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Sales Intelligence Software

Are you looking for the best Sales Intelligence software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you use internal and external data to increase sales processes. These advanced solutions go beyond insights; they employ tools to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by using contract databases to find new opportunities. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

Intelligent Sales Assistant for Small Businesses
Managing a sales team brings a lot of stress and complexity to life. We’ll eliminate those problems by automating or simplifying tasks and boosting team’s performance as a result. Spending too much time on updating the sales data in various sheets & systems.

Humantic AI

Everyone can benefit from people intelligence
Humantic is an AI assistant that helps salespeople and recruiters understand each other's personalities and decision-making processes. It can also tailor each communication to their specific requirements. Humantic can reliably forecast a person's personality based on their public information, resumé, or written language. This will make it simple to remove the element of guesswork from every encounter. Whether you're cold calling or making a phone call, everything will be simple. About electronic mail, Humantic creates tailored AI-written emails for each customer. The people make the decision. Humantic's predictive intelligence will tell you what matters and what doesn't to the decision maker. Humantic's individualised guidance can assist you in communicating what's most important to you. Humantic assesses a candidate's conduct and personality using AI without requiring the candidate's time or attention. Without the use of a standard questionnaire or test, it allows Talent Acquisition teams to properly understand individuals beyond their resume. Humantic personalised outreach, dramatically enhances applicant experience, and effectively improves hired candidate quality. Humantic is used by over a hundred customers, including Fortune 500 companies. Across the industry, it is quickly becoming the AI tool of choice for assessing behavioural and cultural fit.


Improve Sales Conversation Rates
KORI is designed to help sales professionals excel in their job and drive business growth. This revolutionary platform provides a powerful network of verified connections, streamlining how sales teams connect and convert leads. Imagine having an army of trusted backers advocating on behalf - that’s what KORI enables. Gone are the days of blind conversations and cold emails. The days when even the most dedicated salespeople hit brick walls due to limited connections and external obstacles. KORI changes all that by leveraging existing relationships to facilitate introductions to potential clients. Users can effortlessly introduce themselves directly to individuals within their network who are willing to offer warm referrals – leaving a positive impression with employers straight away. With KORI, sales processes are accelerated, pipelines rapidly filled and businesses grow exponentially – making success a cut above ordinary performance standards each time! What’s more is that can be off and running in no time, as one of the introductory packages grants users access to verified contacts at prices considerably lower than the competition. So whether want to expand existing business or get started with a new career, let KORI take all the hassle out of it for today!

Find Me Sales

Feel confident finding B2B sales
Find Me Sales provide user with all the tools to map out whole UK industries and contact leads with confidence. This Artificial Intelligence is your researcher, gathering contact and social information as well as names, places and context. Automate the sales workflows to contact leads through linked social profiles or connect the mailbox and use templates to email leads directly.


Identify and generate leads in real-time
Slintel is an advanced lead generation software designed to help enterprises find and get connected to the top customers within their target area. An intent-powered sales intelligence module within the software, helps companies find potential prospects and crack new deals in no-time. Slintel comprises a wide variety of modules such as competitor intelligence, market intelligence, buying patterns, buyers personas, enabling organisations to lock down potential buyers. Moreover, advanced technographic insights facilitate business owners with relevant data about competitors’ customers and top-graded buyers. Enterprises can use this software for lead enrichment purposes based on accurate information about potential prospects, including their email, phone number and other contact details. Slintel also offers tailor-made lead suggestions in the form of propensity scores and acts as a connector between the sellers and buyers. Through this platform, organizations can get into details about their competitors business metrics, employee growth, sales status etc and prepare their own business moves accordingly.


Meet the ultimate sales wingman
During sales video chats, SaleSpot analyses emotion and body language to offer real-time coaching and suggest winning methods. SaleSpot helps both managers and reps. Managers may use revenue intelligence to gain insight into their team's performance, but determining why a rep isn't performing might be difficult. A manager can overlook coachable chances that lead to record-breaking performance if he or she isn't informed. SaleSpot analyses facial expressions and body language during video conversations to determine message receipt and delivery. Also, SaleSpot informs managers on how their top-performing salespeople execute successful pitches by collecting unstated aspects that affect pitches, allowing them to construct an all-star squad. To stay up in this era of personalisation, a sales agent must recall every pain point, execute a killer presentation, resolve objections quickly, and remember every detail in a sales call. Trying to juggle all of them at once may be difficult, and missing even one can result in a missed transaction. SaleSpot as an AI assistant relieves salespeople of cognitive strain.


Supercharge your business with partnerships
Introducing Squaredance the ultimate digital advertising platform designed to keep the business booming. Whether a small to medium-sized business or a DTC brand, Squaredance connects a user with partners who can help expand the reach, grow sales, and maximize profits in every online channel. Squaredance takes the guesswork out of digital advertising, helping businesses find success regardless of budget or experience level. They make it easy to establish relationships with media buyers, publishers, and other influencers that can amplify brand visibility and drive conversion rates. Users will always have access to the most important metrics for better decision making too, including cost per click and impressions for precise ROI tracking. They know that making sense of all the moving parts of online advertising can be challenging. But with Squaredance’s innovative platform and comprehensive set of services, users won’t have to stress over it anymore. Get ready to take advantage of precise targeting, improved profitability metrics with custom campaigns, and high-value reporting data all while connecting with the right partners that understand goals. Grow the brand’s presence and strengthen its competitive position today by using Squaredance a go-to digital advertising solution!


Sales Intelligence Software
If you're looking to supercharge the sales strategy, Gluescreen is the perfect platform for them. This AI-based customer analysis makes it simple and fast to identify and classify your ideal customers. Now they can get access to detailed information such as company addresses, industry size, and more all from the comfort of this office. With Gluescreen, they will have the knowledge and insight to monitor target customers and determine the best times for acquisitions or sales. Artificial intelligence is combined with precise customer monitoring in order to compile accurate B2B data that guides their teams straight toward success! Don't wait any longer strengthen this current strategy by starting a free trial of Gluescreen right away.


Close more deals and grow faster
Use SalesQL for streamlining their sales and recruiting operations, automating prospecting, email outreach, and social touches. Our mission is to help them to create true relationships without the hassle of having to jump between apps, as SalesQL works directly in the web browser.

Visual Visitor Sales Intelligence

Powerful Sales Intelligence Software
Visual Visitor's Platform combines B2B intelligence, company contact data, engagement software, and cutting edge identification tools.


A modern sales platform
The first all-in-one sales platform designed to provide companies an easy way to access and collaborate with the top 1% of sales talent, on-demand. Manage all of leads and activities in one intuitive interface. Optimized workflows make it fast and easy to see what need to act on next to get the most out of pipeline and close more deals.


