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OKR Software

Are you looking for the best OKR software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you increase efficiencies and speed of execution across all teams. These advanced solutions go beyond implementation; they employ tools to increase focus and transparency through real-time progress. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Helps you organise team events
Celebratio helps you organize team events in a simple and efficient way, letting you spend more time on your important tasks. Engage your team on a more personal level by organizing personal celebrations. Buy a gift, e-card, or just send a wishing well. Happy people make long-lasting relationships. Create your vault of people, organize them in teams, and start organizing events with few clicks. Set the details for the event and get proposals for places and help to organize the agenda. Let celebration remove one more decision you have to make today and propose a place where your event can take place.


A Social Goal-Tracking Platform Useful For Tracking Personal Goals
Divuture helps in personal development by providing a tool for users to track all their goals in one place. It’s a tool that helps users to stay accountable and track the progress of their personal goals with actionable metrics and competitive collaboration. Users achieve more of their personal goals with a powerful toolset that encourages more real-life activity. With the tool, there’s less forgetting and ignoring. It provides a custom portfolio that helps users to manage their goals. Users can use the tool to join goals with their friends and discover new experiences, making it exciting and competitive. It comes with theme-based communities for like-minded goal-setters so that the process doesn’t seem difficult at all. With notifications and alerts, users can track their goals without missing out on anything. It also comes with features like analytics and social accountability, making it a great tool for goal chasers. With target-based tracking metrics, users know exactly what they have to do to achieve their goals.

Get control over your company goals
Organizations can benefit greatly from absolute visibility into the progress of their OKRs in real time. Through the use of analytics, members of the organization can easily see how their contributions are helping to move the organization forward, as well as the progress of the entire team. OKRs and Sub-Goals can be assigned to specific individuals to ensure everyone is on the same page with their responsibilities. Having a centralized platform for tracking the progress of OKRs helps to ensure that everyone is aware of their role and working towards the same goals. With absolute visibility, organizations can easily adjust their objectives and strategies as needed, and everyone can stay up to date on the status of their objectives.


The smartest way to track your team goal
FocusFH allows companies to track their yearly goals in a single place. During this shift to remote work, company leaders need more than ever to have clear visibility into the progress their teams are making. Teams across a company often track their goals in different places, leading to out-of-date information spread across internal sites, emails, and spreadsheets. With the additional friction of working remotely, knowing the current status of goals and encouraging ownership can become near-impossible. FocusFH resolved these problems.

goal-tracking app for online business
With, user can set, track and manage your online business goals. User can break down the goals into milestones, experiments, and tasks. User can focus on the crucial things with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines. User can also integrate with other online tools that they are already using.


Objectives and Key Results
The purpose of PureOKRs is to provide a tool that helps the user to keep track of the Objectives and Key Results. No more, no less. There are lots of OKR tools out there. However, most of them are unnecessary complex and make it difficult to maintain the elegant simplicity of the OKR methodology.


OKRs don't have to be mad science
Distilled provides teams with essential context and visibility when it comes to their business metrics, helping them make informed decisions that support their overarching strategy. This platform helps to track the goals and objectives, enabling users to quickly adapt plans to match the changing climate. They integrate data from multiple sources, so all the information they need is just a few clicks away. Plus, these sophisticated analytics allow users to monitor all these real-time metrics side-by-side in an intuitive dashboard view. Users can even see which plans are successful directly on Distilled’s system - meaning no more guesswork! With better insight into your company's metrics at hand, users can move forward confidently with whichever strategies anticipate the best outcomes for the team. Distilled provides a comprehensive suite of data support, giving the control and confidence they need to take on any challenge with ease. Invest in Distilled today - and discover a smarter way to drive success for the company.


OKR software for SaaS companies
Focus is the simplest OKR software for SaaS companies that turns your goals into results. Even when everyone is remote. Create transparency across your company by using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Apply Silicon Valley’s secret sauce and build a high-performing team to achieve new heights.


Track OKRs & Goals
TeamSuite, user can see the latest updates regarding the progress toward each goal. In addition, its simple dashboard makes it easier to grasp the progress in less than a second. Also, transparency is the key. Letting everyone look at the progress gives you more feedback to achieve more.


The Simplest OKR Tool
Manage personal & team goals easily with Zen OKR. Completely FREE for personal use. Objective & Key Results (OKR) is a simple system, so try our best to keep the design as simple as possible, so can focus on what's most important: achieving goals. Double-click on a Key Result to add notes, assign a member, or set a due date.


