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Are you looking for the best PR software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you measure the effectiveness of public relations campaigns. These advanced solutions go beyond data campaigns; they provide insight into traffic and engagement and those that are no. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Run YouTube Ads that really work
Videoplan is used to create hyper-targeted YouTube campaigns in minutes, and export them to Google Ads. Use the YouTube API's advanced search features to find the exact videos that your target customers are watching. Videoplan lets you monitor particular words and phrases for new videos, and target them with ads. The campaign builder lets you easily build large-scale, finely-targeted campaigns, and upload them straight into Google Ads.

Code ownership, automated
CODEOWNERS allows user to quickly identify the true owners of a file in the code base, which can help streamline communication between teams. By having a clear understanding of code ownership, user can more easily keep track of team's engineering knowledge and update code coverage as organization grows and changes.


Driving insightful PR
The Looqme is a cohesive PR campaign aimed at building a positive brand image for your enterprise or organisation. To deliver on this objective, Looqme employs a vast cross-section of tools, ranging from monitoring the internet, social networks, radio, TV and press for trends, setting the tone of your PR initiative according to these trends and then measuring success periodically using analytics insights as well as qualitative and quantitative indicators. Looqme uses real data to serve as the foundation of any PR campaign. Insights from content analysis focussed on understanding how your business or organisation is being covered and projected by the media and comparing it with image projection of your competitors. Promo campaigns analysis help you understand how a particular campaign performed in the public sphere. Finally, reputation analysis that evaluates how the actions of the top brass of any organisation are impacting its image. Looqme is an indispensable tool for PR professionals, marketing managers and political strategists.


Digital PR For Growth
Publicize has the digital resources user need to create a strong digital communications strategy. Their evaluation of business's long-term growth potential provides a clear roadmap for success. With the tactic-based subscription model and dashboard, user can control how we grow the online presence.

Cision Comms Cloud

A Complete Suite of Tools for PR
The Cision Comms Cloud is a comprehensive platform that enables to quickly and easily connect with the people who matter most to business. It enables to monitor and track conversations related to brand and provides powerful PR reporting tools to help measure the success of efforts.The Cision Comms Cloud can help create and share reports that show the impact of work in real-time. It delivers the insights need to prove the value of campaigns to stakeholders and executives. So, whether they were looking to build relationships, assess the success of PR efforts, or make sure they were reaching the right people, the Cision Comms Cloud has covered.


End bad pitches
OnePitch is a tool for PR and communication professionals. help find relevant journalists to pitch based on the story tell us. Identify the most relevant journalists to cover news using OnePitch Scores.


The platform that connects companies
Receive an advance preview of articles to be published in the press and position yourself as an expert to increase your media coverage. PressValue offers the opportunity to create a privileged relationship with journalists by offering expertise in writing their articles.


Grab everybody’s attention in just a few clicks!
Presshub is a Press Release management software that enables users to promote their products and services efficiently. One can identify the right journalists in the industry with Presshub’s advanced search tool, through relevant keyword searches. The application helps to start pitching right away after contacting a suitable journalist. Users can track communications, open rates, contact notes, and others. This AI-based software helps to find useful and updated articles by accessing success metrics. One can gather articles, including performance data and contact details of the author, and can even mark them as relevant or not useful. Presshub measures the user’s results and provides in-depth reports after each campaign, allowing users to compare their success with the available benchmarks. The application helps you send your press releases by populating contact lists. After pitching, users can access and monitor the number of clicks, views, and replies from the metrics generated.


Find Top Journalists From Around The World
Jona is an AI-powered media contact platform, a brainchild of a team of PR experts with over 10 years of individual experience each. A part of the larger, esteemed Promotehour family of companies, Jona was built with three fundamentals: affordability, accuracy and relevance.Explore media lists and find the best one for business. Warm up journalists using newly- acquired list. With the right jounralists receiving story, enjoy media coverage.

