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Video Hosting Software

Are you looking for the best Video Hosting software? In this article, we will introduce you to various software options that can help you upload and store video files that can be viewed by others. These advanced solutions go beyond video uploading; they employ security measures to restrict certain viewers from having access.. To give you a comprehensive overview, we will examine their features, capabilities, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision about the tool that works best for you.

BHuman AI

AI Personalized Videos in Minutes
BHuman can help the organization reach its goals faster by creating personalized videos. Help build relationships and technology to automate the task of creating videos to create better customer experiences at scale. Send Videos via email, SMS, Linkedin, or Zapier.


Create Personalized Videos in Minutes
Pitchlane software is a platform used to create videos and increase meeting rates. The software offers tools to create a customized landing page for each of clients videos and track engagement. Record a single pitch of videos and send out the videos via email or social networks. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


One platform for all your video needs
Yuzzit is the ultimate tool for creating and sharing videos. With Yuzzit, user can easily record and stream live footage from any source, including TV, radio, sports events, and webinars. User can also clip and publish live excerpts from the recorded streams. User can even rebroadcast live streams to any social network. Plus, user can import videos, images, and audio files from the own device, or from subscription databases and libraries. Yuzzit's easy-to-use tools and vast selection of content make creating and sharing videos easy and fun.


Given you the best interactive video experience
Coolix is the best interactive video platform for original content, advertising, and live video. The goal of the platform is to change the way millions of video users interact with content and add values to an existing video. The video marketing app enables you to possibly carry out high technical tasks without technical knowledge, Creating interactive video experiences is easy such as: creating interactive catalogs, potential customer formats, calling to actions allowing users to select the route, all within the content of the video. As if that is not enough, the platform also offers advanced analytics that enables you to determine what you are doing and what you need to focus on to achieve your goals. The software offers video optimization templates for marketing purposes and is compatible with mobile devices for iOS, Android or a desktop computer. The software integrates with your CRM platform, such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Slack, HubSpot, etc. Freelancers, individuals, project managers, medium-sized companies and more used software.


Supercharge Videos with AI
VideoKen provides rich indexed videos to users. With AI's power, viewers can traverse through the videos as they do with a book, thus improving their engagement level. Users can submit the link of their video, and VideoKen will transform the video. Users will receive the indexed video in their inbox. They can use the link to share the video with whomever they want on any platform. It helps users improve their SEO using the 'Phrase Cloud' feature of the VideoKen. VideoKen allows users to enhance the ROI of their video with VideoKen's dashboard that provides deep, actionable data insights. Users' viewers can search and find contextual terms they are looking for and their occurrences throughout the video. Users can use the value-added feature of the Atomizer tool that allows them to share a link, insert questions, and call out for emails within the video. It creates metadata for all the videos in the enterprise database, using it to power the discovery of relevant videos across the enterprise.


Broadcast your videos globally with local cost
Uiza helps you adding live streaming functions to your apps in the fastest way. Uiza engineered for elastic scaling to optimize performance and costs for customers. Uiza's simple APIs, SDKs, and straightforward documentation and tutorials help you integrate and start streaming within hours, not months. Live events could be recorded and published right after the end of your live session. Real-time detection of objects, humans, the context of your video for adult and violent content censor, live recommendation, and more.


Connect with your Audience through Interactive Video
Engajer is an easy-to-use online platform that allows the creation and distribution of interactive video content while measuring the audience’s engagement levels. As the viewers navigate the engajer, valuable data on their preferences begin to appear, allowing them to decide who to follow up with first. Engajer Marketing shares information about products or services with large numbers of people at a low cost, increase fundraising and create lasting supporter relationships. And it also delivers user-centric solutions through interactive videos.


