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Predictive Analytics Software

Are you looking for the best predictive analytics software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you analyze historical data patterns using data sets. These advanced solutions go beyond analysis; users cna use predictive analytics software to build decision models and plan for the best possible outcome. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Oracle Crystal Ball

Marshal Spread Sheet Application Software
Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based application for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. It gives unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk. With Crystal Ball, can make the right tactical decisions to reach objectives and gain a competitive edge under even the most uncertain market conditions. The Crystal Ball Solution Factory to access webcasts, tutorials, white papers, recorded demos, and more.


Run your business with confidence
Fluidly provides Intelligent Cashflow to help small businesses and their accountants sleep better at night. Cashflow forecasting has historically been a manual process carried out almost entirely in spreadsheets. Fluidly’s real-time software connects to your Xero or QuickBooks account and uses the data to automatically build a cash flow forecast in an easy-to-understand chart. They can match you with a range of lenders to find pre-qualified funding offers in seconds, with no commitment to proceed.

Element Analytics

Harmonize & Examine Industrial Data
Element Unify for AWS Quickly Realize More Value from Your Operational Data. Unify provides a comprehensive knowledge graph of all federated IT/OT metadata, enabling consumption by any data user or system whether on-prem or in the Cloud. Integrate and model OT/IT data with No-Code Data Pipelines.

Simple and Easy Predictive Analytics
Analyzr is the perfect solution for midmarket and enterprise customers who are dealing with B2B sales and marketing analytics challenges. It simplifies the process of using predictive analytics and machine learning for forecasting, optimizing customer journey processes, and personalization of content. With its comprehensive user interface, advanced data analysis capabilities, and easy-to-understand insights, Analyzr revolutionizes B2B sales and marketing decision making. Its intuitive navigation makes it easy to explore new features and tap into a variety of previously inaccessible information. As an added bonus, Analyzr surpasses industry standards when it comes to security and privacy measures. With efficient data management procedures in place, the customer can be sure that business' sensitive data remains secure at all times. So if the customer is looking for a top-notch predictive analytics platform that will take B2B sales and marketing efforts to the next level, Analyzr is the ideal choice!


Prevision marketing intelligence software
Hyllo turns marketing data into marketing and insights can't find anywhere else. Our Predictive Analytics platform is easy to integrate and delivers accurate metrics based on all omnichannel data. Hyllo allows quickly, easily, and automatically get offline conversion metrics to identify the best clients and measure the online ad spend ROI. Measure the offline impact of online marketing campaigns.


Build and Use AI Faster
Mage is a tool that helps you build, train, and place predictive models by transforming your data into predictions.With Mage, you can prepare and add data without any effort while it guides you through the process and gives suggestions, it explains how to understand and train your model in depth so that you know what your model is thinking, and it is easy to integrate the AI model with real time predictions of the analytics.There are quite a few benefits that users get using Mage. Some of these benefits include that it recommends users the product they need to buy, predicts which users will stop using the app and increases retention, calculates a user’s lifetime value and increases revenue, ranks the content on a user’s home feed increasing the user engagement, and matches users in a marketplace.Predict everything that’s most important to you and define your own goals, and get access to the power of AI without any AI experience with Mage’s variety of tools.


The first prediction as a service platform
EPICA is an all-in-one CDP, predictions and personalization in real-time providing a platform with democratized access to a machine learning prediction environment, that allows you to succeed in a data-driven society. It enables you to gather information from all feasible sources and combine it into a single customer view. With EPICA, you can recognize your target market and look for hidden trends in client behavior. You can influence essential operations in real time and provide outcomes using proprietary machine learning models. With EPICA’s painless installation procedure, you can easily integrate your present technological stack. Using a single API, you can make data collecting easier and detect patterns to forecast your customer's next action using extremely accurate estimations of their purchase intent. Users can discover each shopper's chances of making a purchase, or create their own audience to put the odds to the test (or product). In return for the data they contribute, you can give your consumers the tailored experience they expect. Additionally, you can deliver a consistent and immersive experience in your shop and/or marketing campaigns using EPICA.


Prevalent Analytics Platform
Carolina software allows users to execute a SAS program or to convert it to Java and Python. The resulting program can be further developed and maintained, deployed into a parallel framework (Hadoop, MPP, Java grid), or deployed into an operational environment (rules engine, database, CRM system).


