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Sales Engagement Software

Are you looking for the best Sales Engagement software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you streamline the sales process through integrations with sales communication channels, sales messaging materials, and workflows. These advanced solutions go beyond standardizing the sales experience; they employ tools to combine their sales and marketing efforts for a personalized and automated sales journey.

To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Twilio Frontline

Build personal customer relationships with one app
They are the customer layer for the internet, powering the most engaging interactions companies build for their customers. We provide simple tools that solve hard problems, delivered as a developer-first cloud platform with global reach and no shenanigans pricing. Securely connect with customers over their preferred channels with a programmable, ready-to-use application for sales teams.


Information at your fingertips
Engineer of an efficiency apparatus that helps clients in recollecting people in their expert lives. The organization's product scans the schedule for data about individuals and afterward populates all relevant social data, for example, profiles and meeting accounts, permitting clients to rapidly acquire data on individuals they've met.Clay outputs your schedule consequently to gather individuals you've met and will meet. We then, at that point, mysteriously populate all their significant social data including their profile and your gathering history. There's no requesting email access and no work to do after import. Simple.Next time you meet somebody, Clay urges you to take notes during or after the gathering so you can recollect every one of the little subtleties and spotlight on building significant associations.Clay returns listed items in a split second across every one of the people you've recorded. It's likewise sufficiently shrewd to deal with looking through across normal industry titles and terms. You won't ever sit around attempting to recall everything.


An automated sales and quote management platform for insurance business
XILO as a sales and quote automation platform for independent insurance agencies, helps them get rid of manual data entry. The software is capable of auto populating client related information besides automating their follow ups. Smart integrations within the platform enable users to push relevant information within Raters, Acord forms, AMS’s, CRMs and more. A dashboard within the particular helps business houses monitor the productivity levels of their agents besides looking after client pipeline from time to time. Insurance agencies get to offer the best quoting experience to their clients with customizable forms. They can even embed the particulars within their website to offer a robust online experience. The software offers real-time integration with external portals like WordPress, Quote Rush, Salesforce, Vertafore, HawkSoft, QQCatalyst, Estated and more. XILO offers a comprehensive set of insurance management tools, enabling insurance agencies to offer a robust and comprehensive experience to their individual clients.

Next-Generation robotic farming is a futuristic farming technology that deploys intelligent robots in efficient indoor farming techniques. The tool brings in the technologically advanced and intelligent robotic farming techniques in one place. Root’s robots are powered by artificial intelligence which will make farming more easier and productive. You would no longer need to consider a number of factors like weather conditions, soil quality, or chemical-free production. comes with advanced real-time detection that enables the robotic vision to distinguish between ripe and raw fruits. It is highly precise and can pick fruits within cluttered ones situated on different branches, no matter what the conditions of the growing environments are. The fruit grippers can reach inside tangled vines and select the ripe fruits without hampering the raw ones. The comes with intelligent motion as the sensors allow it to see a 3-dimensional picture, thus helping its grippers to determine the route and to pluck the required fruit without any damage to other fruits and branches. True agricultural efficiency and sustainability come from indoor farming methods, and if the farming is digitally controlled, the crops can be 20 times more productive. is working on a better future of farming needs and is dedicated to helping indoor growers in building avant-garde farms with the assistance of AI robots.

The game-changing solution
Introducing the newest technology revolutionizing cross-communication and conversions like never before. This cutting-edge AI platform is designed to improve conversation dynamics and increase customer engagement using powerful contextual analysis tools. Rather than tedious trial and error, this product harnesses the power of advanced AI tech to make personal conversations even more effective by eliminating guesswork when it comes to understanding the customers’ needs. With, they will get a better insight as to what resonates with each user, leading to an optimized message delivery every time. No matter the size of the business small or large offers professional users a simple way to engage prospects while streamlining communication efforts between both parties quickly and easily. Make the job easier by using our comprehensive platform that effectively tracks conversation trends between customers so that you can adjust chat topics accordingly in real time. Make sure they were giving the target audience what they need to convert into paying customers with no compromises on quality or accuracy! They pride themselves in providing professional users with a complete package; make connections without having to worry about inefficient back-and-forth banter as they convert them into loyal followers of the brand in an effortless fashion. Whether this be within communities, private networks, funnel plans or upsells, trust for all of your conversational needs!


