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Sales Enablement Software

Are you looking for the best Sales Enablement software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you supply sales representatives with marketing collateral and sales content. These advanced solutions go beyond sales tracking; they employ tools to ensure marketing initiatives and sales are aligned and content is constantly updated. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


All sizes build better collaboration
SUPERCHARGE helps the sales team. Italic helps teams of all sizes build better collaboration. A productivity suite for revenue teams.


Faster Demos, Faster Sales
Deliver demos faster on any virtual meeting platform. Give sales teams more support with contextual cues based on the module or buyer persona, focusing more on customer-centric problems. Buyers get a better understanding of the product, which closes more sales, faster.


Deliver Amazing Product Demos
Create a live demonstration of full product platform that any team member can deliver to any persona. Equip sales team with interactive demos and leave-behinds that are tailored for prospects to make a lasting impression and drive engagement.


Where sales and marketing come together
Fision is a Digital Asset Management and Sales Enablement solution that solves real marketing problems at every point in the sales process. The cloud-based SaaS enables corporate and local marketers, sales teams, and vendor partners to efficiently control, distribute, and measure multi-channel communications. Through a user-friendly interface, digital asset management (DAM) capability grants your employees access to current, brand-approved, and legally-compliant assets and materials. Uniquely support each channel partner with a highly personalized experience.


B2B Demand Generation & Marketing
Social media like FB, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp are the new normal “hang-out” zones for TG. Search is a basic user behavior among all of us. Make sure are there as they are searching for on Google. People don’t buy from random people, they do research about the product and brand before taking decisions.


Sales personalization made easy
Deckbuildr is the fastest and easiest way to customise a pitch deck for each sales meeting. Stop copy-pasting slides and start using Deckbuildr. It is suitable for all type of organizations.

The ROI Shop

Do Your Salespeople Struggle to Quantify Your Value
The ROI Shop can take these complex and confusing excel spreadsheets and convert them into powerful interactive ROI selling tools. Embed videos, flashing quotes, hyperlinks, tooltips, and more to convey your message and guide the process. Clearly convey the financial impact that your solution can have on the bottom line. Most organizations either do not have ROI / TCO calculators or they try to prove their value with the use of complex and confusing excel spreadsheets.

The Best Digital Sales Playbooks for B2B
Klyck's sales enablement is designed exclusively for B2B solution sellers in complex industries. It helps to enable the modern industrial sales reps to navigate these complex sales cycles with ease. Finally its a solution for industrial manufacturers and distributors.


Simple and User Friendly App
HeyBuddy make it crazy easy to access the content trapped behind the complex systems so the client can present and deliver from any device, tracking all activity saving organizations precious time. It is used for all size of organizations.


Bringing Retail Shopping Experience Online
Video shopping software that helps retail businesses improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and boost conversion rates. Connect with the shoppers across multiple devices in the most effective fashion. Demonstrate your offerings live on camera to help customers examine product features and make a purchasing decision. Live video & web chat allow for timely contact with prospects to better understand their needs and wants.


Sales Enablement Tools
ShoDeck is a sales communication tool that gives sales reps the ability to share relevant content with their opportunities. All prospect and buyer activity is tracked, measured, and displayed to provide key insight to Sales reps.


Help Salespeople Consistently Close Deals
SalesGRID is the innovative online playbook that will help the sales team create a strong sales force. The integrated content hub allows to store all the important content in one place. SalesGRID puts your whole team on the same page so that the sales team can optimise those big opportunities in the pipeline.


Value-Based Strategy
LeveragePoint is a SaaS solution that helps B2B companies create, communicate, and capture the true value of their product and service offerings using powerful, interactive Value Propositions. It provides key features like Collaboration Tools, Presentation Tools, Content Management and much more.

Matik Team

Personalize data-driven content in minutes
Matik is a platform that connects data sources with data-driven content, and makes it easy for anyone to create content with data tailored to their specific audience. With Matik, teams can pull personalized metrics, text, charts, and tables directly into Google Slides, Powerpoints, and PDFs - all without storing any data in Matik.


Close deals faster with Digital Sales Rooms
At the heart of Heybase are rooms: personalized spaces for stakeholders and everything that need to close the deal. In rooms, can easily embed sales collateral using a drag n drop editor and add a human touch with a custom introduction video. With Heybase, can be sure that sales collateral is accessible and that communication happens with the potential buyer.