High-precision forecasting platform
Verteego is a provider of customizable AI solutions to optimize your prices, promotions, inventory, assortment and resources. This evolution is largely in progress in the consumer applications use every day. AI is ubiquitous without us realizing it, helping us to simplify, organize, automate, etc. The forecasting applications that can be activated using the Verteego platform, which has called Synapps, have been designed to interface with your various existing IT systems and with each other. The templates allow you to launch applications without any pre-configuration and include incoming data to answer complex business questions in no time.

Neuron Soundware

Protecting Machines, Ensuring Better Business
Neuron soundware reshapes machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance. The powerful AI recognizes sound patterns in real time and provides unparalleled insight into how mechanical systems operate, so potential failures can be detected early.

Graphite Note

Data Predictions Made Simple
Graphite Note software is an Analytics tools used to analyze better business workflows. The software offers an AI template and Predictive Analytics algorithms on raw data to combine visuals and share insights with your team. Monitor model and share results with your team. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


In-memory real-time analytics processing platform for instant insights to action
InsightEdge powers real-time analytics on streaming data enriched with historical context to help your insight-driven organization address time-sensitive decisions enhancing business operations, regulatory compliance and customer experience. This edition of InsightEdge is 100% open source, supporting full cluster in a single region with basic management and security capabilities. This edition of InsightEdge is enterprise-grade including centralized management, advanced security features, multi-tier storage, site replication and multi-region deployment and redundancy.


Deliver smarter industrial operations
Falkonry is an Industrial Intelligence platform powered by AI that provides actionable data to plant operators so they can detect and fix problems before they have a negative effect on operations. It enables you to organize and monitor all of your process and operational data to get plant visibility. With Falkonry, you get real-time insight on problems with dependability, sustainability, and quality, whether they are known or unknown. You can learn new ways to deal with events and systemic problems on a regular basis. It enables vertical casting and hot rolling processes to benefit from predictive maintenance to boost uptime and production. You get continuous process monitoring for lyophilizers and isolators to improve production efficiency and product quality. Users get real-time evaluation of welds to decrease quality escapes while lowering inspection expenses along with a patented machine learning core that delivers real-time, actionable insights with explanations to help you make better choices. You can quickly identify the source of real-time operational difficulties and take immediate action. Additionally, you can get near-real-time condition assessment, machine learning analytics, and visualizations with Falkonry.

DMWay Analytics Engine

Prognostic analytics software for anyone
DMWay Analytics Engine is a Predictive Analytics Software that enables everyone in the organisation to construct useful predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms without the need for data science expertise. Non-scientists can now generate predictive analytics thanks to DMway, which does all the heavy work of complicated statistics and algorithmic equations for them. Companies and departments of all sizes may afford predictive analytics because to DMway's pricing. All you have to do now is upload your data file, select your preferred target, and you're good to go. With just three clicks, you may start the platform, which will do millions of complicated statistical calculations in the background, simulating the job of a professional data scientist. By the time you return from your coffee break, your algorithmic model will be ready for deployment. You can improve performance, boost growth, and impact your company's bottom line with DMWay. After data preparation, you get values and insights nearly instantly. You don't need any prior experience with prediction, data science, or machine learning to apply.

Intersect Labs

Create powerful data apps
Intersect Labs, is a comprehensive data app building software, helping organizations automate complex operations, import data and trigger actions based on prebuilt components. Admins can also customize the apps as per their requirements and deploy the same to their teams. A wide variety of functions such as data cleaning, sales report preparation, inventory management, forecast demand, etc can be executed effortlessly with the same. Powerful and easy-to-use building blocks offered by the software like, Transforms, Tables, Charts, Predictions, Comments, and Actions, help users compose their data app in real-time. App generation gets easy with an intuitive visual editor within the software teamed with custom python scripts and previewable updates. Members within large teams can easily collaborate with each other by sharing data apps within themselves. Thus ensuring consistency across the organization and maintaining provenance with audit logs and version controls. Moreover, the platform supports native integration with external source applications that accelerate the app development process.


Machine Learning in SQL
MindsDB is a predictive analytics platform that enables you to make predictions from tables in your database, then display them in your BI tool or App using ordinary SQL. It allows you to perform data pre-processing inside your database and use conventional SQL to input your data into a Machine Learning model. With MindsDB, you can create attractive representations of your forecasts to share with the whole workplace. It offers predictive data-driven experiences that help you achieve greater results. MindsDB can handle a wide range of complicated problems, simplifying your project and speeding up the model creation process with powerful automation while keeping your models flexible. It can also handle issues like Multivariate Time-Series that were previously impossible to address. Using the technologies your team currently uses, you can empower anybody in your business to apply predictive analytics with MindsDB. By adding predictions to your current dashboards, you can have access to a whole new level of information. Additionally, you can compare projections with your current tables or create a new table using the newly produced forecasts and your existing data.