AI Powered Digital Experience for Customer
Cooee is a deep-tech platform that integrates in minutes with a user mobile app/web to deliver unique, data-driven, and immersive notifications. Their unique approach allows marketers to be a creative wizard by creating their own templates without the use of any design tool or software and then combine it with machine learning algorithms.


Effectively grow and amplify the business funnel
Intandemly is versatile account-based marketing software for small and midsize businesses. Due to its integration of processes, individuals, and sales platforms, the software enjoys widespread confidence. It improves the business funnel through laser-focused research to find the ideal match, multiple channel prospect engagement, and the marketing platform's ability to interact even more with the best customers. Additionally, it aids in generating market insights and boosts firm revenue with flawlessly synced sales and marketing potential for a clean transformation. The professional teams give unparalleled services at the ideal time, and it is primarily geared towards worldwide sales. The software is hosted on a SaaS cloud-based platform, which helps users by lowering the total ownership costs and boosting the capabilities of businesses in the digital world. With simple data management, companies may grow quickly and further showcase their data, which will hasten data presentation, facilitate the exchange of fresh ideas, and efficiently empower data-driven judgement. Furthermore, it offers qualified consulting solutions to handle complex datasets on board.


Best Sales Enablement Tools
PitchLink is a Buyer Seller Engagement Platform built for Zero Interruption with permission selling powered by ethical analytics using a permalink. PitchLink faclitates, Communication, Conversations and Collaboration - Making Buying Easy!


The most secure method for automating your LinkedIn journey
LinkHelp is a LinkedIn automation platform that enables you to automate your LinkedIn account, expand your network, and engage with your professional circle. It assists you in identifying, contacting, and interacting with prospective customers on LinkedIn in order to increase your income in a shorter period of time. LinkHelp enables you to find thousands of targeted prospects and invite them to join your network. It ensures that your LinkedIn profile is completely secure using its human behavior characteristics and safety constraints. You can create tailored messaging campaigns to send to a specific group of people, collect and scrape data (phone numbers, emails, names, etc.) from your contacts' LinkedIn profiles and websites. The platform offers LinkedIn automation tools that enable you to build up automated reply messages or follow-up messages based on a collection of keywords. You can engage with your network by like or commenting on specific posts or comments. Additionally, you also invite people who have liked or commented on a certain post, article, or video to interact with you professionally using LinkHelp.


All-in-One Project Management Software For Contractors
Get your time back, land more jobs, and create a customer service experience your clients will love. Create beautifully outlined project proposals with your company logo & brand. DripJobs helps automate your workflow by sending personalized, timed messages to your customers automatically. DripJobs has two built-in Drag & Drop Calendars to make it easy for you to separate your jobs & appointments.

Growth Haus

All-in-one Growth, Marketing, and Technology Solution
Growth Haus is the perfect solution for professional and business success. This sales engagement technology enables multi-channel outreach to target the ideal prospects and automate cold contact. With the custom software, can be sure to stay ahead of the competition and grow the business faster. Growth Haus can help and make the most of this multi-channel strategy to reach key decision makers and boost ROI. This efficient software will allow quickly to connect with prospects that are likely to engage with what offeres. With Growth Haus, the customer will not only save time but also get better results. Growth Haus is the perfect tool for businesses of any size. It is designed to maximize returns on time and financial investment, so the customer can focus on building relationships, getting message out, and driving conversions.

