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Translation Management System

Are you looking for the best Translation Management System software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you execute supply chain transportation and distribution processes. These advanced solutions go beyond just tracking; they often integrate with other SaaS products to create predictive tracking analytics and shipment forecast. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.


Translate your documents
Neural machine translation to improve productivity. Private translation memories to avoid translating the same sentences multiple times. Terminology databases to maintain consistency of translations across the various types of content and media. Public translation memories to reuse available translations from official multilingual websites.A comparative revision tool to ensure that the translation is faithful to the original text. Quality control tools to check for grammar or spelling errors, inconsistencies, typos, etc. Synonym lists to improve style. Various sharing options to split large projects between several translators.

Alexa Translations A.I.

A.I.-powered translation solutions for the legal, financial, and securities industries. Whether you are in-house counsel, a lawyer in private practice, a corporate secretary, or the head of a translations department, we can help supercharge your translation workflow.


Effective Video Conversations without Language Issues
TalkVisions is revolutionizing the way people communicate with each other when language barriers exist. By offering closed caption translations in-video, TalkVisions eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming interpreters – instead letting to simply tap the screen for an instant translation of conversation. With TalkVisions, language is no longer an obstacle to international business relationships and collaborations. Professionalism and efficiency never looked so good. TalkVisions has been created with busy professionals in mind. It provides a convenient, user-friendly interface that enables totally accurate translations in an instant. The customers don't have to worry about misunderstandings or wasted time – just tap the screen and good to go. This makes TalkVisions an ideal choice for forging and maintaining business relationships across countries and languages.


Translate your webflow site
Using a translation tool for website can help easily manage translations, show custom content to users based on language and location, and get control and improve SEO performance. With a single page or template, can create multiple variants per language making it easy to localize website from one language to another. For example, localized pricing pages can be configured to show different prices in different languages. Similarly, terms and conditions pages can be adapted to the local language, giving users a smooth experience that they would expect from a local website. Using a translation tool can help take website from local to global in seconds. It allows to manage the translations, create custom content depending on user location, and improve SEO performance. All of this makes it possible for to quickly and easily localize website and give users a better experience.

memoQ translator pro

Workspace for Advanced Translators
MemoQ translator pro is a computer-assisted translation programme designed by and for translators. Its translation productivity features are exceptional. LiveDocs, Muses, MatchPatch, and optional MT hits increase leverages by enriching standard translation memory and term base references, while flexible filtering and views construction options and template-based automations make work more efficient and convenient.You can reuse past translations, construct glossaries with terminology, add reference materials, use predictive typing, and obtain suggestions from a variety of different resources all while translating using memoQ translator pro. You don't have to stop translating to add new words and expressions to your vocabulary. With a single keystroke, you can import tables or external term base files. If you only have the text, memoQ will extract potential terms for you. Furthermore, memoQ highlights terms in your translation and inserts the appropriate term with a single keyboard. If you use a term that isn't in your term base, you'll get a warning, and if something needs to be replaced, you can find and replace text in multiple documents at once. Nothing needs to be translated twice. Every segment you translate is remembered by memoQ since it is saved in the translation memory. When the same or a similar segment appears again, memoQ offers the previous translation. MemoQ's translation memory saves context information in both language directions, as well as other information like the document's name, author, and creation date, to ensure that searching is completely correct. Use concordance from your translation to discover a word or a term. MemoQ will show you where your expression is in the translation memory, as well as where its translation might be in the overall segment's translation.


Manage all your projects
The easiest solution to manage the translations of applications, designed for teams.Write own keys and place them into groups. Translate them in every language want. Create as many projects as want, with any languages within dashboard. Share projects with team, and assign each user a specific role to collaborate with