Build business with Audiences
Snakker is a platform used to automate business workflows with audience engagement. Collaborate with team to gather the content and upload this into any browser. Measure the statistics with clicks and feedback on audiences responses. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

Show By Animaker

Growth-oriented software
We make it simple for companies to communicate with their respective audiences utilising all kinds of video-based communication to enhance funnel conversions, revenue, and customer engagement across channels and cross-functional (Sales, marketing, and communication). Show by Animaker's video marketing software provides a sophisticated video platform with built-in hosting and analytics for marketers, sales, and customer care representatives. VFM (Video First Marketing) software allows you to create tailored video marketing campaigns for sales and marketing. Marketing has progressed in recent years, and we are now in the era of videos. Show is designed in such a way that it may help you use your videos to boost conversions along the funnel. We obsess over video's power, video communication, video lead generation, and what not to do with videos. The VFM is all about putting your videos to work at every stage of the customer experience. Our objective is to use videos to accomplish the impossible! Show's objective is to make video marketing one of the most important sources of revenue for businesses.

Video Tap

YouTube to Blog Posts
Introducing Video Tap, the revolutionary video repurposing and content creation tool that's changing the way businesses approach their video production. With Video Tap you can quickly and easily repurpose existing videos to create new ones with minimal effort. No expertise? Not a problem Video Tap will take care of the most complex tasks without having to worry about editing yourself. Once uploaded, Video Tap will automatically create optimized versions of each clip using its sophisticated algorithms, enabling you to create videos that are of the highest quality in just minutes. Whether it’s a simple picture slideshow or a more complex multi-media clip, Video Tap has you covered. And your new videos can be shared on any platform like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with just a few clicks. It's never been so easy or fast to create engaging professional-looking videos for your business. Get ahead of your competitors with Video Tap by mass optimizing content creation and make sure your video marketing is top-notch every time.


An Excellent Video Monetization Platform
Infstream is a platform to watch exclusive ad-free videos from popular top YouTubers. Users can earn directly from subscribers and not advertisers and produce any content without worrying about getting paid. They can start earning from the moment they get the first subscriber with no video length restrictions at all. Non-paying users on the platform can enjoy exclusive content through the hot page, by category and video suggestions. Paying-users can track video views, earnings, and subscriptions in real-time while also forecasting growth and getting tips to increase conversions. Since the platform is ad-free, advertisers do not get to control content, paving way for better engagement by posting quality content. They can also easily integrate merch and clothing stores with Infstream and sell to fans directly using the platform. Infstream also allows engaging with fans in real-time with live streams. Additionally, users can choose to include this in channel subscriptions or keep it totally separate. The platform also allows to sell box sets of the content separately from regular subscriptions, perfect for mini-series and projects.

Create engaging video content in seconds
Leads prefer consuming video and it is 3x more likely to get shared. See what types of videos can make with Vidon. Make latest blog post stand out on social. Videos are automatically generated from a blog post URL. Voiceovers are created using our ultra realistic AI voices.


The Ultimate Video Client Software And Training
Vidone combines the best, proven training on beginning and developing a successful freelancing or agency business from the ground up with a powerful cloud-based platform to discover, close, and manage clients. VidOne is a game-changing cloud prospecting, email marketing, and CRM software that helps you locate and land new clients to sell your video or other agency services to, all while managing them all from within the app. The program also offers genuine, in-depth instruction on how to obtain clients on a number of networks, what to sell and charge, scaling training for hands-free work, and more, all of which are essential for running a successful freelancing or agency business. The cloud-based program that enables you to quickly locate and contact hundreds of business owners in need of videos and other marketing services, with the goal of converting them into long-term customers. Clients via Google, Facebook, and the Yellow Pages – enter a keyword, a location, and a radius, then press the search button. View vital information such as a prospect's address, email, website, star ratings, and more across all three networks.


Best Video Hosting for Webflow
If the professional who needs video hosting for Webflow? Then vidzflow has the perfect solution. Easily escape the frustration of deal with long-winded video compression, size limits, and cluttered video players. With vidzflow’s state-of-the-art technology, video files will be converted directly to Webflow format in no time at all. Videos can easily be adjusted and optimized according to individual projects! The videoclips made with vidzflow will look sharp and clean on any device use. Load times are improved and videos become lighter, smoother and faster than ever! Not only that but privacy is key with vidzflow. All of user data is encrypted using a secure process that is designed to guarantee safe storage of data as well as firewall protection against outside attacks. So can rest assured that the videos are secure & stable when uploaded into system.


