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Are you looking for the best NPS software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you help teams take action from real-time feedback. These advanced solutions go beyond tracking user experience; they employ tools to actively consider user experience and is used to predict how likely a business will be able to maintain its current customers. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


The most used software for Field Marketing promotional activities
ZACsuite is the reference platform for the management of operational marketing from A to Z. ZACsuite allows you to choose the most congenial career path for you. Choose from the many features of ZACsuite to enhance your company's field marketing activities. The recruitment, selection and profiling of personnel are distinctive elements of your company. The ZACsuite tools allow you to monitor in real-time the work of the staff in the area: for example, you can geolocate access to the store and immediately check the outcome of each individual visit.


Build Response Rate with NPS
UserSpeaks software is a platform used to collect NPS and Customer Feedback. The software offers tools to create surveys and send over multiple channels via Email, SMS, WhatsApp and more. Gain insights with customer response using survey dashboard to automate workflows. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

HockeyStack Surveys

A Simple NPS Tool
HockeyStack Surveys software is a platform used to connect qualitative & quantitative data by creating surveys. The software offers tools to connect account and analyze your survey in minutes. Get responses and analyze their sessions to automate workflows. Marketers, Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


A world-class customer feedback system for customer-centric IT teams
CIOPulse is an internal customer feedback system designed for CIOs and IT Service Delivery Managers who want to foster a customer-centric culture. CIOPulse's short, responsive, touch-enabled surveys look beautiful on all your customers' devices. Track and compare Net Promoter Scores for team members, teams, departments, customer groups, individual projects and IT overall. Display customer feedback live, enabling your support staff to immediately see how their behavior impacts service quality.

finfo Engage

Send Business Messages In A Flash
finfo Engage provides opportunities for greater engagement and feedback with 3 powerful features. Remote working has risen in both popularity and necessity, but with it comes challenges that can impact employee productivity, collaboration, and overall satisfaction. Quickly and easily create and send SMS and Email campaigns to individuals or groups of employees. Send immediately or schedule a time that suits you. Pulse surveys are a way to measure your employee’s experience and happiness. In an emergency or when systems fail, communicating with your employees is a priority. Address this by preparing predefined messages and trigger words.


Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for employees
eNPS is a net promoter score collecting system designed specifically for gathering eNPS surveys. It enables you to send eNPS surveys to your employees by text message or email on a monthly or quarterly basis. eNPS ratings can be filtered by location, department, and management and you can send them as a text message or an email attachment. With eNPS, you can schedule surveys to be sent out to employees and maintain complete anonymity while conducting surveys. The answers to the surveys are provided on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 indicating severe improbability and 10 indicating extreme probability. You can send a totally anonymous eNPS survey to any group of your workers at a regular period that you select. You can then see a lucrative trend and forecast expensive churn before it starts. You can also use eNPS to receive a fast and automated read on how your employees are feeling. Additionally, you can search, create, list, and deactivate your workers using the platform’s API that employs token-based validation and is very easy to use.


Collect Actionable Feedback and Boost Customer Satisfaction with NPS
GrowthScore helps you identify your happy customers and drive reviews, referrals and testimonials. Send customized NPS surveys that mirror your brand identity. Collect invaluable feedback on a daily basis. Analyze real-time reports, monitor trends, identify happy customers and at-risk accounts. Utilize live insights and track NPS responses by channels, country, etc. Create automated workflows to request your satisfied customers to leave you a review on top review platforms, or ask them to join a referral program.


An Online Review Tool for Business
FeedbackLink software is a platform used to collect reviews and customer feedback with a feedback link. Set up custom survey questions for customers to route complaints to the channels. The NPS is a score to measure the customer loyalty to automate business workflows. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

Promoter Ninja

The most affordable NSP survey in the market
Promoter Ninja is a cloud-based NSP Software. You can just add some columns to the CSV you upload and will automatically create filters for you. See NPS differences by product, geography or any other property you define. Your customers will answer the NPS question in their native language. Add their preferred language to your CSV and Promoter Ninja will do the rest. Add your logo and pick your colours to customize your NPS survey e-mail within the Promoter Ninja app, no coding knowledge required.


