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Text Mining Software

Are you looking for the best text mining software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you monitor social media sentiment and conduct market research using powerful data analysis tools. These advanced solutions go beyond simple keyword searches or frequency counts; they employ natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, and complex statistical measures to analyze text at scale. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Cloud API Text and Sentiment Analysis
Semantria API is a cloud-based text analytics and sentiment analysis service based on advanced machine learning and natural language processing. Semantria wraps the text analytics and natural language processing features of the Salience engine into a RESTful API with graphical configuration and user management tools. It can be deployed on-premise, in public or private clouds, within a hybrid cloud infrastructure, or all of them at the same time. Semantria securely and scalably fits your scenario, from desktop analytics to high-demand social platforms.


Seamless integration support to geospatial tools.
It is a web-based data mining tool to organize and mine huge volume of unstructured data. It has advanced semantic search, that allows you to instantly search and extract out the content needed from huge set of data.It integrates with geospatial analysis tools such as ESRI in order identify and gather information related to any particular location. Along with this, it also supports integration with third-party applications such as Elasticsearch, Highcharts and NetOwl extractor.It also provides bio-graphic analysis tool using which you can construct a comprehensive biography of a person, place and organization by gathering information from multiple sources.


Text Processing and Machine Learning API
MetaText is an API tool that provides users with relevant machine learning models to understand consumer sentiment, keywords, intent, and more. APIs can also be customized for specific business needs. And with advanced capabilities like Author Profiling Analysis, users can automatically identify text author attributes. The Topic Detection feature even the subject topics of texts and includes support for multiple languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, and English. MetaText’s advanced capabilities include medical and legal-specific entities and the Text Summarization feature that can convert large documents into small and explainable summaries. And with the keyword extractor tool, users can automatically extract relevant features from the text. Through the tool, customer service can automatically tag and prioritize support tickets and tap into the buying habits of customers with dedicated surveys, reviews, social media, and NPS. Other handy custom services include big data analytics such as data collection, clean, enrichment, analytics, and modelling along with semantic web tasks like crawlers.


An instant access to text mining platform
Kapiche is an enhanced text analysis tool used to improve your customer satisfaction. It is an unbiased and transparent tool, which does not require any set up or built-in model to start working on it. The software comes with a Big picture view which helps you view your customers’ feedbacks and understand their opinions. With Kapiche, you can track the key metrics in your surveys. In addition, it offers sentiment analysis to identify the sentiment behind your customers’ feedback which helps you understand your customer better. Along with this, it provides segment analysis using which you can segment your customers and identify their concerns.


Manage Text Data in Minutes
SimpleX is a simple user interface to analyze, tag, categorize and filter hundreds of quotes. The software offers tools to search answers and segment keywords with smart scores. Cluster text answers into editable topics and generate charts to meet needs. Retrieve text data from any source providing results under .xlsx, .csv or .txt* formats.

Your business analytic solution got better
Advize is cloud-based software that integrates customer information throughout the customer journey to provide useful information and automate the customer's revenue-generating personalized experience, reducing traffic and improving customer satisfaction. The customer-relationship-management software uses custom templates to enhance feelings and topics based on qualitative feedback from customers. In this way, users can see what is important to their customers, what they want and why, without having to read all comment manually. Another exciting thing about the CRM software is that it enables the automation of personalized user experiences, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to segment customers according to who they are, automating the best actions offering customized experiences and NLP programs. Learn how to close the feedback cycle and improve customer satisfaction. The CRMS real-time data-driven approach automatically detects anomalies, alerts users and allows detection of new trends. Satisfaction, sentiment, and other results are combined with Voice of Customer (VoC) data to identify the issues that have the most significant impact on customer growth. Information can be shared across the organization to foster a culture of customer-centric cooperation.


