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Do you want to know if a competitor is changing their landing page or pricing? With tona, simply set up the URL you wish to monitor, and we'll provide you with website screenshots at your desired frequency.

A screenshot routine pop-up with the results of a pricing page displayed.
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tona is the easiest way to monitor 👀 website changes of your competitors and share them 👥 with your team

A screenshot routine pop-up.
Create your routines

Choose the URLs you want to track

No matter if it’s the pricing page or any landing page. Just set up the URL in tona and we screenshot the website in your desired frequency.

One-stop solution

Screenshots in one place

In your dashboard, you can review all the screenshots in one place, see what your competitors are doing and derive actionable insights. Say goodbye to manual screenshots.

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Mobile & Desktop

No compromises.
The best of both worlds

62% of the global web traffic comes from mobile devices. That’s why we also provide the mobile screenshot of each website, if needed.

Get your Team in the loop

Share interesting findings with your team

Do you want to quickly share a specific screenshot with a colleague to review it together? With tona it takes a few seconds. In one click share a screenshot with every team member - without multiple tona accounts.

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Benefits of using tona for website monitoring

Know the latest product launches

Be alerted when your competitor launches a new product or feature.

Track product prices

Always keep an eye on price adjustments or subscription changes.

View content changes

Set up one URL and track the page forever. Monitor all your competitors content changes.

Track new job openings

Always know which teams your competitors are expanding by tracking their job page.

Share interesting pages

Easily share a screenshot with anyone in your team without making multiple tona accounts.

Set up the intervals you need

Choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly updates on your competitors landing pages.

What our users say

Great companies around the world are using tona to monitor their competition.

David Stepien

As a Conversion Rate Optimization specialist, competitive analysis is a cornerstone of my everyday research routine. Tona is becoming an indispensable tool in my arsenal for gathering actionable insights.

Luis Rieke

Really really like this tool! Supports my every day work evolving great products and staying up to date what the competition is doing.

Nils Stotz

Everyone is doing competitor monitoring to some extent but the way this is usually done is just cumbersome and there are tons of weird workarounds. This tool makes it so much easier and should be part of the tool stack for any company!

Jolie Pham

Benchmarking competitors has never been an easy job but I believe tona could save us from the pain of manually collecting and monitoring data from our competitors. As an email marketing marketer, I'm specifically interested in the newsletter monitoring feature as it's a super important channel to communicate with our valued users.

Randall Kaplan

Love the concept of centralizing and streamlining competitor monitoring: you are correct that competitor monitoring is crucial to the survival of your business yet is an inordinately large time sink. I love the idea of real-time website screenshots: keeping tabs on competition is always irritating and occurs at infrequent, jumpy intervals.

Shital Gohil

While we often conduct these analyses, it never occurred to us that a dedicated product could handle it. Now that we're aware, investors will have one fewer question for us, as I'll always be prepared with my competitor research.

Christoph Roling

Finally there is a tool to automate some of the competitor research! We have been paying working students for this or did this in our free time. Looking forward to the additional features coming!

Maria Bramasole

Absolutely amazing! It is very important to observe competitors and realize what steps they took and what is leading them to their access. It is awesome to have a tool that can simplify the process and provide you with all the information you are looking for.

Max Schulz

Love this and how this helps to put competitor research on autopilot. I've looked to replace my spreadsheet workflow with a tool like this for a while. So far super excited about the product!

Stephane Nasser

I finally have a centralized place to evaluate my competitor's content without digging through my busy inbox.

Alex Borowski

With tona, we were able to predict our competitor's new product feature before they made the announcement - feels too good to be true.

Joe Perkins

I love how easy it is to share competitor insights with my team in real-time.

Jo Witte

We would go weeks without collecting data - now tona does all the work for us and has content ready when we are.

Dan Siepen

Really impressed with what the Tona team have produced to help with tracking competitor insights and key data info, which is a crucial part of any growth marketer's arsenal when it comes to strategy formulation and new tactics to experiment. Really clean UX and have loved using it - one of my new faves.

Michael Sieb

Tona saved us hours in our work week. Instead of organizing files, we spend our time building out strategies to stay ahead of our competition.

Jacob Schonberger

Competitor monitoring is typically such a time and emotionally intensive process, Tona cuts that time by 90% and makes it part of our quick internal check-in meetings.


What data does tona track when monitoring websites?

As of now, tona will indicate changes to the URL with a heat map display. This will allow you to easily note where a change has occurred on the landing page you’ve selected.

How many competitor pages can I monitor?

Your Pricing Plan will limit the number of competitors you can monitor. However, for each competitor, there is no limit to the number of URLs you wish to track.

How are the insights presented?

Insights regarding the URL you’re tracking will be shown on your dashboard within your competitor folder. This will be dependent on the frequency you select.

Is there a limit to how many screenshots are shared?

No, you are allowed to export and share any number of screenshots.

Can I share screenshots with someone that doesn’t have a tona account?

Yes, screenshots can be shared and viewed without making multiple tona accounts.

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