Utilize AI to Automate Lead Research and Prioritization
Oppwiser is the ultimate decision-making platform for professionals. It harnesses the power of billions of buyer signals on the web to uncover new customers and ready-to-buy accounts automatically. With its cutting edge analytics, Oppwiser ensures the team never misses an opportunity to find and engage with potential buyers. Through its smart, automated technology, Oppwiser quickly gathers important information about prospects and their businesses and builds customer profiles tailored to the organization’s needs. The data is then presented in a simple, easy to understand dashboard that puts all the necessary data at the customers fingertips. Oppwiser helps to save time and money while enhancing the prospecting efforts. With its unprecedented accuracy and insights, the customer can now easily identify the right decision makers and target them with the most effective messages. Just set the parameters and let Oppwiser take care of the rest.


Increase your sales pipeline
B2Brain is built to do account research so that SDRs can focus on selling. It generates prospect-specific intel, shows relevant leads, and helps personalize sales pitches and emails with talking points relevant to what are selling.


Meet the best leads for Product
If the customer is looking to unlock product-led opportunities and tap into revenue potential with ease? Look no further than Ripe—the most reliable solution for revenue teams! With Ripe, revenue teams can understand which leads to engage with and when to reach out without having to detach a sales stack. This platform is designed to help build qualified pipeline by surfacing and converting sales ready opportunities, resulting in hot opportunities straight pushed to sales in-app. It’s never been this easy to grow the product-led pipeline! Thanks to no-code platform, the customer can take advantage of all that Ripe has to offer in a simple and straightforward manner. Reach out now and discover how our professional and reliable solutions can help to maximize revenue potential!

IGD DataListX

Increase Your Total Addressable Market (TAM) Reach
​DatalistX is an amazing AI-driven marketing data platform with 37 million verified contacts across the globe. This help companies to do targeted account based online marketing to reach ideal prospects. DatalistX empower sales teams to target and reach any key contacts across the globe with 65 company data points and real-time business updates and sales opportunity alerts. Sales and marketing team can boost the efficiency of prospect research and sales lead generation campaigns with verified key contacts details in an online platform.

Magic Sales Bot

Create personalized emails to boost your business sales
Magic Sales Bot is an accurate email personalization software that helps companies with the creation of personalized emails. The software provides the right kind of information on users’ prospects and then goes forward to write personalized sales emails for them based on the industry news, socials and target audience of an individual business. The solution automatically finds the email addresses and LinkedIn profiles of every target company that users run their reports on. Also, it uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 to write sales emails, personalized in accordance with the brand’s needs and to their targeted companies. An AI power technology present within Magic Sales Bot is capable of generating snippets that can be used to personalise emails and attract customers attention in real-time. Accurate social media-related information provided by the same helps companies with further personalisations and to position themselves like a professional in the field. Lastly, companies can also use the same to generate unlimited intel reports from LinkedIn profiles, social media data, email addresses and more.


Unleash the Future of Sales
Flyfish is the world's leading AI-driven sales assistant. Gain a competitive edge and make an impact on your bottom line; Flyfish helps the user to boost customer engagement, attract new leads, and create greater efficiency with this sales process. This innovative AI technology is smart and dedicated to learning as it interacts with customers every day. Through empathy and responsiveness, it can advise like an expert in a consultative style, always suggesting, guiding, and providing alternatives without ever being pushy. It will do 50% of its sales tasks for users so that they can focus more on building relationships, strategic planning, and developing creative solutions for customers. With Flyfish by their side, their business is sure to lead the industry in customer service.


Sales CRM for Growing Agencies and Consultants
Introducing agencyjoy! With the purpose of making lead tracking and sales management effortless, agencyjoy is the perfect solution for professionals. This innovative platform simplifies tracking leads from web forms and discovery calls with the built-in scheduler and managing through a sales pipeline. With agencyjoy can save time and resources enabling the team to be more productive, efficient, and profitable. The easy-to-navigate dashboard provides real-time tracking of leads that flow through web forms and what they do afterwards. User interface features such as drag-and-drop tools allow to intuitively manage appointments, task lists, and customer relationships effortlessly. Its smart notifications feature ensures that no client inquiry goes unnoticed by tracking all communications within the app.


Rethink your outreach strategy
Sell to executives who just changed their job and are ready to buy. Job change strategy is considered a highly effective one. Executives in a new role have a fresh budget ready to be spent and are open to changing incumbent vendors. They gather data manually from publicly available sources. This makes out data reliable and verified.


Efficient human resource manager
WhoKnows is an AI-powered business network that provides a people analytics platform for knowledge management and expertise discovery, talent identification and performance tracking. Its major features include a Recruiter which takes advantage of an AI-assisted search to provide 300 million plus candidate profiles and gives users the ability to streamline them to a shortlist using advanced logic and filters. A Prospector feature lets users create micro-segmented prospect lists and export them to a preferred CRM tool. The Enterprise feature provides employers with accurate employee profiles to bolster knowledge on the strengths and talents of employees. An advanced search and filter option integrated into the enterprise feature helps to help you find a staff of your preference to help in staff collaboration. The Professional feature helps employee to effectively build a skill profile with absolute control over it. WhoKnows offers multiple options for candidate outreach via e-mail, phone and social media.

ZoomInfo SalesOS

B2B Sales Solutions & Prospecting Tools
ZoomInfo SalesOS is the modern go-to-market platform for B2B sales teams. ZoomInfo has the largest, most comprehensive, and most frequently refreshed database of insights, intelligence, and purchasing intent data about companies and contacts.


Data-driven marketing and sales insights delivery made seamless
Salesfit is a futuristic marketing and sales analytics platform, capable of adapting to the data provided by users in an automated way. The platform delivers a variety of services that are trusted widely by 1000+ companies and the global startup community. It analyses users’ data to optimize the targeting outreach, generate leads and improve the customer journey in a seamless manner. Salesfit comes equipped with a wide spectrum of features designed to help businesses scale and generate revenue expertly. With in-built capabilities to thoroughly understand users' needs, this platform recommends exact use-cases based on the data source. Also, it offers a detailed plan of its role in optimization. Furthermore, the software delivers accurate results which can be used to enhance business performance and provide expert services to customers. Finally, armed with accurate data-driven insights in marketing and sales, users are able to fix and improve business strategies that better fit their pre-configured business model, facilitating enhanced sales.


Private domain traffic operations drive growth
Batch phone number plus enterprise WeChat friend program, breaking through the limit of enterprises and WeChat to actively add friends. Channels are set up with exclusive QR codes, intelligent receptionists arrange shifts, and welcome messages are automatically sent. Pull a new fission poster to generate one-click, use the WeChat friend relationship network to quickly expand customers.