Get to grips with your sales and production forecasts
PlanCaster assists you by combining ex-factory, market research and other external data to create demand forecasts. Trade promotion and marketing planning processes are embedded. Different (budget) scenarios can be created and compared. The demand planning process is automated. Only exceptions need to be solved manually. Plans are more accurate and take less time to complete. Automatically predict profit and turnover based on volume forecasts, pricing, discounts and cost rates.


Gain access to accurate business process forecast with Prevedere
Prevedere is a leading intelligent forecasting solution provider. Thus helping out businesses by combing relevant data from different parts of the world with its own predictive analytics portal, economic expertise and AI modelling facilities. Companies also get to proceed with their transformational planning techniques based on a predictive AI engine and global data repository offered by the software. They also gain access to 4million+ ‘model ready’ data sources related to industry and economic indicators, besides advanced and machine learning analytics to model out future business outcomes accordingly. Predictive economic models equipped with relevant forecasts helps executives and planners with their regular operations. Prevedere and its intuitive functionalities help businesses to get access to detailed metrics covering departments like finance, sales, marketing, operations and analytics. Automotive, retail, consumer goods. Private equity, manufacturing and travel & equity providers find the software an accurate one to streamline their regular operational needs.


A software for the energy industry for predictive analysis
GridCure is a software that performs predictive analytics. It recognises that even the most skilled utilities face difficulties in swiftly synthesising data into actionable insights and sharing critical discoveries across the organisation. It's a cloud-based alternative to on-premise data analytics that provides advanced operational insight to any user, regardless of where they or the systems of record are situated. GridCure solutions have no impact on the reliability of operational systems of record and never will. It securely gathers and cleanses data, as well as performing multilayer big data analysis. It also generates clear and intuitive dashboards and recommends actionable findings. GridCure's encrypted drag-and-drop data intake for proof-of-concept demonstrations, as well as powerful continuous automated ingest systems, make managing and integrating data at scale simple, while avoiding any influence on operating systems. You also get a blink module that shows all necessary information regarding metre blinks on your network, allowing you to match these blinks to outage occurrences and diagnose client concerns fast.


Leading Prescriptive Analytics & Predictive Analytics Software
Emcien gives you clear action items inside your apps and systems to continuously improve outcomes. The individual factors that are most influential and appear most frequently across business rules are the outcome’s “drivers.” Drivers are factors that have a big impact on an outcome. They’re valuable because if you change something about a driver, you can make big improvements to its outcome. EmcienPatterns uses the business rules it identifies to accurately predict an outcome like customer churn, delayed deliveries, customer value, and more.


Have predictive intelligence in minutes
Monument is a no-code predictive intelligence software that facilitates high-productivity on your PC or in the cloud for you and your whole team using its smart tools and features. It enables you to compare various models in minutes, examine the results, and implement your findings. At each stage of the procedure, Monument generates clear reports automatically. You can import your data, run "Autopilot" to propose the best models, then compare the results to make a selection in minutes. With only a few clicks, you can shift your compute to the cloud if you require extra processing power. With incorporated interpretability charts and statistics for export to your presentations, you can make the outcomes of your efforts evident. Monument lets you apply a range of models and choose the one that works best for your company. You can apply and evaluate models that address real-world business challenges in minutes. Additionally, Monument is set up to operate locally by default, so you can get started right away on your laptop. There are no development environments or cloud instances to set up.

Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics

A Sales Analytics Software
Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics software is a platform used to measure the business with cross- and up-selling analytics, customer churn, pricing and planning. The software uses a machine learning to measure products and pricing analytics. The reporting software used to identify the key performance indicators (KPI) for your sales based on their customers’ real potential using data mining. Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

Ideata Analytics

Business Intelligence Platform for Growth
Ideata Analytics is a Predictive Analytics Software that is a unified business intelligence platform that assists in the preparation and analysis of large amounts of data. You can modify and visualise data with Ideata to help enterprises see insights like they've never seen them before. Users can easily find hidden patterns and insights with IIdeata's web-based, drag-and-drop interface with sophisticated visualisation and dashboarding features. Users can do data transformation and preparation on their data with zero code using Ideata's suggested data preparation and enrichment. You'll have better access to the info you want. You may simply integrate data across siloed sources and processes using 50+ pre-built data connectors. You can arrange datasets by logical entities without caring about where the data is kept, regardless of the underlying data type. You may accelerate your data analysis cycle of exploring, converting, and cleaning your data by using Ideata's built-in predictive data preparation engine. Furthermore, users can create a central data repository for their corporate data using its comprehensive data cataloguing. Users can create relationships and patterns by tagging, searching, and filtering datasets.