All-in-one AI drive sales and marketing platform is revolutionizing the way professionals find and connect with leads. With our AI-driven bots, customers can quickly identify and engage with potential prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Businesses, and Facebook Capture. This makes it easier than ever before to find new leads using the power of AI. Our bots are designed to send personalized messages in order to maximize engagement rates and make it easier for customers to convert more leads into sales. Plus, our technology allows our customers to track results so they can see how their efforts are paying off. With, finding and connecting with prospects has never been easier!


Land bigger deals
Databook's Strategic Enablement for Account-Based Selling is the blueprint for creating and winning big deals. This integrated three-product platform provides a comprehensive approach to accelerate enterprise sales performance at scale. The Databook Intent Dashboard helps customer-facing teams prioritize which companies are more likely to buy and improves marketing-to-sales performance, reducing costs. The Databook Insights Platform provides strategic value, driving qualified pipeline and top-line growth, while offering a hyper-personalized customer experience. Let the hunters hunt and experience the power of Databook for Account-Based Selling.


Sales Material Presentation, Sending & Tracking
Salesframe is a growth company focused on digital interaction solutions for B2B and B2C sales and marketing. The company helps sales teams from small companies to global enterprises to reform sales engagement with easy-to-use, impressive and efficient digital tools.


Organize and Deliver Content
Flipdeck makes it easy to organize and share existing materials that engage your audience, drive traffic to your website, and help close deals. It provides key features like Collaboration Tools, Content Delivery, For Sales Teams/Organizations, Presentation Tools and much more.


Build Better Buying Experiences
SalesReach provides a sales team with marketing-approved, funnel appropriate assets ready to be deployed in a simple drag and drop web page builder facilitating a one to one connection with each of the prospects. This tool was built with the knowledge that trust and velocity are closely aligned.


Sales Enablement Through Video Playbooks
vPlaybook is a sales-friendly enablement solution focused exclusively on sales conversations. vPlaybook makes it easy to create, manage, and distribute powerful sales playbooks that get your sales reps the content and information they need to be successful in any situation. Get all of your relevant sales enablement content in one place and instantly push out updates and new materials to your team. Turn your static sales enablement and training content into engaging learning material with videos of colleagues and thought leaders demonstrating what good looks like.

Crescendo App

Mobile Sales Enablement Tool
Crescendo is a mobile sales enablement and presentation tool tailored for marketing, sales field teams, medical affairs, and other groups that require reliable access to updated content, online and offline. Crescendo directly accesses content on corporate SharePoint, Google Drive,, or OneDrive, so the client never migrate documents outside of these proven security-approved platforms.


The Field Sales Platform for Highly Effective Teams
StorySlab helps B2B sales teams optimize live customer interactions everywhere they’re happening. The platform equips sales leaders with actionable insights to improve sales effectiveness at scale. It also puts all the company’s knowledge in one centralized hub for reps to access from anywhere on or offline.


Reduce human error in your sales process
Sales reps missing out on critical updates in CRM. You could remove the ickiness from post-call data entry for your sales reps. Easy updates to CRM prompted by Notesally keeps your data clean and fresh. You can be confident to present right from the CRM. With Notesally, you can stay confident in your pipeline and always have an accurate forecast. Arm your sales team with objection handling tactics and relevant info on-demand using Notesally’s battle cards. Just like cloning your best sales reps.


A super sweet sales
GlassHive was developed with the care and attention of a team who has worked alongside MSPs of every size to help them achieve their sales and marketing dreams. And along the way, they kept seeing the same struggles. Visibility, accountability, manual data management no matter the company, they had to put in the work to clear the same bottlenecks.


Mobile App For Distributors And Retailers
BAM! is a mobile sales app for sales reps, powered by an easy-to-use digital asset management system for OEM marketing departments. Their cross-platform iOS and Android apps mean your entire team has the assets they need at the fingertips at all times no matter where they are or their signal strength. Build beautiful product walkthroughs with custom hotspots linking to assets like spec sheets, brochures, calculators, and videos. They are happy to deliver an onboarding experience designed just for you. Support is just a click away.


Backup and transcript calls to generate more sales
Leexi is a call recording software that enables companies to record all the calls of salespeople and store them in their userspace. This allows users to easily find any of these calls and listen to them again. They can even tag other people, structure the calls within a library and analyse them. In these structures, keywords can be added to the recorded calls so they can be easily found and analysed. Apart from that, the software even checks all the compliance automatically and identifies the customers who have lodged complaints. Leexi helps companies to structure feedback from coaches, management and colleagues. It even comes with conversational intelligence that helps users to boost their coaching and improve management feedback. Companies also get the benefit of intelligence and visibility into their internal sales. Moreover, the software offers reports and analyses to users that enable them to make better decisions, manage operations efficiently, improve customer interactions and so on.


