Share personal link or embed it directly on website. The call’s details get automatically added to both calendars. Embed calendar, get a custom domain for calendar, use templates to style calendar.

Cloud-based Collection of the essential tools need to run the company on EOS
Ninety is a revolutionary cloud-based software providing small to mid-sized companies with the core tools needed to grow and thrive. Ninety’s platform integrates data, processes and people into one comprehensive system, so you can achieve your short- and long-term goals while accelerating your company’s vision.


Permanent meeting URLs
Personalize and share permanent meeting URLs. Use any video conferencing platforms. Meeting links can be from Zoom, Webex, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Your meeting spot URL never changes so it’s easy to share and add to calendar invites. Share and bookmark your meeting spot URL or add it to your calendar events.

Smart Standup

The smart way to sync
Smart Standup includes relevant links and suggests best writing practices for a more useful summary. Smart Standup reminds everyone to share their updates. Comment, react, and unblock others with ease. Smart Standup tracks accomplishments across the tools you use. Review and edit your summary before sending. Choose how often your team shares updates in Slack. Smart Standup adapts to your process.

Meeting Cost Calculator

Understand, analyze, and optimize your meeting culture.
If the customer tired of wasting time and resources on meetings that never seem to produce any measurable outcomes? With Meeting Cost Calculator, can finally find out the real cost of organizing a meeting, and understand if it is truly worth it. This comprehensive tool provides detailed insights into meeting expenses, making it easier for organizers to step back and assess the true value it will add to their organization, and identify the success metrics that will result from it. By providing calculated, data-driven insights into potential costs, Meeting Cost Calculator allows professionals to make informed decisions about their meetings, while helping to increase organizational efficiency in the long-term. On top of that, Meeting Cost Calculator allows organizers to understand their overall meeting culture by providing organizational-wide metrics. This allows professionals to make informed decisions about the value their meetings will bring, and allows them to influence the meeting culture within their organization. With Meeting Cost Calculator, will never waste another minute or penny on meetings with unmeasurable outcomes.


Where the teams get together
Dive is a user engagement platform that fosters culture, strengthens human connections, and increases employee engagement in a remote company. It enables you to hang out, play games, have important discussions, and have enjoyable adventures together, on a video session. With Dive, you can customize team-building activities and games to boost remote employee engagement. You can boost collaboration, connection, and team morale among employees while having a lot of fun. You don't only provide a location for casual hangouts with Dive; you also establish a united culture where co-workers interact, feel connected, and appreciated. With Dive's high-quality audio and video platform, you can make your team meetings more interesting and dynamic. You can play games, send emojis, sounds, and gifs to your colleagues, and set Rituals for a weekly dose of fun using Dive rooms. You can schedule a hangout session with Rituals at any moment throughout the week. You can also examine your position and confront your colleagues’ using scoreboards with Dive. Additionally, the platform allows you to connect with Slack more quickly and easily for better collaboration.


A Collaborative Meeting Software
Hypercontext (previously Soapbox) is a platform used to streamline objectives, meetings, and morale into one workflow. The software offers customizable meeting agendas for your one-on-ones, team meetings and other recurring meetings. Take meeting minutes right within your agenda and gain insights with real-time employee feedback to measure meeting effectiveness in minutes. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Green, private and simple videoconferences
Crewdle is an advanced video conferencing software that enables you to host video chats and video conferences with your employees, colleagues, friends, and clients. It offers you a user-friendly interface with a large variety of simple and useful functionality for hosting high quality video meetings. With Crewdle, you can create your own personal meeting space by creating your personal ID. You'll obtain a short URL with your personal ID, which you can share with others so they can reach you fast. You can meet your contacts in your customised room or join someone else’s room with a single touch. You can host new online meetings quickly and effortlessly from your dashboard. Crewdle lets you record your meetings and simply share it with attendees afterward so they can watch it at their leisure. You can invite additional attendees using active links that can open the virtual conferencing room in a browser or in iOS or Android mobile apps. Additionally, the video and audio are stored in the Crewdle cloud, and the files can be viewed in a browser.