Translations Made Simple
LingoHub software is a platform used to automate mundane aspects of software localization with quality translations. The software offers integration tool like Translation Memory, Machine Translation, LingoChecks, AutoFill and a personalized Term Base to create quality translations with your product development. Translate your websites, markdown, Word files in minutes. Translators, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Project management made easier for you
Wordbee is a fully scalable cloud translation management solution for Enterprises and LSPs that integrates project management with sophisticated business analytics capabilities, allowing you to track a broad range of KPIs in your translation projects while also forecasting effort dates,and costs. It integrates translation into databases, code repositories, CMSs, games, FTP and data streams. Wordbee Beebox reduces the burden of localization projects by half by focusing on automating and simplifying the translation process rather than individual file handling. It enables you to boost the productivity of your team and staff. It offers a smart end-to-end translation management solution called Wordbee Translator to translate documents and projects. Users can also automate quoting and invoicing using Wordbee Translator. The platform links a variety of CMS systems to your preferred TMS or supplier. You can also get live preview and in-context translation. It also ensures that your assets are continuously translated as they are created and updated. Additionally, all three versions of TBX are supported by Wordbee Translator, as well as all public standard variations (dialects) of version 3.


Improve automatic translations
Gone are the days of sending JSON files back-and-forth between professional translators. With TacoTranslate, all the strings within your product are translated automatically by machine learning. Eliminate delays, and deploy new product features without having to wait for translations. TacoTranslate scales with you and the languages want to support by translating new strings automatically. With TacoTranslate, can add support for new languages in minutes. Choose a language, TacoTranslate.

DOTA Website Translation

Real Time Website Translation
Looking for professional website translation services? Well, look no further than Devnagri on the Air (DOTA) website translation platform. With DOTA, professionals can access fast and high quality translation of their website’s content - into a wide range of languages - in just 30 minutes! Translating websites into multiple languages comes with many benefits including increasing customer engagement, expanding the customer reach to new markets, and enabling global customer service. With DOTA, can enjoy the conveniently fast process of translating website into any language. DOTA also offers a range of features to make translation and website launching process smoother. From a GlotPress plugin to customize the interactions on website, to an open-source translation toolcat that is user friendly and helps to get the best results for all of the translation needs. DOTA understands that website plays a critical role in delivering message to a global audience - and ensures that the translation and launch process is easy and efficient.

Nitro by Alconost

Get your text translated by native speakers
Nitro by Alconost is a human translation platform that helps companies to get authentic translations of their texts and files. Users can translate their text into 70+ languages and all the translations are performed by native speakers. Nitro by Alconost monitors the translation quality via random monthly checks to ensure that users get the best results. Translators selected for the job hold a thorough understanding of the subject and if they have any doubts, they can ask questions to users to clear them. Furthermore, if users are not satisfied with the results, they can even ask for refinement. In Nitro by Alconost, a glossary can also be added so that translators can learn about any terminology that they are unable to understand. Proofreading services are also available at Nitro by Alconost for users who can write in a foreign language but need some correction. Finally, it also comes with an API that enables users to integrate Nitro by Alconost into their own applications or systems.


Translate Documents in Minutes
Catapult is a modern online translation tool to translate documents on every modern platform and device. The software offers secure storage for files and team members can have access to your files. It supports file formats like DOC, DOCX, HTML, XLSX, PPT, TXT, RTF, IDML, SRT, ODT, WIX, and many more. Individuals, Small teams make use of the software.


RiseTranslate – Affordable & Professional Translations with Fast Turnaround
RiseTranslate is an experienced and certified translators ensure that all translations are exact representations of the source material, so the customer can be sure that needs are being met with the utmost accuracy. This guarantee translations of the highest quality, leaving no room for error, so the project will always be completed successfully. Whether for simple correspondence or for complicated legal documents, RiseTranslate is an excellent choice for both individuals and businesses alike. Get fast and secure translations.


Make your content accessible in almost any language
vidby is an AI-driven solution that solves all their content translation needs. Get their content translated quickly and accurately with no compromise on quality. vidby offers fast translations in practically any language and also offers dubbing services within 24 hours. With a 99-100% accuracy rate, users can ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. vidby’s AI-driven technology is superior to traditional translation methods, allowing for faster turnaround times and higher-quality translations. Professional teams will also be able to easily manage their workflow and make sure that all the content is ready in time. With vidby’s AI-driven translation and dubbing services, professionals can ensure that their work is accessible to a global audience with the highest level of accuracy.