OneUp Sales

Your sales team's new best friend
Empower directors, managers and consultants with the tools they need to succeed, remote or in-office. Unrivalled performance reporting, gamification, and daily update emails to your team. OneUp integrates with dozens of CRMs, VOIP systems and other third-party solutions to enable sales leaders to see all their key metrics in one place.


Crush your targets
Find perfect accounts, connect with decision makers and automate sales outreach to close more deals. Sync data across CRM, marketing automation and sales engagement to drive true attribution and track marketing ROI. Connect with ideal prospects from anywhere in the world.

Heron Data

Turn your transactions into powerful insights
Heron Data helps businesses analyze their users’ financial transaction data and use them to underwrite or engage their customers with analytics or delightful features. Use cases of this software are Business Lending using which you can calculate cashflow-based metrics and identify risk flags; prequalify and underwrite companies faster and more accurately using the dashboard. Instead of displaying back messy transaction data, you can delight your customers with clean merchant names, icons, and URLs so they can easily identify their spending. It provides financial insights to your nosiness customers; helps your users with revenue and runway calculations, and spend by category and cash-based P&L. Heron’s lightning-fast merchant detection allows customers to lock cards to specific merchants with more than 99% recall & precision and simplifies your customers’ accounting/ERP reconciliation. Secure API ensures data is encrypted in transit and at rest; clear APIdocs and provides sample SDKs for easy integration. Heron’s state-of-the-art ML team builds and trains cutting-edge and custom-built models. Re-trained models for automated support and personalized support provide a good user experience.


"Expand The Outreach Efforts with"
If the customer is busy in professional looking to build successful relationships and acquire new business prospects? Outboundly can help! Outboundly is a helpful Chrome extension that simplifies the cold outreach process, leveraging AI to generate personalized prospecting messages. Outboundly simplifies the tedious tasks of creating cold outreach messages from scratch or manually researching and building contact lists. Instead, its intuitive interface works with users to automatically generate relevant content and curate personal messages for any given situation. It includes templates for get-to-know, introductions, warm introductions, referrals, sales inquiries and more. Outboundly's AI capabilities will remember past conversations so users don't have to search through their history again and again. Plus, it is optimized for all devices.


Now no gap between buyers and sellers
AirCover is a sale assistant tool which reduces the ramp time by equipping the sales team with latest positioning and messaging. Aircover fills the gap between the buyer and the sellers through the use of real time real-time tools and conversational AI on top of virtual meetings. The main features Air cover provides is – it reduces the ramp time- reduces ramp time by equipping sales teams with the latest messaging and positioning , Shorten sales cycles, Increase win rates - Enforce best practices of a sales process over the course of a meeting. Aircover also reduces the amount of follow ups meetings that is required per prospect by providing real-time answers to the reps.Once you integrated with multiple tools action items and tracks will reduce. Aircover is suitable for all Individuals, Large Enterprises, Medium Business and Small Business as well. Aircover also has the facility of putting sales enablement on autopilot. Aircover focuses to make better relationship with consumers Store your own relationship notes, and keep track of their role in the deal.


Generate Sales Meetings that Close
FunnL makes setting up a new tool a breeze. With a few clicks, can launch campaigns in less than 10 minutes. The on-screen instructions are clear, simple and efficient. FunnL is used by thousands of sales professionals every day, and they all agree that it is an intuitive platform. With its user-friendly interface, user can quickly create campaigns and monitor their progress. From setting up campaigns to tracking results, can do it all with FunnL. Plus, get access to an extensive library of resources, such as templates and tutorials, to help get up and running quickly. With its time-saving features, FunnL makes it easy for to maximize sales efforts and get the results want.


Get a secured database with ease of accession
Datantify is database software that is used by thousands of companies. It provides updates to its clients on a daily basis. Besides, it has a 30-day use scheme that guarantees the return of money if dissatisfied with its services. It provides verified data that includes over 90% of companies in several industries. It enables partnering with alliances and clients within a few minutes by implying a simple system. The data is stored in the .csv file format which makes the process of integration with the CRM of the clients simple and easy. The software serves as the greatest of all B2B databases across the globe. Also, it has an organised registration system that enables downloading samples to clarify the details of its services. The software verifies businesses which are running in the industries it deals with. This ensures a safe business with a verified company. Furthermore, clients can choose to get either readymade or custom-made databases as per their requisition.


Industry intelligence for executives and teams
twimbit provides contextual industry intelligence for executives and teams. Disruptive business models, Neo-banking, Purpose score benchmarks of Asia’s largest banks, Innovation Opportunities, CX best practices (NFT & Crypto). Trailblazers and Benchmarks, Technology (Cloud, AI and Automation), Vertical Industry themes and priorities, Measures of CX success.

Meet Alfred

Automate Business Opportunities in minutes
Alfred is an All-in-one Sales enablement software for LinkedIn, Email & Twitter. The software offers built-in LinkedIn search and can manage integrations to build more pipeline. Collaborate with teams to engage prospects with profile views, messages, to optimize campaigns to drive more revenue. Measure the ROI with reports via dashboard. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

URVA Sales

Sales force tracker to eliminate friction
URVA is the perfect solution for organisations who want to manage and track their field force. With powerful features built directly into URVA, can be assured to minimize costs, effectively utilise resources and boost sales. URVA makes it easy to close deals faster, improve relationships and manage clients effectively.

Success App

Single pane of glass for POC management
Success App is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the process of running successful Proof of Concepts. With its array of features, Success offers a one-stop-shop for businesses to collaborate with internal teams and customers seamlessly. The app's user-friendly interface ensures that all participants can engage with POCs without any friction, making the process smooth and straightforward. Success eliminates any potential roadblocks that may impede the success of a POC, such as communication gaps or technical difficulties. The app's collaborative capabilities enable internal teams to work seamlessly, keeping everyone on the same page throughout the process. This helps minimize errors, saves time, and maximizes productivity. In addition, Success makes it easy for customers to participate in POCs, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to give feedback and make informed decisions. This promotes a customer-centric approach that is crucial for successful Proof of Concepts. In summary, the Success App is a must-have tool for businesses that want to run successful Proof of Concepts. With its streamlined approach to collaboration and customer engagement, Success ensures that the business can make the most of every POC opportunity.