One-click voice chat rooms & screenshare
Talkie is a virtual workspace for remote teams, Where hybrid & remote teams can communicate & collaborate effortlessly in a click. Talkie eliminates meeting links, tabbing over different channels & elevates presence, to give distributed teams the flow of working in person. It integrates with Slack, and Google Calender.


Topic-first meetings for teams
Remeet - Rewire your distributed team’s communication channels for maximum productivity with a fundamentally new approach to meetings. Many meeting-related rituals are nothing more than bandaids that we use to patch meetings’ faulty, backward nature.


Plan Meetings in Minutes
Flows software is a platform used to create efficient and engaging meetings. The software offers a meeting planner, that implements a workshop planning framework and Facilitation dashboard to check the agenda. Set time for the planned activity and measure the progress via dedicated dashboard for participants. It integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.


Schedule meeting directly from google calendar
Meeting booster is powerful management system that is cloud based that minimized the time frame but maximizes the productivity of every meeting. The best thing is meeting booster is integrated with MS Outlook it provides secure efficient tools for scheduling the meetings. Meeting booster by using the management systems tries to deliver you smooth scheduling, execution and archiving options. G mail is becoming the easiest way for most of the enterprises for e mail solutions for that meeting booster has a powerful Widget that allows you to schedule or modify meetings directly from the Google calendar. It has features like it provides uncountable meeting’s, unlimited guests, unlimited meeting series and many more. MeetingBooster also allows you to due dates, priority, and even manage cross-meeting projects. Key features that MeetingBooster provides you is Agenda editor, notecard, meeting minutes, task managements, integrations, feature lists etc. meeting booster is suitable for every business that conducts meetings on ordinary basis. It provides attendance tracker facility also. MeetingBooster has both premium plan as well as custom plan and no major difference is noted in both plans the premium plans have slightly more features then the custom one.

Map Your Meetings
Find what’s important in video meetings fast. Gistify uses artificial intelligence to help get the most out of your recordings. Using patent-pending technologies, the Gistify service allows to transform audio and video into a new, visual experience, creating an interactive tool that saves time. Take advantage of recorded meetings and let us take the notes so can be more present.


Accurate daily standup
Start day with an accurate report of daily activities from the last 24 hours across a number of supported platforms. An automated visual report posted to the team's standup channel. Autostandup is generated from a number of 3rd party tools used daily by developers. The first thing need to do is create an account. Sign up using email, username and password. Next, put autostandup into use. Go to configuration page under username at the top right. There will find a list of app integrations. Activate the apps use on a daily basis and authorise account.


Productive and meaningful meetings, every time
Smart agendas can help teams make decisions and take action quickly and efficiently. These agendas are multi-player, allowing multiple people to collaborate and discuss their ideas. They also integrate with your favorite calendar, making it easier to plan and hold meetings. Automation tools can help streamline the process of preparing for a meeting, giving teams more time to focus on the task at hand. Once a meeting starts, teams can use structured agendas to capture all outcomes and next steps. This helps promote accountability and ensure that everyone is on the same page. The agendas also help to link intention to action, ensuring that the meeting is not just a waste of time. Smart agendas can help teams to make the most of their time and be productive.


Meetings Software for Needs
Planist software is an integrated meeting scheduling system based on block chain. The software offers tools to customize logo, URL, and manage created events based on rules and exceptions. Access calendars to find the available times and make payments via popular gateways.


Manage Meetings and Events in Minutes
MeetingBest is a platform used to digitize meeting event management processes in real-time. The software offers complex approval flow tools results and record event details via SMS/mail/PC version/mobile terminal. Measure the cost details and review process of meetings to automate workflows. Medium and Large Enterprises make use of the software.