Audio and video calls with AI-based translator
YOUS recognizes speech, translates it, and speaks in a synthesized voice in the interlocutor's language. YOUS to make telephone interpreting 8x cheaper and 30x faster service availability than with human interpreting. The technology converts the spoken language from one language to another, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other. By combining the experience of telecom and artificial intelligence technologies, we strive to help solve the problem of language barriers in telephone conversations in the enterprise market.

Rask AI

Localize videos with AI
Rask is an AI dubbing tool that helps organizations localize employee training videos quickly and easily. By instantly translating existing video content into multiple languages, Rask ensures that employees around the world can take part in effective training sessions regardless of where they are located. It is a great solution for those looking to expand their employee education and engagement programs on a global scale without having to spend extra time and money re-recording videos. Instead, Rask turns existing videos into multi-language versions with just one click! Time and cost savings are not the only benefits: they can also make sure the training materials reflect culturally appropriate dialects, allowing non-native staff members to really understand the meaning of each session. Ultimately, through Rask’s easy-to-use technology, they can reach more people than ever before so they can improve employee performance across all areas.


Helping global companies translate efficiently
Memsource helps global companies translate efficiently. Memsource supports 500 plus languages, more than 50 file types, and 30 and above machine translation engines. Using its patented, state-of-the-art AI technology, Memsource allows its customers to increase translation quality while reducing costs. With a team numbering over 120 people in offices across Europe, the US, and Japan, Memsource serves thousands of customers globally, including leading brands such as Uber, Supercell, Vistaprint, Zendesk, and more.


Translation made easier
MateCat is a free and open source online CAT tool. It’s free for translation companies, translators and enterprise users. It is a powerful translation platform based on machine learning and data analysis. It can help in eliminating CAT tool licensing costs. It helps you in increasing profits by using the best matches from translation memories and machine translation to reduce the word count. It has the world’s largest translation memory in the world (>12 billion words) You can divide, manage, and deliver rush translation assignments with ease. Teams of translators work on the same project at the same time, sharing TMs and glossaries and collaborating in MateCat on the translation. One of its best features is the extended network of translators that it provides. You can easily take on assignments that you may not be able to manage directly and outsource them to these translators. They have a very fast technical support team via email. Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 7.00 pm GMT+2. All your queries are answered in a few working hours. They’re always ready to work with new customers.


Master a New Language Through Netflix and YouTube
Trancy is the perfect tool for anyone looking to turn mundane Netflix and YouTube videos into study materials. With just a few simple clicks, can build the vocabulary, sharpen the grammar and diversify of listening abilities. It's all with Trancy. Trancy gives the customer more control over the language-learning process than ever before. Click through videos and pause when needed to practice pronunciation or enhance comprehension. Master difficult phrases by breaking them down into simpler chunks with this built-in video player. Plus, Trancy allows the customer to save favorite lessons, review them at any time, and even track the customer progress throughout each course!

Duolingo Ninja

Translate The Text on Webpage Quickly and Easily
If the customer is a professional who could benefit from being able to quickly and easily translate text on webpages without ever leaving browser? Look no further than Duolingo Ninja. This Chrome extension is the perfect solution for busy professionals who need to communicate efficiently in several languages. Duolingo Ninja connects directly with Duolingo account so that all of translation needs are met based on the vocabulary have already built up with the language learning platform. Whether the customer is researching international markets, writing emails, or simply curious about foreign websites, now can swiftly get translations with ease. Achieve a renewed level of efficiency in communication and research by leveraging comprehensive yet simple Chrome extension; everything is available within seconds!

A Simple Translation Software for Developers is a platform for continuous translation software for web and mobile applications. Find keys in source code and translate them with Cloud Editor using the auto-translation tool. Translated keys and languages are available on CDN. Developers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.


Thought out in every way to make your workflow smooth
Translate app, website, game or other software in a team or independently using a friendly yet powerful online solution.


Translate Voice into Multiple Language
Introducing TranslateAudio from the world leader in audio-to-text translation services. With this powerful, easy-to-use tool, professionals can now automatically generate high quality, precise translations of audio sources in just a few clicks. Benefitting from lightning fast resource downloads and automated translation processing, TranslateAudio enables to quickly and efficiently convert audio recordings into transcribed text. The intuitive interface makes it incredibly simple to configure and manage translation projects. Just select language preferences and choose between intelligence based translation engines. Will then be able to download vital resources such as audio, video detail or any other data needed for the job. With automatic tracking and updates updated in real time throughout the process, ensured never to miss a beat!