Deep Insights and Actionable Prospect Intelligence
Scopify is a sales tool for digital sales reps and managers that provides them with intelligence about prospects. With intelligent scoping, users can indulge in smart acquisitions that are backed by data. Scopify delivers a Full Stack Sales Cycle with three primary features. Scoping enables users to uncover new target markets for their businesses with the help of a custom sales opportunity project pipeline. The Acquisition arm of the tool plugs the sales force directly into the existing sales system that provides a framework to close the most high-value leads. And the Intelligence feature then provides deep insights about a large database of curated prospects to maximize the possibility of conversions. Scopify also provides features such as Capability Alignment through an onboarding tool that recommends the most relevant prospects according to the goals of the business. And with features such as AI Enablement and Strategy Consulting, users receive an exclusive service package.


Close more deals, Acquire more customers
Introducing Zintlr, the next generation of advanced B2B prospecting technology. Whether they were looking to find the next big company to connect with or targeting specific person contacts, Zintlr makes it easier than ever to acquire accurate data and other powerful insights. With a cutting-edge tech stack that simplifies in-depth analysis, users can gain access to financials as well as predictive intent for potential buyers and partners. This application scours billions of pointers across the web and consistently updates this information in order to ensure accuracy. Whether they were in business development, lead generation, or sales state-of-the-art prospecting engine can help locate the ideal leads from titles, company sizes, seniority levels, geographical locations and more. Professionals around the globe rely on Zintlr to stay informed on the most up-to-date industry news and trends yet still have the convenience of being able to manage data locally when necessary. So what are you waiting for? Take the business outreach capabilities one step further by taking advantage of all that Zintlr has to offer!


Changing the COPY in your message
Introducing RepliQ - the revolutionary AI-powered video generation tool that will help increase the reply rates and book more meetings. Utilise the leads' social media profile or website as a powerful background for video in order to draw even more focus. With just one template, can create an array of unique videos that are tailored specifically to meet the leads and prospective customers. The targeted messaging instantly personalizes content to reflect customers’ interests, making it about them instead of about you! Take advantage of this new technology today so, can save precious time and effort while reaching new heights in conversion rates!

Use Outreach

Launch successful sales cadence
Use Outreach is a cloud Sales Intelligence Software. Global database of a highly specific set of company and contact information. Literally sort local businesses by region, city, their online ratings and activity. Workflow automation on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator made easy with the browser extension. Find generic emails, phone numbers, social media URLs from a list of domains that you input. Campaign and CRM engine built specifically for sales and outreach automation.


Your Digital Merchandising
Eyrene's AI-powered mobile image recognition technology is revolutionizing the way businesses can improve their on-shelf presence. Eyrene provides an enterprise web portal, allowing full control and visibility into all aspects of the digital merchandising implementation process. This web portal provides stores, routes, tasks, questions, visits, photos, products, import and export rules, and settings. By using the web portal, companies can ensure that all merchandising activities are tailored to their specific needs. The AI-powered mobile image recognition technology allows companies to take pictures of shelves within stores and analyze them for products and availability. This technology helps them to understand what products are on the shelves and in what quantities. This information can be used to take corrective action and restock shelves with the right products, at the right time. The Eyrene technology not only helps companies improve their on-shelf presence, but also helps them understand the effectiveness of their merchandising activities. - An Intelligent Way to Reach Out Prospects
Introducing – the groundbreaking tool that's revolutionizing email outreach. With, the csutomer can craft personalized, high-quality sales emails in no time! Gone are the days of manually writing hundreds of emails from scratch. Simply provide us with prospect's name, details about offer, and a description of the prospect. From there, the artificial intelligence technology will quickly create an engaging email message tailored for them using a professional tone. This advanced algorithms have been developed to write messages so captivating that prospects don't want to ignore them! That means more responses and more sales for customers. The Customer will also benefit from detailed reports on each campaign so can track performance and refine strategies as needed.

Build Business with Alerts software is a platform used to track real-time alerts of companies to gain decisions in minutes. The software offers tools to crawl data through fine-tuned & high-quality ML/AI algorithms to capture business alerts to enrich the company profiling information. Receive data in a .CSV file format to suit business. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


Targeted Audiences that are Ready for Marketing Automation
ReadyContacts deliver B2B sales & marketing data that powers growth. The proprietary software & human curation process delivers campaign-specific audience data to ensure higher response rates compared to any other data sources in the market. Create highly targeted curated audiences to market your webinars, user group meetings and conferences to bring. Every campaign needs a curated audience and with Ready, you can leverage software & a human-research platform. The multi-step software & human review process ensures the highest accuracy.


Manage your B2B database, business leads and company contacts with Lusha
Lusha is a smart tool designed specifically for organisations to manage their business leads, company contacts, and B2B databases. The software offers various features and solutions including CRM integration, team management, lead management, and database management. With Lusha, you can eliminate the need for manual entry with its CRM integration features, manage your team by controlling the access to credits and its usage between the members, bulk enrich your contact lists to your CRM, and search and tap potential leads on Gmail, LinkedIn, and B2B sites. Users get free 5 monthly contacts to increase their outreach and the option to reach more than 100 million prospects daily in order to secure leads faster and better. Lusha also has the highest accuracy rate in the entire industry, proving 81% accurate emails and phone numbers to their users for cold outreach. The software offers a free trial version to test and try its features along with various price plan variations to meet every type of budget and requirement.


More Data Cleaner Data Better Outcomes
Synthio provides a streaming Contact Data Management platform that drives improved outcomes for B2B sales and marketers by continuously expanding, refreshing as well as maintaining their vital customer contact information. Get a snapshot of the current health of your database, identify outdated contact records and fill in any gaps or whitespace.

Wealth-X Professional

Glоbаl high net worth database
Wealth-X Рrоfessiоnаl рrоvides data driven intelligenсe services, widely regarded for its database that is utilized by рrivаte banks worldwide behind the scenes to research wealthy рeорle. The aim is to help its clients unсоver, understand, аnd engage their target аudienсe аlоng with mitigating risk with the help of the infоrmаtiоn рrоvided by Wealth-X. It раrtners with brands асrоss the finаnсiаl services, luxury, not-for-profit аnd higher-eduсаtiоn industries in order to suрроrt strategic deсisiоn-mаking in sales, marketing аnd соmрliаnсe. Wealth-X Рrоfеssіоnаl solutions aims at providing a wide соllесtiоn of сurаted research and intelligenсe on high net worth (HNW) аnd ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals. The service helps clients to look for рrоsрeсtive leads and donors based on criteria suitable to their needs. It helps the clients to соnneсt with the wealthy individuals that соuld be beneficial for them. It also helps in enhancing the client’s рrоsрeсts intelligenсe by revealing рreviоusly unknown wealthy individuals that аlreаdy existed in their dаtаbаse. With this disсоvery, Wealth-X helps them to secure these соntасts аnd target stronger leads.