High-impact insights delivered to access and improve NPS
Thermostat is a robust Net Promoter Score (NPS) software, which uses simple yet detailed surveys to offer an accurate view of projected business growth. Several prominent companies such as Warner Music Group, Chatkit, eHealth, etc. depend on this platform’s expertly delivered services. The softwares one question functionality helps businesses eliminate long surveys and extract accurate customer feedback in an efficient manner. With comprehensive reporting facilities, Thermostat offers clear cut insights and various filters to assure easy access to multiple analyses in an instant. Also, users can store significant data in one place for unlimited durations to gain insight into trends over the years. The software is built to specifically create reports on NPS, letting businesses improve their decision-making skills in a planned way. Furthermore, Thermostat lets users easily set up their emails to receive regular updates regarding the latest scores and feedbacks. All processes within the platform are AI-powered and easily customisable letting businesses define fields to add specific categories and display scores with detailed views.


Get your medical practice taken care of in an organised way with MedBridge
MedBridge is for healthcare professionals and institutions depending on robust education and innovative technology, helping them with evidence-based solutions on the go. At present, MedBridge is depended upon by 1500+ organizations and 200000+ healthcare professionals serving 20.5 million active patient programs at different parts of the globe. MedBridge with its inbuilt services turns out to be a one-stop solution for driving profitability, providing the best patient experience, offering standardised care as well as improving patient outcomes simultaneously. Further, with compliance training, accurate documentation and regulatory education, MetBridge helps organisations to get their ROI enhanced efficiently. Medical practitioners related to a variety of disciplines like physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, athletic training and speech-language pathology can depend on the software to get their work done. EMR integration, home exercise builder, live webinars, patient satisfaction, compliance training, certification prep programs are some of the intuitive features made available within MedBridge, which enables seamless outcomes.


Get the best ratings for your firm
ClearlyRated is a NPS platform that enables you to boost your internet reputation in order to help you stand out from the crowd. It assists B2B service providers in maximizing service quality and amplifying the voices of their most committed customers by using the Net Promoter Score. ClearlyRated is the only satisfaction survey product that is particularly intended to improve your company's reputation. It helps B2B service providers get the most out of their client experience surveys by using NPS to boost retention, increase accounts, attract new business, and enhance online reputation. It assists you in obtaining actionable customer feedback in order to better retain clients while standing out in the market by using client testimonies that establish confidence, as well as industry accolades for service quality. ClearlyRated assists you in gathering meaningful employee feedback in order to better retain employees while also offering crucial insights on how to make their workplaces more inclusive, egalitarian, and engaging for all employees, regardless of their identity. Additionally, the platform offers easy integrations with popular services for enhanced collaboration.

Monitor 24h customer satisfaction
The platform has ready-made templates and templates for these and other metrics. Textual Analysis automatically lists the most latent themes so that you can analyze in depth what your customers are saying about your company, brand or product. Use your brand's visual identity in online questionnaires, with custom colors and logos to drive representativeness and recognition. Build and serve multiple searches simultaneously to monitor multiple factors. Each business sector can enable different campaigns as needed.


Experience management software
SoluCX is a cloud-based NPS Software. You can distribute the results of specific groups with exclusive access to your employees. See which operations, groups, units or employees have the best and worst NPS. Refine your analysis by filtering by levels, touchpoints, journeys, intervals, channels, etc. SoluCX offers several online reports for you to monitor performance and extract fundamental analysis to leverage the experience that your company provides. Build specific dashboards for each level of your organization with the information most relevant to them.


Putting your customer feedback on autopilot
SatisMeter is a revolutionary, multi-channel platform that improves customer retention by collecting in-app feedback using the Net Promoter System. You would use it by asking it continously from every customer you have, with a first-time survey being timed at a moment where the customer already had a chance to fully experience the value of your product. You can use it after sales & support interactions, as a webinar & event feedback or after the user had an experience with a specific feature of your product.