Make the software translation easier
Language translation can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right tools, teams can manage all language translation in one place, making it easier to collaborate and track progress. By using branches, teams can handle different app versions, ensuring that the right language is being used for the right app. This removes the need for teams to work separately, allowing them to communicate, give feedback, and update tasks in one place. Tasks that were once dull and repetitive can be erased from the team's to-do list, allowing them to focus on tasks that are more important. This can help to increase their overall efficiency and reduce localization bottlenecks, so teams can launch new features and products faster. In short, managing language translation in one place can help teams to work together, as well as freeing up their time to focus on more important tasks. This can help teams to be more efficient and launch products faster.


The Game-Changing AI Translation Tool
Introducing slAItor – the game-changing AI translation tool designed to make complex translations easier than ever before! With slAItor, professional users can access state-of-the-art translation technologies and use them to tackle their translation tasks with speed and efficiency. slAItor provides detailed instructions so that users can follow each individual step of the translation process, allowing for better understanding and greater control over the output. Thanks to advanced AI systems, it offers adjustable style settings which enable users to adjust the accuracy and flow of their translations. It also generates up to five alternative versions of each source text so that users have more options when creating new translations. Finally, its unique error detection feature helps professional users quickly locate and resolve any mistakes in their own translations with minimal effort.


A Localization Management Platform
MarsHub software is an localization platform to automate workflows in minutes. The software offers tools to manage parsable & non-parsable files to track progress and manage projects. Translation process made simple with glossaries and style guides for multiple projects. Collaborate with teams to create different jobs with custom workflows to meet the requirements. Linguists, Professionals make use of the software.


Translate Images in Minutes
ImageTranslate software is a platform used to translate images into different languages. The software offers tools to recognizes and extracts text from different portions of the image. Translate recognized text using Google Translate into 40 different languages and supports JPGs, PNGs, BMPs and Scanned PDFs file formats.


Excel in the global marketplace
TransPerfect, and we have almost 30 years of experience helping organizations connect with their audiences in any language. Translation, website and app localization, multilingual creative, and more. Simplify multilingual content management with GlobalLink technology. Specialty groups wholly dedicated to industry.


Localize with Ease to Maximize Team's Potential
Reach a global audience and simplify the localization process with Translized. Our easy-to-use software localization platform offers high quality translations and timely communication. With the help of Machine or Human Translation, can localize on web or mobile application, website, or game with ease. Utilize Translation Memory, Term Tags, and Screenshots to ensure a smooth localization process. Our platform allows to collaborate with team on multiple projects by commenting and mentioning team members on specific terms. Integrate our API, CLI, and mobile SDK for automated localization. With one click, developers can get the latest translations to their development environment and get back to coding new features. Simplify localization process with Translized.

Blanc AI

Translate and redub videos into any language
Blanc AI is an AI-powered translational and video redubbing platform that enables you to develop algorithms that allow individuals to communicate in any language through video. The platform is ideal for businesses of all sizes to translate and voice-over their films into 47+ languages, ranging from individual course producers to educational platforms and institutions. With Blanc, you can totally eliminate the language barrier and allow people to listen to and watch audio and video material regardless of the original language. You can effortlessly interpret live videos with Blanc’s developing technology. Blanc uses a combination of AI algorithms to create authentic-looking translated videos. You just have to upload your video and choose the languages into which it should be translated. The platform employs machine learning algorithms to convert your films into other languages while maintaining their authenticity. Blanc assists you in making your online classes open to millions of students who would not have been able to comprehend them otherwise. It drastically reduces the cost of video translation, making it 5 times less expensive than traditional approaches while maintaining translation quality.