Generate more leads and close more deals
RevBoss is a sales development software used by organizations to generate leads and get them closed quickly. The platform integrates with multiple leading data sources to provide users all the necessary, accurate, and precise B2B lead related information, making the prospecting process easier. Also, users get access to a pre-built sales flow, keeping their prospects engaged with personalized sales touches. With RevBoss, enterprises can grow their pipeline automatically. An advanced 3-week onboarding feature flaunted by the platform aims to uncover key prospect segments to enhance their engagement levels. Business owners are offered with custom strategy and messaging ideas, by a dedicated success team working behind the platform. RevBoss is suitable for startups and innovative organizations, enabling them to run a detailed evaluation of current markets, messaging, and products. Users also get to scale their business. Moreover, professionals like sales consultants and agents from lead generation companies get the most out of this platform.


A Marketing Tool for Business
ProspectR is an Integrated Marketing data software for sales and marketing campaigns. Manage company profiles, contacts data, social profiles, organisation charts with real-time. Collaborate with your team to identify prospects with predictive analytics via Dashboard. Measure the performance of your business with sales conversions. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Monitor your business sales in an accurate way with StartupFlux
StartupFlux is an appropriate sales intelligence solution in India, providing 40+ growth signals and data points for the companies to begin with. Organisations can depend on the particular to discover new prospects, monitor competitors and nurture clients in real-time. Accurate keyword and website search functionality offered by StartupFlux help users conduct business relevant searches by company name, phrases and keywords alike. They can even filter out the achieved results by location, team size, dynamic lists and more. Also, detailed company-specific information provided by the software helps with competitor mapping and revenue monitoring, generated by each of them. Users can even leverage StartupFlux to compare two companies simultaneously based on a variety of relevant parameters. Daily alerts on business expansion projects, funding, events and data points provided by the software are of great help. Also, real-time integration with external platforms like Hubspot, SugarCRM and Salesforce facilitates accurate business process outcomes.

Strategy Mapper

Fully Integrate Your Sales Process in Saleforce
Strategy Mapper allows you to deploy your sales process and methodology within Salesforce to maximize your investment in Salesforce to win more deals. It has seamless integration with popular tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot and much more.


Monitor competitors activities and relevant business deals
Owler is a business information management software, helping out organizations and individual users extract relevant information about sales leads, besides tracking the whereabouts of the companies which matters the most. The software offers company exclusive data for 13M+ businesses including metrics like annual revenue, top competitors, employee count and funding. Enterprises can follow their competitors and receive regular updates from Owler, regarding the deployed business strategies of the latter. They can personalize push news alerts for more than 16 types of events. Besides, keeping a tab on competitor’s business dealings, organizations can also go through relevant business news that impacts their own sales and targets. Advanced filter options within the same, help business houses filter out their competitors by sector, industry, geography and revenue. The software offers a wide variety of exclusive options for teams like Salesforce integration, custom keyword alerts, brand personalization along with specialized training sessions for the sales team.

Data Axle Genie

Your Sales lead generating genie
Data Axle Genie, previously Salesgenie, is an online platform developed to enable sales people, business owners, individuals, and marketing agencies to discover and tap new customers and prospects. It is an easy-to-use platform that enables the user to find better possibilities and new customers by leveraging the power of consumer and business data. This platform is a top sales lead generation tool best suited for managers, business owners, professionals, and marketers. It ensures valuable time saving by providing you with well-researched leads. In addition, it grants unlimited access to leads by providing a search feature using location, industry, and ZIP code. It also assists you in lead management, apart from helping you organize and execute actionable marketing campaigns. Users get a choice to select from a wide range of search selections based on local listings, corporate websites, press releases, annual reports, user-generated feedback, and business filings. The platform also offers an easy-to-use mobile app for both Apple and Android apart from three price variations to suit every type of requirement.


All-in-one prospecting solutions
Crunchbase is the leading provider of private-company prospecting and research solutions. Million users including salespeople, entrepreneurs, investors, and market researchers use Crunchbase to prospect for new business opportunities. And companies all over the world rely on us to power their applications, making over 6 billion calls to our API each year.


An advanced sales management tool to drive new opportunities
Winmo is a futuristic sales prospecting tool that provides businesses with the right kind of information they need to identify opportunities. Thus enabling them to close more deals with agencies and advertisers. The tool comes equipped with industry-leading sales solutions that offer the right information and insights backed by predictive intelligence to improve overall sales. Businesses are allowed access to key decision-makers, who help them with the right kind of data and insights to figure out better strategies within budget. Winmo also helps users to learn more about prospect based strategies, spending behaviour and struggles as per need. Also, real-time information about campaigns, potential partnerships and spending shifts help with adequate decision making. At Winmo, users can search across thousands of national advertisers and agencies that could become an ideal prospect for them. The particular tool also lets businesses learn about interesting sales opportunities in advance and prepare themselves in the best possible way.


It's our business to grow yours
ZoomInfo RevOS is a software solution that is a unified system of data, insights, software, and integrations that creates complete visibility into how to identify, engage and convert within your total addressable market.Facilitating you in defining your target market and reaching ideal buyers with comprehensive B2B intelligence. Let's you understand the buyer intent- find and connect with sales-ready leads researching relevant topics and keywords online. Has other features like a website visitor tracker (identify and capture anonymous visitors who skip filling out your web form); Sales automation (build and execute multi-touch sales cadences with our native phone dialer and email tool); Conversation intelligence (analyze customer calls, meetings, and emails to drive and process changes that impact to your bottom line). Digital advertising for targeted audiences. Insight-driven workflows- select insights that matter the most to your business, define ideal customer profile and trigger an action. ZoomInfo has a user-friendly interface; improves your productivity by integrating its comprehensive data and innovative technology with your existing tools. The website chat feature is an automated, easy-to-use, data-driven chatbox tool.The lead enrichment feature captures, appends, and standardizes high-quality data on new and existing records.

FinListics ClientIQ

Use the power of Insight-Led Selling to engage prospects.
ClientIQ, a FinListics Solutions proprietary platform, enables sales teams to acquire crucial information regarding their prospects and clients, understand their competitive landscapes, and meaningfully align their solutions, all from a simple and interactive platform. The complete analysis, which includes peer comparisons, KPIs, segment analyses, and more, aggregates and organizes crucial financial data in real time.Traditional sales tactics are no longer effective in B2B agreements, which now involve upwards of ten decision-makers, each trying to understand the financial and commercial consequences of any relationship. With fresh industry-specific content such as external and internal performance determinants, market disruptors, trends, and risks, construct a current industry point of view. Gain a quick understanding of industry performance by looking at Growth and Profitability data. FinListics ClientIQ may be integrated into any sales approach and provides clients and prospects with the business and financial knowledge they need immediately. Users praise ClientIQ for saving hours of prep time, increasing customer credibility, and allowing them to establish distinct points of view regarding their clients and prospects.