Collecting testimonials doesn't get easier
Senja makes it easy for customers to leave a video or text testimonial. User can create a beautiful new collection form in under 30 seconds. Once the testimonials are collected, can share them everywhere. The images can be customized to fit style and shared on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This will help to convert more visitors, close more deals, and show off happy customers. By collecting video and text testimonials, can show potential customers how great products and services are. Senja makes it easy to spread the word and get the most out of customer reviews. Try out Senja today and start turning testimonials into amazing images to share with customers.


Best platform for video advertising without any compromise
Connatix is a video monetisation platform that helps businesses to deliver and publish high-quality streams. A powerful video player and in-built revenue tools available within the particular, helps users to deliver the most engaging videos in real-time. Users can create premium videos that include story-like formats and hand-picked, editorial content. It allows companies to quickly add new revenue streams and increase the engagement levels with viewers as well. Organisations can leverage their existing videos to create brand awareness and video stories of their choice enhancing monetisation. With Connatix, users can repurpose their social content in-app and on-site to facilitate more engagement and enhanced revenue levels in real-time. Moreover, the platform also helps to deliver exclusive inventory from the top publishers besides enabling users to amplify their campaign performance with the help of an end-to-end solution. Connatix provides everything that video creators need, including brand safety, zero reliance on 3rd party cookies and positive associations.


Video monetization platform
Create a personalized digital channel under own domain with no additional payment for storage. They provide 2 different looks to customize the outlook & feel that carries brand forward. Upload & organize videos with ease in 5 minutes.

Interactive web app for better leads and customer insights is a platform that creates interactive and engaging connections between brands and their consumers in innovative ways such as advertising in social media, via out of home, on packaging, and even at live events and stores. Users can capture leads and drive sales in their external social or influencer as well as event marketing activities. The software allows users to use persona mapping through branching in their customer engagement so that the prospects and customers discover the perfect offer for them by themselves. One can get leads, data and insights in real-time and use it to optimize marketing data channels for maximum return on the spending. software provides its users with the next generation funnel tool called Customer Engagement or “CE” that engages customers through conversational brand interaction. The software allows users to do experimental marketing where users can use their brand ambassadors as data capturing machines at festivals, tradeshows, and guerilla activations.


Video Engagement Platform
The easiest way to create personalized videos at scale, communicate, interact, collect feedback and testimonials. Customers send their feedback in minutes. Nothing to download. No need to make an account. Appear in video at any time on website and increase conversion rate.


Old Way of Hosting Virtual Fitness Classes
The lack of an appropriate combination of demonstration and feedback leads to a difficulty in obtaining fitness clients who are unfamiliar with the routine as new clients require demonstration. ​Client retention also suffers as clients see little added value above watching a free streaming service given the lack of interactive feedback. Additionally, the class size is greatly restricted.

Share YouTube and Vimeo videos safely is the perfect solution for professionals looking to share videos in a secure and hassle-free environment. With Safeshare, they don't have to worry about dealing with advertisements, annotations or any other type of distractions that accompany standard video players. This technology makes it possible to create a dedicated web page tailored to the specific YouTube or Vimeo video so viewers can enjoy focused watching experiences every time. Thanks to, they can be sure that the videos will be free from commercial disruptions and other potentially inappropriate materials, making it easier than ever to share important videos with family, friends, colleagues and customers in an accessible and protected way.


Hire the right professionals seamlessly
Kommute is a collaborative video messaging platform for companies’ team members and potential candidates, enabling them to communicate in the most expressive and effective way. The platform helps to attract and recruit top talents by building stronger connections with the candidates. It streamlines the onboarding tasks and timelines to create a more informative and personalised new hire experience. Managers working remotely can use the platform to connect with their teammates through short recorded videos. They can provide their team with adequate training, coaching and career guidance. Moreover, Kommute also helps managers and HR to work together and complete the tasks with shared efforts. The platform creates a way to capture and curate employees’ experiences that defines companies’ culture and work environment with its shared video messages. These recorded videos also help the sales teams to perform better and close more deals. Companies can utilise Kommute to generate how-to-do videos that serve as a knowledge base for clients.