Ebsta Inbox

Advanced email tracking facility made effortlessly
Ebsta Inbox as an email tracking and meeting scheduling tool helps companies optimize the effectiveness and productivity levels of their sales team, based on real-time analytics and intelligent automation facilities. An advanced email tracking feature within the same assures seamless updates whenever a particular email or any attached link gets opened up or clicked by an individual client. Moreover, Ebsta Inbox supports 50+ integrations, across multiple business platforms including Xing, Indeed, LinkedIn, Zoominfo and more. Users can also depend on the particular to write and save emails in the drafts and schedule them to be send at a specific time or day. Not just emails, the software also turns out to be of great help with an integrated meeting scheduler that assures real-time collaboration facilities with Gmail and Outlook to keep users’ calendars up to date. Other exclusive facilities include real-time access to Salesforce templates and detailed results highlighting open and reply rates of the forwarded emails.


The Examine Solution for Salesforce
PipeLaunch is the next generation Sales Engagement solution that helps salespeople spend more time SELLING. PipeLaunch turns Salesforce into the ultimate prospecting tool, enabling salespeople to build pipeline faster by having their planning, research and productivity applications all within Salesforce.

Sales Booster by Leadspicker

Simple Sales Automation Solution Software
Enrich sales prospecting to overdrive by automating tedious lead-generating tasks while maintaining personalized and high-quality communication. Automated lead generation and outreach service will boost sales team’s potential.

Hotter Leads

A Solution to Optimize Emails on Autopilot
Hotter Leads is a platform to automate workflow with Emails. Manage Sales and follow-up leads to close more deals. Send emails to manage prospects in the primary inbox. Export Lead list in CSV file format to optimize market outreach. Marketers, Small, Medium, and Large companies make use of the software.


Gain Insights with Slack
Rattle software is a platform used to manage Salesforce in minutes. The software offers tools for reps to manage calls logs, track key metrics and update opportunities. Collaborate with teams with real-time alerts and generate reports to measure team’s activity. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


Powerful Sales Tools and Management Insights in Salesforce
Arpedio started as a sales coaching tool and developed into a company that builds software for sales leaders who are tired of having poor visibility into their sales pipeline and who care about submitting an accurate forecast and delivering on it. For sales professionals who manage complex sales cycles in a competitive market, Arpedio is a simple to use sales platform that supports the user in winning more deals. CRM systems simply track activities and a, sometimes uncertain, pipeline. Arpedio supports the development of an actionable and winning deal strategy by making best practices available to everyone on the sales team, thus becoming a platform for learning as well.


Re-think your sales development with RightBound
RightBound is an autonomous outbound prospecting platform that brings uniqueness to the era of sales development. This platform with its AI optimises every step of the outbound sales playbook, as per individuals and accounts. With RightBound, people don’t have to worry about list building, manual cadences, and account research. It ensures that company sales teams are focusing their time on engaged leads. This platform continuously sources relevant prospects and adds them to the CRM which is already verified, enriched, and segmented. With the help of RightBound, teams can build personalised email, surveys, social, and gifting orchestration. The platform ensures a playbook is fine-tuned and adjusted to fit each prospect. RightBound is the only method that enables one to see all important corporate and personal data, prospect behaviour, and real sales activity. Moreover, the platform’s machine learning continuously analyses and improves the whole journey from customer research to tailored outreach and engaged prospects. According to SDR, RightBound assures 3x engaged leads.


Free sales cadence software
A data-driven software platform that facilitates hyper-personalized communication between sales representatives and their prospects using existing data. Symbo will increase the number of contacts that a sales team makes and will increase the number of closed deals.


Run Successful Revenue Generating Campaigns
SendBuzz is a highly effective tool designed to optimize outreach campaigns by maximizing their results. It achieves this through increasing the number of inboxes reached and improving the deliverability of messages sent in multi-channel sales outreach. With SendBuzz, users can expect to see an enhanced engagement rate and ultimately, a boost in sales figures. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful features make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their outreach processes. SendBuzz is built to be highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their campaigns to specific target audiences and track their progress in real-time. By utilizing SendBuzz, businesses can expect to see their outreach campaigns achieve better results in a shorter time frame, ultimately leading to improved profitability and a more efficient sales process.