Manage your meetings from anywhere is an all-in-one solution for meeting management that handles the entire meeting lifecycle. It easily & intelligently captures and retrieves information, transforming your meeting content into knowledge assets. When you’re on business trips or working remotely, communication with your team can suffer. Being able to look at all your collaboration apps in one place helps make staying in touch easier. Keep all of your important notes, files, and documents safely stored in the cloud where you can quickly retrieve them at any time.


Manage Meetings for Agile Teams
Parabol software is a platform used to track online meetings with a purpose-built tool. The software offers a retrospective meeting tool to collaborate with your team and can collect feedback in minutes. Add the Slack integration to your Parabol team to notify teammates to manage meeting summaries. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


Group Meeting Scheduling Solved
Connecting with your contacts and their calendars no matter if they use Google or Microsoft calendar allows for sharing availability and faster meeting booking than ever before. Simply select contacts or teams to meet with and decide who is a required participant or is an optional attendee.Taggg then automatically crosschecks all calendars of your connected contacts and invites the others to share their availability with the group. No voting or polls needed.


Makes Meetings Easy
Minute helps you capture decisions taken and actions defined, and ensures that you follow-up on them at the next meeting. Minute allows all participants to collaboratively compose the agenda, and that just makes for a more efficient meeting. Minute shows only one version of a meeting document – the latest one. When you update the document, everyone has the latest version. Minute allows you to organize a meeting where everyone arrives well-prepared. That allows you to have less lengthy meetings, and be more efficient.


Create power-packed and purpose-filled meetings in an instant
Mindup as an innovative platform delivers a plethora of powerful services, enabling businesses to organise productive meetings as per convenience. The services offered with this platform are relied upon by companies like Zoom, Coursera, Google, Hyatt, The Ritz London, GoDaddy, and more. With exceptional features delivered expertly, Mindmap makes meetings more energising and purpose-driven at the same time. A topic-centric approach lets team members prepare specific topics ahead of time and share notes to update everyone on the meeting's contents. Mindup also enables users to assign tasks within a scheduled meeting to save time by adding action items. Moreover, the platform offers a vast library of numerous templates that fit any and all styles of meetings like 1-on-1, team meetings, client agenda discussions, sprint planning, etc. Seamless integration with a number of top third-party applications like Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft 365, etc. facilitates enhanced communication.

Fantastical Scheduling

Calls and meetings organizer
Fantastical Scheduling is a tool for managing meetings. They understand what a good user experience should be because they are also users. Please inform the user if they are dissatisfied or frustrated with anything. With years of experience working on a variety of well-known apps, they hope that their knowledge and enthusiasm shine through in everything they produce. Fantastical makes it simple for others to set up meetings with you. Set up your availability and send out a link. They choose a date and time, and you're ready to go. Based on your existing calendar events, Openings will automatically block off slots. Fantastical lets you view your invitees' availability and helps you choose a time that works for everyone when scheduling an event with them. Even better, you can send your invitee multiple event proposals at different times and dates. Fantastical is built with a privacy-first philosophy in mind, which means it maintains as much personal information on your device as possible. The password for your account is stored securely on your device using Keychain and never leaves it. For further information, please see our privacy statement.


Manage meetings instantly
Zynq software is used to manage meetings for remote teams. The software offers zoom or hangouts as auto-added to every meeting you schedule Boost Productivity with timezones for optimal meeting times. Individuals, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


A meeting tools for teams
MeetMenu software is a Custom menu to start a meeting with one click. Create a team to share the management of a menu with others. It also supports Zoom meetings. The software supports laptop, smartphone, or tablet to manage meeting links that launch in a native app.


The next-gen video conferencing software
OpenMeet is a meeting management application where you can have free video conferencing within a room. It allows you and your component to view each other through a video call as it seems like a physical meeting room. This is a platform where a user can manage its meetings by just sharing the meeting link. The server can be used as a host that is on your cloud for extra privacy and security. OpenMeet is a user-friendly software platform that helps you streamline your meetings. You can engage with your team with customized branding for the meeting. You can schedule a meeting with your team and client members and make them join in a queue to chat with you. You can have your meetings visually by capturing and documenting all the things that are required in your meeting from beginning to end. It also provides a powerful set of tools that helps in empowering your colleagues and officials with simple and automated features that ensure that your meeting should run smoothly.