Predictable sales growth with revenue intelligence
Ebsta empowers thousands of companies to drive customer engagement at scale with a suite of customer intelligence & sales enablement tools for Salesforce. Ebsta gathers real-time pipeline trends, sales engagement and historical performance to help sales leaders confidently predict their forecast and optimize their pipeline faster. With accurate activity and trend insights, Ebsta gives you real-time insight into your pipeline, so you can quickly identify opportunities that have stalled or are struggling with low engagement and why.


Improve Sales Performance
Foureyes sales intelligence software helps businesses track, protect, engage, and sell better. Typically, businesses focus on driving more leads with top-of-the-funnel marketing efforts. But Foureyes allows companies to support bottom-of-the-funnel conversion activities and the people who are ultimately responsible to make the sale. AI-powered lead insights and alerts help sales teams improve sales process with better, more customer-centric conversations. Using Foureyes, customers increase their close rate by 41% on average.


The World’s Leading AI Sales Effectiveness & Accuracy Technology
The CloudApps Platform provides two alternative methods to qualify deal health. The first uses the latest developments in AI and machine learning to evaluate individual deal health, the second tracks adherence to your prescribed winning way. The CloudApps solution will help you build confidence in your deals, understand your team’s weak spots and assess the strength of your sales process. Imagine the impact to your revenue if you could help core performers improve the size & quality of their pipeline and increase their win rate.


Build Sales Funnel in Minutes
SalesInvite software is an All-In-One Sales, Automations, & Marketing Platform to automate Workflows. The software offers tools to set appointments, collect payments for bookings, and send new customer inquiries. Collaborate with teams to answer customer inquiries on any devices and automate your review requests. It supports Mobile Android and iOS (coming soon). Entrepreneurs, Small, Medium companies make use of the software.


Prospect more sales by sending the right emails to the right people
SellHack is an intuitive email finding tool that enables companies to discover leads, build email lists of possible customers and forward cold emails in order to generate more sales. It helps sales teams to discover qualified leads by verifying emails and syncing those with SalesForce. The tool also offers a real-time verification engine that companies can depend upon to find accurate email addresses of individual prospects within a few seconds. With SellHack, users can easily manage their sales pipeline-related activities and reminders that they were using to generate sales, through phone calls, emails and social selling. Moreover, the drip marketing facility supported by the particular software allows brands to send personalised cold emails and follow-ups directly from their inboxes on the go. To create email lists, users can just upload the incomplete data containing ‘Last Name’, ‘First Name’ and ‘Company Name’ and SellHack finds the valid email addresses automatically. It also validates existing contacts in companies’ CRMs which eliminates bounce rates, identifies new sales opportunities and increases email deliverability.


Get access to the best leads and strategies with CartInsight
CartInsight is capable of analysing e-commerce stores and online sellers to generate the best possible leads and marketing strategies alike. E-commerce stores mainly depend on online marketing and branding to reach out to their target customers. Therefore, good and prospective leads are very essential for them to encash on. CartInsight takes care of this aspect and additionally, provides multiple areas to focus efforts on. Curated by professionals, its expert finder looks for and enlists the best and authentic stores for executing purchases. Intricate details, for instance, phone numbers, email addresses and decision-maker contacts are all verified thoroughly before being presented to the client in concern. CartInsight further helps in chalking out the latest technology, applications and extensions that are utilised by e-commerce stores to personalise campaigns and construct an audience within minutes. It brings all available CEOs, founders, e-commerce authorities and IT heads in a single platform for clients to contact them through emails or telephone. Further, CartInsights also provides useful filters to create a personalised segment that is built and based on exact needs.


Flexible search for people and companies
RelPro delivers a unique combination of smart prospecting, quality leads, and targeted intelligence for sales, marketing, and business development professionals. RelPro provides detailed profiles that include career history, educational background, professional history, awards, industry associations, and memberships combined with relationship intelligence from news, social media, and other relevant online content. RelPro's Profile Following and Email Alert functionality keeps you up-to-date on everything newsworthy involving the people and companies you are interested in.


Identify yоur mоst likely buyers
UserGems is аn АI-роwered рrоsрeсting solution fоr revenue teams. It helрs revenue teаms drive bigger рiрeline аnd fаster sаles сyсle by delivering рrоsрeсts that are most likely to buy. The соmраny's platform identify and trасks рrоsрeсts with job changes and convert them into wаrm leаds with buying intent, enаbling сlients tо reduсe сhurn аnd drive mоre рiрeline in the sаles funnel whiсh helps in inсreаse win rаte. UserGems helрs соmраnies tо better understаnd whо their users аre. Based on the emаil аddress, they identify their рrоfiles оn Twitter, Instаgrаm, Yоutube & LinkedIn аnd cаn therefоre identify exасtly whо this рersоn is аnd hоw influentiаl they аre. UserGems uses machine learning to find other рrоsрeсts whо are similar tо yоur best customers. That means yоu mаy get а соmрlete, uр-tо-date list of leads that meet your ideal customer рrоfile, рersоnа, and other key сhаrасteristiсs without having to spend hours reseаrсhing them. UserGems provides custom pricing for their software. Unfortunately, there is no free plan available.


Track your important contacts to generate pipeline and reduce churn.
Sifdata is a sales intelligence software that helps firms maintain track of their leads and contacts by tracking contact movement in their CRM. It aids in the improvement of client connections. By tracking important contacts and alumni clients, Sifdata aids in the generation of pipeline and the reduction of churn. Sifdata's native Salesforce application handles all of the heavy lifting when it comes to being notified when critical contacts migrate. Native Salesforce integration, owning the data that ultimately belongs to the end-user, no more CSVs, getting alerted on extra work without any additional effort from reps, and many more are just a few of Sifdata's capabilities. SifData can help you stay ahead of the curve so you're never caught off guard. Sales Navigator for LinkedIn, for example, means that the data ultimately belongs to the end user, who believes that everything should be in Salesforce. Because there isn't a single line of code in the package, you have complete freedom to customize it to your own company needs.