Covered Press

The Most Effective Way To Connect Journalists
Covered Press can help do just that. With easy to use Media Stack, they will be able to control the pitches and press releases receive from publicists. Plus, they will always know what stories and publications a journalist is working on. User can even pitch them and chat with them live to secure press. And the best part is, they will earn 60% of the revenue minus credit card and platform fees.

FuSeOn Link Affinity

Strategic Content Marketing and Link Building Tool
Fuseon Link Affinity is a content marketing tool that leverages machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for effective link building. Businesses can tap a network of bloggers and influencers, build content, and distribute it on the network. They can also promote existing content, obtain a high link authority, and boost their SEO rankings. Fuseon uses an advanced crawling system that scrapes through user websites to outreach potential link building partners. Users can also manage the publication or distribution in content marketing with a dedicated Link Relationship Management system. The underlying ML and AI capabilities calculate the thematic affinity of every prospect to recommend only the ones that can benefit users. FuseOn even monitors its own third-party content to ensure that they are in complete control. For every potential partner, the tool extracts their meta tags and text content before checking their visibility in Google.


Powerful Software to Create High Quality Content
Collaborator is the perfect solution for professionals who want to take their business to the next level. With this powerful software, can create high-quality content, promote it in the right channels, and attract new and interested audiences. Whether it’s through articles, websites, or Telegram channels, can use Collaborator to effectively promote business. This software helps maximize the power of quality content.The search-engine optimized articles will help reach the top of search engine results pages quickly and easily. The customer can also publish guest posts on high-quality sites, giving greater value and visibility. Furthermore, Collaborator lets to engage and interact with audience in a meaningful way. This software helps to create the best Telegram channels to meet the needs and target audience. With Collaborator, can send messages to the followers, respond to people, share images, and more.


A PressKit for Needs
PressKitHero software is a platform used to create a professional press kit for company. The software offers a list of published articles, blog posts or storys about your product or business. Collaborate with teams to add everyone involved in the company, their name, title and image. Publish your press releases in minutes. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


Deliver attractive pitches with a clear meaning via JustReachOut
JustReachOut is an all in one accurate PR and guidance providing tool that can be relied upon by industries to find and pitch ideas on the go. Companies can reach out to podcasters, bloggers or journalists alike, based on the specific reasons provided by the software on why an individual podcaster will be the most appropriate choice for their website. Further, JustReachOut’s professional editors provide adequate feedbacks from time to time, helping out users with their pitches accompanied by accurate revision tactics and strategies alike. Users can start rolling over with the software in three simple steps, all they need to do is generate a targeted list of influencers and journalists, get pitch specific responses based on the inbuilt outreach guidance and proceed forward with the pitch engine to start showcasing their PR outreach efforts. At present, more than 5000 fortune companies depend on JustReachOut to showcase their pitches and drive coverage accordingly.


Your personal PR assistant is here
Wizikey is a public relations and media monitoring tool that provides competitive analysis and media reach out to firms all around the globe. It streamlines PR operations at every stage, from recruiting reporters to reporting results for enhanced user experience. With Wizikey, you can keep track of media relationships and eliminate the need to go through hundreds of files and folders to find what you're looking for. It assists you in looking for new reporters by looking at the keywords they include in their reports. You can reach out to suitable reporters suggested by Wizikey’s AI engine to improve your media targeting and keep track of the metrics that matter. For reporting and optimization, you get a thorough real-time analysis of your campaigns with Wizikey. You can examine your story balance to determine target areas for future public relations operations. From a single platform, you can get news insights, media monitoring, competitor research, and international media distribution. Additionally, you can conduct competition research in new markets and locations and examine the brand narratives of your rivals.


Connects better with your brand’s influencers
Prezly is a cloud-based public relation software that helps brand owners make better connections with the influencers. The software is available in SaaS version as well and comes enhanced with several important PR features. You can create attractive influencer profiles and save their contact details. With the help of this software, you can also check if your contacts read your mails and at what time they replied. It has robust filtering options to help you extract the right contact among the pool of your social media influencers, media, bloggers, staff etc. Prezly enables you to custom make multimedia emails and customize bulk distribution. You can create SEO optimized virtual newsroom.