Modern Employee Engagement and Performance Software
OKR Goals, Weekly Check-ins, and Daily Stand-ups to help you build and maintain engaged, aligned and productive teams no matter where they are. keep your team focus, engaged and aligned with a simple objective. Individual weekly check-ins with your team members to clear roadblocks and coach your team. Keep track of what everyone's working on, what they've accomplished and what they will work on. Simplify direct reports and communication, and boost team morale and engagement right from Slack. Ensure performance management keeps up with the rapid speed of modern business through tight feedback loops with a simple framework for manager check-ins. Equip HR leadership with reliable and objective constant feedback and employee skills data to make informed and strategic decisions.


Scale Up using a unified Work Management and OKR Platform
ConectoHub is an OKR and business management platform that allows you to work more effectively and coordinate your efforts around ambitious objectives. It enables you to accomplish all of your strategic objectives and strategies for growth and revenue goals on the same platform. With ConectoHub, you can schedule a job to repeat annually, monthly, weekly, or daily, or you can specify the frequency with which you want a task to recur. You can arrange jobs with several stages by dividing them down into smaller operations. You can create your teams, then give them tasks, projects, or set goals for them. You can set deadlines and never miss out on updates and changes with mobile, in-app, and email alerts. Users can quickly manage their projects using the list view. With advanced search, you can locate any tag, task, team, project, team, or person in your workspace. You can employ best practices and save time by using custom templates. Additionally, the platform offers Kanban board for visualizing workflows, managing procedures, and keeping track of your workload.


Less Hustle, More Focus
Reach your personal and professional goals, skyrocket your productivity, and stay on track to success. Our goals planner is built on simplicity, effectivity, and tangible progress. Your objectives are in-depth and clear descriptions of what you’d like to achieve. Your objectives should be ambitious, short, and engaging enough to stay motivated. Your key results are the measurements that you’ll use to track the progress and success of your objectives. You should typically have an average of three to five key results for each objective.


Transform your decision making
The Alignment Strategy Platform helps teams to collaborate and leverage proven frameworks to make the right decisions. Collaborative voting within all frameworks helps float the best ideas to the top of the list. Invite teammates or customers to share their input. Access frameworks from any device and keep the brainstorm alive well after the meeting. Built-in coaching to teach your team how to leverage each framework. Share notes, details, and updates with embedded notes feature. The Alignment Leadership Platform enables teams to leverage proven strategic frameworks to make brilliant business decisions and execute remarkable outcomes. This management methodology aims to "ensure that the company focuses efforts on the same important issues throughout the organization" and it is credited for Google’s success in product development.


OKR software for SaaS companies
SmartOKR is the simplest OKR software for SaaS companies that turns goals into results. Even when everyone is remote. Align team around objectives to achieve better results. Get OKRs out of spreadsheets. Create transparency across company by using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Apply Silicon Valley’s secret sauce and build a high-performing team to achieve new heights.


Zero learning curve OKR software
What sets us apart from the competition is simplicity. While other competitors claim they can do it all, are the only solution that focuses solely on OKRs and goals. OKRstudio is as simple as Google sheets and yet as powerful as Tesla. They reengineered solution from the ground up to offer the maximum of simplicity and orientation on the goals that matter.

Kazoo OKR

The foundation for high performance
Empower everyone to set goals or objectives and key results (OKRs) aligned with larger, company-wide initiatives. Easily create goals across all levels, including individual, team, department, and company. Add one or more measurable result including percentage complete, yes/no, or a specific target and a due date. Collaborate on shared goals within or across teams, and align goals across functional groups and organizational levels.


Map your goals and increase your own accountability
Stratagem enables users to map their professional and entrepreneurial career ambitions to increase their own accountability. Users can validate their goals and connect them, and even track their progress. This helps them to lay out their targets concisely and improve their workforce regularly. With Stratagem, one can receive personalized reminders each day, and stay updated to achieve goals in a genuine manner. Users can keep in touch with the support team of the application and monitor their own performance. The software enables users to gain private access and form communication channels with a remote community of people who are dedicated to remaining accountable to their professional as well as personal goals. Stratagem helps individuals to plan, strategize, visualize and implement their short and long term goals. Users can also explain their goals and targets concisely and relate with them to boost productivity. It is beneficial for professionals who want to achieve their deadlines by creating small and easy-to-accomplish tasks, instead of setting huge and hectic ones, that often gets difficult to carry out.