OutReachly by 500apps

Generate sales and grow business with OutReachly by 500apps
OutReachly is a sales engagement software that is used to generate sales-qualified leads at scale. The platform allows the creation of task cadences such as call, email, prospect research, video mail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn Inmail, Twitter, and many more. It gives access to unlimited access, automated workflows, and accounts with real-time notifications. Furthermore, the software makes it easy to align tasks and reach out to the prospect individually. OutReachly harvests lead in bulk from Google or LinkedIn for SDRs using smart bots. Everything that is needed for sales engagement is found on OutReachly like Email tracking, AI writer, Email finder, and task management. Also, the platform provides agile and sustainable apps for growing businesses. It is an all-in-one sales engagement tool that automates and scales multichannel outreach for increment in prospect generation, revenue growth, and acquisition in the whole conversion process. By integrating everyday apps, one can start getting more sales engagements.

Salesforce High Velocity Sales

Allow your sales staff to succeed from any location
Salesforce High Velocity Sales is an advanced sales enhancement platform from Salesforce, developed to help you increase productivity, expand best practices, and elevate revenue quickly. It enables you to restructure your sales procedures to increase efficiency for every inside sales professional, every day, and from everywhere. With Salesforce High Velocity Sales, you can reach the appropriate clients on the correct channels in the work queue, without guessing. It offers you Einstein Activity Capture to automate labour-intensive chores and data input for your staff. You can adapt to changing purchasing habits by continually upgrading your sales cadences and maintain flexibility in your selling and shifting demands. Using Sales Cadences, you can provide your team with fresh message templates for each channel. With Einstein Conversation Insights, you can focus on increasing customer interactions by developing team feedback loops and refining rep coaching procedures. Using real-time information, AI insights, and KPIs, you can improve team effectiveness and make data-driven choices. Additionally, the platform offers a visual workflow that allows you to drag-and-drop any business process to quickly build and automate.


Measure performance, increase earnings and close deals faster
QuotaPath is a sales performance management software that allows your sales team to increase earning by tracking the commissions and measuring the performance of your sales. This software will enable your sales reps to understand your earnings more effectively with the help of real-time quota tracking and commission calculation. You can reduce your payday stress by having exact knowledge of your checks. It helps you to track your sales metrics and allows you to meet organisation-wide goals. Additionally, you can align and motivate your entire team with the help of a complete view of the end-results and success. This robust platform automates the tracking your compensation plans, thus eliminating all manual operations and saving your time. QuotaPath is capable of handling your pay structure, no matter how complicated it is. It also allows you to check your past quota attainment records with the help of historical filters. In order to drive growth, you can measure your robust business metrics and get executive insights. You can also collaborate with your team on compensation plans with the help of QuotaPath.


Engage Customers with Telesales
ImagineSales is a CRM Dialer platform used to manage pipeline and calls to automate workflow. Create reminders about leads to manage selling activities. Generate sales with automation rules backed with data enabling prospect down the sales to funnel Algorithmic. Score your content to gain insights with communication. The system brings email & phone to one place. Records calls to optimize prospect engagement. Customer Support, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Manage clients efficiently and effortlessly
oClient is a Client Management software that helps the companies to enhance their client list. The software generates leads, creates instant PDF offers and contracts for the clients on behalf of the organization. With this application, organizations can generate client invoices in the form of customized PDFs and keep the files related to the clients who are organized in a client card. Users can invite clients to their system and build sales pipeline together. oClient comes with an inbuilt calendar where the organizations can add upcoming events and appointments with clients. There is also an inbuilt task list regarding those events and appointments. The software has an SMS and Email feature that sends SMS and Emails to the clients on behalf of the company. oClient comes with an evidation system through which organizations can track down the assets that their clients possess. Users can then store those data in customized fields, groups, and tags, thus making account management simple and easy.