Stand Out in the Inbox with Video
vidREACH is the leading sales, customer, and employee engagement platform. Personalize and automate lead generation, sales interactions, customer success communications, and employee coaching processes so that you can focus on what really matters nurturing leads and closing deals. vidREACH’s lead generation experts help businesses that have no lead generation strategy or no time to devote to lead generation or businesses that want to expand into new verticals and need help nailing down the perfect message.


50 minute 1-1 coworking sessions over video
Cofocus is a platform that connects people for 50 minute 1-1 video sessions for productivity, focus and accountability. It's a simple, yet powerful tool that enables users to stay on track and reach their goals. The platform works by allowing users to book sessions through a calendar, where they are then matched with the other person. Once the session begins, the two participants will greet each other and share their goals. During the session, they can discuss any topics related to their goals, ask questions and provide feedback. After 50 minutes, an alert will appear to let both participants know the session has ended. Cofocus is ideal for anyone who needs that extra push to stay focused and motivated. With its easy to use interface, it's perfect for people who want to reach their goals and stay productive.

Microsoft Stream

Enterprise Video Platform
With Stream (on SharePoint), the client can easily upload, share, and manage videos in one place. The client will also be able to easily create channels and groups to organize videos. Additionally, with Stream (on SharePoint), can easily search for videos across all channels or groups. It will also be able to securely share videos with external users and get analytics insights on how videos are being used.


Live streaming made easy for mobile user
Bambuser is a live streaming video application. Users can create, manage, and distribute HD video and photo content via a single content dashboard and apps for iOS and Android. The software is intended for field services, mobile platforms, and media companies. The offering includes a suite of live video streaming products and development tools (SDKs) ready to be used to enable live streaming capabilities in other mobile applications and platforms. Unlike other apps, Bambuser provides users with the embed code to easily attach a video to a website. It's just a simple copy/paste to transmit your program to the desired page. Package prices are lower than those of other competitors and at the same time offer a higher return for your money. The versatility of content sharing is excellent and the ability to create voice recordings that can be marketed according to your needs.


Create interactive videos
Add some zing to videos and connect better with customers using PlayStory, ultimate destination for creating interactive videos. They provide no personalization and have poor engagement and conversion rates. With the sharp increase in video consumption, companies have a strong demand to create interactive videos that help them provide a quality video watching experience.

StoryFile Conversa

Natural Conversation Storytelling System
Conversa is the first and only SaaS solution available for organizations to create and publish their own interactive conversational video content. Imagine a company giving their sales team the opportunity to role-play different scenarios before going out in the field. Recreate environments and experiences that help sales professionals reach their goals with real people.


Improve your performance with online video platform
Flowplayer is an online video platform for publishers, broadcasters, and media houses that enables users to manage their videos with professional live broadcasting. The software aims at solving the online video creating hassle of the users as it is a solution for both bigger media houses and small businesses. Users can stream their videos live for everyone, and the award-winning monetization solution enables users to earn more money. The video analytics of the software provides the users with actionable real-time insights about the video content and the audience. Flowplayer enables one to quickly understand and take action on critical video analytics insights by looking at the dashboard with essential trends for one’s media library. The software enables its users to understand video engagement by concluding each piece of video content while monitoring the play rate, device distribution, and engagement score. Users can get instant video data and analyze how their videos perform without delays, along with accessing instant live data to monitor the live streams in real-time.


Let your customers tell your story
Vouch is the perfect way to get authentic video testimonials with a powerful, browser-based recorder. With Vouch, there is no need to spend a lot of money on video production. User can save budget for other projects and get high-quality video testimonials, customer feedback, and employer branding assets for free. With Vouch, can get rid of complex production processes, long lead times, and calendar conflicts. With Vouch, respondents can reply wherever they are, whenever it suits them, even while they were sleeping. User can pre-set ratios and recording durations, then edit the favorite clips in minutes. Vouch has all the shortcuts need to create the perfect video.


Showcase your products, facilitate the checkout process, reduce drop-offs and eliminate return. There is no better way to answer your customer’s questions & create trust and loyalty. Collect all necessary information to organize a tailored-for-your customer appointment. Let your candidates contact you, in a very direct and transparent way. Build the corporate culture you always wanted.