Localization made easy
Do you have big dreams for your international project but find yourself struggling with the time-consuming task of localization? Transiyzi offers a powerful AI-based solution to bridge the language barrier, allowing users to achieve their global ambitions more quickly. These machine translation and collaboration tools provide an easy set-and-forget solution for locating into multiple languages, enabling users to scale faster. This intuitive interface grants the user full control over the translation process while automatically detecting and instantly cleaning any existing errors. What's more, this platform facilitates in-context review to ensure accuracy as well as quick iteration discussing translation feedback with others on the team. With Transiyzi, they will be able to focus on other areas of product development while seamlessly managing localized content within a central workspace created especially for teams like yours. See the results in less time than before, take the hassle out of localization projects, and go global faster than ever before!


Translate your PrestaShop in your language
Glotio is an efficient, fast and cheap translation system. It provides a reliable and easy way to translate all the texts of a PrestaShop, allowing individuals to run multilingual content for marketing across 50 countries. The system works by creating tons of new relevant content, Google and other search engines index these pages, and position online stores in as many languages ​​as possible. Glotio has tools that can transform an automated process (based on artificial intelligence techniques) into a more capable and powerful system. With these three strong tools, achieving greatness will become increasingly achievable. From searching for and replacing, an exclusion list or getting a smart dictionary, Glotio offers everything. If someone incorporates internal links within any text, Glotio will adapt the link to the target language, accomodating the PrestaShop URLs format. The translations are not dependent on any third parties. New content translated into multiple languages ​​is entirely user-based. This would help individuals make businesses in their language.


Use voice to interact with your users
Voicl is a translation management system that enables the user to embed voice notes on their website and interact with their visitors as if they were right there. It assists in providing a tailored online experience for the audience by making use of your voice to greet customers, thank them at the register, and solicit feedback. Voicl enables the user to provide spoken translations and summaries of larger paragraphs to their audience. It aims at making your readers feel involved by using loud CTAs and narrative to increase your website's CTR. You can add audio CTAs to your website's important pages to tell your visitors what to do. It offers tools such as Voicl Speak up that enables you to create custom voice notes that can be embedded anywhere on your website with Voicl talk. Users can add information, and make their material available to everyone to interact in a more personal way. It further offers Voicl Listen tool that allows embedding your voice forms on your website to get direct input from your users.


The localization platform for developers
Texterify offers you the possibility to manage your software translation efficiently and quickly. Everything you need merged in one app. Stay in your usual flow and save time by not leaving your development environment. Enjoy good User Experience and work all night long with the integrated dark mode.

Translate your documents in an instant is an AI-enhanced translation app that provides a user-friendly interface for professional translators, business analysts, web designers, content creators and any users that have high translation demand on a daily basis. Lokally supports file translation in more than 111 languages and 4 common formats (WORD, PPT, XLSX, PDF).


Ready To Take Your Website Global
Work smarter not harder with powerful and unique globalization tools like on-the-page editing, code-free image/segment manipulation, and email translation. Go live in hours, with no IT involvement, in dozens of languages. And the only code change need is a few lines of javascript.


A complete business and translation management software
Plunet Business Manager is a translation management system that offers a high degree of flexibility and automation for translation departments and professional language service providers. This software allows users to manage the entire workflow on a single platform, from customers request to order, quote, invoice, and job management to reporting by deploying a web-based platform. Plunet is a smart translation software that is extremely flexible and easily customizable. Moreover, according to the individual requirements, multiple extensions and functions of the Plunet business manager can be modified inside the configurable system. This software also offers training through webinars, live online, documentation, and in-person sessions. All the process is done efficiently and the users receive project requests from their customers through the customer portal. It allows customers to upload the source documents and enter all related requirements and information for the project. Overall, it is a time-efficient software that enables users to create quotes and orders with the top-level automation feature. Plunet business manager offers a free trial and follows a quotation-based pricing strategy.

The Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Tool
Introducing, the revolutionary artificial intelligence tool designed to make global conversations seamless! With, can erase language barriers and empower professionals to communicate with colleagues from around the world. Upload or record audio and will accurately translate it into English. It’s never been easier to stay connected with partners and build relationships across the world. At, understand the importance of accuracy and reliability when it comes to communication and translation. With AI-powered audio translation system, can have confidence that documents, speeches, and conversations will be accurately translated. It take pride in commitment to providing fast and accurate translations so can continue to grow business and relationships worldwide.