Sales Enablement Platform For Medical Device & Life Sciences
verbTEAMS - A sales enablement platform built for the medical device industry. Easily deliver compliant content, to the right people, at the right time


Playbook Made Easy
Kiite - Sales playbooks that are dynamic enough to enable any team. Give your reps the information they need to close those deals with a powerful sales playbook

GTM Buddy

Content & Just-in-Time Sales Enablement
GTM Buddy combines the best of content analytics with never before seen just-in-time enablement so that customer facing reps deliver the best experience to their buyers. Its a new age of everboarding. Sales enablement platform that helps accelerate deals by delivering contextually relevant information to prospects.


Get detailed analytics over shared documents
ShareDocView is an advanced analytics platform for companies, offering accurate information on viewed documents, viewers and the total time span. Users can start with the software in three simple steps, all they have to do is sign up, upload a document and start sharing links (privately or publicly). Further, ShareDocView eliminates the need to attach large size files over emails instead users can add links for quick approvals. Large teams working together get to collaborate with each other over shared data spaces and conduct edits on updated documents easily. Supervisors can also streamline control, by protecting docs with appropriate credentials. ShareDocView is more than a simple software. This browser-based solution can be accessed from multiple platforms as per users need, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera. Other important functions loaded within the particular are group reporting, visitors email verification, configurable watermark and lead export.


Through-Channel Marketing and Asset Management
Triptych is a sales content management and channel marketing enablement all in one! Built specifically for field sales and channel partners. Only use content that’s proven to work in the field. Triptych frees your reps and channel partners to do what they do best. Sell. Triptych's open architecture will integrate with all of the major technology tools including Supply Chain Centralization, MA, CRM and ERP.


Empower Clarity
Ready to take communication to the next level? With AirDeck, it's now possible. AirDeck is the answer for professionals who are looking for an efficient and effective way to provide clarity and connection through their documents. AirDeck is the leader in document communication, enabling users to give personality to their words. Its unique features allow them to sharpen their message, develop relationships through conversation, and ensure their recipient understands what you're sharing with them. It helps eliminate confusion by being able to highlight important information in an intuitive way. AirDeck makes it easy for professional conversations to stay organized and on track, without sacrificing any of the subtlety of tone or intention that can be missed with traditional methods. Users also benefit from AirDeck's sleek presentation style; its polished look ensures that their documents stand out and leave a lasting impression every time. No more complex formatting that gets lost in translation with AirDeck, everything them need is right there at their fingertips! With a few simple clicks, bring life and depth into any document easily and efficiently using AirDeck!


Sales Enablement and Engagement Software
Zoomifier delivers cloud based sales enablement and sales engagement solutions that help businesses close more deals, faster. And it is the only leading sales enablement and engagement solution with built-in rich media presentation and slide library management capabilities.


Sales Enablement software for Sales Teams and Resellers
Scaura helps businesses of all sizes to improve and simplify the way their Sales teams and resellers access, present, and share Sales content whilst enhancing brand awareness and improving the Customer Buying Experience. Manage all aspects of Presenter and SVP and analyze how well your digital assets perform. Support your sales enablement decisions with comprehensive analytics. Track each shared link to see how the recipient interacts with the content. See how many times each file is viewed.

Industrialize your sales is a SaaS helping Sales, Marketing, and Data teams hyper-personalize their assets including RFPs, contracts, and business proposals. It provides some unique advantages like Tracking, Analytics, Modern collaboration and much more.

Sales Enablement & Performance Tracking Software provides an innovative and comprehensive solution for achieving success in sales performance. Its simple yet effective interface is designed to help professionals reach their goals in a fraction of the time it usually takes. With automatic tracking capabilities and innovative incentives, provides users with all the tools they need to achieve success. Its easy-to-use dashboard enables users to quickly track their progress against their goals and compare it to their peers and superiors. Whether the customer setting ambitious annual goals or tracking month-to-month performance, puts in control. The platform also helps users increase motivation towards their goals by offering powerful incentives. From bonuses on completion to dazzling awards, helps to get inspired and keep up the momentum. With, quickly see results, thanks to its refreshingly simple, yet powerful features. Make sales performance soar and reach goals with

Mobile Locker

Smarter HCP Engagement
Mobile Locker is working with Pharma/Med Device clients to remove the complexity around HCP Access and Engagement. This platform allows field reps/MSLs to access the most relevant content (at an individualized level), to share that content via any engagement channel and to track the interaction with that content in an unprecedented manner.