Cognite Data Fusion

Contextualise operational data to make data-driven decisions
Cognite Data Fusion is a data management platform that enables businesses to contextualise data at scale. This allows asset-intensive industries to make better data-driven decisions - upstream, downstream and midstream. The platform helps companies to streamline each phase of data science application development process at scale and in the most demanding industrial operational environments. Moreover, Cognite Data Fusion also helps users with physics-driven modelling and virtual simulation structures facilitating better synthetic data monitoring. Companies can even depend on the platform to extract operational data directly from source systems and integrate it contextually with the data available across multiple data warehouses and data lakes. Cognite Data Fusion automatically calculates key statistical features of incoming data from different categories, enabling companies to ingest, contextualise and transform 3D models, P7IDs and other visual data into their data collection schedule with ease. The platform includes an integrated environment suitable for training, building, testing, deploying and managing multiple models with the utmost security.


The People Intelligence Platform
Voicesignals is used to know the customers and employees on a whole new level and make smarter business decisions. It combines world-class psychological science with advanced voice analytics to offer rich, real-time insight into individuals’ emotions and personality traits in order to predict their future behaviors.


Leading Prescriptive Analytics & Predictive Analytics Software
Emcien is predictive analytics for the real world. Emcien gives a steady stream of clear action items. Emcien gives a steady stream of clear action items. It tells what’s going to happen, and why, in natural language, so the whole workforce knows what to do to perfect each interaction, transaction, event, and beyond, in real-time. With Emcien, improve outcomes immediately and realize big gains in weeks, not months.


Data analytics simplified
DAVinCI LABS is an artificial intelligence-based data analytics solution designed specifically for generating corporate value solutions to generate real value for businesses. It helps you with complicated data analysis. It provides you the AI you need for your company innovation and for automating the processing operations required for Machine Learning, such as missing value management, variable type selection, and data transformation. With DAVinCI LABS, you can create strong prediction models using proven ailys-modified ML algorithms with only a few mouse clicks, and no hard-coding. You can find numerous complicated patterns buried inside Big Data and create a range of business rules in only one day. You can improve model performance with algorithm auto-tuning, ensemble, and champion algorithm selection. The platform tackles data challenges with its unique technology, which includes offering explanations for its forecasts as well as automatically extracting JAVA library files for quick and easy model upgrades. For data collection and merging, you can assign a primary key and convert data to a numeric representation. Additionally, the platform facilitates extraction of structured data from internal and external data sources.

Arimo Behavioral AI

Detectable Artificial Intelligence Software
With Arimo Behavioral AI, unleash your company’s "behavioral data" (customer interactions, factory machine logs, supplier activities, etc.) to power high-impact Predictive use cases, including Product Recommendations, Cross-Sells/Up-Sells, Predictive Maintenance, Yield Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Fraud, and many more. Behavioral AI Blueprints that incorporate extensive Deep Learning expertise for Behavioral Predictions, Behavioral Anomaly Detection, & Behavioral Segmentation.


Escalate Analytics Software
TADA analyzes in-depth data, starting with Small Data. No data science or coding skills required!. TADA Artificial Intelligence explores the data and produces clear insights, graphs, and predictive models. Makes data speak in a few minutes! TADA is an Augmented Analytics solution, that can be used for solving a wide range of problems.