Get deeper insights on customer behaviour with YesInsights
YesInsights is a simple one question and NPS survey generation platform that helps businesses grow. With this platform, a company can discover what matters the most to their customers, clients and prospects. Further, YesInsights also help businesses frame questions that they would like to ask individual customers and in return receive honest and actionable feedback. By utilising the various survey forms available on this platform, a company can directly deliver one to their customers’ inboxes and get a fast response. Moreover, YesInsights provides companies with adequate email surveys and website surveys. Also, this platform can be utilised to create one-click surveys that are painless to answer. YesInsights allow organisations to align around customer happiness and get feedback to enhance the overall engagement levels. Further, this one question survey platform can be used to capture and view responses in real-time take action accordingly. YesInsights makes it easy to survey visitors on a company’s website based on their behaviour. The analytics provided help companies to discover roadblocks and eventually eliminate them.

To an NPS survey tool and beyond
Promoter is an enterprise feedback management software used to capture customer feedback using the Net Promoter System. You can create a survey with ease and interact with your customers on a channel to get feedback with Promoter. You can also measure and analyze key segments of customer feedback to know how they feel and to predict behavior. Customer feedback can also be responded to, so as to improve and strengthen the existing relationship and developing a sense of trust and loyalty in the customer. Promoter’s easy-to-use dashboard with its impressive UI gives you the ability to manage and respond to customer feedbacks within the dashboard, without needing to switch back and forth between client emails. Its analytical tools help to filter NPS data by different variables – this provides an idea of your performance and helps understand your customer types. Promoter goes beyond just being a great NPS tool for survey as with it, you discover your ideal customer preferences so as to create more powerful marketing efforts that produce significantly better results in sales. Promoter’s trusted and complete solution will help users navigate through each phase of an optimum approach to Net Promoter, resulting in higher response rates, actionable customer feedback, accurate insights and a rapid customer-base growth.

Track your customer experience with is an intuitive Net Promoter Score tracker for E-shops and SAAS businesses. 10000+ brands use this platform to track segmented customer satisfaction. With a company can receive 100x more responses than the conventional surveys. According to statistics, only 3% to 5% of customers generally respond to a conventional survey. Unlike that, provides smart follow-ups and a super simple survey layout that can be used to optimise surveys and generate 40% to 60% response rates. With the automatically generated reports of this platform, based on the products ordered, the date of purchase, the number of orders placed, their geographical location and more, e-shops can monitor the satisfaction levels of individual customers. Also, helps businesses to increase conversion rates of their landing pages by embedding positive reviews. This platform’s advanced machine learning algorithms are capable of analysing the textual part of the responses that a shop gets. Thus allowing business owners to spot trends and identify potential issues on the go. Further, also helps individual businesses with the delivery rates, open rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates and bounce rates in real-time.


Utilise testimonials to advance over
Trustmary is a convenient platform for reviewing and utilising testimonials. It helps client organisations to curate multiple lead generation forms and even showcase the ones that portray a happy and satisfied customer base. These social proofs play an important role in garnering the trust of the website visitors that converts them into leads and then, eventually, to potential customers. Trustmary is a flexible portal when it comes to the type of CMS to work on and client companies have the liberty to implement the same on any given system. The analytic software identifies and categorises the best performing testimonials and also intimates the client user with suggestions of where to place these. Lead generation forms are again placed according to their performance hierarchy and Trustmary is a reliable platform to mark the best-performing ones. The relevant options include popups, basic forms and web chatbots. Trustmary further makes it increasingly convenient to compile and combine feedback and testimonials with an extensive library of pre-loaded templates.


Extract adequate market insights based on online surveys
Startquestion is an online survey and form generation platform that can be used to capture customer feedback, run employee evaluations and market research programs. Since enabling a good customer experience is an important attribute of any business organisation, it is essential that the particular emphasises thorough customer feedback. For that, Startquestion can be an appropriate tool. By utilising this platform, a company can measure NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT, CES and other metrics alike. Further, an organisation can use Startquestion to run a survey once, set up recurring surveys or collect transactional feedback. A company can also use this platform to easily gather employee insights at scale. Moreover, Startquestion offers usability surveys that help organisations improve the UX and inbuilt features of the websites, apps or products without any IT involvement. Also, the market research surveys provided by this platform enables companies to validate their products or services based on audience feedback. With more than 10 years of experience, the top-notch customer support of Startquestion helps companies to achieve the highest goals.