Supercharge Rep’s sales cycles
Get your sales teams to sell value rather than price. Showcase the benefits the customer will get when they use product with value-selling framework. This self-guided platform conveys prospects ROI in real time while simultaniously collecting and storing critical information. Most applications and workflows require little-to-no training for your sales team.


Convert virtual sales meetings into revenue
Verticalls analyzes for users all the interactions during the virtual meetings and allows users to follow the activity of user teams even when working remotely. Verticalls provide a complete video conferencing platform with all the sales tools embeded (battlecards, checklists, audio recording), they just have to stay focused on the call and keep verticalls synchronizing all the collected datas with the user CRM.


Smart Content for Smart Enterprises
LivePreso is the only sales enablement platform that automatically creates world-class, data-driven and customer-specific content for sales and account management teams. The powerful content automation products reduce preparation time from days to seconds, while boosting conversions, increasing customer coverage and providing total visibility of what content is being presented, shared and viewed by customers.


The Sales Enablement Tool That Helps You Sell More
Prezentor is a powerful sales enablement platform that transforms the way sales are done. Take control of your sales content, gather everything in one place, and sleep tight knowing it’s always the latest version being used. Always communicate one consistent message to your customers. Imagine the feeling of always being prepared, everything updated. Always making the best customer impression possible. Being able to fluidly jump along in any direction of the customer dialogue. Automatic data collection opens up a world of possibilities. Identify how your top sales representatives present to customers, and transfer that knowledge to the rest of your team.


Sales Enablement Platform
Veelo is a sales performance platform that improves the performance of individual sellers by guiding the seller on what to know, say, and do. Veelo’s sales enablement platform automatically recommends relevant sales collateral using machine learning and CRM fields giving your reps the best assets, so they can convert opportunities and win deals faster. Increase buyer engagement and build credibility with My Files for personalized sales materials. Increase prospect engagement by sharing sales content with Veelo for Gmail or Outlook.

Showcase Workshop

Present Your Offer Like Never Before
Showcase Workshop turns your iOS, Android, or Windows device into a powerful sales, presentation, and training toolkit. Import your existing sales and marketing assets and begin creating in minutes. Create engaging presentations with photos, PDF documents, links, videos, animations, and interactive forms or calculators. Send prospects content straight from your device then track when they open it, what they look at, and for how long. Keep your sales team up-to-date with push notifications whenever you update a presentation.


Sales Enablement For Marketers
Marketers use Enablix to arm their sales team with the right content and enable buyers to drive successful business outcomes. Build Playbooks, Sales Kits, Marketing Kits, and other purpose-built content collections to drive enablement with context. Recommend targeted content to revenue team members in the context of their opportunities and accounts. Share trackable content links with your prospects and buyers and get notified when they engage with the content. Measure the performance of individual assets and content types to make data-driven content investments.


Eliminate waste of capture costs
Zebrafi's salesbot uses AI to identify more leads that are similar to your best customers. Add Salesbot to Zebrafi or Salesforce. Ongoing Consulting is coaching, mentoring, education and change management along with the development of marketing collateral and materials creation. Build a collaborative business case directly with prospects in Zebrafi. Sellers and buyers are guided through the production of a mutually agreed upon business case.


Experience video making on a whole new level
Covideo is a popular video email platform designed for businesses. It converts wordy messages into engaging video content pieces, allowing a lot of conversations to take a productive turn. The videos created on Covideo can be shared with anyone through any social media platform as per convenience. There are several reasons why Covideo is one of the most preferred platforms for creating lovely and engaging videos. First, of course, is the easy recording feature provided within, for recording personalised videos and one-off videos using a smartphone or a simple webcam. Instant uploads make it possible for marketers to utilise existing materials like pre-recorded marketing videos to fully extract the utility of the available video assets. Covideo’s extension for web browsers allows easy screen capturing, face recording or simultaneously both of them. Further, users can also curate a video library of their own to store resources that can be used over and over again. Covideo even enables modifying video clips as required using its smart trim and merge feature. Customisable buttons can also be incorporated for driving engagement and setting clear steps for the next phase.


The Next-Gen Software Enablement Platform
Guidde helps deliver the information customers and team need at every moment, enabling them to use software successfully. Turning into a Zero Touch, Self Service organization. Guidde's purpose is to help companies empower their customers and employees with the know-how to successfully engage with their products.


