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Are you looking for the best Referral Management software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help health care organizations with a system to keep track of patient referrals and decrease out-of-network referral practices. These advanced solutions help support and streamline the entire referral process by minimizing human error and facilitating the accurate sharing of patient information across organizations and networks . To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Digital Care Coordination
Blockit is the leading digital care coordination solution that ensure deeply integrated care coordination across the entire provider ecosystem. HIPAA-compliant scheduling, notifications, patient access, referral management and much more.

EcoSoft Health Referral Management

For a better healthcare facility
EcoSoft Health Referral Management solution manages physician-to-physician, outside agency, inter-departmental, website and inbound caller requests for care. The method encourages prompt patient referral and assures follow-up, both of which are particularly difficult in big, complicated delivery systems. The improved management of all patient referrals promotes patient satisfaction, accelerates access to care, and boosts income. EcoSoft Referral Management is a sophisticated "in the cloud" HIPAA-compliant solution that automates referral tracking and routing for healthcare service providing organisations with many service locations (hospitals, specialists, clinics, practices, sites of care). Furthermore, the solution consolidates and monitors referrals from all sources, and it may work as a standalone solution or be completely integrated with the EHR/EMR system. With this health referral management solution, new referrals trigger automated notifications. EcoSoft Referral Management’s end-user features include intuitive and clear training, no software installation, quick and easy entry of patient referrals, controlled and limited access.

par8o CareCompass

Best Referral Management Software
Referral management software for healthcare systems & provider networks. Refer patients in-network while providing a concierge-like care transition & increasing access.


Get access to information and tools for sealed referral management
Treatspace is a high-capacity referral management software. It links clinicians to streamline referral procedures, guarantee patients receive appointments, and receive favourable consult feedback. It removes the need for overpriced and wasteful employment by reducing staff time spent completing the gap via automated referral practices. The technology boosts employee productivity by minimising administrative labour and keeps track of patients at every stage of their treatment. Treatspace also integrates and builds hardwired connections between general and specialist care, which is critical for monitoring referral partners. The software brings all caregivers together on a unified platform, improving patient follow-up, reducing time to care, increasing consultation report compliance, and bridging care gaps. It also helps in reducing the time of administrative staff so that one can focus more on patient satisfaction. The software connects disparate referral networks to give automated and a constant supply of quality and service data, as well as insights about effective and ineffective providers.

Trusted Community of The Job Referrals and Mock Interviews is the perfect platform for professionals looking to stay connected. The mission is to foster trust and build powerful network relationships. With, the customer can quickly and easily find and connect with other professionals for job referrals and mock interviews. With, finding qualified job leads has never been easier. It take the pain and hassle out of finding trustworthy referrals. By connecting you with people can trust and know, the customer can relax knowing that will receive high-quality job leads. This powerful platform gives access to a large pool of professionals, helping to find that perfect job that fits the qualifications and needs. It's also understandable that the importance of mock interviews for professional success. This platform allows to connect with other professionals to conduct mock interviews - something that can be difficult to find in the traditional job seeking process. It provide an easy way for the customers to practice and improve the interviewing skills.


Find customer champions
LoyalAs creates a custom referral link per client. Share with clients and ask for referrals with automated emails. No limit to referrals received. They track referral links shared by clients and who responds. They will know who gets the best referrals and easily find customer champions. They track credits earned both by current customers and the referred customers. They set the credit amount and when and where to apply them.

Medforce App Referral Management

Healthcare Patient Referral Management System
The Referral Management App is a turnkey workflow solution that gives the tools need to properly handle referrals. It receive referrals through fax, email, phone or walk-ins the Referral Management App ensures they get worked accurately, completely and promptly.


Reduce paperwork to gain patients
Medcohere provides dental experts and dentists with a totally paperless practice solution as well as a secured genuine messaging service. On a wide scale, the service provider benefits dentists and experts. It reduces the difficulties that arise when a recommendation is received. The referral management system now includes an upgraded consolidated scheduling tool that helps to act as a bridge between dentists and experts, making the data tracking faster and more efficient. Furthermore, through a secure network that is always accessible remotely, the referral management tool improves collaboration between dentists and experts. Through the multi-level integration function, all critical information is kept, updated, and referred to in one location. It also minimises referral durations and referral leakages, increasing operational efficiency as well as directing clinicians down the route to success, which has a beneficial impact on patient compliance and contentment. Moreover, the platform's unique features enhance the experience of dentists and experts, leading to increased patient loyalty and improved outcomes.


Securely Share Dental Records & Referrals
Share electronic dental records and send patient referrals to dentists, Have patients complete and submit dental patient forms before their dental office visits make appointments online.


Electronic Referral Management for Healthcare
MDfit Referrals - Create a standard electronic referral workflow for affiliated and employed providers that eliminates lost voice-mails and misplaced paper.

CarePort Referral Management

Enhance payer-provider interaction
CarePort Referral Management is the largest care coordination network in the United States, with millions of providers affiliated. Patients and healthcare professionals can communicate using the platform. In a unified online system, the referral management software assists in receiving, reacting to, and reviewing all patient referral actions. It also reminds users of incoming referrals on their computer or smartphone, ensuring that referral possibilities are not missed. Additionally, the platform assists in tailoring worklists to meet one's onboarding process, inputting recommendations from non-electronic resources, and improving the exposure of referral sources in the CarePort system. The platform also improves patient involvement and satisfaction by streamlining the care transition process by identifying the best healthcare professional for a patient's next level of care requirements. By simplifying the authorization process, healthcare providers can quickly and productively coordinate patient care to properly handle and manage patients as they progress through the domain.