Improve performance of your business
Unlock:OKR is a highly regarded and award-winning provider of OKR. With a unique combination of straightforward software and advising, we've gained this reputation by reducing implementation times, reducing complexity, and maximizing results. Unlock:OKR contains everything your company requires to begin achieving its most important objectives. Within 30 days, you may start reaping the benefits of a disciplined execution framework thanks to straightforward software, user-based dashboards, and white-glove onboarding programs. Unlock:OKR is a powerful set of tools that easily connect goals and objectives to appropriate team members, resulting in alignment from the CEO to the intern. Nothing is a priority when everything is a priority. With ingenious tools that let employees distinguish between projects, KPIs, and daring goals, Unlock:OKR assist tackle this widespread problem. Combining the OKR framework's key tenets with Unlock's outstanding features, OKR transforms your endeavor from a quarterly planning session to a performance-driven operational system that propels your company forward.

Make your visions a reality
OKRS is an objective and result management software that enables its users to meet personal goals with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). The application provides its users with an easy-to-use interface and the users won’t require any prior experience to use OKRs. It comes with an effective dashboard that provides a digital insight of reports and other workings on a single screen along with the useful reminders that help the user to check their OKRs every week. The software enables freelancers and start-ups to track goals with a simple framework. Users can monitor and measure the progress and developments of a task assigned to them through the software. It provides users with reminders and notifications when a deadline or event is approaching. This application is helpful for meeting personal goals as well, such as setting fitness and health, and even career objectives. OKRs software is mainly suitable for freelancers, medium and small businesses.

Goals App

Build Better Teams with Goals
Goals App software is a platform used to manage team by with Goals. Customize Goals with points and can optimize team engagement. Points can be redeemed and can distribute Prizes to motivate your team to complete Goals. It integrates with Slack. It supports Mobile Android and iOS apps. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Easily Execute Goal Alignment, Performance Review and Employee Engagement
Normalyz is an online performance evaluation and employee engagement tool for organizations. It is built on the concept of OKR that stands for Objectives and Key Results. It can be used to create organizational structure and teams, define business objectives and key results associated with these objectives. The set objectives can be assigned as goals to each team and further to each employee. It can be used to track the performance on a real-time basis in terms of percentage completion at an organizational or team or even at the employee level. The tool makes the process of quarterly performance review simpler with easy availability of data at all employee, manager as well as organizational levels. Apart from performance reviews, Normalyz can also be used to manage projects and project teams effectively. Users can assign objectives, tasks, completion dates, and risks to each project and track progress as per timelines. The tool can effectively meet the requirements of organizations of all sizes.


Reach your business goals and Focus on what matters most
Give your team a pro-goal-achievement helper. Keep all your goals structured in one system. Choose the main goal to focus on. The system will help you not to lose it in routine. Each goal's progress can be edited easily. You can review current results, ask questions and add any information anytime. View your team's progress in a special tab. Approve or discuss any of your employee's results. Keep an eye on the progress of the entire company, a certain department or a separate employee. View your OKRs in each zone: risky, progressing or completed. Quickly explore who has minimal and maximum progress in your team. Don't miss any nessesarities! The system let you know about any changes and remind everyone about updates, reviews and all actions needed to be done. Give feedback or request feedback. Make it public or hidden, personal or anonymous.


Manage Business Goals in Minutes
Commonality software is a platform used to connect data from your APIs to automate workflows. The software offers tools to query data sources to track key business metrics to measure the performance of teams. Monitor the status of business goals. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


OKR Goal Management & Strategy Execution
OKRify is the perfect solution for accelerating growth in the organization. It helps link individual and team goals to the strategic objectives of the business for maximum success. By connecting directly with Salesforce, OKRify automatically tracks accurate progress on OKRs to enable identification of any risks and opportunities that may arise. This technology is easy to scale, allowing users to measure progress no matter the size or complexity of the operations. Each user in the organization can stay informed about their respective tasks and feel empowered by achieving clarified goals. OKRify takes the guesswork out of performance reviews too gain insight from concrete data analysis collected automatically from Salesforce on a one-off or recurring basis. Don’t settle for manual tracking and frustrating trial and error implementations use OKRify instead! This innovative solution facilitates streamlined implementation as well as individualized goal alignment in order to help ensure growth rate and enhance organizational effectiveness over time. Try it today and propel the business forward!