A Simple Text Analytics Software
teX-ai software is an AI-based Text Analytics tool to gain insights into text. The software offers Text Extraction, Summarization & Classification. Recognise documents and images with structured text and numbers and can export them to CSV, JSON, write it to your database & many more formats. Organize documents by multi-ML classifier engine. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Easily draw out valuable information from any text source
MeaningCloud is a text mining and analytics solution that enables users to easily decode the meaning of any kind of unstructured content, that might include articles, social conversions, documents and more. The software helps to analyze all the unstructured customer feedback from any communication channel like call centre, email, surveys, social media and use them as the voice of customer analysis. The application allows data analysts to use their Excel add-in to analyze their surveys, comments, and tweets directly from their favorite spreadsheets. Developers, on the other hand, can use the inbuilt cloud APIs of the software to add semantic analysis abilities to their applications, using the services, plug-ins, and SDKs provided. With the software, content publishing and monetization has become a lot easier. It allows users to customize the system by using the graphic interfaces offered by the software. MeaningCloud comes with a friendly user interface, which allows users to integrate the software without coding through the in-house plug-ins provided by them. It is a complete cloud-based software and is completely scalable. The software also supports multiple languages.


Where open-ends turn into insights
Quickly explore & analyze text comments and share results in dashboards. Differentiate between positive and negative mentions towards specific topics, even within the same response. Get more accurate insights and make better decisions through cutting-edge AI analysis.


An user-friendly text analytics tool.
It is used to extract insights from unstructured data in order to improve your marketing results. It has customer lifetime value feature, using which you can distinguish customers based on business value. Using this software, you can identify fraudulent activities and eradicate it. In addition, it provides quality assurance in order to resolve quality issues in early stage. By using it’s customer segmentation option, you can easily segregate and group your customers. Along with this, it has predictive maintenance using which you can predict equipment failure in early and can provide cost-effective maintenance.

SAS Text Miner

An Unified data science platform.
It is one of the best text mining software to easily analyze text data from multiple sources. It has high-performance text mining feature which quickly evaluates data from large set of data collections. In addition, you can classify analyzed data by using automatic boolean rule generation feature. It has flexible entity options, that allows you to choose predefined entities or you can even create custom entities for event extraction. Along with this, it’s text importing feature allows you to import any text document by using an interactive interface. It provides support for multiple languages and selects language based upon input variables.


Best text mining tool for fraud detection.
It is a text and content analytics tool that helps you to make timely business decisions. It can process up to 20 million words per minute to identify the user-defined concepts instantly. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with text mining and visualization tools in order to extract themes, to identify patterns and more. It has easy import-export feature, using which it imports databases and documents as well as, it exports text analysis results in HTML, XML and PDF file formats.In addition, it has qualitative coding tool which provides in-depth analysis for your search. It can be mainly used for fraud detection, content extraction and document classification.

Digital Taxonomy

Explore a new level of productivity combined with executive sophistication
Digital Taxonomy is aimed at developing high-end productivity and insight generating tools. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important components that constitute Digital Taxonomy, along with machine learning and agile development. A dedicated team of developers combines practical R&D proficiency with proven expertise in the theoretical and applicable fundamentals of machine learning. The products developed are thus, entirely aimed at meeting the specific requirements of market research and customer opinion specialists. Further, Codeit and Loadit are the two main products of Digital Taxonomy. Codeit combines AI with collective team intelligence, facilitating quick analysis of texts at the desired level of granularity. It offers unparalleled speed with intact data quality, besides enabling real-time collaborations. On the other hand, LoadIt is capable of eliminating traditional data handling related tasks besides automating them on the go. It is dependent on three fundamental principles which are simple, transparent and extensible.


Artificial Intelligence Tool for Customer Experience Management
Text2Data is an AI tool for customer management that uncovers trends even before they take place, finds unstructured data in the social data of users, and more. It comes with an excel add-on that is powered by advanced NLP and Machine Learning services. With this, users can execute sentiment analysis of their documents, receive comprehensive reports about entities, keywords and themes, and classify their text documents into their respective categories. The Google Sheets add-on helps with powerful text analysis in Google Sheets along with sentiment analysis of text data, classifying documents into custom categories, and more directly in Google Sheets. A dedicated Sentiment Model Training Tool (SMTT) executes specific needs with high precision sentiment analysis while training the model for more than 90% accuracy. Users can even choose from a bunch of languages such as English, French, German, and Spanish and directly auto-deploy their trained models into their API.


A collaborative text analytics tool
It provides cloud-based software tools to analyze large amount of text and survey it. Text analytics features of this software includes schedule which fetches live feeds of text data through an API repeatedly. It also has manual training and automation, using which collected data are classified based on some defined criterias. In addition, it provides a framework using which you can build your own specialized analytics approach in order to discover top meta values and unexpected concepts. Using this software, you can attach memos to documents and datasets. It removes duplicates and allows you to generate efficient summaries and detailed reports.