Your go-to Sales Intelligence platform is here
BizKonnect is a cloud-based cutting-edge sales intelligence platform that provides you relevant sales analytics as well as contact lists tailored to your target profile to generate more leads and increase revenue. It uses business relationships to help you connect with your target decision makers. Account Maps from BizKonnect assist you in implementing and executing account-based marketing in your company. With BizKonnect’s data-analytics based customized theme campaigns, you can generate leads like a breeze. It contains a collection of all worldwide corporate organization charts and enables you to run campaigns with analytics driven themes. You can use this tool to create reiterative theme-dependent email campaigns. It aids in the extraction and comprehension of business context from unstructured text. The platform captures your company solutions and management ecosystem, as well as assists you in making commercial and personal ties with your investors. It offers a comprehensive range of integration solutions that can help businesses flourish at every stage of the journey. Additionally, the platform assists firms in achieving their go-to-market objectives in a well-planned and simplified way.


Discover the most lucrative income prospects with each partner
The PartnerTap Ecosystem Platform assists channel and sales teams in identifying the most lucrative revenue opportunities with each partner and sharing essential data in order to sell into shared accounts. PartnerTap makes it simple to upload and automate partner spreadsheets, ask trusted partners to connect directly, and find new revenue prospects with each partner. PartnerTap is an all-in-one solution that enables channel teams to evaluate partners based on revenue potential by segment and identify specific accounts for your channel and sales teams to pursue right away. PartnerTap is dedicated to assisting businesses in generating more revenue from their partners. Our Partner Ecosystem Platform helps sales teams to cross-sell with partners by automating account mapping and controlling what data is shared with each partner. Our solutions assist channel and sales teams in creating a repeatable partner revenue machine that identifies new possibilities and closes agreements faster. The enterprise's most trusted and widely used account mapping software is PartnerTap.


Your go-to Sales Intelligence Platform
OceanFrogs is an online AI-powered Sales Intelligence Platform built to improve and enhance the user's B2B sales experience. It provides a wide variety of B2B services, like personal development, data enrichment and hygiene, lookalike modeling, and technographic data. It additionally provides features like partner prospecting services and prospecting account prioritization models to elevate your business growth. OceanFrogs is a unique software that is best suited for professional online business owners. It grows and refines your business prospect list to increase your sales by using its powerful AI-powered tools. In addition, it provides excellent market coverage, enables innovative campaigns, allows continuous campaign mining, and ensures a trained revenue team to its clients. It allows users to execute APAC and Mideast data intelligence just at the tips of their fingers. It additionally emphasizes on data quality by separating technology sellers from buyers using technographic data. OceanFrogs grants a 7-day free trial version with no payment information required to its users to test the platform.

The next-gen business intelligence platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI-powered) Business Intelligence platform built to discover fast evolving companies for business development success. It assists businesses and enterprises in generating and engaging with valuable leads, mainly the Gazelles that are fast-growing companies. Its powerful AI-enabled tools help identify growth companies for you to engage with only the most valuable leads. It assists in useful target account list creation, accounts prioritizing, target company monitoring, prospect tasks management and automation, and actionable company-specific data finding. It additionally ensures maximized conference ROI, accelerated success, and account retention and growth. It also enables you to light up your pipeline with growth companies. It enables the users to level up and improvise their deal flow to power up their business development strategy. It also provides an analytical framework, engagement tools, and research resources to enhance your business's growth and development process. offers a free trial version of the software to test and try before buying it.


Your personal sales detective
Detective by Charlie is an online sales outreach platform created to provide a more personalized outreach experience to clients. It automates the sales research process of its client by sifting through thousands of source documents to provide a more valuable selling experience to its users. It provides you the option to find critical intel on your various accounts, and you can use it before cold calls, outreach, and meetings. It enables Browser Automation for prospecting and allowing the research to be processed on your web browser itself. It can undertake very detailed research with just a single prospect entering. It helps the users transform their unproductive emails into better-performing ones- the ones that the buyers actually reply to. Detective makes sure that its clients find and target the right contacts to save their time. In addition, it assists the sales reps in instantly qualifying or disqualifying a prospect based on its demographic information. A free demo version is available for trying and testing the product.


Boost up your company’s growth with BoostUp
BoostUp is a revenue-enhancing platform that is designed to assist companies in improving their predictability, efficiency, and growth across their complete sales process to enhance their revenue collection. It enables the measuring of your current and next quarter health and pipeline coverage, identification of pipeline gaps, and the alignment of your sellers and marketing activity towards new pipeline generation to fill your loopholes and increase revenue. With BoostUp, you get customizable dashboards to increase your pipeline strength, and smart tools that enable pipeline progression identification, cohort analyzation, and pipeline trend identification. You can automate your forecasting with BoostUp’s AI-powered intelligent forecasting solution to get actionable insights and close deals faster. It eliminates the need of manual reporting by automating your Sales Analytics, reports, and custom dashboards. Users get the option of sales process adoption and deal activity visibility to increase deal progression and increase growth apart from forecast, pipeline, account, and opportunity insights. You can request a free demo session to try and test their features on their official website.

Соntасt data solution for global marketers
RаmрedUр is the world’s largest B2B dаtаbаse, with over 500 million соntасt аnd 50 million businesses. RаmрedUр helps hard-working sales рeорle by рrоviding а “direct dial” рhоnе number for their рrоsрeсts-making their work experience more productive аnd fun. It creates targeted саll-lists that are easy to exроrt. RаmрedUр searches hundreds оr millions of websites to see if аn email address is published, how often, аnd when. It truly is а better way to validate B2B email addresses. The LinkedIn prоsрeсtоr from RаmрedUр аllоws users to аррly email, рhоne, аnd address details to соntасts аnd lists found within LinkedIn. RаmрedUр is extremely simple to utilize, and easy to search. With it, the users can exроrt, аnd save the search results quickly and easily. has the abilities to effortlessly find and pull соntасts in bulk, quickly identify the right people at the right соmраnies with correct contact information.


CRM data management
Identify new opportunities as contacts leave customer accounts to join new organizations with automatic alerts to your team inside Salesforce. customers will change jobs every 36 months on average. Customer job changes present a hidden churn risk, turn risk into opportunity with Salesbolt. Congratulate your customers on their latest promotion with a pre-structured email template. Create a new Lead and update an email address based on their latest Company Change.Surface warm Introductions into prospect accounts with previous customer contacts.


Connect with intelligence!
Adapt is a global B2B account intelligence provider with more users and high-quality business contacts. Adapt is a unified sales acceleration that helps you discover and enrich critical sales and marketing data accurately.


Target out the best companies on the go
EngageIQ is a technology purchase intent data platform. Simply put, it is among the most convenient ways to prospect into the target market. For startups, if there is a rough list of prospects that have already been prepared, uploading it to EngageIQ ensures that only the desired leads will get targeted. Further, EngageIQ analyses the uploaded ICP thoroughly and points out companies that fall within it but have not yet been targeted. This significantly reduces the time required for prospecting, thereby directing the entire focus on that which is the most important, sales. Further, EngageIQ uses AI and Machine Learning to rank available companies according to their rates of engagement so that the client’s time and energy are not invested in contacting those that are unresponsive. Contacting a business company is a deal in itself since there are several contacts available to shortlist from. However, this again is an issue taken care of by EngageIQ effectively. It shortlists personnel from a target company and even provides the best timings suitable for getting in touch with these people. Moreover, every bit of data in EngageIQ is authentic and verified from time to time.