Team up at ease with Ricotta
Ricotta is an extremely convenient OKR software for building productive remote teams on Slack. It creates flexible working periods to enable operations that are not essentially synchronised. Asynchronous Daily Stand-ups is an intuitive tool available within that is used for organising teamwork on task boards and communicating with teammates effectively. Work meetings on virtual platforms for video conferencing can thus be avoided with these Stand-Ups that allow the team members to communicate according to their flexibility. As far as security is concerned, Ricotta is an end-to-end encrypted platform. This has also been mentioned by eminent clients time and again and thus, data is perfectly safe while being stored within. Further, Ricotta enables collaborative teamwork without having to exit Slack at all. This makes it extremely easy to implement. The Ricotta OKR Software allows business teams to focus on measurable goals, automate OKR management and increase employee engagement significantly.


Strategic and agile employee development
Talbit is a cloud-based service designed to capture and visualize employee development plans and goals. Talbit connects supervisors and employees in a new way, helping to improve communication and development or career path development. Talbit provides organizations an easy and modern platform to move towards a more open, inspiring, and goal-oriented working culture.


Get your OKR related issues sorted in an organised way
SugarOKR s an intuitive OKR management solution for teams helping them out with goal setting, tracking and monitoring. It helps teams to focus on goals that are of utmost relevance and matches the larger vision of the entire organisation. Admins rely on the particular to build trust and accountability, monitor employee wise and team-wise progress levels, besides keeping a track of the set OKRs. Also, SugarOKR lets them schedule OKRs for an entire year in advance and take measures accordingly. Moreover, the platform works in a seamless way, all the user need to do is create and monitor OKRs, build strong alignments and track performance as per need. Coordinators get to generate OKRs, assign them to individual teams, personalise the unit types, weightage & values and proceed to update them accordingly. The software also offers a bird’s eye view of each and every OKRs, enabling users to monitor their performance levels on the go. Admins can even utilise Sugar OKR to make comparisons between teams and departments alike.


Bring your teammates together with the power of OKR
Just3Things is a proven OKR software designed for teams to collaborate irrespective of their locations. OKR stands for objectives and key results and thus, Just3Things is a platform most suitable for modern business organisations. It allows businesses to strategise objectives and finalise common team goals by setting out a clear company vision. Clients are enabled to prioritise at most three company OKRs and Just3Things notifies them as soon as there are changes identified in these OKRs. Further, Just3Things provides a single platform for overviewing the performances of the OKRs employed and analysing their alignment network. The links between strategies and initiatives are also identified to incorporate detailed integrations. Further, every team is analysed individually to see what they are working on. This enhances responses to queries on productivity. Clear ownership of the OKRs and an audit of all updates is also curated by the software along with customised dashboards specially built for each OKR. Team members of the client organisation can receive updates about the OKRs they are interested in, along with their recorded responses in the form of comments and reactions.

OKR Stars

Reach goals and targets with the power to achieve them
OKRStars is a SaaS platform that provides its clients the right tools to achieve their Objectives and Key Results (OKR) to accelerate their performance while their people engagement is taken into consideration by Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition (CFR) service. It is an effective tool to measure and analyse talent and goals in an organization. The platform aims to combine all HR practices under one SaaS initiative. OKRStars has a plethora of experience in terms of dealing with clients with almost 500 organizations working with it. It specializes in Performance Management products and Talent Management products. It makes all the processes from onboarding to offboarding possible on one platform. The platform has made sure that third party integrations such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and many such organizational tools are possible with OKRStars’ framework. The process to implement an OKR framework in an organization is made easy by OKR coaches and meetings that help companies understand the use case and make suitable strategies to incorporate OKR in their workflow. Clients like Deloitte and Safran reap the benefits of the services provided by OKRStars.


Manage Goals for Business Needs
10xGoals is a simple OKR tool designed for start-ups and high-velocity teams who set ambitious goals. With 10XGoals, each individual can create their own goals and see how it aligns with the company goals. Teams can collaborate openly and ensure that everyone is working on goals that matter. Individuals and groups can effortlessly plan, prioritize, and measure tasks' performance with metrics. 10XGoals provides an ability to get real-time updates on objectives and eliminate follow-ups and reviews.