Easily create HowTo videos with WowTo
WowTo helps creators to create support, training and educational videos that your viewers can listen to in their preferred language. To use this video creation tool no technical or creative knowledge is required, it is designed for making step-by-step HowTo videos, no confusing timelines or keyframes. The natural AI lifelike voiceover saves you time and money, and you get 300+ options to choose from. When you need a speech correction or include changes from product UI update, just change the corresponding step and generate the video again. No need to restart from scratch to update your videos. Replace [CC] with [VO]- with the write once and play (in multiple languages) technology, reach a global audience so they hear in their locale and not read your videos. The built-in annotator visually points out the content & uses effects like blur, zoom, etc. Soothing background music can be added to your videos for a pleasant audio experience. Transitions- slick motion effects can be used between steps in your How-to videos.


Interactive AI Powered Video Hosting Software
VidTags is an Ai-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, Tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating the marketing video/audio contents super easy. A brand new, video platform that uses the power of Ai to Supercharge the video engagement, get more views, and increase sales.


Video hosting made easier
VadooTV is a smart video hosting platform that enables you to record, manage, and share your video content with your audience using a simple click. It allows the user to host, manage, and share their films in full HD video without advertisements. With VadooTV, you get a configurable, high-quality video player that helps you communicate with your users. The platform offers landing pages that serve as a location for your videos, allowing you to convert viewers via the usage of video. You can get genuine video testimonials from your consumers to sell your business. Vadootv offers storage of up to 10TB for courses, commercial videos, and social adverts. With only one click, you can upload your video(s) to Vadootv in mp4, mov, and other formats. With Vadootv's dependable and video player, you can add your logo to make your brand stand out, change the color, and alter the appearance and feel of the player by eliminating the playbar, adding chapters, speed settings, and more. With VadooTV, you can convert videos to various formats and sizes for delivery on mobile, desktop, and television.


Experience the features of a script-powered platform
Clipstream is a script powered video hosting and management platform that enables businesses to share their videos online in the safest way possible. The platform works purely on JavaScript to decode the videos. Further HEVC, AV1 and VP9 codecs available within the particular help users with fast and next-generation compression techniques, besides letting them assert complete control over the entire decompression process. Video developers can decompress videos into a standard HTML5 compliant with canvas tag, to exert control over the rendering and layout of individual videos. With an intuitive player API, powerful server and dedicated support team, users find it extremely easy to integrate the software with any website of their choice. Clipstream offers the strongest security available, protecting videos from being shared or copied illegally. Companies can add passwords to the videos and add watermarks to them. Clipstream welcomes users to use the demo version of the platform and discover the added benefits all by themselves.


Professional online video platform
MPV is the video player which made by the state-of-the-art technologies and based on the powerful platform. Compatible with quite 99% modern browsers, is available for using on web and mobile devices. Has a multifunctional control panel for an advertising management, also some tools for collecting the analytics and statistics.


All-in-one video solution
Record and share videos, statistics, feedback and content that helps team perform and monetize at a higher level. Easy to use video-analysis and highlight creation software for all the customers, embedded on the platform. To serve the customers better. Easy to use software for the entire club. Video-analysis, player development, highlight movies, automatic camera's. Everything you need to level up the club. Automatic recording of matches, data and video sharing and management, and smooth video workflows for live and VOD content creation. Everything need to level up the league.


inspire viewers to take action
Add call to action, collect leads and get meaningful feedback, all in user videos, with no code. With Bungee, they can catch the interest of their viewers and convert them into leads, on autopilot. Impressions, clicks, and conversions are all tracked. Users can see which overlays perform the best on their videos. Bungee's video player automatically adjusts the quality of their video for slower connections.

Holo Commerce

Bring your site to life with Video Commerce
Video Commerce is the perfect way to bring website to life and engage customers in a new way. This innovative approach to ecommerce combines the convenience of shopping online with the engaging experience of social media. By creating video content that showcases products, reviews, brand stories, or other features, customers can get a more immersive experience and feel more connected to brand. With Video Commerce, can make website feel more like a social app, increasing engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, customers can learn more about products and get a sense of brand’s personality. Video Commerce is a great way to take online store to the next level.