Your go-to sales intelligence platform
Zint is an advanced sales intelligence platform, developed to assist you in improving your sales and revenues by gathering and analysing billions of data points about the economy every day and displaying them in a simple, user-friendly manner. It enables you to find fresh leads, automate the process of ranking opportunities, find new marketplaces to explore and locate cross-selling possibilities. With Zint, you can turn your unstructured data into actionable information for your sales team. It offers a patented data-processing engine that provides unique insights which aren't accessible anywhere else. It enables your sales team to raise the discussion and win larger deals by having exclusive insight into the strategic objectives of target businesses. It also offers a highly customizable analytics tool which guarantees that your team spends as little time as possible scoring the potential leads. Zint’s real-time platform allows your team to locate businesses that are experiencing the problems that your company excels at solving. Additionally, you can discover your whole market and provide your sales team the tools they need to work around a single source of truth.

CoPilot AI

Get more leads from LinkedIn
CoPilot AI is an intuitive AI-powered Linkedin lead generation solution that helps businesses generate more leads. With the help of LinkedIn, CoPilot AI makes it easy to find and engage with high value leads to grow businesses. This AI-driven software automatically outreaches the appropriate audience and creates numerous touchpoints again and again until they are ready to respond. It takes help from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, goes through thousands of data points, including job title, geography, industry etc, and creates a target audience list. The platform allows users to create unique and engaging messages with the help of its industry-leading templates, which increases their personal outreach. Its Smart Inbox sends alerts whenever an audience is interested and uses AI to identify and prioritise the leads that drive the business forward. CoPilot AI also offers regular updates on strategy wise responses and helps users to make more productive decisions in the future.


Spot overlaps in an instant
Automate away the tedium of account mapping in spreadsheets, discover accounts with high win probabilities, and reveal partners who can lend their influence in your favor. We’ve been told a hundred times that C-levels didn’t understand the ROI of ecosystems. That was a problem we knew we had to solve. We put the proof right where it matters: in the numbers. Track your ecosystem’s influence on your pipeline and revenue, and shamelessly prove all ecosystem skeptics wrong.


Artificial Intelligence for B2B Sales
Collective[i]'s Intelligent WriteBackTM solves the problem that has plagued sales leaders for decades: how to make your CRM a source of truth. Collective[i]’s Intelligent InsightsTM uses AI to help sellers navigate a world where buyers are in control. The AI analyzes vast data sets of buying behavior to provide recommendations and coaching prompts that shorten deal cycles and improve win rates. Now everyone from the CEO to those on the front lines can see what’s in the pipeline, with AI-enhanced assessments of pipeline health and opportunity odds, allowing managers to focus on coaching and improving outcomes.


B2B data insights and prospecting to close more deals
ExactBuyer is a B2B data enrichment and prospecting software for businesses to help them with B2B intelligence so they can easily find prospects, personalize their sales conversation & marketing and close more deals. The software helps to build an audience by identifying the exact buyers so the businesses can target them to get positive results. ExactBuyer provides full contact information with its enrichment API that includes 75+ fields through enriching social links and emails. Businesses can use emails to create automated marketing campaigns, call their possible customers and use updated information to divide every life cycle email. The software’s custom audience improves businesses’ match rates by over 30%. This results in increasing the effectiveness of the overall digital marketing campaign by 2-4 times. Another important feature of ExactBuyer is that it provides precise data so that users can reach their ideal customers. The software comes with real-time enrichment, updated data sets, verification and a rapidly growing data source network. This designed data greatly improves the chances of closing the lead.


The ultimate sales intelligenсe рlаtfоrm
Рeаrlfinders gives sales and marketing teams’ рreсisely the intelligenсe аnd data that they need to help business development реорle to соnneсt with the senior buyers for their services. It helps the very best marketing, sроnsоrshiр, HR, аnd teсh соmраnies to stay engaged with their markets. Рeаrlfinders delivers саmраigns that engage оr re-engage you with the соmраnies you most wish to work with, maximizing your exposure to new business орроrtunities. Its strength is its сurаted соntасt data and the quality аnd depth of the reports generated by its аnаlysts on the challenges that drive brand spending at sрeсifiс соmраnies. The platform аllоws you to leverage а set of filters to quickly narrow down a broad соntасt рооl, аnd аlsо the орtiоn to seamlessly imроrt that data into the industry’s #1 rated СRM, Sаlesfоrсe. Рeаrlfinders subsсriрtiоn includes аnаlysts reроrts, соntасt data, роwer moves, соmраny information, target lists, and exclusive briefings аnd live updates.


B2B Lead Generation for sales and marketing
Personas help B2B companies fuel their demand generation engine by hyper-targeting their ideal customer personas, matching high-quality prospect data to those personas, then orchestrating multi-channel campaigns across your entire outbound stack. Stop list building one-by-one. Define your customer personas and let the app automatically search, sort, and fill your pipeline from a proprietary database. Automatically send leads to your outbound campaigns and synch them with your CRM for enrichment and suppression.


Exceeding data standards through process performance
ProspectCloud is a leading provider of vetted business data, engaged with over 4,000 national brands ranging from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Market businesses. Ensure deliverability and optimize performance. With proprietary multi-stage email and social vetting process, the authenticate each email address at the user level, individually removing failures and virtually eliminate bounces. At ProspectCloud they have made a commitment to customers to help guide your targeted marketing efforts by helping to inform you of any factors that can help you achieve your objectives.


A search engine created exclusively for sales personnel
CheetahIQ is a sales intelligence software platform that compiles information about your businesses and relationships to help you schedule more meetings, have more productive talks, and spend less time researching. It provides key sales information about your prospects, contacts, and customers, allowing you to boost productivity, strengthen relationships, and boost sales performance. With CheetahIW, you get research that has been compiled to assist you in creating new possibilities along with improved prospect information to help you form better bonds. You also get key sales information to help you stay ahead of the pack. By searching across all of your organizations with a single click, you can uncover sales possibilities you might have overlooked earlier. You can deep dive into your prospects to get information that other salesmen are overlooking. With CheetahIQ, results are sorted by relevance, and crucial information snippets are given as a teaser before you go further. CheetahIQ helps you to find intriguing facts and unique insights in a fraction of the time it takes to do standard research techniques like podcast appearances.