Enhance your sales communications and reach out to the targeted audience quickly
FrontSpin is an intuitive sales communication tool designed for inside selling professionals to help them enhance their business performance and close in more deals. The ultimate aim of the tool is to help sales teams do their job better and quicker. Moreover, with FrontSpin, users get access to a variety of powerful dialling tools, like pre-recorded voicemail, prioritized call lists and single-click dialling, which increases the overall communication rate by 35%. In addition, businesses can also depend on the particular to forward personalized sales emails and monitor their open/click rate. Account-based Playbooks, offered by the same are also of great help enabling teams to enhance their lead generation processes and streamline workflows. Moreover, with FrontSpin SMS, organisations get to read and respond to incoming messages as per convenience and keep them synced with the internal database and CRM in a seamless way. Outsourcers, customer service providers, account executives and sales developers find out FrintSpin and its integrated functionalities to be of great help.


The ultimate call center software for you
Lead Desk is a smart sales and customer service call center software, developed to assist tele-communication businesses in managing their call center services and triple their outbound sales efficiency. It offers auto and predictive dialer modes that allow your agents to increase their call volume from 40 to 120 per day which in turn increases your growth and revenue. With Lead Desk, you get eight distinct dialer modes, including auto and predictive dialers. With the correct dialer mode, your outbound sales employees can contact consumers swiftly in any circumstance. When you switch from a manual dialer to LeadDesk, your call center operators can call three times as many contacts each day. The platform provides real-time monitoring of your activities and you can see all live data as well as listen in on any calls from afar. During calls, you can even whisper to your agents and stay on top of your contact center's quality and performance with reporting templates and completely customizable reporting tools offered by Lead Desk. Additionally, the program is easily scalable and deployable.


Turn conversions into leads with ease
Funnelfly is an email follow-up tool that enables users to turn conversations into conversions and stay in front of qualified leads with an easy to launch automated, personalized email campaigns. The software automatically sends the correct follow up message to the leads and customers of the user. Users can set variables that will allow them to personalize the copy sent to their leads and tailor their messages to build brand awareness by highlighting the company in the email. Funnelfly software comes with growth tracks that are an intuitive process of engaging with leads using the right message at the right time. As the leads reach a specific goal, the users can respond accordingly in order to move them along the customer journey. The software enables users to add particular task reminders along a growth track sequence. The task management automation enables its users to save the trouble of having to remember everything they need to get done to stay in front of their qualified leads.


Engage clients on every channel
Kommo simplifies staying in touch with customers and getting their thoughts, insights, and reviews. This advanced platform allows users to quickly and efficiently engage clients across multiple channels including social media, web forms, emails, and surveys. Best of all, it’s easy to use and provides an intuitive user interface. Using Kommo users can easily collect data from customers that help guide their company's decision-making process. Get reliable analytics about their campaigns and understand which channels result in maximum engagement. Then use that knowledge to shape future interactions. With a better understanding of customer behavior users can measure success more accurately and make sure every penny is well spent. Plus, have peace of mind knowing that with Kommo their data is safe thanks to the rigorous security protocols we have in place! All files are uploaded securely to the servers with AES-256 encryption so users know it’s always secure. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) to get even deeper insights into client feedback on their platforms! Choose a powerful platform like Kommo for engaging clients on every channel - we guarantee it will be worth the investment!

Adapt Engage

Increase the number of qualifying meetings
Adapt Engage, now Salesgear is a lead generation platform that enables you to send emails, conduct phone calls, and interact on LinkedIn with a single platform. It helps you convert, nurture, and develop leads into sales using email automation. With Salesgear, you can send emails, make phone calls, and connect with people on LinkedIn all from one spot. You can build relationships with prospects by engaging them one-on-one and share best practises with the rest of the team. Using automated playbooks, you can turn every rep into a top performer. For inbound leads, you can automate drip campaigns for certain reps or channels. Users can increase meeting conversions by sending 1:1 cold email in the prospect's time zone. You can make calls to any country and keep track of your calls in CRM. You can send personalised LinkedIn invitations and messages and streamline the prospect follow-up process. To enhance conversion, you can reach out to incoming prospects across several channels. Additionally, you can receive push alerts and take action on the prospects who have expressed interest with Salesgear.