Professional network for entrepreneurs, creators, & investors
Entre Charge tickets, use video or audio, record the event, and use screen-sharing. It goes Live or schedule events and rooms virtually. It seamlessly connected the people in the app on both mobile & app.


Edit and broadcast your videos in the best way possible
Knovia is a smart online video editing platform that can be further used for hosting, managing and measuring videos. The platform is a go-to for simplifying the process of video editing that essentially makes the procedure super easy and creative. Further, the platform is a collaborative one that enables video editors to organise, share, track the video bits along with other functions all directed towards employees, customers, investors and partners. Apart from all these essential functions, Knovio further enables live streaming events on bigger platforms right with a simple connection from the client’s device or, preferably, the desktop. These videos can be further transformed into live videos as well as interactive experiences with real-time synchronisation of slides rapid conversion, zoom control flexibility. NeverLate navigation ensures that the clients are only benefitted by using Knovio for their tasks. Content on Knovio can also be monetised. This is done by adding paywall features to the videos.


Utilise Qiwio to generate more sales
Qiwio is an attractive video hosting platform that helps organisations with accurate leads, speeded up pipelines and robust business growth. The platform includes a variety of tools along with unlimited storage that businesses need to securely host and manage their branded videos. Also, brands can collect emails from their viewers by adding forms to their videos and convert them into customers through a dedicated call-to-action button. The platform allows changing the videos based on viewers’ answers to offer them a fully interactive experience. Businesses can customise every part of the Qiwio’s video player to add colours, thumbnails and logos in the video that match with their brand. Coordinators can also publish the videos to any channels of their choice and scale-up viewers’ engagement in return. Qiwio’s eBook comes in handy with a variety of tips, tricks and strategies that brands need to create and publish videos successfully. Users can sync all of their data with Google Analytics, through Zapier, which shows a complete overview of their efforts.


Create personal video messages for enhanced professional experience
BombBomb is an advanced video messaging software that helps professionals with an effective way to communicate with others by sending more personal videos. Professionals can record their faces, screen or both and send them via existing text and email communication channels. In addition, they can also check who has played their videos and when. Apart from sending the video at once, users can even share the link of the video from anywhere to any platform of their choice. BombBomb allows users to create videos that include emotion, tone and personality, this way they get to attract relevant customers and generate more sales. Other notable facilities offered by BombBomb include customer adoption and retention rate enhancement using personalised video messages. BombBomb also provides great help to increase productivity levels in real-time, besides connecting team members located across the globe by helping them share the right information at the right time.

The power of video made simple for you is a next-gen ad-free video hosting platform that includes a powerful embedded video player and the most advanced video search. Embed your videos on any website using the most advanced player and benefit from: Adaptive streaming, Multi-modal search, Glimpse preview and stream using Chromecast or Airplay. Empower your audience to search for anything inside your videos using our leading video search.


Offer a better buying experience with Consensus
Consensus is an intelligent demo automation platform that delivers better buying experiences. Presales are in demand. Hence, Consensus helps scale prescale instantly and shortens the sales cycle with interactive video demos. With Consensus, businesses can prioritise demo qualified leads, and automate a self-guided experience at scale. Also, businesses can discover such experiences organically with embedded virality. The interactive demos of Consensus help businesses scale their SES. Consensus is the ultimate revenue force multiplier. It takes less than one minute to create an interactive video demo on this automation platform. First businesses need to understand which demos their buyers need to make a decision. Next, they must use the content on hand or record something new on Consensus. And lastly, the platform takes care of the rest. The platform features a demo creator where one can create straightforward simple videos. It also combines a screen recorder, which ensures screen recording easily. A demo player, demo library, content mapping, and public demo links are also available.


Play in-email personalized videos to dramatically increase your sales
Viewed instantly create thousands of data-driven and real-time personalized videos to boost email marketing and retargeting results. You can upload your video, copy the video embed code and paste it into your HTML Email Template. Use VIEWED in your email marketing or remarketing campaigns. As a pioneer in embedding and playing video in an email, Viewed is the first company worldwide capable of creating thousands of one-to-one data-driven personalized videos for email marketing campaigns. Recover abandoned shopping carts with real-time personalized videos that play within email retargeting campaigns.