Machine learning platform to increase business sales
Substrata is a developer of a language processing software platform designed to analyze subtext. The company's platform uses artificial intelligence to design and build social-signal processing technology that makes the analysis of digitally delivered social signals possible, enabling businesses to improve their quality relations. Q "reads between the lines" to determine where your prospect is and then directs you toward the best course of action to take in order to improve your chances of closing the transaction. Q has been trained on millions of data points. Dealmakers can move agreements closer to being "closed-won" by reflecting how their prospects see them at any given time in the Selling Zone. The underlying power dynamics between you and your prospect at any particular time are revealed by relative competence. Clear your prospect's mental barriers and drive the negotiation along by projecting the appropriate level of authority and competence. Every minor error that can cost thousands of dollars in high-ticket purchases is included in the simulator. Test out your next action to determine if you send the proper signals to move the negotiation along. Repeat until you achieve success. You can learn more about your current communication styles and how to improve them with the Performance Q.


Manage Negotiation Operations in Minutes
amptalk software is a platform used to automate coaching and measure the team performance. The software offers tools to record video and audio for each speaker. Comment on a specific part of the negotiation and communicate using the time stamp via chat tool. Export opportunity information to Salesforce and measure the performance of conversation content.


Sales leader success in a no handshake world
ProteusEngage is a buyer enablement platform. Proven tools to inspire collaboration with multiple decision-makers during the sales process. Relationships are king in b2b sales create experiences and interactions to build trust, need discovery, alignment, and deepen the relationship with multiple decision-makers. Accelerate account growth and cross-sell opportunities via buyer engagement and measurable engagement.

Content Camel

Maximise your sales conversion rate by following a swift content management structure
Content Camel is a sales enablement tool that helps companies to bring their marketing and sales content to a single place. Thus making it easier for sellers to search, find, share and track content anywhere in their database. At Content Camel, users can easily upload and link all of their whitepapers, one-pagers, ebooks, videos, battle cards and more to monitor essential sales and get insights into results accordingly. Moreover, they can also create custom collections of content and site resource pages in minutes for their personalised sales channels and campaigns. With Content Camel, businesses can also configure content types, tags and funnel stages so that the sales teams would know which content they have to use at each stage of the buyers’ journey. Further, the tool also helps businesses to organise their content into different groups, by product, region and industry so that sales and marketing teams can easily find the right content at the right time.


Check out remote teams and their functional part, with ease
Streamz is a comprehensive sales readiness and enablement platform for distributed and remote salesforce. Trusted by leading companies, this platform helps businesses generate more revenue through its AI-enabled approaches. Businesses can track, measure and improve sales knowledge and skills continuously with mobile-first sales enablement technology. Furthermore, users can create effective sales readiness programs that can drive improvements at retailers, distributors and channel partners alike at an enterprise level. With Streamz users can correlate with various sales metrics and address key learning gaps. Streamz makes it easy to achieve sales goals through smart actions. Also, the platform helps increase sales representative activity levels up to 20X and boost their confidence by 50% through its gamification framework. Streamz further allows users to develop automated gamification programs that drive key learning behaviours. With this platform, one can integrate activity-based incentives to focus on the right sales behaviour. Furthermore, it allows users to extract better outcomes through better sales engagement. Streamz assures mobile sales enablement and sales content management.


Smart Sales Enablement Platform and Presentation Software
iPresent is an online platform that enables your marketing team to upload and distribute marketing content to your sales team via a beautifully customizable app. With iPresent, you not only ensure your sales team have the right content at all times but you also give them the added bonus of being able to wow their customers with a professional fully interactive app experience on their tablet device. More than that, iPresent's powerful analytics give Marketers an insight into how their content really performs out in the field.


Increase your business sales in all aspects
TigerLRM is a comprehensive sales enablement platform that includes crucial features like content management, training & coaching, an integrated CRM, and more! A very intuitive, simple-to-use set of sales enablement and CRM solutions will bring out the Tiger in your sales force by allowing salespeople to concentrate on finding and closing opportunities. TigerLRM is completely outfitted with features and tools that reduce sales speculation and guessing. TigerLRM keeps the sales team concentrated on generating closes because it is made to boost adoption and instil best practices throughout the sales cycle. With a simple, user-friendly set of CRM and Sales Enablement solutions, you can unleash the Tiger in your sales force and allow them to concentrate only on finding and closing leads. TigerLRM is completely outfitted with a range of integrated features and tools that reduce sales hunches and pointless assumptions. TigerLRM keeps the sales team concentrated on generating closes because it is made to boost adoption and instil best practices throughout the sales cycle. Improve Sales Processes: Every company has a special process for closing deals. With an emphasis on finding and closing prospects, TigerLRM's sales enablement platform will assist you in defining, implementing, and identifying your sales processes.