Enhance your sales pipeline with Upscale
Upscale is a sales engagement platform that helps companies to enhance the B2B sales pipeline and maximise revenue. It is used by B2B companies worldwide to make revenue generation a predictable process via intelligent sales workflows and multi-channel outreach capabilities. The sales team of any B2B organisation can use this platform to spend more time building relationships and achieving goals. Upscale also helps in sales automation. Sales teams of different companies can use this AI-powered system to optimise performance and provide insights instantaneously. This platform identifies office emails replies and automatically pauses and resumes a workflow based on the return date in the email. Furthermore, it provides a culture of data-driven decision making through real-time sales and marketing, performance insights on campaigns, prospects, sales methods, sales reps, products, etc. With Upscale brands can track performance and coach their sales team to drive top-line performance. Also, to establish an effective engagement with the buyers, multi-channel outreach becomes inevitable. For that, Upscale is used. Moreover, Upscale combines other features like guided selling, activity capture, lead prioritisation, opportunity insights and more.


Providing businesses with the tools they need to grow faster
NeoDove is a Telecalling CRM and Sales Engagement Platform that helps firms enhance sales by streamlining incoming and outbound call procedures, as well as lead management. NeoDove's auto dialer, lead management system, multichannel communication, and integrations allow organisations to focus on what matters most: maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. NeoDove Web Portal, NeoDove's web portal gives you a complete picture of your whole sales pipeline. Everything can be examined and handled, from the status of leads to the performance of the sales team. NeoDove is a mobile app developed by NeoDove. NeoDove's mobile app makes it easier for telesales executives to meet their targets on the go, from automated dialling to individual reporting. With phone service integrations for features like IVR, virtual numbers, and more, you can capture all of your calls and ensure flawless customer interactions. Know what and how your team is doing with team monitoring and productivity. Reduce the number of repetitious manual chores and make better-informed judgments to boost productivity.


Close in more deals with Bloodbirds and inbuilt functionalities
Bloobirds is an accurate sales empowerment platform that enables sales teams to close more deals based on active CRM integration facilities. This way sales teams get to convert impressive prospects into customers in real-time, digitize their sales process, book more meetings and close more deals. Further, Bloobirds takes care of all the tedious tasks allowing users to focus on effective business management. It digitizes the entire marketing process to make the transition to virtual sales quite seamless for the entire team, besides capturing useful information from LinkedIn via Bloobirds LinkedIn Plug-in functionality. Moreover, intuitive prompts and friendly reminders provided by the same assures proper guidance, helping out sales development reps with their task management, pipeline building and digitalization of customer engagement functionalities. In addition, Bloodbirds also comes equipped with a pre-built dashboard of its own that offers adequate information about influential conversion rates across different target markets.


A Sales Automation Tool
FunnelFLARE software is a platform used to increase sales by closing deals. The software offers a contact tool to logs your calls and automate voicemail drops, and follow up emails. Manage appointment scheduling with real-time alerts to track prospects. It integrates with Salesforce, Pipelinedeals, Freshsales, and more. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Automate Cold Outreach
Mailshake is an invaluable tool for Cold Email Outreach. It helps to build relationships and promote content with ease. Schedule follow-ups and collaborate with your team to send customized messages. It comes with a free list-cleaning with API, A/B testing, Conversion Tracking, and automated suggestions. Also, it offers templates to create a personalized email campaign and reduce spam. Moreover, it integrates with Google Sheets, Salesforce, and other software to improve the user experience.