Attract more engagement in your virtual meetings and make them productive
Dory is an interactive platform, helping out enterprises make their meetings engaging and productive, using a comprehensive set of available tools and features. The software makes it easy for users to interact with their live audience based on the engaging Q&A sessions and live note taking facilities. Admins also get to prioritize the questions that their attendees want to hear the most. They can keep their audiences engaged with voting and live discussions. Dory lets users monitor the access rights of their private events and grant permission to attendees who belong to their custom email domain. The software even lets hosts allow their live audiences to generate queries in an anonymous way, eliminating the panic of asking questions. Further, users can jot down necessary notes during, before, and after a particular meeting. Dory empowers hosts to keep their meetings short and effective, ensuring adequate acknowledgement of shared thoughts.


Measure Team's Workflows with Meetings
RemoteWorkly software is a platform used to connect team with tasks, objectives and meetings. Collaborate with your team and can assign tasks to set timelines and measure the real-time progress. Manage meetings with agendas and send video messages to your team using the Slack bot for your stand ups. It integrates with Slack, Trello, Google Calendar, and more. Remote Teams, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


get an agile retrospective on your last project
TeamRetro is a tool that allows you to get a retrospective view on how your last project went. This agile retrospective meeting tool helps you ask and answer questions such as what went well, what went less well, what do we want to try next, and what puzzles us? TeamRetro provides a Start, Stop, Continue template to help you understand where your team should be focusing their time and resource when working on upcoming projects. This software also comes with a number of other techniques to help you understand how your project went, and how you can apply what you’ve learned from the successes and failures in this one to the next project you do. The Anchors and Engines technique uses the metaphor of a speedboat heading for its destination to identify what is holding people back from doing what they need to do (the anchors), and what is helping to move them forward (the engines). The Mad Sad Glad technique helps you understand the emotional state of the team.

SpeakUp Live

A Q&A tool for remote all-hands meetings
SpeakUp Live is an all hands meetings tool that makes it easy to field questions from your remote audience. Anyone can post a question or vote on questions. The meeting leader can easily see the top voted questions and answer them within the tool, or live in the meeting.


Collaboration tool for effective meeting management
Meetinch is a collaboration tool for effective meeting management that helps to plan, run, track, and schedule team meetings in the most productive way. Meetinch app combines all your past and future meeting agendas and notes, along with tasks and made decisions. Use the meeting agenda templates or create your own, so you never have to write the same meeting plan again.


Your conversational artificial Intelligence
AIRA is your Smart Meeting AI Assistance Tool that takes care of your online meetings and provides you with a transcript of your whole phone conversation. Syncs with both Microsoft 365 and Google Mail. Analyze meetings and suggest improvements, optimize sales, and drive sales pipeline. If you have a busy schedule and have a work atmosphere where you needed to take up online meetings, it becomes tedious to keep track of all these while creating specific meeting notes.

Retro Rabbit

Lightweight and Retrospective Slack-first Tool
Retro Rabbit is a slack tool to solve all common retrospective issues that teams can use to submit notes and receive honest feedback about their efforts anonymously. With the help of a single Slack command, users can save notes throughout the entire sprint of the project. The tool helps teams save about 30 minutes of set up and enables the team to start discussions right away. Team members can even upvote the most important discussion points to create actionable items. The tool is designed to be user-friendly with a simple design that aids productivity. With Asynchronous Retros, users do not have to remember the entire sprints. All they have to do is submit a note of retros and it will be accordingly collected. And with a single click, they can even load all the notes for an easy group review. With a simple pricing structure, users receive a pay-as-you-go model that charges them only for the active users.