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Monitoring Template

Everything you need to monitor your competitors in Notion without spending hours of setting up the structure yourself.

Notion Competitor Monitoring Template

What's inside?

A notion table with competitors listed.

Competitor Template + Questions

The heart of the Notion file is our competitor monitoring template. It helps you setup the process and get started quickly. Furthermore we added guiding questions that will help you look for the right things and create actionable insights for your own company.

An image of the words Strength, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats displayed.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis provides a structured approach to evaluating a company's current position and helps identify areas for improvement and potential avenues for growth. We created a template you can use to create an analysis of your own company to compare against your competitors.

Three pieces of paper

100+ Free Resources

We collected over 100 of the best free resources in the field of competitor monitoring. We are covering everything from how to do it for the first time to tips & tricks on how to do it consistently. We are sharing articles, videos and guides so that you have one trusted & curated source.