Datalligence OKR

Implement OKR Software
Datalligence OKR platform builds a performance culture for your teams that are small, large or a start-up. Track and measure progress with real-time data and visualise alignment. Get a clear focus on the OKRs that matters to the business. Prioritize and align the team to the organisation mission to boost productivity.


Stay Focused, Achieve Results with Objectives on Track
Tability is a powerful platform for managing team goals, objectives and OKRs. The AI-driven technology helps to set clear and measurable objectives, align teams, and connect outputs to outcomes. With weekly check-ins, can maintain the right sense of urgency and see true progress. Our dashboards provide a high-level view of company strategy, and allows to zoom in and see progress on specific dependencies. Tability also suggests measurable goals and OKRs for any of the objectives, and our reminders and check-ins help ensure accountability. Take control of the team's goals and objectives with Tability.


Transform organizational performance
Workteam is a comprehensive employee engagement solution. Beautifully visual tool for planning and tracking OKRs across individuals, departments, and teams. Let staff align their goals with the company's strategic objectives to ensure that all work is focused. Provide the ability for staff to plan and collaborate around key results to ensure outstanding outcomes. The staff performs best when coached effectively. Encourage productive coaching conversations around outcomes. Provide your employees with the clarity they need to set aligned and ambitious goals. When employees understand how what they do contributes to the organization's goals they feel more engaged. Facilitate coaching conversations between manager and their employees and watch their productivity and engagement soar.


A Performance Management tool
culture.easy software is a platform used to collect feedback for better communication workflows. The software offers tools to monitor proven company’s strategy on goal setting and key outcomes. The pre-built survey templates to collect employee experience and measure the performance review cycle. The Praise wall used to share appreciation with badges to represents your company’s values. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

Synergita OKR

Maximize Focus with Minimalist Tool
Synergita OKR is the simple, elegant solution to maximizing team productivity. This precise framework and deep research help user pinpoint exactly what matters most and reveals features, processes, or activities that drag down results. Achieve your goals and intentions an order of magnitude faster. The best part? Synergita puts the power into they and their team by focusing on objectives that are aligned with company objectives. Become an effective doer – without getting trapped in complex solutions. Not every process requires a lengthy project plan! Synergita OKR solves the tricky equation of effectiveness without sacrificing efficiency. There’s no guesswork involved: the data-driven approach ensures efficient resource utilization while preserving task focus at all times. Take control of your tasks with Synergita-OKRs trusted data-driven analysis platform. So give yourself time to lead and relax as our software reviews hundreds of details at once!


The OKR software which catalyzes growth
Become one of them with JOP, the OKR software which catalyzes growth for business and people. Use OKRs to align cross functional teams and create a high performance culture. Track real time progress, appraise performance all in one place. Performance benchmarks and pulse surveys to tune into the Voice of people. Foster a learning environment by driving ownership, accountability and collaboration. Have foresight on individual, team and company level progress and issues.

Corvisio OKR

Company management software dedicated for strategic performance management of the companies
Corvisio OKR is a company management software dedicated to strategic performance management of the companies as a whole. Additionally, strategic goal setting, job delegation and tracking the company performance are impactful tools of the software using machine learning and data analytics together with the experienced Customer Success Managers.


Manage creative work
Collaborative workflows for teams aligning on creative content, from kick-off to go-live. Brief, review and manage your assets, all in one place. Collect all comments and approvals in one place. Accessible to externals with just a link. Make feedback easy for everyone with precise annotations, emojis or video messages.


An adequate performance tracker for your remote teams
Mesh is an intuitive performance management portal for remote teams. Top-class brands across five continents are dependent on the particular to get their job done. The admins are enabled to accelerate growth based on simplified goals and active OKRs. They can also proceed with customised performance reviews, eliminating all types of bias and related stuff. 1:1 performance management skills available within Mesh are of great help, specifically, built over past conversations and personalised talking points. Timely recognition is easy, as employees no longer want to wait until the end of the assessment cycle. Designing pulse and prioritising individual voices is also quite a seamless task to accomplish. As Mesh helps organisations with various types of engagement surveys and configurable pulse from time to time. The software is completely secure, with a 99.9% uptime rate. Also, users are made available for quarterly access reviews, GDPR compliance, SOC1 and SOC2 compliance and AES 256 Data Encryption facilities.