Manage sales opportunities in Minutes
sales-i software is a platform used to measure the sales performance software for wholesale, distribution and manufacturing companies. The software offers tools to create targeted sales to monitor performance against target for each team member. Collaborate with team to track customer behavior to increase sales conversions. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


The Sales Enablement CRM
Membrain makes it easy for B2B sales teams to execute a sales strategy to consistently reach sales targets. Infuse powerful sales enablement workflows into your team’s day-to-day activities to discover best practices and drive winning behaviors. The sales performance and coaching tools take your sales forecasting and analytics to the next level. Get a complete visual overview of your team's progress. They have added beautiful productivity & collaboration tools into the core platform, saving you both time and money.

SAP Sales Cloud

Improve the customer experience with sales enablement tools
SAP Sales Cloud is a sales enablement platform that allows firms to track marketing effectiveness and handle leads, forecasting, contracts, bids, commissions, billing, and invoicing from a single location. Revenue recognition activities can be automated in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 15 and ASC 606 requirements. SAP Sales Cloud enables businesses to manage one-time and usage-based billing or invoicing processes, create target regions or quotas using prescriptive analytics, and obtain real-time visibility into sales success. Product configuration, contract storage in a centralized repository, and order management, pricing, and discounting processes can all be automated by managers. Supervisors can also define role-based access permissions for employees using contract templates and the clause library. Businesses may use SAP Sales Cloud to score leads in real time, manage opportunities, anticipate quarterly revenue, and track the full sales pipeline. Organizations can also use machine learning capabilities to receive customized sales suggestions by sorting sales territory according to corporate goals, detecting outliers, and detecting outliers.


Unlock your productivity
TextExpander is used to unlock your productivity. Share your snippets with your team to keep them on track. Keep your whole sales team on message. Give your whole support team the current answers to all your customer questions. Use TextExpander’s powerful snippets and abbreviations to streamline and speed all you type. Streamline your email. Take boilerplate email responses or sales queries and customize just the areas that you need. Add future due dates to your invoices and current dates to your file names, all without picking up a calendar.


Chart out effective marketing campaigns that can attract more sales
Mediafly is a sales enablement and content management software that helps businesses to create, access, share and track engaging sales content and close more deals. The software helps users with hassle-free personalized and custom branded presentations using a wide range of animated templates. In addition, brands can also add, update and share their sales and product content with their customers to keep them engaged and drive in more sales. Mediafly comes with a TCO and product comparison mechanism, ROI calculators, diagnostic and benchmark assessment tools that help businesses predict the regular outcomes of their marketing campaigns. Moreover, real-time sales training and coaching helps organizations with content creation and sharing part, besides attracting buyers in real-time. Mediafly can be integrated with major CRM systems, enabling users to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Reporting and analysis, AI-powered insights, and advisory services are other essential features of the software that ensures seamless business growth.


Improve your sales performance
Pitcher is a sales automation platform that has altered the way enterprises promote and sell efficiently using field force excellence, content automation, coaching, analytics, permission management, order and sample management, and retail execution, all in one platform. It offers a global smart application for customer engagement and sales enablement. With Pitcher, you can discover your competitive edge with all the security and regulatory standards you demand in the cosmetics, life sciences, biotech, pharma, generics, Rx medication manufacturers and medtech sectors. You can excel in field execution to optimize your production in the health, food & beverage, clothing & accessories, cosmetics & personal care, & domestic necessities, and pets industries. You can monitor, execute, and plan your daily commercial activities successfully in the automotive, manufacturing, engineering, oil and energy, tire, chemical and agriculture sectors. You can take back control of your content and the language your service teams and advisors employ, and stay compliant in the wealth management, financial services, insurance, and banking industries. Additionally, you can utilize Pitcher’s intuitive mobile technology to collaborate among your sales and marketing teams.


A Sales Enablement Software
Showell software is an Sales Enablement platform used to tracking sales in minutes. The software offers a digital content library for storing and managing your presentations, brochures, data sheets, case stories, videos and images. Collaborate with teams to measure products, campaigns and content updates with communication tools. Share content and generate reports in real-time to measure business performance in minutes. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.