Save time and concentrate on completing transactions
LaGrowth Machine is a lead generating platform that automates manual sales rep activities so you can concentrate on what really matters: closing transactions. It enables you to import your contacts from a variety of sources, such as CSV files, SalesNavigator and so on to develop your audiences. With LaGrowth, you can enrich profiles with scraped data from other networks using twitter, workplace, phone, website, and email. You build highly targeted prospect routines on emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels to reach your goals and engage in discussion with your prospects. The platform assists the sales team in improving their email sequences by introducing additional automated channels. It allows you to do lead sourcing, enrichment, and messaging all in one spot. By designing complicated sales campaigns using a single platform, you can vastly enhance your sales automation approach with the LaGrowth Machine platform. LaGrowth Machine enables you to revive dormant leads through channels other than email, significantly improving the effectiveness of your marketing. You can also use LGM's LinkedIn import and enrichment tools to develop your database on a daily basis.

Revenue Grid

Streamlining sales workflows gets a lot easier with Revenue Grid
Revenue Grid is a guided intelligence operation and revenue generation platform that provides step-by-step guidance to the sales team leading them to drive in more revenue with less guesswork and better consistency. Contextual and actionable notifications provided by the platform turns out to be of great use, helping the entire sales team with the discovery of loopholes and adequate actions. Also, businesses can depend on the same to manage operations, track changes and streamline shifts as per convenience. At present more than 25000 companies across different geographical backgrounds depend on Revenue Grid for their regular business operations, helping them remove guesswork, schedule unified and organized sales approaches, get access to real-time signals and gain visibility into accurate pipelines as well. Deal guidance, sales forecasting, automated data capture, Gmail integration and sales coaching are some of the exclusive benefits provided by the software.


Koncert will help in hustle and win
Koncert is cloud based phone dialers for increasing sales up to 800% in B2B sales. Koncert is aiming mainly in increasing the sales, many of the companies already crushing their quota with koncert. Koncert is easy like its one call away to get your sales increased Multi-channel B2B sales engagement software to reach your prospects at scale through a sequenced workflow of email, video and social touches. Koncert includes multi channel sales engagement and provides bi directional real time syncing with 3rd party system including CRM’s. Koncert implements your strategy at scales and helps in increasing the productivity sales and bring more revenue. Concerts B2B managers takes the leads all the way through the sales pipeline and avoids the leads falling through cracks, no matter the channel they puts their best and provides detailed reports on sales performance. The multi channel communication Koncert provides allows the companies to exceed goals. Koncert has features like click dialer- place calls directly in salesforce, flow dialer - List-based power dialer, Agent assisted dialer - Human powered power dialer, remote coach - Listen to what your sellers are saying on calls.


Promote personalized marketing campaigns for better deals
Klenty is an intuitive sales engagement software that helps teams send personalized emails, automate follow-ups at scale, enhance their sales outreach and fill up CRM forms. Moreover, comprehensive tools made available within the software are designed in an exclusive way helping teams to get more replies than they had expected. Klenty makes sure that the sent emails do not land into the spam folders and get delivered straight into the customers’ primary inbox. Also, sales teams can depend on the particular to prioritize individual calls and keep themselves focused on the targeted customers, facilitating enhanced business deals. Added features like A/B test templates, CRM automation, batch execution in focus mode, subject lines, call-to-action and stats comparison are of great help. Furthermore, active integration facilities with external platforms like Pipedrive, Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier and Slack turns out to be quite useful in the long run.


Personalize emails and automate follow-ups
This is a unique sales engagement software that aims in helping sales and marketing teams to reach their business goals. Datananas is a SaaS-based platform that helps in sending targeted, automized and personalized email scenarios to leads, and set up more appointments directly to the sales team calendar. This sales platform helps in consolidating the B2B sales data, targeting strategic key accounts and facilitating sales engagement through one to one email communications. With Datananas, sales teams can use professional social networks such as Viadeo and Linkedin to create highly targeted B2B lists. The data is exported and enriched with email addresses and phone numbers into the user’s marketing automation tool or CRM. this software contains an e-learning platform which helps in coordinating sales and marketing teams to enhance their skills. It also provides support in building personalized and intelligent emails which are the key to great sales results. In addition, smart links help to move information smoothly between the software applications so the user can focus on the most important work and track sales activities simultaneously.

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