Amazon Forecast

Predictive Analysis done right
Amazon Forecast is a machine learning-based predictive analytics software and a time-series forecasting tool designed to facilitate metrics analysis for business in order to provide enhanced user experience and increased revenue. It allows you to predict business outcomes with ease and accuracy using the power and security of Amazon’s technology. Using the same technologies as, you can scale operations by anticipating millions of goods. With granular forecasting, you can optimize inventories and decrease waste. You can improve capital use and make more confident long-term choices. It offers optimal staffing to meet shifting demand levels and will improve customer satisfaction. You can improve the capabilities of software as a service (SaaS) product by integrating machine learning-based predictions to discover complicated demand linkages using Amazon Forecast. Users can combine historical sales and demand data with price, online traffic, weather, product category, and holiday information to forecast inventory requirements for particular establishments. With precise resource need forecasting in near-real time, you can improve utilization and customer satisfaction with Amazon Forecast. Additionally, it offers a free trial to test its features.


for your marketing, Product & Revenue teams
OpenOs were designed with the purpose of helping businesses reduce user churn, increase conversions, and improve return on advertising spend (ROAS). It provides an effortless way of creating data dashboards that can help them better understand their users and their behavior. With OpenOs, they don’t need to have a background in SQL programming to query data; just upload an Excel and start receiving the data they need. Their software helps prevent user churn by keeping track of customer behavior trends, giving them an insight into their needs and enabling them to identify potential upgrades or changes. OpenOs can also increase conversions and improve ROAS by delivering comprehensive analytics and real-time functionality. With their platform, businesses can better track their performance, assess user engagement, and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. OpenOs offers quick installation, intuitive user interface, and reliable customer service, allowing businesses to quickly get the most out of the lessons that our software has to offer. Make the right decisions with OpenOs and make their business goals a reality!


Developer hiring thatkeeps it real
Forget the whiteboard code puzzles. Find the best talent and take the candidate experience to the next level with realistic interview problems for your next hire. Test your candidates based on what they will do on the job: Review a pull request from our library, fix bugs in an existing code base, or complete a project. We integrate closely with Github to provide an environment that is familiar to both the candidate and the reviewer. Choose from our library of pull requests or send us your own. Pull requests help to test a candidate's technical ability as well as soft skills, such as giving meaningful feedback to other team members.

FICO Predictive Analytics

Make advanced analytics and machine learning
The FICO® Platform provides a solution for predictive analytics and decisions that spans everything you need to empower business and data science teams to not only gain insights into the future but to productional machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) across your operational systems.

IBM SPSS Modeler

Drive ROI and accelerate time to value with an intuitive
SPSS Modeler is a leading visual data science and machine learning solution. It helps enterprises accelerate time to value and achieve desired outcomes by speeding up operational tasks for data scientists. IBM Watson Studio Premium for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, consisting of SPSS Modeler, IBM Decision Optimization and Hadoop Execution Engine, helps you accelerate time to value for your AI investments. Inject decision intelligence into your applications with the combined power of predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Oracle Data Mining

Advanced Data Analytics Tool
It is a predictive analysis software. Powerful data mining methods are provided by Oracle Data Mining (ODM), allowing data analysis to find patterns, anticipate outcomes, and make the most of Oracle data and investments. Data scientists and business and data analysts can use it to view data, quickly develop a variety of machine learning models, compare and contrast different models, use different models to different types of data, and speed up model deployment. It has a vast list of features such as - a database service that is fully automated and designed to execute batch, transactional, and analytical workloads simultaneously. It has predefined row formatting, indexes, and data caching to speed up performance while also offering scalability, availability, transparent security, and real-time operational analytics. One of its most beneficial features is Data Analytics and Warehousing - Columnar format, partitioning, and big joins are preset to make database setup, data extraction, loading, and transformation, running complex reports, making predictions, and building machine learning models easier and faster. Data can be used by data scientists, business analysts quickly, simply, and affordably to find business insights.

SAS Advanced Analytics

Where power meets purpose
The SAS Advanced Analytics is infused with cutting-edge, innovative algorithms that can help you solve even your most intractable problems. Interact with your data quickly and intuitively using dynamic charts and graphs to understand key relationships. Take the guesswork out of building models that are both stable and accurate using proven techniques and a drag-and-drop interface that's both easy-to-use and powerful. Spend less time and effort scoring new data using automated, interactive processes that work in both batch and real-time environments.


Applicable Marketing Insights
MarketingTracker is specifically developed to make decision-making better, faster, and easier. MarketingTracker enables us to easily understand what’s happening in markets and brands, and what’s driving this. Insights can easily be shared through storyboards and presentations are automatically produced in line with management reporting cycles. MarketingTracker provides many robust data analysis options and allows to visualization of data in any format. Gain greater collaborative insights and analytical power all in one platform.