SDL Worldserver

Enterprise-class translation management system
SDL WorldServer simplifies and accelerates the localization process for any content from websites to documents to software delivering high-quality translations on time and on budget. Create customized workflows based on your team structures and for your specific business needs. Reduce the cost and complexity of gathering, evaluating, and reporting.

SDL Trados GroupShare

Easy-to-use translation project management solution
SDLTradosGroupShare is a service solution that is installed on the cloud or on-premise for translation project management. It offers features like a review editor and easy-to-use online translation that enable real-time collaboration over the translation supply chain, permitting the user's translators, project managers, and subject matter professionals to review and create minor edits to content from any mobile device or Mac. The SDL Trados GroupShare project's dashboard allows users to stay in complete control as it offers clear visibility of all key metrics, deadlines, and projects. SDL Trados GroupShare is an ideal tool as it minimizes manual tasks and offers real-time access to projects. You can effectively translate the memories to assist the client’s team in producing high-quality translations quicker. Moreover, through its project manager with inbuilt security, it can control who can access what. Instead of sending sensitive files over email, this software lets users control access to resources on a project-by-project basis and dismiss the user's access automatically after the project or task is finished. SDL Trados GroupShare follows a quotation-based pricing strategy.


Localization Management Platform for agile teams
Crowdin is a cloud-based localization software for individuals, teams, and companies to create and manage all your multilingual content in one place. This platform allows translating your mobile and web apps, websites, games, emails, help centers, blog articles, and other content. Get translations from an agency, a vendor from Crowdin Marketplace, your in-house team, Machine Translation, or combine translation strategies. Automate updates of source and translated content, so there's no more copy-pasting or working via spreadsheets. Integrate Crowdin with content from your repo, CMS, marketing automation tool, design tool, and other tools, where your content is hosted or created, as Crowdin integrates with more than 40 tools. Customize your workflow with features for developers, including API, CLI, webhooks, and SDKs. Ensure translation quality by adding context via screenshots, descriptions, comments, Glossary, Translation Memory, In-context, character limits for each translation, file previews, QA checks, and more

SDL Trados Studio

Trados, Machine Translation Software, Trados Studio
SDL Trados Studio is the modern translation software for language professionals to translate and review projects, use terminology and get the most out of machine translation in one simple desktop application.


The Only Turn-key Solution for Multilingual Web and Digital Content
MotionPoint is a turn-key localization solution that collects, translates, and deploys website and omnichannel content in any language, while dramatically reducing the effort and costs associated with other translation approaches. A dedicated team of linguists localizes your website and digital content every day, ensuring fluency in your brand and communication goals. They are also experts in your industry. The translation processes are ISO-certified. They fully translate and deploy multilingual websites in as little as 30 days, and typically localize new website content in one business day.


Translation management made simpler
Protemos is a user-friendly and smart translation management system designed for translation executives, freelance translators and editors who want their teams to be more productive and think that people's role is to make choices, while computers should do the dull and repetitive tasks. It's designed for people who want to see their whole business in one view and securely guide their development around that clear goal. Protemos enables standardising and automating client, vendor, project, and financial management, as well as providing unrivalled support. It is a tool that enables unique translation quality evaluation criteria and standards to be established. It analyses two versions of a file and produces a change report that can be used to train translators. Training is available via documentation, live internet, webinars, and in-person meetings with Protemos. Protemos offers assistance throughout business hours. It additionally offers features for invoicing and billing, CRM, collaboration, for websites, for software, localization automation, supply chain management, authorization management, project monitoring, quality assurance, quotes / estimates, translation analytics, resource planning, workflow management, and translator database. Additionally, it offers a free trial.

XTM Cloud

Cloud-based translation management system
XTM is the world’s leading cloud-based enterprise translation management solution with an integrated CAT tool. With XTM you don't have to worry about missed deadlines. Set due dates for the whole project or for individual workflow steps in different languages. Then XTM will remind all the key people when a deadline is approaching or a task is overdue. Translation memory is at the core of cost-effective translation management. TM stores combined source and target texts. When a previously translated sentence or a similar one is encountered in a new text, the TM returns a match.