The quickest, most effective closing tool in sales
Quickpage is the fastest-growing video follow-up solution in the world. It's a sales app that helps you create real, human relationships with your customer so that you can build trust and close deals. Easily and quickly record or upload videos from your phone or desktop. Send video pages from your phone or desktop by animated email (gif) and text message (gif), embed in most crms. Share to social media. Copy the link and paste it anywhere. Built-in a live chat on every video page allows your prospect to easily communicate with you from the comfort of their phone or computer.


Send thankyou videos to your donors and build better relationships
ThankView is an advanced video generation platform that helps universities and non-profit organizations with their personalized video creation, send and tracking parts. Furthermore, it also helps users to raise awareness, update supporters, promote events and thank donors for their contribution. Organizations can depend on the platform to send birthday videos, donation updates and gift reminders automatically at a pre-set date. ThankView allows users to record back-to-back personalized videos for their target audience. For this, they can group their recipients by class year, name and other criteria as per convenience. The platform also allows recipients to respond to the video messages in their own way and send their feedback. With ThankView, created videos can also be shared over social media platforms to improve online presence and attract new donors. Besides this, users can also monitor the views generated by a particular video and take actions accordingly.


Record, Engage & Analyse Video
kPoint Engage users with videos and it is the top online video platform for businesses and institutes. With kPoint, anyone can record, engage, analyze, and share professional on-demand videos securely. kPoint’s offers seamlessly integrate with existing tools and hardware to make life easier. kPoint Reduces travel costs and keeps employees in the know with on-demand videos and it supports encrypted video distribution and uses enterprise-grade security practices.


Quickly create pages of content to engage prospects and employees
Onemob is used to quickly create pages of content to engage prospects, customers, partners, and employees. Create a webpage of content, including Videos, Documents, Links, Buttons, YouTube, and social media. Track video and document viewer, time spent, and location. Leverage contact management in OneMob and sync back to Salesforce and MS Dynamics.


Create videos by recording screens and host them instantly
ShowMore is an accurate video creation and hosting platform that helps businesses generate simple yet comprehensive videos by recording screens. It can also be used to host and share the generated videos online for multiple purposes. Moreover, with the software’s screen recording feature, users can record video and audio from the computer and add a range of annotations, like text, shapes and arrows to them. They can also host videos over this platform simply by uploading them on cloud storage. ShowMore comes with various recording modes, such as full-screen, custom region and picture in picture recording options that creators can use to make attractive and engaging videos. It also allows users to upload and host videos that are created and edited with third-party apps, besides switching access to private or public viewing facilities. The platform uses HTTPS methodology to keep users’ data safe in terms of network transmission and communication. Inbuilt CDN network accelerates the speed of the platform and allows users to upload and watch videos at a fast speed.


Supercharge your business with intriguing videos
RecCloud is a comprehensive video creation platform that enables businesses and individuals to record and share videos online and even experience video collaboration as per their needs. The platform allows users to record their screen activities, along with system sound or their own voice, to create intriguing videos. Businesses can upload all of their videos in the cloud and save their local storage space. They can even set an exclusive password for the videos to keep the content safe and secure. With ReeCloud, users can also allow their colleagues, family members or friends to manage the playlist. While recording the screen, video creators can customise video format, recording mode, audio quality, frame rate and other preferences as per convenience. RecCloud is in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), following which it collects and uses all the data in the right way. The platform is available in 19 different languages making it easier for businesses.


Grow your customers through marketing videos
Vidalytics is a compact video hosting and marketing platform that helps marketing teams reach their targeted audience via engaging videos and convert them into customers. The platform allows brands to customise their autoplay messages as per convenience, keeping in mind specific target areas. Also, with Vidalytics, marketing teams get the facility of adding ‘opt-in’ option within their videos to collect information about individual viewers in real-time. The information collected includes names, phone numbers, emails and more. Further, dedicated Call to Action Buttons (CTAs) within the same appear at the right time in the videos when the viewers are ready to take action and buy the product. Video Heatmaps facility offered by the same helps users to spot extra engaging or boring parts of the videos, where viewers might skip or rewind the videos. Marketing teams can even add their viewers to the pre-existing CRM or email list to send information about specific points of the videos, like pricing or discount coupons.