A comprehensive platform for performance talks that enables your staff to accomplish meaningful results
huminos is a cloud-based platform that helps firms implement the OKR framework and increase employee performance. Huminos assists managers and employees in working together toward a similar business goal by focusing on outcomes and long-term goals. Huminos makes it simple to track progress and guarantee that everyone is on track with its strong tracking tools and insightful reports. For individuals who wish to be more productive and achieve their goals, huminos is the ideal tool. It interacts with popular productivity apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing you to remain on top of your OKRs without needing to check in on a regular basis. With huminos, you'll get regular updates on your progress and be able to act fast when necessary. It's even easier with huminos' in-built OKR training module, which allows users to quickly learn how to utilize the platform. Setting goals using huminos is simple and clear.In addition, huminos include a 1:1 meeting planner, dialogues and feedback, reflections and calibrations, pulse surveys, intelligent reporting, and more to guarantee that everyone is working toward a similar company goal.


Get hold of advanced OKR features to derive positive business outcomes
Fitbots as appropriate objectives and key results (OKR) management software helps companies set up and achieve measurable goals, besides tracking their outcomes accordingly. The software comes loaded with an on-demand OKR coach for writing high-quality OKRs. Apart from this, users can also get hold of a built-in OKRs academy and templates to streamline adequate writing patterns, saving a lot of time. Fitbots helps users to create an alignment within a team by offering intuitive metrics like cross-functionality and making it easy for members to achieve their common goals. It saves companies time and effort by facilitating seamless integration between multiple apps in a single place. With these integrations, users are allowed to get easy access to the required information, besides managing data flow efficiently. Fitbots empowers companies to proactively address risks, discuss progress and celebrate correct performance by providing them with adequate CFR data. The software is also compliant with ISO IEC 22301, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC and PCI DSS Level 1 security features, enabling proper data protection.


Mooncamp software is an All-in-one operating system to develop agile and purpose-driven teams. The software offers tools to increase productivity across your entire organization with goals and OKRs. Collaborate with teams and share progress updates and sentiment check-ins. It integrates with Slack, Microsoft Excel, OneLogin, and more. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


The best OKR management for you
Workpath is a leading corporate software solution for implementing strategies effectively that helps you succeed at every stage of the process, from agile goal setting with OKR through end-to-end ideas execution and results-oriented, holistic, and strategic management with results. The platform connects with the surrounding process and tool environment, connecting objectives, metrics, and projects while bringing people together around common aims which lead to increased attention, transparency, alignment, and agility throughout the company. With Workpath, you can set objectives with a laser focus on quantifiable outcomes, benefit from easy-to-use workflow interfaces that help teams avoid frequent blunder and avoid duplication of effort and misalignment by identifying synergies. It allows teams to align their duties with strategic objectives and outcomes. You can plan and track how operative labour contributes to strategy implementation on a regular basis. Users can keep track of how well their goal-setting and execution procedures are doing and know what to do to keep them running smoothly. Workpath Analytics allows the strategy execution process to evolve over time. The platform offers a free demo.

OKR Software Solution with PDCA Approach is a software solution to help define Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) at every level of an organization. It is possible to intuitively define objectives and key results using the software. OKR templates are also available and the tool uses a wizard to guide users to define their objectives. OKRs can be aligned and set according to those of the respective employee's manager for the best possible focus. Users can also track the goals of their whole team and the alignments can also be reviewed using an alignment score. Profit uses the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) approach to organize user OKRs and tasks to help plan, execute, monitor, and correct course when needed. Users can view OKRs to monitor the various KPIs and carry out review meetings. There is also a newsfeed where users can get updates on new OKRs, completions, updates, schedule changes, and engage with their team using comments and likes.


Experience a result-driven work culture
Weekdone is an OKR software and coaching for SMBs. The main aim essentially is to ensure a results-driven company culture that necessarily focuses on objectives, key methods to attain them and the relevant results. The procedure begins with the creation of objectives and the team leaders are the ones to initiate this. This sets for the teams, a direction to work for and forward. Also, the objectives set can be either weekly, quarterly or yearly as per requirement. The objectives are all developed with key results (OKRs) that collectively provide the workforce with an idea of whatever they are working to achieve. Beginning with weekly plans is something most authorities tend to go with. This is because this attempt familiarises the employees with working routines as well as effective methods for productivity and time management. Also, designated OKR Coaches provides detailed help to company-specific leaders and teams, facilitating best practices.