Docman RMS

Referral Management Software | Advanced
Docman RMS enables the patient referral process to be digitised, providing secure access to clinical documents, through referral management software.

HealthViewX Patient Referral Management

Get your patient wise referrals sorted adequately
HealthViewX Patient Referral Management is an end-to-end patient referral management software that can be used to streamline, automate and standardise the patient referral process seamlessly. With this software, one can get actionable insights to transform the workflow and improve care conditions throughout the entire journey. HealthViewX Patient Referral Management is a HIPAA compliant SaaS-based solution enabling seamless inbound/outbound patient referral management for healthcare organisations with a customisable workflow. The solution empowers healthcare organisations to manage their referral lifecycle with extensive visibility. HealthViewX Patient Referral Management serves community clinics, large hospitals/ACOs/Health Systems, Speciality Clinics, Universities and Imaging Centres. From automating insurance pre-auth form fills to updating patient information, the software handles them all. HealthViewX further consolidates referrals from multiple channels into a single queue, backed by automated notifications. By using this software universities have experienced a 45% reduction in referral processing time, a 40% increase in the number of referral loop closures, a 25% increase in the efficiency of referral coordinators.

MedMatch Network

No more redundant meeting blues with Airgram
MedMatch Network is a cloud-based platform of medical providers facilitating reliable patient referral management and secure information exchange. It is a cloud-based network of more than 1.7 million searchable medical provider profiles facilitating patient referral management and secure information exchange. Their aim is to facilitate patient referral management and information exchange so that all patients across the country receive seamless continuity of care. The MedMatch Network is the enhanced referral management plug-in for existing electronic health records (EHR) systems. It claims to be the only medical referral software to convene a network of medical providers and professionals. Whether one is a General Practitioner, Primary Care Physician, Specialist, or Medical Office Manager, MedMatch Network makes the Specialist referral process easy so that you can help more patients, recoup lost revenue, and regain your time. Patient and peer-to-peer feedback improves practice performance and eliminates patient frustration and delay in the referral and treatment process. With MedMatch Network, you can rest easy knowing that the software allows you to make referrals (including e-referrals), track any referrals, make patient-centric communications and provide a platform to improve patient data exchange via EHR interoperability and secure FHIR-API exchange.


Information Gatway
Digital order referral management system to manage orders from physicians, surgery centers, and other ancillary departments


Mobile-enabled referral and rewards platform
eTrove is an effective mobile referral, rewards & loyalty platform customized to your business, with detailed reporting and end-to-end referral visibility.


Web-based Patient Refferal Management simplified
Medcycle is a computerized medical referral management platform created by a physician with the goal of streamlining the referral process. Medcycle is very likely the most powerful referral management platform in the world today, with features such as appointment reminders, referral status tracking, intra-office cooperation, and a complete audit trail. The cost of manual referral management includes everything from the formulation of the referral to the sending procedure, including frequent phone calls from patients, returning calls to patients, calling the receiving clinics, appointment reminders, and incomplete and erroneous referrals. Medcycle is dedicated to assisting in the provision of world-class health care. Our solutions are sleek, strong, and simple to use, with an emphasis on boosting patient involvement and office productivity. They are familiar with the health-care market, workflows, process change management, and the associated problems. They are very aware of the inconsistencies in patient care and medical intelligence. They've developed innovative and powerful solutions to disrupt the medical care and intelligence markets while also enhancing patient care.

Lightbeam Referral Management

A management system for patient referrals
The referral management solution from Lightbeam helps you choose the proper providers for your network, reduce out-of-network spending, and track referral patterns. Lightbeam's referral management is designed for medical groups and payers who need to control leakage, expense, and quality through better referral processes while still allowing providers to deliver high-quality treatment. Lightbeam's referral management technology automates communications between the initiator, recipient, and patient by visually connecting patients to the best provider based on six key data criteria. It is capable of identifying, constructing, and managing high-performing networks. It has the ability to manage recommendations to high-quality providers. It can cut down on leakage by controlling referrals to in-network providers. Because the software totally automates closed-loop communications, it boosts efficiency. Controlling referrals to low-cost providers can help save money. It also aids visibility by allowing for the measurement of each phase in order to optimize cost, quality, and revenue.


Dental Referrals, a revolution in referrals for dental patient care. Now dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, and all oral care specialists can make referrals, get referrals, share files & images, and collaborate through this innovative network


Ensures best patient communication
ReferralMD is a HIPAA compliant referral management software for enterprise healthcare. It resolves interoperability challenges with personalised intelligence and workflow automation. It is considered to be the best referral management solution for healthcare organisations. With ReferralMD, companies can manage all inbound and outbound referrals. This platform alerts when referrals need attention and automatically sends status to referring providers. Furthermore, the software helps improve completion rates. Healthcare organisations can track referrals and make sure that patients are scheduled and their appointment is completed. ReferralMD's improved platform eliminates these antiquated and error-prone practices. Its centralised referral dashboard receives reviews and responds to electronic and faxed referrals from any browser. This software further allows users to add referrals received via phone and assign them to specific departments. ReferralMD’s dashboard sends, views, and tracks outbound referrals and receives notifications of appointments. It often replaces inefficient paperless workflows with transparent and scalable workflows. ReferralMD also ensures an automated feedback loop. Its other features include patient engagement tools, SmartFAX Management, Patient Direct Scheduling, Consult Management, etc.

Cerner Direct Referrals

Best referral management solution
Cerner Direct Referrals is an interoperable, secure referral management solution that enables electronic communication of key clinical information, facilitates referral tracking and ensures a closed loop process.