Answers every day for the everyday business leader
Compellon is an online-based Predictive Analytics Software. Compellon was built for business experts so they can solve business problems without the need for technical knowledge. Compellon focuses on the complete arms business analysts with strategic and tactical prescriptive actions, all delivered in business terms, to rapidly bring intelligent data-driven decisions to the front lines of the business.

Forecasted Solutions

Forecasted solutions can help you
The Forecasted Solutions application home page presents interactive KPI charts including total company sales projections, over-sales, under-sales, alerts, follow-ups, and favorites. Click on any chart to drill-down for more detail. The Forecasted Solutions forecast engine manages the model selection, outlier detection, and trend decay automatically. Competing models and hybrid models are used to achieve the best possible sales forecast for your business. Forecasted Solutions will recommend planned replenishment orders for use in purchase orders and/or production schedules.


Increase profitability by combining databases to produce a simplified workflow
Datagran is a software program that automates operations and runs machine learning models. It runs a data model on information and seamlessly transports the output between business apps, allowing users to focus on what's essential. By organising data projects, teams can design workflows and put them into production like never before. Datagran provides the alignment, consistency, and cooperation that the company requires. Additionally, the software allows users to connect to a variety of data sources, allowing for a comprehensive data overview in one location. Another advantage of Datagran's charts is that they are simple and strong enough for anybody in a workplace to ask questions and get knowledge from data. Users may also create data models to swiftly deploy Machine Learning pipelines and distribute the pipelines' output to their chosen business applications in seconds via integrated apps or even digital channels. Furthermore, Datagran's Boards allow users to connect data across all teams and visualise, track and discuss data projects with integrated chat tools and shareable links.


Fully Integrated Inspection Workflow and Digital Asset Record
AirFusion develops next-generation aerial data analytics tools. The patent-pending AirFusion Platform fuses pixel-based data and extracts object information from airborne sensors and then analyzes it in real-time. mCloud AssetCare is a suite of enhanced features focused on image-based asset condition data integration into leading commercial wind sector IoT software platforms and other commercial software environments that provide and manage data for SCADA-based fleet operations and monitoring.


The World's Most Accessible, No-Limit Betting Platform
Augur is a peer-to-peer, decentralized exchange, enabling universal and transparent access to its markets. Today’s betting Industry trades on promises of getting rich quickly, using every trick in the book to extract the maximum value from customers. A transparent exchange with no limit on what you can bet on, no max limits on the amount you can bet, and no rollover requirements. Users keep more of their winnings than any other exchange through low fees and the best odds.


Automated self learning AI that produces predictions
FP-PREDICT+ is an online-based Predictive Analytics Software. Learns from historical data to generate continuously updated results that accommodate ever-changing data. Unsupervised, fully autonomous multi-step modeling and prediction process that produces results faster. Generates and selects multiple models from a data pattern, making use of vast volumes of unstructured data in addition to structured data.

Salford Predictive Modeler

Experience accurate machine learning and predictive outputs
Salford Predictive Modeler is a robust machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics solution for businesses. The entire software suite comes inclusive of accurate business engines like MARS®, CART®, TreeNet® and Random Forests® besides exclusive modelling and automation capabilities that are not found somewhere else. Organisations can depend on the solution to gain access to accurate regression, loan classification, survival analysis, data binning, missing value analysis and segmentation processes. Further, Salford Predictive Modeler with its more than 70 pe-packaged automation scenarios, gruntwork reliving tools and enhanced algorithms facilities seamless operations. Users can also depend on the variable discovery monitoring functionality provided by the platform to determine interaction specific inclusions and control. Businesses even get access to a heap of automation tools that can be used to search out the best parameters within a regularised boosting model, perform a scholastic search, monitor interactions and experiment with several learn rates in an automated way.


Get actionable predictions in a short time to scale your business
Pecan is a predictive analytics platform that helps businesses to get accurate and actionable predictions within a few days using its automated machine learning capabilities. It is a platform where businesses can add data, use previously made predictive models and check the output. With Pecan, users just need to plug in their data sources and the software will start with processes like data restructuring, cleansing & encoding and imputation in an automated manner. Its proprietary AI algorithms can train and optimize users’ predictive models to get the best possible results quickly. The platform is organized in different projects and models that help users to stay focused on their businesses’ KPIs, irrespective of the type of model they are using. Pecan allows businesses to connect to a variety of databases through a code-free integration without manipulating any database. After connecting to a database, users can proceed with an easy-to-use drag-n-drop user interface to produce ML ready data sets.